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The English term 'dictatorship' means a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator, not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc. Throughout history, there have been famous dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Saddam Hussein.
People have more free speech, ability to assemble. The police are restricted in their actions such as needing warrents and not having access to private information. The people can also vote in people who can vote for less police involvement in society.
The people have less choice and the fate of the country and people is left with the wisdom of one person.
François Duvalier and Jean-Claude Duvalier ruled Haiti between 1957 and 1987. (François Duvalier from 1957-1971, Jean-Claude Duvalier from 1971-1986)
There is no dictatorship in Iran. Iran is a democracy based on Islamic law. Islamic law restricts freedom of pornography in society. Most Iranians are Muslims and agree to these rules. Some of the people of Iran do not agree to these rules and want more freedom.
Benito Mussolini was the Italian fascist dictator during WW2
North Korea Saudi Arabia
Yes. Absolutely. Under King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia adheres to a punitive justice system in which young teens can be sentenced to death and defendants tortured. Women are more oppressed than in any other country-they can't even seek medical care without a male guardian's permission. Although...
In a dictatorship government, there is just one ruler who takes over that country and its people. The people do not have any rights. Their beliefs are "dictated" by the government.
As much as I'd love to give a good answer, I only found your question because I have an FRQ on that exact question. I think you're gonna have to try harder than this.
A dictator was only appointed in the republic during a time of emergency when the consuls and the senate could not agree upon a solution.
Adolf Hitler spent some time as a young adult selling paintings to tourists, but did not make a great deal of money and, in 1909, was living in a homeless shelter. In 1914 he was able to enlist in the Bavarian army, although previously being deemed unfit for duty, due to Germany's entrance into...
Both. The president of Zimbabwe is its dictator.
No, it's meant to be a democracy
Not necessarily with fear. However, due to the nature that the assumption of power took, it is highly probable that the dictator will require to maintain an element of fear in his/her subordinates to dissuade any attempts to overthrow them. Fear is therefore highly likely, although not inevitable...
Countries in Europe which did not have dictators were the Northern European countries, United Kingdom, the Mediterranean Countries, Switzerland, some of the Eastern European countries, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and others.
he gave his people religious freedom and improved schooling. he also reformed the justice system.
Benito Mussalini!!!! That's the answer to the question.
I know only of Late Mombutu of Zaire to be richer than Biya(Cameroon). Omar Bongo(Gabon), Mugabe(Zoombambwe), Obiang(Equitorial Guinea), Obasanjo(Nigeria) in that order. The more corrupt an African country is directly propotional to the wealth of it's leader
1)North korea 2) China 3) libya 4) Saudi Arabia theese are just a few... . South amercica. Aida. Illinoise
Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, etc.
The dictator normally takes the position of Head of State.
Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the temporary wartime Parliament of the United Kingdom for King George. He could never be a dictator in a monarchical government.
You grabbed power when nobody was paying attention, killed your worst enemies quickly and bribed or co-erced the rest. You never allowed any large protest meetings or demonstrations. If 'anti' dictator objectors were stupid enough to become a nuisance you imprisoned them.
Answer Because he takes it through force. Answer Dictators achieve their power by force, deception, inherit their position, or a combination of these.
no, 2nd harshest. The harshest is considered to be Mao Zedong of China
one ruled by dictator who has complete authority
Because he needed Stalin to win the war. Stalin was taking on an entire front more brutual than the one all the other countries were working to handle by themselves. Without Stalin, they would have lost.
Dictators rose to power because of the recent World War and a worldwide economic depression. People wanted economic stability, asurplus of food and a strong leader. Dictators could provide all ofthose things.
No and never. India, the largest democratic country of the world; does not need a dictator. The people of India have power to write their fate with their own hands. Here, no one can be a dictator for the people of India.
Dictators and true Monarchs have no congress to stop them.
Because although they were rulers with alsmost unlimited power(hence 'despots') they had been influenced by the ideas of theEngightment and generally used that power for the well-being oftheir subjects.
Hitler had a dream of ruling countries that were purged of undesirable people and filled with the pure Aryan people groups. He wanted the Third Reich/Nazi Regime to rule 1000 years. He legally assumed the leading position of Germany when the president of Germany died.
Why were Americans discouraged by the rise of dictatorships inEurope and Asia
Most people agree that dictatorship is in itself a bad thing, so that merely being a dictator is bad. Dictators impose their will on a country by force, rather than by seeking the consent of the population by running for election. Other than that, Ho Chi Minh insisted upon going to war with the...
He was a good leader for Germany as he brought its economy and people back, but he also did many bad things that unfortunately overpower the good he did.
Hitler was a lumber jack, a butler and a messenger for the German army.
Economic and political convenience.
Why the hell would we have a dictator?Ohh i see,you think we'relike those other countries that kill gay people on sight,wellyou're wrong. It's a free country/ .:When Dictatorship is Fact,Revolution is Right:.
His biggest mistake was not resigning his power. But Caesar, being Caesar, not only held on to it and accepted the Dictator for Life title, but he grew arrogant and disregarded even the common courtesies due to the senate.
hu jinto he is a dictator in china
They both expected to have the business of the country take care of itself. In other words they did not nationalise the country's means of production.
During the World War II era, Western democracies were initiallyunable to stop aggressive dictators from accomplishing expansionistgoals for several reasons. For one thing, they lacked the popularsupport that would enable decisive military action against thedictators (and nations) in question. For...
Sadaam Hussein of the Baath Party became ruler of Iraq in 1978. Although he used the title of president, he was in effect a dictator who ruthlessly crushed all opposition to him.
Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is the Presidente del Gobierno. The President of the Government is nominated by the King but until he is approved by a vote of the Congress of Deputies his position is not official. The members of the Congress of Deputies are elected by the citizens so the selection of...
Gaius Julius Caesar [2] (Classical Latin: [ˈɡaː.i.ʊs ˈjuː.lɪ.ʊsˈkaj.sar] , [3] July 100BC [4] - 15 March 44BC) [5] was a Roman general , statesman , Consul , andnotable author of Latin prose. He played acritical role in the events that led to the demise of the ...
Of course he is. he is a liar.
World War 1 made the people so depressed, that they would follow anyone who would try to lead them.
By founding and controlling the Italian Fascist Movment. He then marched on Rome and become Prime Minister where he then announced himself Dictator.. By founding and controlling the Italian Fascist Movment. He then marched on Rome and become Prime Minister where he then announced himself Dictator.
Francisco Franco did after the Spanish Civil War, 1937 to 1939.
Japan didn't have a dictator, they had an emperor. This man's name is Emperor Hirohito. He was the last emperor of Japan.
He became Prime Minister of Italy in October 1922. In Jan 1925 he announced that he was going to set up a Fascist dictatorship.. Over the course of the year he slowly took the country closer and closer to dictatorship, however it wasn't until Jan 1926 that he started ruling by decree (making him an...
Strengths: People are more civilized. People are organized and strict. Weaknesses: Not much freedom: of speech and actions. People are found guilty prior to going before the courts. Elections are not fair. (one party to vote for) Sometimes no elections. (Dictator appoints himself)
well the people of Italy and Germany wanted there countries to be once more powerful and they felt that they needed strong leaders to get it-and remember Hitler was actually voted into the reichstag and was appointed chancellor which gave him emergency powers- eg passing laws without it going...
Enlightened despotism is a form of absolute monarchy or despotism in which rulers were influenced by the Enlightenment. The primary enlightenment idea undermined is democracy. Such as Catherine the Great and Napolean.
Lenin's "dictatorship of the proletariat" was never like Karl Marx's version. Lenin's dictatorship was preferable to him because he felt that the "proletariat" of Russia were not sufficiently aware of their class status as proletariat. He felt they needed a strong government run by a small group of...
Well first it was just Hitler, but then made a gang called the 'Nazi's'. That gang grew bigger and bigger until it captured Poland. It was an Anti-Jew gang but anyway he then become the leader of the Nazi's. He then ran for council. He was elected and he slowly grew power to become dictator of...
Not necessarily. The word totalitarian is generally only applied to some 20th century dictatorships. A key feature of totaliarianism is the politicization of all activities, including leisure. Ealier absolute monarchs did not do this.
Emperor is An Emperor is just that he/she is like our President, he/she makes the decisions for their country,and one emperor usually in in office for a long time, like in Japan,India,countries like that.They are the ones I beleieve is over all the countries offices, Eygpt has emperors,kings also. I...
Despotic is an adjective and is neither singular nor plural. The corresponding noun is despot , the plural of which is despots.
They chose them selves
He was a dictator, although he would have used the term Emperor.
He persuaded his Cabinet to declare a state of emergency and end individual freedoms, including freedom of press, speech, and assembly. Individuals lost the right to privacy, which meant that officials could read people's mail, listen in on telephone conversations, and search private homes without a...