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The game of basketball, including positions, basketball hoop sizes, and court sizes. Includes all levels of basketball.
In Division 1, Markus Howard from Marquette and Fletcher Magee fromWofford both have 100% free throw shooting
LeBron James dewanye wade chris bosh mario chalmers ray allen
Some professions that involve basketball are.. You could become a  professional player(that is very very hard to do) you could become  a coach for a team, of you could become a basketball trainer. There  are also many other professions in basketball you could have.
Nope. He was a bachelor till death
yes, the less psi the less it bounces. Don't inflate it too much or  it will pop, it usually says how much psi on the ball.
A Hoya is       a climbing or sprawling evergreen shrub with ornamental  foliage and waxy flowers, native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific  and grown as a greenhouse or indoor plant.         Although Georgetown uses a bulldog for their mascot.
under what conditions do scientists calculate percent error
"Pistol" Pete Maravich is the all-time leading NCAA Division I scorer with 3,667 points and an average of 44.2 points per game.
yes you have to go through a lot of stuff to get to it.
Walt Fraizer and Al Turtwig are the commentators.
The difference between an intentional foul and a flagrant foul is  that a flagrant foul is a serious personal foul. This means that  the player got fouled very violently and it could have injured the  player. Flagrant fouls also include a player getting hit above the  shoulders with an elbow or...
He didn't have a a contract for having/coaching an all star team.
you accelerate to the hoop and when your at mid-range you hold your  shooting button
Sports teams sell tickets to everyone no matter what team they  like. They sell tickets for all the open seats. Some seats they can  not sell because people may have season tickets, but that is a  different story! So there is no number on how many tickets you can  sell to the opposing team!
This depends on many things. Does it look like it could be expensive. If it is usually at a school it is probabaly free. This all depends on what team you wish to JOIN!!!!!!!!
Yes! Substitutions occur when play is stopped (and the closk is stopped) and the player must check in at the scorer's table and wait to be allowed in. The horn will sound informing the ref of the substitution and the players will be waved in. It would be a technical foul to enter the court while the...
naismithsuffered a major brain hemorrhage
In Karl Malone's rookie season (1985-86) for the Jazz, he averaged 14.9 points and 8.9 rebounds per game.
I have had some troubles with my xbox 360 power supply! I have what  is commonly known as the "red light". I will start it up play a  game then after minutes it will shut off! I have tried moving it,  changing outlets, letting it cool, moving the pins, using a vacuum  to suck dust out, and blown...
Because Italians love to play Basketball xD
Cole Aldrich is 29 years old (birthdate October 31, 1988).
As of the 2009-2010 season, Allen Iverson has not stopped playing in the NBA. He started the season with the Memphis Grizzlies only to be bought out (of his contract). He then re-signed with the Philadelphia 76ers of whom he is famous for playing for and winning his NBA MVP with.
Pete Maravich, or "Pistol Pete", a guard from LSU is the NCAA  Basketball's leading scorer. He ended his college career with 3,667  points and was elected into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall  of Fame.
Dwayne Wades full name is Dwayne Tyrone Wade Jr.
NBA stands for National Basketball Association, it is a premiumbasketball league played in North America. 30 clubs play in theleague, 29 from US & 1 from Canada. Source: coachtube.com/courses/basketball
 Kansas has 1906 total wins. 
 Lew Alcindor,  Milwaukee Bucks
Anywhere from 20.00$ to 35.00$ depending on the condition the pins  are in.
I've seen one sell on Ebay for $8000.00
High because it protects against sprained ankles better
Each made foul shot adds 1 point to a teams score.
John Stockton has the msot have 18,000, 3000 more than second place.
Yes, he does have two children.
There are too many to count. There are dozens and dozens of basketball leagues, a few American football leagues, soccer leagues, many baseball leagues, and so on. There is no kept count of professional athletes.
Not a technical but it is a foul and if the person makes the free  throw then it's the other teams ball but if they miss it is a live  ball
There has never been a person to wear the number 57 in the NBA or ABA.
Lamar Odom from the Lakers wears a number 7 jersey and he still does.
You draw it with its free throw line, its three-pint line, its  half-court line, its base line, and its side line
t persition is a defence standing in basketball. when you defend  your opponent you should do it
  Paul Rabi played for Johns Hopkins University  
Actually they are no types of personal fouls in a basketball game,  they are only diferent types of fouls, a personal foul is one kind  of foul in basketball like charging, screening, illegal use of  hands etc.
David Robinson, of the San Antonio Spurs had collected $7.5 million  dollars ( which today is considered low for basketball players, but  back then that was a fortune).
  == Answer ==     DaJuan Wagner out of Camden, NJ once sored 100 points in a high school game.   == Answer ==     Danny Heater set the national high school record for most points scored in a basketball game with 135 points on Jan. 26, 1960. Playing for Burnsville, West Virginia...
University of Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kanss.
The University of Rhode Island's basketball team is currently No. 1in the Atlantic Conference. (2017)
1-Lawrence Moten, Syracuse-1405 points2-Troy Bell, Boston College-1388 points3-Terry Dehere, Seton Hall-1320 points4- Chris Mullin, St. John's-1290 points5-Kerry Kittles, Villanova-1288 points6-Dana Barros, Boston College-1257 points7-Luke Harangody (active player: stats as of 02-01-10) Notre Dame...
Depends on the maker of course. Topps goes for around $5.50 Fleer  goes for around $7.00-$9.00 Upper Deck can go for upwards of $25  Depending on condition.
Yes, yes they are, but i prefer using jordans or AND1 shoes.
There have been many great defensive players in college basketball  history. However, the NCAA all-time steals leader is a guy named  John Linehan who had 385 steals in 1997 with Providence.
training and conditioning. Running alot and lifting weights will get you in shape. Also taking lots and lots of shots each day will improve your game
Jamal Crawford, LA Clippers
Andrea Bargnani-Raptors 2009
Tim Hardaway attempted 17 3-pointers in 1997 and made none of them