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New York City is the largest city in both New York State and the United States. NYC was founded in 1613 and incorporated in 1898.
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Finding Information on a Chicago Address You can search on the address at http://www.cookcountyassessor.com/search/search.asp. Click on the camera icon for a picture! A complicating factor to consider: it is my understanding that during the time of the pre-1909 numbering systems, the e…
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On a map of the Chicago World's Fair, 1933/1934 Century of Progress, the following Illinois Central Stations are shown: 18th Street, 22nd St., 29th St., 31st St., 35th St. and 39th St. Perhaps the stairwell and railing you saw was a remnant of one these stations. Also, you mention the 53rd Street st…
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Garfield Avenue was renamed Dickens Avenue in 1940 and Garfield Court (possibly now called Dickens Boulevard - 2100 N. from 300W to 314 W) in 1936. Please see: http://www.rootsweb.com/~itappcnc/pipcnstreet.htm .
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%DETAILS% Answer From: Chicago Urban History The White City Roller Rink is the finest, coolest, cleanest, and best managed skate palace in the world. Two sides are entirely made up of windows, which, when opened, make the rink practically an open-air pavilion; sunshine and excellent ventilat…
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%DETAILS% Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745-1813) a physician � He signed the Declaration of Independence. � Served as a surgeon in the Revolutionary War. � A friend of Thomas Paine. � Chicago�s Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke�s Medical Center was named in his honor. �   It's my understandi…
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I think these days boulevards are those streets that run from point A to point B without merging into any other street/avenue/place. While Avenues always run east to west direction and also merge into other avenues.   From what I have gathered, Boulevards connect parks, Ave's run N/S or there…
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1600 Pennsylvania ave NW Washington, DC 20500, United States. That is the answer.
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Yes, it is still there. It's real name is Washington Square.
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If you live in a multi-family dwelling, and you can't figure out this simple of a circuit, hire a licensed electrician. The fire you prevent may save your own life and others living in your building. cheeky anyways buy a circuit tracer fairly inexpensive. it plugs into wall plug and you use a freque…
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Here are a few ideas: Some insurers write new companies, but not all of them will. You may have trouble obtaining insurance until you have a "loss record" or track history for an insurer to examine. DO NOT CONFUSE tow insurance with repo insurance as they are different for example, if you have a tow…
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If the insurance company is aware of you and the address where the car is garaged at, it is usually not a problem, but is something that they should be informed of.
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TITLE STATE: Yes SECURITY INTERESTS: Shown on title held by debtor. LICENSE REGISTRATION: New York Motor Department of motor Vehicles, P.O. Box 2750, Albany, New York 12220. Tel.:(518)486-4714. RECOVERY REQUIREMENT: As per UCC, repossession allowed without committing a breach of the peace. DOCUMENTS…
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YES...imagine if they didnt, who would buy a car anywhere else???
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Does the co-sugnor meet these requirements??? http://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?cl=122&a=72 Section 9--605. Unknown Debtor or Secondary Obligor. A secured party does not owe a duty based on its status as secured party: (a) to a person that is a debtor or obligor, unless the secured party knows: (…
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Try the related link below, it looks to have have many answers for NY .
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Repossession laws are enacted by states and are applicable to all the municipalities within that state. Please see link.
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READ your CONTRACT. IF the contract is in DEFAULT, the collateral CAN be repossessed.
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It's completely arbitrary. In our earliest months, we happened to have more people interested in these states.
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Probably not, shock and chlorine products are sanitizers. You mention 'city' water which is drinkable and clean.While there may be some residual manufacturing chemicals on the vinyl itself those would probably be significantly diluted.However the longer the water stays exposed to the environment the…
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It is not uncommon for a business, especially a small one, to charge a fee for cc purchases. Most states including NY allow reasonable "expense" charges to made, for cc transaction.
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The short answer is 1624. Here's the long answer ... Native Americans inhabited the area long before Europeans arrived. Here's a short article about the Lenape Indians. In 1524, the first European to the area was Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian sailing for the French. The French never colonized t…
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%DETAILS% Answer This must be the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire on March 25, 1911. 146 factory workers died in the blaze. Most of them were young Italian and Jewish immigrant girls. (This was the second deadliest fire in New York history, second only to the General Slocum ferryboat tragedy in 1904.)…
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REDIRECT [[How_and_why_was_New_York_founded]]
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I lived in Brooklyn in the fifties. I think that a loaf of bread may have been around a quarter, which was about the price of a quart of milk. As kids we certainly didn't worry about designer clothes. Most of the kids I knew had about three pairs of shoes; one for play, one for school, and one for c…
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The Dutch were the first colonists, they called it New Amsterdam. It was they, who famously bought Manhattan from the Indians for $24.00. Eventually the Netherlands ceded the area to England and the British renamed it New York.
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In 1691, the Duke of York and the English government allowed New York to have a representative government. It has been this way ever since.
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%DETAILS% Answer I've been writing a paper on it for my university writing class at Columbia, and I've found a lot of interesting information about the formation of the Music Under New York program (it started in 1985). As for before 1985, I don't really know. Supposedly they were "prohibited" …
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Answer Well, there was no real census until 1790, so such discussions are a little vague BUT... Theodore Roosevelt wrote a thorough history of New York that did discuss this question at length: here's a link to it: http://www.bartleby.com/171/8.html
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Mr. Mullins stated that the Five Points existed at the intersection of "Worth, Baxter, and Park Row". This would lie in today's Chinatown. He was close! There is no such intersection. Park Row does not intersect with Baxter. The Five Points can be found where Baxter intersects with Worth (formerly k…
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Nelson Rockefeller In 1965 John Lindsay defeated Abe Beame and William Buckley when he ran for Mayor of New York City. Then in 1969 he defeated Mario Procaccino and John Marchi to win his second term. There was no election in 1971 for mayor. As far as Nelson Rockefeller is concerned, he never ran …
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%DETAILS% Initially, New York City specifically (which was the largest city among the United States cities) was settled by buisness-men seeking to set up vast farmlands. Subsequently it became largely populated most likely because of it location. For instance, American traders could utilize Brook…
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1 If my memory serves me correctly Washington Irving in his History of New York took the name "Gotham" from New York's asylum for the insane of that name, applying it to New Yorkers for their zany approach to life. I recall "Gay Gotham" being the phrase he uses, long before "gay" had its current con…
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Gambling is as old as New york and many of the games popular today were popular then. There is good coverage of New york gambling during the Victorian age in the book "gangs of New York" by herbert asbury
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New Amsterdam was founded for the Dutch West India Company for the sole purpose of profit (through trade).The colony of New Amsterdam was founded by the Dutch West India Company, hoping to find as much profit as the Dutch East India Company did in the spice trade. The only trade item developed by th…
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Answer On July 26, 1788, New York was the 11th state to enter the union.
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%REPLIES% Answer i think Ny was pretty chaotic during WWII. The war caused the Great Depression which meant there was little food at high prices. jobs were rare and people were worried about what was going on in Europe. Hope this could help! Answer WW2 didn't cause the Great Depression.…
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There are five boroughs in New York - Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. I am not certain as to why the city was divided into these areas. They were separated into 5 boroughs because they were each separate pieces of land that were owned by different people. They weren't part…
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New York was the capital during the administrations of George Washington and John Adams. Washington, D.C. was still being built then. The government moved to the new capital late in Adam's term, in 1800 I think. Michael Montagne New York City was the capital before it was moved to Philadelphia in …
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%DETAILS% Answer Kevin, if you are asking about the settlement (that is, population size at any given spot of ground) of the current 5 boroughs, I will refer you to the NYC Dept. of City Planning's public "bookstore" on Reade St. in Manhattan. They sell a fascinating color-coded map that shows …
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%DETAILS% Answer Construction on Grand Central Terminal began in 1903, shortly after work had begun on Pennsylvania Station, but the terminal was not opened until Feb. 2, 1913, and its upper level loop track system was not operational until 1917 and its lower level loop system was not operation…
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The guns in Battery Park were never fired.
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%DETAILS% Answer Undertakers were not used for that purpose. Men killed in battle were buried on or near the battlefield by military burial details. However, to find out about undertakers in New York at that time, try finding copies of contemporary newspapers. There might be advertisements or…
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History of the "New York" name: Pre-1624: Lenape Indians- Manna-hata (the "land of many hills) 1624: Dutch- New Amsterdam (which was part of the colony of New Netherland) 1664: British- New York (for the Duke of York, later King James II) 1673: Dutch- New Orange (occupied briefly during the Thir…
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The name of the street derives from the fact that during the 17th Century, it formed the northern boundary of the New Amsterdam settlement where the Dutch had constructed a crude wall of timer and earthwork. The wall was meant as a defense against attack from Lenape Indians, New England colonists, …
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Josesp D. McGolrick.
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In New York City, immigrants often spent the day of rest enjoying the caf�s, clubs, and music halls that city law had recently allowed open on Sunday. The city was filled with immigrants and laborers, as factory work was especially appealing when the industrial revolution took hold. don't copy w…
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Queens is named for Queen Catherine of Braganza. For more information, see related links below.
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They were New Netherland, North Carolina, Virginia and Massachusses.
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1. Celebrities live here. 2. amazing stores especially on Madison avenue and in soho. 3. sites like statue of liberty, empire state building, and times square 4. the fashion! 5. there's always something to do 6. its huge 7. wall street. 8. the food. and the restaurants are fantastic. 9 there…
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The colony signed the declaration of Independence and made it a free state from the British. When the united States won the war all of the colonies decided to become one nation and make the thirteen colonies into states.
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The current Mayor of New York is the Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg. He was elected in November of 2001 in a tight mayoral race against Mark Green, the then Public Advocate of New York City. Mr. Bloomberg totally financed his entire campaign and it is estimated that he spent between $60 - $70 millio…
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henrey Hudson was looking for the north west passage but instead he found the Hudson river which led up to the founding of New York. Also for money and the resources there.
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shelby guedry :)
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it was named after the duke of york in honor
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The first European settlers (the Dutch) came to what is now New York in 1625 and they named it New Amsterdam. The English took control in 1664 and renamed it New York.All the five boroughs -- Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island -- became one city in 1898.
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%DETAILS% Answer I can't help you with E. 79, but I can help you with E.48, on Webster and 187. Their original quarters were on Webster Av, S/W of Fordham Rd. in 1897, the single bay, three story, wood frame firehouse was, "rebuilt", because the street level of Webster Av was raised. The old fi…
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Yes there was. It is now Jackson St. on the East River. I'm not sure why or when the name changed.
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I can answer when it opened. 1896. I know this as I have two of their "anniversary" give-aways. I have a 2nd anniversary metal box that contains a faux peral necklace. A 4th anniversary pencil/notepad (spring loaded so when the pencil is removed the lid opens up).I think I once read that the store c…
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The same way they do now. The poor cursed the rich and the rich cursed the poor.
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%DETAILS% Answer No and it's still not. It is open to traffic during the morning and evening rush hours from 7-10am & 4-7pm.
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Idlewild Airport, now John F. Kennedy International Airport, got its name as construction began in the early 1940s around a sporting complex called the Idlewild Golf Course. When Idlewild Airport opened for operations in 1942, Floyd Bennett Field was deed to the U.S. Navy. Idlewild Field was dedicat…
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The Idlewild Golf Course was named after the local Indian name for the area, Idalwild, or peacefull and savage.
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On 21 jump street...  
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get the text book the American journey {http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Special:Booksources&isbn=0078258758 all rights reseved, Copyright 2002 by the mcgraw-hill companies incorporation send all iqueries to glencoe/Mc graw hi;; 8787 Orion place Columbus Ohio 43240} and then open to page 84 line 21 and rea…
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The Chelsea Hotel has been an extremely popular place for all kinds of artists, musicians, actors, or any other type of creative person to stay. Some very famous people during the 60s, 70s, 80s called the Hotel Chelsea home including Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop and Janis Joplin.
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The building also appeared in a famous photograph from 1937 and mirrored the triangular thinness of the more-famous Flatiron Building. It was the German American Insurance Building, built in 1907 and dedicated in 1908. It and the Wolfe Building behind it were demolished in the 1970s.
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this should tell you everythingnationmaster.com   Broadway was originally an Indian trail which went from the southern tip of Manhattan all the wat to The Bronx. The name in general is just a reference to its width. Further information on Manhattan Streets can be found in Sanna Feirstein's…
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F.L. Olmstead's PlanFrederick Law Olmstead (the designer of Central, Prospect and other NY area parks)wrote a report in 1871 that, among other things suggested a network of parkways through areas of Brooklyn and Queens that are now part of NYC. What is now Ocean Parkway and Eastern Parkway in Brookl…
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%REPLIES% New Amsterdam was founded for the Dutch West India Company for the sole purpose of profit(thru trade)   The colony of New Amsterdam was founded by the Dutch West India Company, hoping to find as much profit as the Dutch East India Company did in the spice trade. The only trade it…
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Well, I don't know if it helps, but the movie Rear Window was set in 1954 New York. It really is one of the greatest movies of all time. I suggest you buy it or at least rent it.
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The Dutch were the first people to settle in New York. Although they named it New Amsterdam. There were many different cultures, that included French, German, Scandinavian and African American. They had great religious tolerance. The Dutch traded fur with the Native American tribes. Their relationsh…
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Voters elected the legislature, and i am not sure how much authority he was given.
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Cuyler was in the former Central New York Military Tract. The town was first settled around 1794. The town was formed from part of the Town of Truxton in 1858. In 1865, the population of the town was 1,447.
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New York was originally a Dutch trading post known as New Amsterdam... it was created as a New World port.
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As of the end of 2003 the death toll stood at 2752, including the building's inhabitants, the passengers on the plane, and rescue personnel. 2,833 dead or missing, with 157 dead on two hijacked planes (92 on American Airlines flight 11 and 65 on United Airlines flight 175) 128 missing 974 death c…
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The English government of that time was looking for a pretext for a war with the Dutch, partly because English leaders thought they could get rich in such a war, and partly because of old antagonisms. They invaded the Dutch colonial town of New Amsterdam, which had existed since 1625, and renamed it…
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New York is the 11th state. It was one of the original 13 states to join. The original states in order are: DE, PA, NJ, GA, CT, MA, MD, SC, NH, VA, NY, NC, RI. New York became an independent state on July 9, 1776 and enacted its constitution in 1777. The state ratified the United States Constitutio…
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Where NY is did belong to the Dutch back in the 1600's and as time went along England took it order and that area was given to the Duke of York where the name was Change from New Amsterdam to New York. I believe in the early 1700's.
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The Dutch The Dutch settled New Amsterdam in New Netherlands, which was a colony found in the Middle Colonie. They sold tobacco (their main crop) as well as many other goods.
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The 2010 population of New York State was 19,378,102. There are approximately 8.245 Million people in New York and counting.
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City or state? State 76,696; City (1749) 13,294
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I recently discovered this webpage which discusses the forgotten places of NYC. NYC is made up of over a dozen islands. Check it out. http://www.forgotten-ny.com/STREET%20SCENES/fromwater/water.html   what are the number of islands that make up New York
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Both state and city were named for the 17th century Duke of York, James Stuart, future James II and VII of England and Scotland. The Duke of York refers to the City of York in Yorkshire, Engalnd
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my guess is that it was a parliementary democracy gonernment. the governer was peter minuit
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i am not exactly sure but i think it was Albany, New York. hope this helped you :)
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See the first Related Link for the Wikipedia entry, including a picture of the flag. If you'll note, it has the colors of blue, white and orange. In the middle of the white is the seal of New York State.You can find more information at the second Related Link.The state flag of New York has a dark bl…
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cause they wanted to have fast railroad they wanted to find freedom,faith, and belief
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Park Avenue got its name when a railroad was "cut" through Murray hill and they covered the tracks with grates and grass, which was referred to as a "park". Later a road passed through a section of the "park." The road was referred to as Park Avenue.
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Except for Lower Manhattan, they are arranged on a grid system. Each block is a little square (actually, a little rectangle).
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Currently it is summer is NYC, but like every other state, the temperature depends on a number of factors including global warming. But for now, the temperatures are ranging from the high 70s to the 90s. It's hot.As for the winter, the winter of 2004 wasn't that cold. Temperatures were in the 40s or…
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Bronx: The Yankees and Yankee StadiumManhattan: The Skyscrappers, the Empire State Building, Broadway, 42nd Street (Times Square), 34th Street (Herald Square), 14th Street (Union Square), etc.Queens: The Mets, Shea StadiumBrooklyn: Coney Island, Brooklyn Cyclones, The no longer Brooklyn Dodgers (the…
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I am very sorry but, i can not answer that question because of all of the details.
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It originally was New Amsterdam, then the British conquered and it was changed from New Amsterdam to New York in honor of The Duke Of York. I'm not sure about the rest but you can obviously learn it in school, so good luck everyone who needs this question answered!
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The total area of New York City is 468.9 square miles (1214.4 square kilometers). Of this, 304.8 square miles (789.4 square kilometers) is land, and 165.6 square miles (428.8 square kilometers) is water. For land sizes of each individual New York City borough, see the Related Question below.
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