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Philosophy and Philosophers

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Philosophy is the rational study of fundamental and general problems, including knowledge, reason, values, existence, and language. Philosophers, such as Aristotle and Plato, are persons who act based on the rules of practical wisdom. They are considered “lovers of wisdom.”
When translated, pendura is a word that means something is hanging  off of something else. A shirt hanging on a hanger in your closet  would be a good example.
Metaphysics is not a school or tradition but rather a  sub-discipline within philosophy, as are ethics,  logic and epistemology. Like many philosophical  terms, "metaphysics" can be understood in a variety of ways, so any  discussion of Bertrand Russell's metaphysics must select from among  the...
Your question is confusing, however, morality
The school's name was the Periapetic school. Periapetic means walk in Greek. He named it this, because he had long talks with his smarter students while walking through the gardens of Lesbos.
He got his ideas from Sigmund Freud.
The idea that a person studying ethics in moral philosophy is just  going to end up running into misconception after misconception.
No, doing nothing is impossible. To do nothing means not do anything at all, but doing nothing also means that you're doing something: nothing. Therefore, you're doing something even if you ever manage to do nothing.
Some say the purpose of life is procreation, however if this is the only purpose of life that we experience then what is the point of anything?The continuous Circe of birth and death is fueled by the belief that continuing to breed is the reason we are here, however this may be a personal purpose of...
Pythagoras thought of triangles and a system of them in mathematics, he would take in people and teach them, they had their own "secret society" and did not explain information with outsiders. I'm not sure if information explaining their belief in universe exists but I could be wrong.
Because He found and named NH
Aristotle had two wives his first was Pythias, who died. Then he married Herpyllis who together they had a child named Nichomachus.
"Global culture", meaning a culture interconnected worldwide? "A  culture of conflict", meaning a culture that is in conflict with  itself? I think the statement makes sense, as human nature has  always been in conflict with itself, which leads to tension and  confusion in all areas of human...
Moral rationalism which is also known as ethical rationalism is a  view in meta ethics, according to which moral truths are knowable a  priori,by reason alone.
Yes, he was a priest.
From Spark Notes: "He delineates how best to minimize discord,  disagreement, and factionalism within society-whether between state  and church, between rival governments, or between different  contending philosophies. Hobbes believes that any such conflict  leads to civil war. He holds that any...
This is the aurgument between parson and mertons. Parson feels that the society is made up of the whole part and every part is useful while merton says that the society can function without the other parts.
He faught for tolerence, freedom of religion, and free speech.
Machiavelli believes power is legitimized by a prince's ability to defend his kingdom from foreign threats and maintain domestic order. Machiavelli is a realist; he asserts that the ends justify the means in terms of keeping his subjects in order, thereby legitimizing his reign. "There are only...
For Marx (and Lenin) the "haves" were those who controlled thesocietal mode of material production, and also the societal modesof symbolic production. The "have-not's" were those who weredependent upon those controlling, particularly, the material modeof production. This is all very simply...
The ultimate goal of philosophy is to better understand human  nature.
Well, there are many books with Utopian societies, but my two  personal favorites are The Giver by Lois Lowry and  Utopia by Sir Thomas More.
Class struggle in the 19th century differed from earlier class struggles, this remains true today, in that the class struggle was between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, the capitalists and the wage-slaves. This fundamental fact changes everything, class struggle under feudalism is radically...
Pythagoras of Samos was an Ionian Greek mathematician who founded a religious movement and came up with Pythagorean Theorum. Other theories include arguments that the theory predates him, or that it was rediscovered and popularized by one of his students.
The Scientific Method was designed to gather, test, and explain information.
François-Marie Arouet was a poet born in 1694 in Paris, France.  Voltaire is built on an anagram of his surname created as the  following; Arouet, or Arovet, then nicknamed: Arovet Le Jeune  (Arovet The Young), which gave: AROVELTI in latin.  Therefore, it was obtained from capital letters...
Animal's classifications were done by the famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle (384-322 B.C.). For this reason, he is known as the Father of Zoology. The animals were divided into two main groups: 1. Anaima : Animals without red blood comprise this group, which is further subdivided into five sub...
Nelson Mandela had made a contribution to the end of South African apartheid by standing up for civil rights for black South Africans. He was then elected as president of South Africa, where his example of forgiving and peacefully interacting with people who had recently marginalized and imprisoned...
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Rene Descartes was important even dubbed "the father of modern philosophy", but it was Jaque Chirac who coined the term.
Sir Thomas More in his book Utopia in 1516
Depends on who you ask. Most people; regrettably, are religious, so they think god is the standard for absolute truth and justice. Others think there is no such thing and we're just reacting to other people.
Yes, strong arguments can be based on false premises, made-up "facts," iffy scientific "evidence," etc. It is actually fairly common.
His health is not very good, as Descartes has been dead forhundreds of years.
David Hume was considered first an Empiricist who was somewhat into Skepticism. He would fall into the category of other Empiricists like John Locke, Aristotle and George Berkeley.
The writer of the Surrealist Manifesto was the charismatic French author and poet Andre Breton, who also subsequently started the Surrealist group of avantgarde artists and writers including figures such as Salvador Dali, Eileen Agar, Paul Edouard, Gala Edouard, Max Ernst, Joan Miro and others. The...
Definition of a Hero: Ordinary person who commits an extra-ordinary act under extra-ordinary circumstances. (ie; someone who runs into a burning building to save somebody else's life is a hero).
Pythagoras was an ancient scientist & mathematician, not  royalty.
Sophroniscus is his dad. and his mom is Phaenarete
rene descartes grew up in lattaye,france.
belief that a monarch's authority to rule comes from a supreme being
Pythagoras of Samos discovered the numerical relationship of musical harmonies.
René Descartes believed that every human us a "noble savage" when in the state of nature.
no because sound is something you hear and if nobody hears it there is no sound.
Iago alludes to Machiavelli in some of his soliloquies, and  embodies Machiavelli's tenets in his behavior.
Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rosseau
One Category here at WikiAnswers that the Human rights questions are initially being put into is the International Laws category as human rights issues are in general a world wide concern. As categories are added on a regular basis it is possible for these questions to be moved out their current...
Theories of value, or value theory, is a philosophy that examines  what people value, how much they value it, and why. Value theory is  often applied economically in an exchange of goods, but can also be  applied ethically with regards to virtue and vice.
If free speech is of value, yes.
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the process or action of remembering times past or recalling the days of your youth, etc.
Pythagoras' children are variously stated to have included a son,  Telauges, and three daughters, Damo, Arignote, and Myia
His children are variously stated to have included a son, Telauges, and three daughters, Damo, Arignote,  and Myia
He died at about 75.
Ayn Rand had those as her three axioms of her Objectivist philosophy.
Probably not. Anne Anderson was likely not telling the truth when she claimed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia. She was considered an impostor, after a private investigation was undertaken, was shown to be lying. Numerous lawsuits later, the German courts ruled her as claiming falsehoods....
thomas hobbes died of old age in his home on a late night
I had a vision of my past life. I was a young blonde girl on a bridge on a rainy day in a brown van. My life was too short. People say i was dreaming, but theres something telling me i wasnt. It's to complex to figure out. You die, your a new person in a new body works like that. Family pet dies,...
=new answer= exceeding usual limits   http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Transcendent
Because Pythagoras was unknown until he became famous for his findings of mathematics. He was determined to find out more.. and he started to get more ideas for his findings of more mathematical problems and findings answers for those problems.
That would be a monarchy.
Aristotle married the niece of another of Plato's students - Hermias the king of Assos. His wife, Pythias, died ten years later.
Brûlons Voltaire! means: "Let's burn Voltaire!" in  the sense of to burn his works (not the poet himself).
That is a great question and one human-kind have been trying to answer for as long as can be remembered. Every culture has its own concept of Creation and is usually based on having faith in a Supreme Deity, sometimes called God. As far as Western science, the closest thing that addresses this...
Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are possibly the three most famous. But others such as Pythagoras and Demicritus are well known also.
Philosophy ends when understood that so called wonder is a phenomenal state
No the bible says the greed for the money is the root of all evil.
whay is voltaire so inmportant?
Look this link up I think it will help! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utopia
No. 2 is a real number, whole number, and rational number.
There are so many. Several I can recommend: . The Giver and Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry . The Handmaid's Tale and Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood . 1984 Aldous Huxley . The Time Machine and When The Sleeper Wakes by H.G. Wells . Utopia by Sir Thomas More (of course) . A Modest Proposal...
The three great philosophers were Socrates, Plato and Aristole.Socrates, the father of Western philosophical thought, left behind the Socratic method. It is critical to science and is taught by questioning. He focused more on the soul instead of science. Socrates influence Plato and let him take...
Nicholas Flamel. He discovered/made it.
Language: It should be a standardized English with a simplified spelling. One letter equaling one sound, and every sound with a letter. The useless letter "c" could be used for the "th" sound, "q" could be used for the "sh" sound, and "x" for the "ch" sound, for example.As to grammar and syntax,...
He was killed by a scared messanger when he was trying to find out the equation to the circumference of circles. There was an army invading and a messenger was sent to tell Aristotle. Aristotle said"DON'T DISTURB MY CIRCLES!!!!!" and the scared messenger murdered him.
René Descartes was a French philosopher, mathematician, and writer.
  Yes and no. The Theory of Evolution and other scientific advances do disprove the biblical creation stories, but these were already disputed by Origen (On First Principles, 3.1.1) in the earliest years of Christianity:"Now what man of intelligence will believe that the first and the second and...