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Trinidad and Tobago

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is an archipelagic country located in the southern Caribbean. With a total area of 1,981 sq mi, it comprises two main islands – Trinidad and Tobago – and many smaller landforms.
Well, if you ask someone from Trinidad they will probably tell you their education system in Trinidad is superior to America. However according to the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) the US is #17 and Trinidad is #51. It must be something that is preached on the island because...
Carnival is celebrated during a two day period called Carnival Monday and Tuesday. It takes place in the capital of Trinidad, port of Spain, and it is one of the most colorful and enjoyable festivals on the island. Music is one of the most important elements of Carnival and there is a competition...
The National Birds of Trinidad and Tobago are the Scarlet Ibis (Trinidad - Top Left), and the Cocrico (Tobago - Top Right). The Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus Ruber) is a species of ibis that occurs in tropical South America and Trinidad and Tobago. The largest habitat of the Scarlet Ibis is the Caroni...
he/she should be given at least the same length of time as a rental payment. i.e. if the rent is monthly he/she be given a month's notice, likewise if fortnightly ...two weeks notice etc.
Under the Spanish, Roman Catholicism was the official religion, and it was strengthened by French immigration during the French and Haitian revolutions.
Carnival brings distant family together!
what are four pull factors of Trinidad and Barbados
Well I guess that would have to be the revenue from tourists
Next eclipse for Trinidad and Tobago is due 14 April 2012.
I'm sorry, same-sex marriage is not legal in Trinidad. In fact, homosexual activity is illegal there and punishable with a twenty-five year jail sentence. The Canadian citizen would have to apply for a fiance visa to bring the Trinidadian to Canada for the purpose of marriage. The couple would then...
Trinidad was not conquered as such. It is part of the British Commonwelth, still acknowledging the Queen as Head of State, but with its own Government deciding its own affairs.
Petroleum, Timber, Natural gas, Asphalt, Fish, Sugar, Oil,
pitch, petroleum,limestone,cement,oilfield,gypsum,gasfield .
When Indians arrived in Trinidad and Tobago they worked as indentured labourers
its not in a contenent, its in the Caribbean
Nariva Swamp, Caroni Swamp and the Beetham Swamp are found in  Trinidad and Tobago.           By Nessa
Unfortunately it seems there are no monkeys left in Tobago's rain forest, but Howlers and Capuchin monkeys are still found in Trinidad.
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The Caroni Plains, The Nariva Plains and the Naparima Plains :D
You'll need to contact the Trinbago Unified Calypso Organization (TUCO) and they will get in contact with the calypsonian with regards to rights and all that. Any song in particular you are looking for?
they export oil to the united staes of America,Spain and Jamaica that is all i know i hope it can help you!!
The Spaniards brought carnival and other catholic traditions to T&T
The History of Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago is long ago the French came to Trinidad and spread the Carnival ways....!!!! In Carnival days ,people play mass there were lona ago people they used to act as like therer were jab jab,jab molassie,dame lorraine,midnight robber and probably lots more!!...
ole mas is when people come and make different kinds of costumes and parade in it.
The phones look the same as any other American phones. We do not manufacture our own phones so all phones are imported from China or USA or other countries.
The president of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is Anthony Carmona (April 2013).
American soliders came to Trinidad during the second world war
Names of carnival competitions
the scientists do not know exactly when there would be a next strike but according to their information, it WILL BE SOON!
Before carnival ,which is in february or march
there to be the tent prime minister .
The highest, El Cerro del Aripo, is 940 meters (3,084 ft) high; the other, El Tucuche, reaches 936 meters
God Bless Our Nation - Marjorie Padmore
Sugar cane Cocoa Oranges rice, citrus, coffee, vegetables; poultry and etc....
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yes there is it is the same answer as what is the longest river which the answer is the ortoire river
Carnival is the biggest festival in Trinidad and Tobago
I would ask what your definition of a continent is first. The short answer is South America. People might contest that but then you could also contest that Manhattan is an island and is therefore not a part of North America. Interesting response SiSi Martinez, but Midnight9635 is indeed correct and...
All races of people play carnival in Trinidad and tobago.
Trinidad resources are:petroleum (Oil, petrochemicals) natural gas , asphalt, timber and fish.this is according to the Bureau of Western Hemisphere AffairsI hope this helped Lady.D
1. Atlantic ocean - It surrounds Trinidad and Tobago 2. Caroni River - a river in Trinidad 3. Ortorie River - The largest river in Trinidad
The Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TTD
Their combined networth is 500,000. Deuces.
Dr. Eric Eustace Williams 1956-1981 Mr. George Chambers 1981-1986 Mr. Arthur N. R. Robinson 1986-1991 Mr. Patrick Manning 1991-1995, 2001-2010 Mr. Basdeo Panday 1995-2001 Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar 2010-
TT$12.50 with effect from 1st January 2011.
port-of-spain... im right trust me!!
English is the official language, but other languages such as Spanish, Hindi, French, Creole, Chinese are also spoken- and more besides I am sure!
eugenia theodosia pierre is a netball player
Trinidad sister isle is togabo n the other neighbouring countries are venzuela, and some others like barbados and Jamaica
they came to do trades and to do busness
Cats such as ocelot which is commonly called the painted leopard  are found in Trinidad and Tobago. Other animals found there include  colorful parrots, the white fronted Capuchin money, Red Howler  Monkeys, and wild boars.
He is the head of our state, however he does not have much power in our constitution. He represents Trinidad and Tobago in foreign affairs and also communicates to other heads of states. He is a figure head of a sort, he does not involve himself to much in government, the people really and truly,...
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The qualifications for a customs officer in Trinidad and Tobago are  a high school diploma. A college degree is recommended but not  required.
Trinidad lies on a fault line. There are earthquakes fairly regularly - at least 2 per year. None have done major damage however.
The converation rate is 1 US Dollar to 6.42 Trinidad and Tobago  Dollars. If the Yamaha 413 keyboard is worth 200 US Dollars then it  would be worth 1284 Trinidad and Tobago Dollars.
Enlisted Ranks - Ordinary Seaman, Able Seaman, Leading Seaman,  Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer, Warrant Officer   Officers - Midshipman, Sub Lieutenant, Liuetenant, Lt. Commander,  Commander, Captain (Naval), Commodore
Bumpy in the north and south, relatively flat in central.
That I know of, the only poisonous snake in Trinidad and Tobago is the mapepire which is supposed to be a relative of a coral snake.
Dr. Eric Eustace Williams was Trinidad and tobago first Prime minister between 1962-1981 when he died in office. He founded the People National Movement (PMN) in 1956 and won the 1956 generally elections where he led the country to independence. In 1976 he then made the country a republic.
Thay came to trindad to escape waring tribe, new food, fertile  land and to facilitate thier growing population