The Republic of Yemen is a Southwest Asian country found in the Arabian Peninsula. This 530,000 sq km nation is bordered by Oman in the east, the Red Sea in the west, and Saudi Arabia in the north.
Yemen has oil and natural gas. It also has some small amounts ofgold, copper, and coal. The west side of the country hasagriculture.
Islam is the official religion.
Yes most in Yemen are Muslim.
The flag of Yemen after North and South Yemen unified became theArab Liberation flag of 1952.
The Yemeni government was fighting with the Saudi Arabians to declare their independence they merged in the 1980's they are thinking of re-splitting due to a national war between the two nations.
Sana'a because it is the capital of Yemen
The port of Aden (also spelt Adan)
Sana'a is in Yemen and is the largest city there.
The climate in Yemen is various and depends on the different altitudes of the regions. There are no distinctive limits between the seasons. Generally there are two main seasons (summer and winter). During summer the climate is hot with high humidity dominating in the coastal area. In winter the...
Children start school when they are 6 years old.
Yemen is an independent country.
The capital is Sana'a
No, Yemen is fully in the Northern Hemisphere, and is completely North of 12 degrees North.
Yemen's capital is Sana'a (صنعاء) , sometimesspelled as Sanaa or Ṣan'ā'. As Yemen fractures in its current civilwar, the Houthis have taken control of Sana'a and are ruling fromthere. The Sunni Yemeni forces are ruling from the South Yemeniformer capital of Aden.
Yemen is not a city, it is a country. if you are talking about the oldest city IN Yemen, it is Sana'a. It is said to be one of the oldest and most continuously inhabited cities of the world. Legend has it that Noah's son was the founder of the city.
Agriculture is 20% of Yemen's economy. Yemen also does oilrefining, fishing, construction and food processing.
Yemen is a small country on the Arabian peninsula in Southwest Asia. It has a population of a little more than 23 million.
two hundered yemeni Riyals is worth for Us $1
All Arabs are originally from Yemen and it's known for all Arabs that "Arab's origin is Yemen" but if you mean that most Arab people are Yemenis! no they're not. The previous answer is incorrect. In Pre-Islamic Times, when the Arabs were only found in the Arabian Peninsula, Arabs were quite...
Yes, It's a Arab-Islamic country located in the south west of the Arabian peninsula
The Eid al-Adha or the festival of sacrifice is an importantholiday in Yemen.
Islam is the religion there. They actually have religion as a everyday thing there so some of the laws are based on religious things
Yemen as a country comes from Arabic meaning South.
South Yemen used to be a separate state, but is now simply the southern part of Yemen. Yemen is in Asia in the south western part of the Arabian Peninsualr.
In private you can wear what you like, but in public a woman should wear loose fitting clothing that covers your limbs and does not define the body. This is also more comfortable in the hot climate. It is also sensible and considerate to local custom to wear a head covering, although the face does...
Bura'a: Yemen's last tropical forestendangered. One of the last remaining Arabian forests, Bura'aReserve, hides between the sea and the desert in the shelter of themagnificent granite Jabal Bura'a mountain overlooking the Tehamaplain onto the Red Sea.
The USA is over 18 times the size of Yemen.
The money of Yemen is based on the Yemeni riyal (YRl), consisting of 100 fils .
Yemen's total area is 528,076 km2 while California's total area is423,970 km2, so Yemen is bigger than California.
Yemen is mainly Arabs, but there are some Europeans and southAsians living there.
"Biblical times" is the span of 4000 years, in this period a lot ofkingdoms arose and fell in that region. A kingdom of Sheba is actually mentioned in the Bible and the Qur'an, and it isassumed to have been located in the Yemen area.
Out of the Muslims in Yemen, 52% is Sunni, 46% is Shi'a, and 2% areDruze.
That is the correct spelling of the proper noun Yemen (Arabian Peninsula country).
Ali Abdullah Saleh is a male .
not really, but it has oil
Yemen is found in southwest Asia on the Arabian Peninsula.
Yemen's most famous dish is saltah (sometimes spelt "salta").
The island is called Socotra. Socotra is probably the answer you are looking for, but it is more to the South East of Yemen than the South West. To the South West of Yemen is the continent of Africa.
No, it is a country on the Arabian Peninsula.
Arabian sea, Gulf of Aden and Red sea
The Republic of Yemen has had two presidents. Abdrabbuh MansurHadi is the current president. Ali Abdullah Saleh waspresident before that.
No. They aren't called Yememians. The people of Yemen are actuallycalled Yemenis.
Ali Abdullah Saleh
Yemen in not the same as Ethiopa. Yemen is located in Saudi Arabia. Ethiopa is in Africa.
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Some tribes in Yemen include: Banu Hamdan, Al Murrah, Banu Yam, Banu Judham, Hashid, Bakil,and Madhaj.
Yes, Yemen is a REAL place. It's on the other side of the globe, insouthwest of Asia.
Yes. Along with other countries, they are on the Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia.
It would be best to learn Arabic before traveling to Yemen.
Yemen is the furthest south on the Arabian peninsula.
There is no viable infrastructure or modern industry.
The total GDP is $58.202 billion.
Yeman uses the rial.
Kildeer for one.. herring gull for two.
The reason why Yemen is so poor is because the government -president takes all of the countries money for him family and friends.
Well, you have to be Arab. But, you can try, you have to stress on the (a'a) and produce this letter that is (ع) it sounds sorta like ... a toad? Call an Arab man, call an Arab.
Yemen is a country. Officially: The Republic of Yemen.
yes you need either a yemeni passport or a visa ..apply from yemeni embassy
what is happening in 2011 is that the Yemen are protesting for different president not this president that was for 30 years.
Ali Abdullah Saleh was the President of Yemen in 2010. After the military coup d'etat in North Yemen in 1974, there were several military leaders, some of whom were assassinated, before Saleh became the president on 1978 July 18. Ali Saleh continued as president until the unification of South...
Yes! Yemen is known as part of the Khaleej.
by doing working jobs?
republic ......... like Egypt
Yemen is a country in Asia.
North Yemen is a term currently used to designate the Yemen Arab Republic (1962-1990), its predecessor, the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen (1918-1962), and their predecessors that exercised sovereignty over the territory that is now the north-western part of the state of Yemen in southern Arabia.
Yemen has no significant oil reserves: what they do have may be exhausted within a few years. It has considerably more natural gas, and that is being developed.
Yemeni rial (Y ER) Source: Wikipedia
Saudi Arabia is the large country to the north, while Oman lies to the north east.