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Library and Information Science (LIS) is a discipline wherein the perspectives, practices and tools of management, education and information technology are applied to libraries. LIS is an integration of Library Science and Information Science.
Neither. mRNA and tRNA are nucleic acids, not amino acids.
guess is what you make up and predict is what you thick is going to happen
tRNA makes amino acids in the cytoplasm.
I think this question is really stupid. Even if we find it better or worse, would we have a chance to change the hand of time ? So instead of going around to ask this, we all have to try to live our lives the best we can
You seem confused about what is meant by evolution and what is meant by speciation.Scientist do not prove things, but they do support their claims with evidence.
The Badlands looked vastly different millions of years ago than it  does today. Layers of sediment would have been visible as well as  ash from nearby volcanic eruptions.
It is believed that the four terrestrial planets formed around the  same time 4.5 billion years ago. The evidence is that the oldest  lunar rocks are 4.4 billion years old and the oldest meteorite  rocks are 4.6 billion years.
  Acontour line (also level set, isopleth, isoline, isogram or isarithm) of a function of two variables is a curve along which the function has a constant value.[1] In cartography, a contour line (often just called a "contour") joins points of equal elevation (height) above a given level, such...
It's like everywhere.    The use of technology is increasing tremendously day by day, we use  various technologies to accomplish specific tasks in our lives. It  does impact us a lot. Technology is being implemented in almost  every section of our lives    From Agriculture to Business,...
Try "cisco" I'm not 100% certain though.
An example of a renewable resource is hydroelectricity and solar energy.
A shadow is only an absence of light. so depending on where you  shine them is that there will be multiple shadows or no shadows at  all
That it is a more efficient way to use energy!!
  More controlled environment. Rapid growth and nutrient uptake.   Higher electric consumption. More risk to mold, disease, bugs.
even though many people say that we are not animals we are, infact we are mamalsHominidae
It was, no doubt, a February. About every 30 years, the moon is full on January 2nd, and again on January 31. The next full moon happens to be on March 1! An entire MONTH (well, it was only February, which IS the shortest month) with no full moons!
There were Dino's such as camptosaurs and stegosaurs
My dentist recommended this today, specifically to whiten teeth, he said that a mixture of bleach and ground pumice must whiten teeth as well as any over-the-counter potion as (presumably for liability reasons) the Clorox must be far stronger than anything anyone dares to sell in the US AND the...
  Open access (OA) is free, immediate, permanent, full-text, online access, for any user, web-wide, to digital scientific and scholarly material, primarily research articles published in peer-reviewed journals. OA means that any user, anywhere, who has access to the Internet, may link, read,...
it is used for scientific research and fishing m8
When plates are actually coming towards each other, there can be two different boundaries: collision and destructive boundaries. In a collision boundary, there are earthquakes, and fold mountains are created from the plates pushing up against each other, like the Himalayas. When there is a...
  sand and water????
All research reactors must have a special shielding around it to  protect researchers from exposure. Most often this shielding is  made of lead.
  The difference between architecture and topology is logical vs physical. Architecture is about the logical design of something. Topology is about the physical elements required to enable the architectural design.   The difference between architecture and topology is logical vs physical....
  noOxygen, sun, salt, water and heat.
Cold water heats up when warm water is added because of the secondlaw of thermodynamics. Basically, the heat energy of the hot wateris distributed evenly to the colder water, raising its temperatureuntil both are in equilibrium with each other.
There are five common characteristics of High Quality Information and they are as follows (depending on the use of information some may be of higher importance): 1) Accuracy2)Completeness3)Consistency4) uniqueness5)Timliness
I think it's down to the process of trapping air: like the hairs onour bodies. The fine hairs on the feather trap warm air andinsulate the bird. The downy feathers (closer to the bird's skin)are the real air trappers and are not waterproof. The alignment, orlie, of the feathers is important, too.
It is in user because it is now a tourist attraction.
1.Never sweep the floor at night or you'll sweep sorrow into your life. 2. Chase away any owls outside your window; they are a harbinger of death. 3. It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride on the wedding day before the ceremony. 4. If a picture of three people is taken, the person in...
The Unions's economy composed mainly of factories and large cities, while the confederate's economy was agriculture. The Union was able to manipulate its factories to mass-producing weapons and other war necessities which gave it an advantage against the Confederates in the American Civil War.
You multiply the speed at which you are traveling by the time spent traveling.
A System Development Life Cycle is the full sequence of events in the creation, use, maintenance and retirement of a computer system. Different service providers use different methodologies, with different naming conventions to describe the cycle.
All solids have their state in common. They can either be melted  into a liquid or evaporated into a gas state.
studyisland.com is a website where you can learn and make sure you know things. It is also fun.
born 22 august 1931 born in whakatane but moved to henderson when he was little(now apert of auckland)
ambot nimu! nagutana gani ko kae wla ko kabalo boguk ba kae nimu uie. balik grade onee bie! choe kae bie
Transformation, as seen in Griffith's 1928 Experiment with mice.
Because the inside is where the moisture is. You cannot have frost without moisture present to freeze.
the primary cause is petrleum exports but if you payed atentention in freakin classs maybe you would no that but instead you wann play with you stupid frie
Fungi obtains it's food by having hyphae that absorb nutrients in one spot then the hyphae grow out to absorb more nutrients.
QUOTE YAHOO ANSWERS: "The low power objective is easier to focus, and you see a larger area of the specimen."
facture contributing to the rural market
identify the differences between conventional and participatory research
Specialized animal cells are cells found in animals that perform  specific functions and only those specific functions. Examples  include nerve cells, muscle cells and red blood cells.
we use antarctica for whaling
  Active Sampling refers to the process of connecting sample collection media (i.e., thermal desorption tube) to a sampling train consisting of inert tubing and a sample pump operating at a know flow rate. Once activated, the sample pump draws air through the sample media, resulting in a know...
The planet Mercury has an acceleration due to gravity of  approximately 40% what is felt on Earth. In SI units the gravity of  Mercury is 3.7-meter per second per second (m/s^2) as compared to  Earth's 9.8.
Steve Jobs mother decided to adopt him, but here are the names of his real parents -Father-Abdulfattah JandaliMother- Joanne SimpsonHis adoptive parents are found on Answers.com!
Alberta's legal age is 18.
Blizzards occur when it snows. They usually happen in the Midwest  like Colorado. But if there is a weak El Nino, then it can happen  in the Mid Atlantic and East Coast like Philadelphia, New York, And  Boston. In the 2009-2010 winter season, we had a weak El Nino so  The Mid Atlantic had big...
well i heard ab. Lincoln :)soo i hope im ritee:p
  what are the disadvantages of private warehose
  Gel is sort of like thick jelly (jello) and foam is more liquid and frothy.   Gel can be used to fix, for example, hairstyles, while foam can be used for processes such as shaving.
deductive approach is explain from the general statement to specific statement and inductive approach is explain from the specific statement to general statement
  Distilled water gets its name from the distillation process used to "make" it. In the distillation process, contaminated water is heated until it reaches its boiling point. Once the water has begun to evaporate, the heat is kept at a constant to ensure that contaminants with a higher boiling...
George clarence Moran is not his real name
On September 11th, two planes crashed into The WTC (World Trade Centre) in New York City, New York. Terrorists had boarded the planes as passengers and while en route to the original destination they hijacked the planes. At 8:48 a.m. Eastern time, the first plane hit one Tower. Since nothing similar...
A cotoyledon is is a significant part of the embryo within the seed of a plant.
it's what you believe the result of the test/experiment will be. e.g. oil is less dense than water.
well, do you want the serious answer, or the version I've heard... seriously, the stats are impossible for me to find!!! what is up with that? now, as my take on it would be, it appears that people who claim to have seen aliens or UFOs aren't being kept in insane asylums, which accounts for...
Data retrieval is defined as the process of extracting data from  any database system. Both queries and reports can be extracted from  the programs. The data can then be used for different applications  throughout a business.
water is a type of renewable resource.
Political problems were mainly in the type of government that we wanted to set up long term. from 1776-1783 there was no ruling government for the first part of the American Revolution. Then in 1783 they temporarily set up a confederate government in 1783. It was the Confederate Government run by...
To your right.   That is correct, but how did you reason that out? Think of the compass. If you stand facing north, then east would be on your right and west would be on your left and you would be facing away from south.   So, turn east toward the rising sun, now south is on your right, north...
Not at all. The Moon always shows the same half towards the Earth, while the Earth rotates every day (that is one definition of a "day", in fact). The Moon revolves around the Earth once in 27.3 days. Since the Moon always has the same side to the Earth, and it revolves around the Earth once in 27...
Regular water from the tap does not fizz because it is not  carbonated. You can purchase carbonated water from the grocery  store, which fizzes like soda.
Three important factors control whether an eruption will be explosive or quiet. One is the amount of water vapor and other gases that are trapped in the magma. The other factor is how much silica is present in the magma. And temperature.
Channel conflict, price conflict, logistics expense and customer-service expense
Through Factories and power stations burning fossil fuels (coal etc.). You can see the carbon dioxide spewing from the chimneys of factories. also cars produce CO2 (carbon dioxide) through the burning of petrol and diesel.
It is about 8.12 according to 2011.
HI! I do not know how they make metal ones, but here's a very easy craft you can make (yes, its a telescope.) Suplies: 1 sheet of paper any size. Make sure it is not a sticky note! tape your hands take a sheet of paper and roll it up. it should look like a quasidilla roll. to make it more...
  Colored candles burn slower than white candles!