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Human and Animal Interaction

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We all live on this small planet. How do humans and animals coexist? What can we do during an encounter with an animal? How do we make things better? All these questions and more about us and the creatures around us.
no  DNA replicates before mitosis. It replicates in the S phase of inter phase
No. Another answer about Do cats huddle, different people might use theword huddle when they actually mean cuddle. Yes, cats love tohuddle or cuddle together with other cats, dogs, and any otheranimal that will let it lay by him or her, even their humanfriends.
they haven proven anything about how many animals are there+
Pavlov showed how dogs drool in anticipation of being fed; so they can imagine the food about to appear in their future. Stray dogs at the local pound remember the (hopefully) wonderful treatment by their former owners and react warmly when likely new owners show up to look them over; so, they can...
lightning does have an effect on the environment it can put nitrogen in the ground for plants to use
Aexander Parkes in 1855 (if you're meaning the plastic water  bottle, that is).
No, often martial arts, like Tae Kwon Do, often involve copious amounts of stretching, which can aid in growth at a young age and during puberty. So no, taking martial arts would never stunt someone's growth.
A zoo was first built either in 1847, or 1828
The substances which are all having uniform chemical composition  through out are all known as homogeneous substances.
about 65 million years ago at the end of the cretaceous period
the zoo makes 1,000 a year to get new animals for the kids 
Pigeons do not come from one place. They like places that are not too cold.
a kangaroo and a kookaburra
Zoos ruin animal life. Animals should be free. Now, domestic  animals wouldn't survive out in the wild.
Chinese farmers have kept pet cats as long as 3,300 BC.
Summer school is important because it help children get extra credit for college and helps them to not forget what they've learned during the school year. Often times they do. If there wasn't summer school, what would happen if a student forgot what they've already learned? They would have to repeat...
There is no chocolate in caramel; caramel is made by cooking sugar - its only ingredient.
put it in a ziplock bag that keeps air out and that gives people enough sense to wipe crap off their butt after they poop
papanack zoos are not large, they are small. they have animals like  snow monkeys, cougars, snow leopards and white lion cubs
No,because of a cheetahs rate and distance.Men have tried to run as fast as a cheeth but failed,sofar no man has ran faster than a cheetah some start to think it is impossible it is for now but the futrue is near.By the way who would try to run faster than a cheetah.   ** The cheetah is the...
Internal fertilization is where the egg is fertilized inside the body(such as humans) and external fertilaztion is where the an egg is laid and then fertilized. Such as in fishes!
mostly parrots but somtimes exotic birds
Castration stands for any action that causes a male to lose the function of testicles or female loses the function of ovaries.
Biology is the study of liviing things. We are taking biology in  school this year.
Abiotic factors in a rainforest have water, a warm climate,  sunlight, and soil nutrients.
In sexual reproduction, two sexes are used to make the offspring.  The "extra" chromosomes come from the sperm.
Some zoos have goats but not all zoos.
Making of a cell outside of the cell
vampires are undead so they cannot be said to live anywhere.
Gary M. Stolz
It's not known since there are no species in zoos that have completely disappeared in the wild to our knowledge.
A dog's normal temperature is between 100 and 101 degrees. During a  female dog's heat cycle, her temperature should not vary more than  one degree. If it's higher than 101 or lower than 100, see a vet as  soon as possible.
No, unless they is only one female, they can transfer male DNA into  her womb and hopefully, she'll birth the same species as dad.
A forest can form anywhere the plant life and animal life can  thrive without disruption. Any land combined with weather  conditions that can support the ecosystem will enable the forest to  develop. When left to grow, trees will eventually mature and enable  the animals to take home to the land...
Animals and humans are both in the animal kingdom. Characteristics  that animals and humans share are emotions, thoughts, and physical  similarities. For example, a humans and animals are social beings  who form bonds with family, friends, and neighbors.
dont cut down trees ad also try not to kill flying bugs
Zoos are useful for scientists because it allows them to closely  monitor animals in a controlled environment. This provides a unique  look into their lives and behaviors.
  About AUD$90,000 a year depending on their job in the zoo.
Animals should be kept in zoos because they get trained more better and get more tamed, they get treated well and also looked after.
A new puppy is as needy as a new baby. It is important you feed  them properly to protect their health and encourage their health.  You should feed a puppy only puppy food unless directed by your  vet.
There is a common misconception that zoos just go out and trap wild animals and stick them in cages. The reality is That most animals in zoos today were born in captivity, as were there parents and grandparents. You cannot just release them into the wild; they would not know how to survive or find...
Ascaris start out as eggs born in the small intestine and are  passed through the feces. After they are ingested, the eggs hatch  into larvae and grow in the intestine before moving into the lungs.  They then move up the throat to be swallowed and live and reproduce  in the small intestine again...
you blow into it and move your hand at the end
I think that they survive by drinking other people's blood and also, maybe, getting that person's soul and it gives them another 100 years to live. then they just keep going. idk , something like that.
In my own opinion I do NOT think that zoos are the best places for  animals to be. A few years ago my local zoo had dolphins, and they  died 6 months after. Its because of captivity, its very unnatural.  Sea world does it too. They use the whales and dolphins and seals  for entertainment then...
Read the story you might find the answer . Or study more and search more! You will find the answer and gain more knowledge..
Well, we are studying different animals eyes at school and I have to do a powerpoint on bats eyes. The differences are that bats are very poorley sighted and humans are not. Another differenceis that we can see in colour and bats see in monochrome. I hope my answer helps!
  == There are many similarities between fish and humans. Fish and humans have many of the same organs. We both have a digestive system and a reproductive system. ==
Biodegradable means that given time, the Earth and its elements  will break down an object. Non-biodegradable objects will never  break down and will always be a source of pollution.
The ankylosaurus is herbivorous. Therefore, it does not hunt.   Citations:
The list includes, but is not limited to: veterinarians, dog-catchers, animal trainers, zoologists, and animal handlers. There are cowboys, goatherders, sheepherders, snake handlers, beekeepers, dog-walkers, and cat-sitters.
No they buy them
Grace Isabella and Ava Caroline
  To put and alligator to sleep turn it on it's back.
  Get a dog. Or a neighbors dog to get the scent or let it poop or pee to mark its territory.
by helping and protecting us and our environment.
The same but in boxs and cages .
Over 1 million sea birds and 100,000 sea mammals and fish are  killed every year due to water pollution. Oil spills, litter, and  other factors have contributed to these numbers.
Well theres kids activities,bird watching,bush  walks,telescopes,item spotting and thats about it really thanks for  asking
  == Having a certain aspect that alows you to ajust to a certain area or live on that cetain area. ==
The process of gas exchange in plants is known as photosynthesis.  Animals let out carbon dioxide that the plants convert to oxygen.Gaseous Exchange in PlantsIn the plants the gaseous exchange occurs through surface of leaves. Special apparatus called as stomata are present on the surface on the...
The interatrial septum separates the left and right atria in the  human heart. The tricuspid and bicuspid valves separate the atria  and the ventricles.
Usually 3 to 4 weeks, but it really depends on the laws of the area yoiu are trying to adopt from. I was able to adopt 3 cats "on the spot" in my area of the US.
Im not sure if this animal is the strongest or strongest ever. This might sound unbelivable. It is the 6 inch long Rhinocerous beetle. Only a tiny bug, but maybe the strongest.
all the time. like when a earthquake is about to happen the can sense it and give out warning sings
Its wrong to poach , because when you poach a deer all your doing is stealing from the population. If we keep this up their going to go extinct.
People have domesticated cats and dogs primarily for companionship  as pets. However, dogs have sometimes been used to help hunt or  herd sheep as well.
  yes they are only wen they kiss u
A herdsman is a person who looks after cattle.
Yah! It works for me every time...
Meiosis is the type of cell division that forms eggs and sperm in  humans. It occurs in the reproductive organs.
Statistics show that in all zoos some 10-15 percent of animals die every year from captivity.
They help animals, help rehabilitate, fund research projects thatare important, provide jobs, and they also provide endless learningopportunities.
Unknown==**??? zip code's 1. 6697 2. 5530 3. 9902 Known in Indonesia as EL fatto lequin suochA(known to eat bugs and small children). Lives in Mexico with its wife(quentonette). Many people fear the (Quenton) but unless you are a small child or bug you don't have to. Said by the Mayans to be the...
There are a wide variety of animals found in Sweden. Some of these  include wolves, bears, deer, as well as moose.
  As it has food already coming from the person having the baby.
Because, they fought the zoo-keepers. Not safe..
  people can use less oil because it leads to many oil spills
Well... It would be organelles because organelles are specialized parts in the body that move around in the cytoplasm and perform necessary things for the body's every day life.
The Compromise of 1850 contained approval for California to enter  the union as a free state. This package of five bills passed by the  US Congress had compromises on several issues that were disputed  between the southern slave states and the northern states.
There are some basic techniques to teach your dog to mount. It issaid to best train your dog to mount when he is a puppy. Allow yourdog to be around female dogs around his same age. The dog needs tobe trained and mature enough to know when a female dog is ready tobe mounted. After a few introduction...