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Scorpions are characterized by large claws and an erect tail which can be venomous. Ask questions about this arthropod here.
Common Drugs and Medications to treats Scorpion Bites: 1) Centruroides (scorpion) polyvvalent antivenom intravenous 2) Anascorp intravenous *I would suggest looking at the side effects before use and(or)talk to your doctor about it so you can choose which one is mostappropriate for you*
yes how else are they gonna see to stab you with their stinger
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The black emperor scorpion is found in native rainforests andsavannas in West Africa
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its an i9nsect because all insects can have 8 or 2 legs i don;t know don t no.Wrong first of all a insect will always have six legs and second of all it's A ARACHNID,GET IT THOUGH YOUR HEAD PEOPLE,AND THEY TAUGHT YOU THAT INSECTS HAVE SIX LEGS IN YEAR ONE COME ON PEOPLE.
they can survive for more than twelve months without food as well as they do not need to drink for months Apparently they can also survive without air. I captured a scorpion in San Antonio and put it into a glass jar with a tight fitting lid. After a while it stopped moving and I thought it was...
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Yes, Horseshoe crabs and scorpions are classified as "Arachnids".
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Scorpions do not bite they usually pinch and only sting if they feel threatend. nonlethal scorpion stings are like bee stings. but more venomous species can kill in minuts
Avoiding them, and not going were they are.
they are red scorpion, dark scorpion, black scorpion and Florida bark scorpion.
The scientific name of the Arizona bark scorpion is Centruroide.
it breathes through its nose and it keeps it in its lungs
Scorpions eat small arthropods and insects..
yes you can
The pedicel is the area of a spider's body, that connects the cephalothorax to the opisthosoma.
There are a number of species of scorpion in the deserts of NorthAmerica. not just one.
A male spider deposits his sperm into a sperm web, holding it inhis palps. Then he cautiously approaches a female spider. The malespider deposits the sperm into an opening on the underside of thefemale spider's abdomen. The female fertilizes her eggs with thestored sperm and then lays them into an...
The bigger the scorpion the more venom it have. The smaller the scorpion the less venom it have. This is because small scorpions carry less venom than their adults because the small scorpions venom move slower in our body or blood. VISIT MY
When you dream that a scorpion sting you that mean it will happen or because you read alot about scorpions i am 68 year old man and i have been throught many scorpions sting in my life visit my website...
Compatible Zodiac Signs for Scorpio Capricorn , Pisces , cancer , Virgo
mokeys. main enemy is centipede. other species of scorpion
a Scorpians niche is what it becomes, and what it does SO with that said, what does a scorpian do? , EXAMPLE a flower.. it aborbes the sun to produce glucose (food) (photosynthesis) SO what does a scorpian do in its ecosystem
First if you have a partner with you let him/her suck out the poison. It is not poisonous to taste but spit it out once it is sucked out. Then stop the blood flow. Tie down the defected limb with a clothe. Make sure it is tight. You probably shouldn't walk so it is recommended to be carried. Now if...
well scorpions can live up to 25 to 30 years
they are found in africa
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A fully-grown scorpion fish is 3 ft long and weighs 7 pounds.
north Africa and south Africa in south and north Africa
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The genus for the albino scorpion is scorpaena. And the species for the albino scorpion is arachnid. THANKYOU:) m.c
No, they are not arachnids. They belong to a different subphylum of arthropods - myriapods (many feet).
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Yes. Loads of them in pet shops. And one species in the wild - Euscorpius flavicaudis , commonly known as the European Yellow-Tailed Scorpion . Migrated to the UK about 200 years ago, a few colonies can be found in South-East England.
They hunt for food at night.
it depends on the type of crab or scorpion. if either is smaller the other is victorious
A scientific name for a Scorpion is called Scorpiones.
Their diet focuses mainly upon crickets and other small insects as their main food source. Some other species can also eat small rodents.
Yes. A scorpion is a predator. The stinger in its tail contains poison. When it hits an insect or another victim with its stinger the poison kills the victim and starts the digestion process. It does not kill a person but raises quite a painful welt.
No. But they are both arachnids.
the death stalker is the worlds most deadliest scorpion
The prey is initially chewed and mixed with saliva which starts the digestive process. After the foodis chewed and broken down into smaller pieces, it passes into the oral cavity which is lined with numerous hairs and enzymes producing cells. The hairs strain out any indigestible food. Only...
if the scorpion had giant pincers then you're fine cos they're not poisonous... if it has tiny pincers......find a docter NOW!
A male and female scorpion are both simply called, scorpion. Thefemale scorpion, however, tends to be the more dominant sex, beingquit a bit larger.
Scorpions are arachnids, which is a different family than insects. Arachnids have 8 legs and all have venom of some kind. Scorpions contain venom in their stingers, which detatch upon stinging a target. Their stings can take up to several hours to re-generate. Spiders are also arachnids.
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usually 25-35 eggs at once . Scorpions do not lay eggs. They give live birth to little scorpions.
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spiders hate lots of light
Yes in fact male Scorpions kill other males to attract a mate. they will kill each other with its own venom They can't kill each other with venom, as all scorpions are immune to their and other scorpion venom. They sting each other to death. Yes. They actoually eat each other
No they are not. Most will cause a localized reaction but some can cause death.
Yes, the alcohol stings the scorpion, forcing it to kill itself by stinging itself.
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Millipedes, shrimp, and crabs are some examples of arthropods.
Superregnum: Eukaryota Regnum: Animalia Subregnum: Eumetazoa Superphylum: Protostomia Phylum: Arthropoda Subphylum: Chelicerata Classis: Arachnida Ordo: Scorpiones Subordo: Neoscorpionina Superfamilia: Scorpionoidea Familia: Scorpionidae Genus: Scorpio Species: Scorpio...
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there nocturnal for one,an pack a powerfull sting with that tail,bout it really..does anyone know more?
There are a number of poisonous spiders that live in Egypt. Theseinclude the sac spider, the ogre-faced spider, and the button orblack widow spider.
The scientific name is Anthropoda Scorpiones.
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75,000 accumulated people are killed by scorpions each year because scorpions sneak into their bedrooms and smoother them with pillows or eat them. Sometimes bears help along with the attacks by poisoning the peoples foods with cyanide.
Most deaths occur during the first 24 hours after the sting from a Centruroides genus of scorpion. Young children and older people with heart or respiratory problems should seek immediate medical attention. Stings from other types of scorpions will make you miserable for a day or so and can be...
Scorpions are ugly because they are made that way.