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Antiques are man-made items that have survived the passage of time. Definitions vary by the type of item, but typically anything over 100 years old is easily an antique. For answers to your questions about that old "whatever" that you're wondering about, ask your questions here!
Use either a proprietary polish made specially for wood, or use  beeswax and rub in with a cloth pad.
The 1883 FB Rogers pattern 6377 is called a "waiter tray" and was originally part of a silver plated coffee and tea set the company made in 1960. The tray alone can be purchased for $25-40, depending on condition.
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  I got a singer model 188k1 and it is not sewing good .The bottom thread is bunching up instead of looping the way it should.what should I look at to see what could be loose or worn etc.?
  It's a counter.   From the limited research I have done, the click signifies when you have reached 300 yards of winding. This answer was applied to the "5-spoked" variety of winder, so a smaller one may be gauged differently.
It was made in the USA and it is a Vintage Guitar.
The value of a Brunswick Blake-Collender Co Monarch pool table made  between 1900 and 1920 varies depending on several contingencies. A  table in good shape may be worth as much as 3,000 or 4,000 dollars.
The design of the item is copyrighted, meaning you can't manufacture a product that looks like the original (a knock-off), or is so similar it's obviously derived from the original. The silverplate is pretty much irrelevant, unless it is a unique factor of the design, which is unlikely. Silver...
Many of the collector plates are worth close to $10 each. The price  will vary depending upon the exact plate and its condition.
The value of a Zenith radio is actually dependent upon a number of  factors. Some of these factors would include the age and condition  of the radio.
today it would be over a $100-$1000 depending on where you sell it
Yes,I just found one in my parents attic and cannot remember ever riding on it so we think it was moms when she was a kid. She just died last year at 84.
      They first came out in 1958. Thanks loser lolz jkjk
    They started to make Winnebago's in 1958. Thanks Macka =]
  The Serial Number Wizard is designed to provide "manufacture date" information for a guitar or bass. Not ALL serial numbers are accounted for, so if the Wizard indicates an "Invalid Serial Number", first double check the serial number on the instrument and try again. If the Wizard still...
NASA was on record for constructing the world's largest paper airplane: 30 feet 6 inches. It stayed aloft for 114 feet 9 inches. (http://grosveld.com/publications/World%27s%20Largest%20Paper%20Airplane.htm)Now the record for the largest flyable paper aircraft is held by students from the faculty of...
How to Fix Broken Pottery, Ceramic or GlassA lot of people contact us, Lakeside Pottery, Ceramic School and Studio in Stamford, CT, asking if we can refire a broken pot and make it "perfect" again. A potter simply cannot refire a pot and make it whole again. The only thing that will fix pottery is...
I believe the mark you refer to is an "IS" not "TS" and it probably means International Silver.
  THis is my husbands gggrandfather's company, FE Bacon & Co. based in Rome NY. They are no longer in business but were the first homewares store in Rome.
The value of a model 1876 Winchester rifle caliber 4560 would be  dependent upon a number of factors. The most important of these  factors would be the condition of the rifle.
  The gun is Probably the US Infantry Rifled Musket Pattern of 1863. Replicas are going for nearly 500.00 dollars right now and a nice original un altered "63 will bring around 900-1000 depending on the manufacturer. They were all called "Springfield" but were made by many contractors including...
I paid £650 for mine four years ago - I'd guess it's worth around £900 now.
Value of universal statuary corp. chicago 1959 s 569 l.
The Pfaff 1027 costs 249 Euros in the Netherlands
Not enough information. Please post a new question with the bill's date and a description of the images on it.
There are many very big differences between iron and tin. These two  metals have very different bonding abilities for example.
Many of the hope chests are worth a price close to $80 each. The  price may vary depending upon the exact chest and its condition
Different artifacts made from the ash of the volcano Mt. Saint  Helens can be worth up to $150. Mt. Saint Helens ash salt and  pepper shakers are currently selling on Etsy for as little as  $8.00.
  All I can tell you, which may or may not be of much use to you as I don't know much about these things, is that when I lived in Norfolk, I went to a country game fair where I saw a stand full of old guns of all types.   To cut a long story short I went to see these people who had an office...
A record player that was introduced in 1963 it did not scratch record when the car ran over bumps -Used in cars
  yes you can when you choose charmander as a stater. first you beat the elite four and your rival do the chores on 1-7 island and you can find it wild in kanto. note: he moves all around kanto so don't fly or look on your national dex he moves when you do both hope this helps Cameron i m...
I think about £250 to £300 I'd be interested in it, but don't know how you can contact me - I'm new to all this ! LawrenceThe answer is $1199 or about £600, which I'm getting ready to pay an eBay seller for just such a machine. So that's the answer by definition. Willing buyer, willing seller...
  I always check ebay. it may not be exact, but sometimes you'll find similar items and see what they are going for.
It is much more precious than gold. According to Wikipedia, rhodium is usually the most precious expensive metal on the market. It is part of the platinum group. Rhenium can surpass the value of rhodium depending on the market.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhodium   http://en.wikipedia.org...
The company that uses a blue crown for a maker's mark on a ceramic  or porcelain figurine is Capodimonte. Usually these crowns will  have an 'N' or an 'S' underneath them.
Sorry to tell you it's not worth Oneioda I mean ida. Maybe a collector would give you something for them. If it was sterling it would be marked sterling or have 925 which is the percentage of silver in the piece. Here is a link you might be interested in. http://www.925-1000.com/americansilver__Menu...
I have a foot easer from 1908 I found metal detecting in a old ghost town dump. I am wondering the same thing.
I am trying to sell a typewriter desk exactly like what you are describing. From one lady, I have heard that they are worth more than $300. Beyond that I am not certain.
MPC pirates of the Caribbean Skeleton Model kit
No such coin exists. Steel pennies would not be made till 1943, with a handful of errors made dated 1944 with leftover blanks from the previous year.
  Don't know its worth, but my uncle bought the Lime Cola Co. shortly after WWII. But is quickly went under as Coke and Pepsi again became available. I remember it had a somewhat bitter tast.
  We have an antique Brunswick bar back for sale in Nevada City, CA. Circa 1884, about 20-25' long, fully restored and beautiful. To view it check www.Stonehouse1857.com--it's in the bar. For questions, write to rmboardman@aol.com. Restaurant now closed, bar back is for sale.
Depending on it's condition and if it is complete and operational, you can pick them up relatively cheap for about $5.00 - $20.00
  == Misc. science ==   The hydrogen lamp was designed by Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) c. 1777. A jet of hydrogen in a gasometer was ignited by a spark from an electrophorus or a Leyden jar. The resulting flame lit a candle. This apparatus was substantially perfected by German makers and...
What is a Genuine boyds cap for mason jar worth
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Kinda depends on what you mean by model.. if it's marketing memorabilia, or a replica, you'll certainly find people who are interested if you look in the right places. If you mean model in the same sense as fashion model, I suppose that could be a possibility, too. Just bear in mind that...
If you have a genuine Baldwin & Co $10 piece, it will be valued  somewhere between $10,000 and $100,000, depending on the exact  design and condition. But for every real one there are probably  10,000 that are fakes cast in lesser fineness gold, if they are  even gold, and sold as souvenirs...
EPNS stands for Electro Plated Nickel Silver. No idea what FPNS means....The F is most likely an E and that makes it the same thing !
== Answer ==   Look up: Antique chest on www.e-bay.com and see how much people are bidding for it, or selling it for or check out: http://www.prices4antiques.com   or you can give it to me! lol!
Impossible to answer without the maker's name.
it is very difficult to fine a good quality antique koken barberchair, it is very rare, and a lot of them are not in goodcondition.
  Fond acier indoxyable is French for substantive stainless steel.
  == Answer ==   Your Gun being a five number serial starting with 42 dates back to 1911 production date. although this is an old gun what won´t help the value is that 19,300 weremade that same year.But it is still a colectors item and I have seen them go from about $500 to$700 again like...
Not sure if I can answer this properly, but the other night I was watching a program on PBS (or the Learning Channel) and this exact question was being asked by someone during the show. I believe the short answer that came from one of the experts was a school called the Ashfrod School Of Antiques ...
it depends on the spot price of silver when you want to sell it or  find the worth and it also depends on how much it is weighted
I have a small Feudal table, looks like a telephone table and would like to know the estimated value.
I have a Sears Kenmore model 83 sewing machine cabinet style, model # 117831 and the patent # is 1646962. There are also these numbers on it E-6354 and 83X20205. I am not good with the compute so wondering if you could get me info. and it's worth on it.
  Prices vary due to model and condition. And the market sets the price. Hit the web and make eBay the first stop. All the uptown new & used sellers, second hand dealers, antique stores and pawn shops have an eBay window open pretty much all day.
  Extremely carefully!! If what you own are genuine antiques, do not even attempt to clean them yourself. Get a professional to have a look at it. Perhaps go to a museum and see what they say about cleaning it. It is all too easy to remove the fine patina that develops on the blade and fittings....
you might be able to sell it on eBay people might pay alot for it depending on the condition its in
  Vintage sewing machines are valued much like vintage automobiles. Just saying you have a Singer model 201 sewing machine is not enough to establish the value. Several other factors must be considered:   - Condition: Is it a rusty hulk, or shiny, showroom shape?   - Model: Each...
what is an upper 10 bottle from the 70s and 80s worth
It's worth about $2.50 to $3 for its silver content. The motto is heavily abbreviated Latin and appears on all coins of the British Commonwealth, with slight variations depending on the reigning monarch.
I don't know, but try asking on ValueJockey.com. It is a free site that you can post pictures and find out stuffs value. Good Luck!!!
IHC pickups were modeled after the large truck lines but they were expensive to build and unfortunately nobody liked the design compared to Ford, Chevy, or Dodge. Sales fell and so they were discontinued. Dodge for a long time struggled to compete but then burst out with new looks and survived. ...
10-1000 USD depending on specifics.
If the candelabra is sterling silver and marked with a crown, the  value could be as much as about 600 dollars. The FB Rogers Silver  Company in Taunton, Massachusetts released a large number of these  candelabras and the value does follow the silver market.ÊÊ
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Most likely eBay or other auction sites. Try craigslist.com also. Be aware that there is a large difference between suggested retail price and the fair market value.M.I. Hummel Figurines and Collectibles Value Chart - Hummel Price GuideThis is a Hummel figurines and collectibles suggested retail...
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Radio Corporation of Australia produced the first Australian made ASTOR 17" black & White Television in Australia prior to the introduction of TV in 1956 and ready for the Melbourne Olympic Games.   Submitted by Jack Thomason ex Television Technician.
King Edward VIII coronation mugs and jugs are not worth very much.  Online sellers are virtually giving them away at prices between  $4.00 USD and $26.00 USD.
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As far as I can see from researching this topic, the value can be based on its condition, its weight, and how much someone wants it. Then you have to figure out how far away that person lives and how much it will cost to get it there. Scrap metal recycling places pay per pound for iron, steel and...
  There have been fighting knives in every war since knives were invented. They had the K-Bar knife then. It's still avaible to buy. High carbon steel blade with a leather wrapped handle.
I would have to say plates and furniture probubally.