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Antiques are man-made items that have survived the passage of time. Definitions vary by the type of item, but typically anything over 100 years old is easily an antique. For answers to your questions about that old "whatever" that you're wondering about, ask your questions here!
Alvin - The gun was probably made by Harrington & Richardson for Sears. It may be called the model 10 or model 120 in the H&R listings.
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I use to operate these prjectors in the 70's-80's before they were replaced by 1500 watt zenon bulbs. Only the lamp housing was changed out, the projector and film part stayed the same. The carbon rods were replaced quite often. The film was split up in about 20 minute reals usually 5 to 6. When it …
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A response received from the Chicago Historical Society: "Thank you for contacting the Chicago Historical Society. We own no promotional literature from the Louis F. Nonnast Company, however, we did find some city directory listings. Louis Nonnast appears as early as 1902 (we did not search earlier)…
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You are probably talking about a Glorious Windsor stove manufactured by Lakeside Foundry of Chicago, a company owned and operated by Montgomery Ward between c. 1904 and c. 1920. The foundry was actually located in Erie, PA, not Chicago, but the headquarters was listed at 618 W. Chicago St., the addr…
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For those interested in further information on the ULLMAN MFG. Co., I did find a listing that may have a direct connection to the company in the "Greater New York Edition" of the "Printing Trades Blue Book for 1918" that reads: L. ULLMAN & Sons There is also a Martin ULLMAN who is among those ra…
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This particular image was recently auctioned with a starting bid of $45.00 and didn't sell. These were mass-produced, common, and typically sell for $25.00 or less. [December 2010]
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There's an eBay auction with the picture of the postcard going on now. The seller's website is 222.bidpostcards.com. 7/16/2005
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Hope this message gets to you. I am searching for info myself and found your posting. I have what appears to be an original pastel by L. Swigburne but no notation for Ullman Mfg. Will keep you posted on any info I come across. Faith
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Not so Limited EditionThe Hamilton Collection Mickey Mantle plates sell below their issued price. Commonly found on eBay regardless of the year of issue they generally sell for about $10.-$15. They are often sold for as low as $5.00, and occasional hit the $20. mark. In a recent auction a 1992, 6" …
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Contact the 'Furniture Mart' in Chicago using the YELLOW PAGES: TRY ALSO 'information AT MC CORMACK PLACE: Also try:http://timelinesdb.com/listevents.php?subjid=1312&title=Furniture
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Ullman Mfg Co made LOTS of prints and photos, as evidenced by the many people on this board who are trying to ascertain the value of their particular print. Obviously, the more common this sort of antique is the less the value and Ullman Mfg. products are still quite common. Mass produced items for …
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That would be a McCormick Deering tied in with Farmall\International Harvestor, depending on the yeat of the mower it will be red with blue wheels and cutter bar or yellow and red. The Deering name has nothing to do with John Deere. Since Deering was the forerunner of John Deere, the colours wou…
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A shotgun (also known as a scattergun and peppergun,[1] or historically as a fowling piece) is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder, which uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small spherical pellets called shot, or a solid projectile called a slug.
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Ullman Mfg. Company FAQ Based on an internet search, I am concluding that the Ullman Mfg. Company published (and probably printed) postcards, lithographs, greeting cards and other printed materials such as puzzles. The company was located in New York City and operated around the early 1900's. You ma…
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Generally, I would say no. It depends partly on who the artist is and how popular they are. Ullman Manufacturing made LOTS of prints, kind of like what you might find in Wal-Mart today (albeit the older ones are higher quality in many respects). I had an Ullman print from a fairly famous artist that…
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Old canning jars of various manufacturers can be worth anywhere from $1.00 to over $1000 depnding on who made it, when it was made, what size it is, and many, many other variables to numerous to mention. For every one worth $10 there are probably dozens worth less than $1.00.
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A collector can pick up an old 800 in working condition for $3 to near-mint for $40. Additional Information The 800 was a roll film model made from 1957-1962. Film is no longer available and the value is virtually nil, even though many of these can be found in mint condition. IMHO, these were marvel…
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Answer I don't have the answer, but was searching the same because I have a desk and matching chair made by this company. It dates back at least to the early 1900's. The desk has a written #759 and an etched #75 on the back. Will check back for responses. J0 I just found a price list from Conant…
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1.9 billion
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A collector can pick up an old 800 in working condition for $3 to near-mint for $40. More Information This model was manufactured from 1957-1962.It originally retailed for $126, so it was quite high-end in its day. Model 800 of the Land series featured a polished steel body with gray textured cover…
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The value of any "Antique" is always a very subjective opinion. research what a similar item has sold for and you will have your answer.
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Try Tias web page for Antiques and Collectibles or Rubylane Web page for Antiques & Art, Vintage Collectibles and Jewelry items from around the world
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Hi Depending on condition around 140 tops. Thanks Casey
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Meriden B Company was a manufacturer that made silverware out of "black silver" the kind of silver that was economical doing the time, it still had the flare of expensive silver settings and today the silver alone is of high value, since refined silver was getting high in value and the price of refi…
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Picture--two little girls with small animal on wheels
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You can submit them through a few different sites or buy a price guide. try http://www.hummelshummels.com - they have submissions for free and also a price guide. You can also try www.ValueMyCollection.com to price Hummel collections as well as BUY-SELL-TRADE with out Hummel collectors.
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Answer about $150.00 in good condition, maybe $200.00 nib. they are unique but not valuable the above answer was once true, however here in 2009 this shotgun can and does sell for around $400.00 in good 95% condition. they are both very rare and unique
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You might be able to get a few dollars for it from someone looking for World War 2 memorabilia. Book 4 was a sort of catch all for things like tires and shoes and not one used often. A few dollars to the right collector. Everyone that lived in the US was issued ration books, so they are pretty com…
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eBay would probably be the best place to look. Or ask a dealer local to you?
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Many of the wine glass chillers are valued in price close to $200 each. The exact amount will vary depending upon that condition that it is in.
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Many of the tea sets are valued in price close to $40 each. The exact amount will depend upon the condition that the set is in.
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WA Carson PaintingGo to the free Web Site, listed in the Related Links below and put Carson's last name in the search. You will find he or she had 7 auction results, meaning the paintings have sold for between $3.50 to $5.00 per square inch.
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That depends on how patient you are and where you find it. A Goodwill store in Tahoma, Washington, recently sold a framed Ullman print by Swinburne for $22.00; on the other hand, an antique store recently listed the same print by this artist for $195, which is overpriced but may sell anyway. Genera…
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Yes. Ullman produced Hanging of the Crane in 1909. A framed copy recently sold at auction for $90. In general, Ullman framed lithographs sell for $35-90 in online auctions and on commercial websites, and a sometimes for a little more, $115-140, at live auctions.
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The Glorious Windsor stove was manufactured by Lakeside Foundry of Chicago, a company owned and operated by Montgomery Ward between c. 1904 and c. 1920. The foundry was actually located in Erie, PA, not Chicago, but the headquarters was listed at 618 W. Chicago St., the address of the Montgomery War…
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The collectible Gillette Merkur Classic 1904/1906 Safety Razor, Open Tooth, sells for $25 - $100 at auction, with the price contingent on condition and whether the razor comes with the original case.
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The Ullman Mfg Co. print on reverse glass is allegedly called "The Last Letter"; however, I think the person who made that claim confused the Ullman image with the 1940s Liv Ullman movie of the same name. There were actually two editions of this print that were very similar: one shows the woman look…
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Artist Gab Max painted an image of Jesus Christ, titled 'Veronica's Veil,' in 1874. A private collector in Europe purchased the original painting for around 25,000 dollars.
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In the case of guns, "antique" has a legal meaning- made before 1899. The value of your Iver Johnson will be based on the exact model and the condition. Although well made, these were not high $$$ guns when new. Value could be anywhere from $50 to $300 (for a perfect new-in-box specimen)
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The Lakeside Foundry operated from 1904 to about 1920. The stove is 100 years old, give or take.
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I just bought one for $80.00 and it was in rough shape, I broke it down and cleaned it and cleaned that stupid finish off and stained it and put 6 coats of beechwood casey on it. So I don't know what it's worth now(not much more I'm sure) but it's paid for and it turned out good and CLEAN.
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The only camera Polaroid made in 1950 was the Model 95 Land camera, which originally retailed for $89.75. The company manufactured approximately 900,000 units between 1948 and 1953. The value of the camera depends largely on its condition. Auction prices range anywhere from $10.00 for one in slight…
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Answer About $140 to $160 in good condition. Less if it has a lot of wear and tear.
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There are also some good price guides on amazon. But make sure you choose a realistic one. Also, see Related Links, below.
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About $10 for the whole thing. The war ration stamps are very common and the demand for them in the collector's circle is not very high. A complete book might get $10, partial books and single stamps are not going to be anywhere near as valuable. The sentimental value is of more worth, as it remin…
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Try above 250 but below 501. But I saw one for $3,000.00 one time!
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Answer Most 78s of this nature are worth very little money and are usually sold in lots. One in good condition with unmarred artwork might be worth twenty dollars or so. Mine is pristine and still worth less than the postage It'd take to ship to anyone.
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Answer Determing the condition (or grade) of a coin requires three things: Experience, References and being able to visually inspect the item. Some would argue that visual inspection is not necessary and can be accomplished utilizing photographs. Unfortunately, lighting plays a key factor in hidi…
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Answer I am the one asking the question about the springfield us model 1878 and it's value. I have (2) in very good shape that i acquired a while back and would know the fair market value so when i decide to trade or sell them i can be on an even playing field. you van e-mail me at ira003@century…
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I had one and sold it for $250. That is generally what people are paying for them.
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Polaroid has not released serial number information for most of their cameras, so it would be helpful if you specified a model. If the serial number corresponds with a Polaroid Model 80 Highlander (as it appears it may), the camera was made sometime between 1957 and 1962, possibly in the late 1950s.
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acoca cola bottle of that age and would be worth about 15-30 dollars but the 6 oz part means it was before the 6 1/2 oz bottle so, it depends on how great it looks
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Blue mason jars with iron crosses are worth more than regular mason jars. Online venders sell them for between 8 and 25 dollars, depending upon the condition of the jar.
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the best-known flea markets are at the portes de Clignancourt, Montreuil and Vanves. The best place for genuine antiques is the Louvres antique market.
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The image is supposed to be St. Joan of Arc. Further research is pending.
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Antiques are usually priced by the age and history of the object. For example, if there are two similar old, intact objects, and one belonged to a middle-ranking person, while the other was the property of the king's palace. Chances are, the object that was in the palace would be worth more than the…
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I found an 1858 patented Mason's jar and would like to know the value if any?
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just seen a set sell on ebay for £700, depends on how many items and what is in the set of course but this is beautiful porcelain and highly collectable
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It's extremely difficult to value one of these coins without seeing it in person. There are 3 different varieties of 1795 silver dollars and all are scarce. Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 07/2010: Flowing hair, two leaves: Very worn condition - $1,910 Moderately wo…
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There is a plentiful amount of used type available from any of several dealers in used letterpress equipment (including Don Black Linecasting in Toronto, Dave Churchman in Indianapolis, John Barrett in Massachusets, and others) and type is both constantly being listed on eBay and offered on the Bria…
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sold on eBay Apparently around $18 since that is what it sold for on eBay recently.
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Hi. A great site for valuing antique clocks is in the Related Links section below!
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Royal Doulton is known for a creating a variety of fancy and expensive figurines. The 1954 fortune teller figurine is highly collectable, selling for 600 dollars online.
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I bought one at a used book store (a 1939) for $.50. That is 50 cents. 1938 wasn't a first edition or anything like that that would make it unusually valuable, so it's probably not worth anything. It is from one of the years that would have the infamous "dord", so it might be worth a couple of bucks…
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I have an ornate table with EF.EF Industries, INc. Lamp dated 1971 janwright77363@embarqmail.com
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William gilberts clock would cost about two thousand pounds it has a lot of value to it and is vvery rare
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Hi, I also would like to know the value. I have one as well. I think mine is chrome. The volume is just under 1 pint. Has a medical symbol-snake, staff w/ wings inside a circle with a U on the left side of the medical symbol and an S on the right. It is marked: at top very small letters PATENT NO…
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Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, thrift shops. Also Ebay and Etsy, etc. It will take time.Happy hunting.Mike
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Answer Hi. fleabite -when used in reference to an antique or vintage piece - is a term which means the piece has a tiny chip or nick. Hi, sometimes it also means a little fleck or bump under the glazing.
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Many of the catalogs are valued in price close to $10 each. The exact price of the catalog will vary depending upon their condition.
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Hyman's trash or treasure directory of buyers I would ask the Community at "I Antique Online" http://www.iantiqueonline.com/ They have over 1300 members who buy, sell or collect antiques and art. You will get more specialized feedback this way. try ebay.I have found the best source for getting at l…
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$ 30+ see ebay or bookfinder.com
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The design of the item is copyrighted, meaning you can't manufacture a product that looks like the original (a knock-off), or is so similar it's obviously derived from the original. The silverplate is pretty much irrelevant, unless it is a unique factor of the design, which is unlikely. Silver plat…
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I think about £250 to £300 I'd be interested in it, but don't know how you can contact me - I'm new to all this ! LawrenceThe answer is $1199 or about £600, which I'm getting ready to pay an eBay seller for just such a machine. So that's the answer by definition. Willing buyer, willing seller.A…
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No such coin exists. Steel pennies would not be made till 1943, with a handful of errors made dated 1944 with leftover blanks from the previous year.
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Answer Look up: Antique chest on www.e-bay.com and see how much people are bidding for it, or selling it for or check out: http://www.prices4antiques.com or you can give it to me! lol!
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Many of the sets are valued in price close to $30 each. The exact price will vary depending upon its condition.
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H J Heinz products have a number embossed on the bottom. With the bottle number we can date the bottle fron company records. Bottles with lids, and labels are always worth more to collectors. A common Heinz bottle is worth from $5 to $25, with labels and lid, $30 to $90.
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I clean/polish my nickel silver the way I do any other silver/silver plate -- with a commercial silver cleaner/polish.
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I have a Victor Talking Machine Model VV-xiv -69385e I would like to know the value
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Fine china is made of a white clay made to imitate porcelain. Porcelain is one of the many types of clay used in China. Porcelain is considered valuable because of its white color and translucence. Porcelain is made of three materials: quartz, feldspar & kaolin (refined white clay) fired at a v…
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On another website a lady is selling it for $5.00
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I just found one at Value Village a second hand store. I've researched and it looks like they may have come from the Washington State capitol in the late 20's or early 30's. Very original pieces built by the worlds finest craftsmen in those days. Here is a link that I found http:/www.leg.wa.gov/his…
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I have 2 I just picked up at a estate sale with just a little rubbing on corners but otherwise looks put away for years... 1969. Is this what it is worth? how do I get to the discussion page of this? I have a copy & was offered $2000 cash, but will not sell, as it was my late father's book. I …
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Blue Willow (also known as "The Willow Pattern") is a blue pattern used on ceramic kitchen and housewares.
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A McCoy Indian Head cookie jar in good condition can fetch up to 500.00 USD at auction depending on a number of criteria including the exact jar, condition, and other issues. You can read more here http://antiques.lovetoknow.com/McCoy_Indian_Head_Cookie_Jar
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Answer One thing that I know for sure is that condition makes a great big huge difference.
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I have found silver patterns on eBay that have enabled me to add to my collection. Keep searching regularly, if you don't find what you need right away.
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As of 10-08-10 at 12:10pm spot price is $23.23 per ounce.
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No way to answer without a detailed description of all markings, features, etc..
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Most antiques like furniture, have a number either behind it or underneath. This number can be looked up in the public library, ask the librarian. I have not tried to look up the number on the internet but will try soon. I have found the age of items like vases collectibles by doing searches on …
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ViolinI wouldn't like to say but I would guess it'd be a phenominal amount. I'd suggest contacting Christies of London. As a trained violinmaker I can tell you that a real Stradivari violin,(of which most are accounted for) ,would be worth in the millions. That being said ,it is perfectly legal for …
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what is the value of a horward miller 61 st annivery grandfather clock
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