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A landform is a natural land feature that makes up the Earth’s surface. There are many kinds of landforms, including valleys, island, volcanoes, caves, mountains, plateaus, hills, plains, desert, and glaciers.
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The volcano Mount Vesuvius buried the towns of Pompeii andHerculaneum in the year 79.
has mount katmai did any damage
The volcanic mountain Haleakala is on the island of Maui, Hawaii, near 20.7° North latitude. (More precisely, it is located at 20°42′35″N, 156°15′12″W in central Maui.)
Indeed they are. Misconceptions rise about the same geographicfeatures. Like most names, the Rocky mountains was shortened to theRockies because people were too lazy to just say Rocky mountainsand instead said the Rockies, which leads to misconceptions likethis. Similarly, the Canadian Rockies ...
Mountain-building is a result of continental collision, sodestructive plate boundaries. One plate is destroyed by subductionbelow the other, which undergoes compression, buckling and upliftas the collision continues. This is happening at present in Asia,raising the Himalayan Mountains.
Haleakala is on the island of Maui and makes up the majority of theisland.
Gia Island near the west coast of Africa.
Humans had visited the Galapagos Islands as far back as the firstdocumented visit by the Bishop of Panama in 1535 (almost 300 yearsearlier) . There have been finds of Incan artifacts, but not ofsettlements, so they might not have had permanent homes there.
A volcanic crater is a generally circular shaped depression.
It started in Colombia 25 million years ago. it was active about 25million years - 18 million years ago.
More particles in the air block sunlight and energy making the area around the eruption cooler. . Thermal property gives rise to more hot springs and attracts tourists. Mount Pinatubo was a major eruption several years ago. The eruption caused some of the lowest temperatures of the past several...
Predominantly due to friction. Major earthquakes (the ones you hearabout on the news) occur at collision (where two tectonic platesare smashing together) and conservative (where two plates slideside-by-side) boundaries. Rocks (which obviously make up tectonic plates) can undergo twotypes of...
Kings Mountain, the highest mountain in the US state of Utah is adormant volcano. It is often termed as a super-volcano. This isbecause millions of years ago i.e the time when Kings mountain wasan active volcano, its frequent eruptions measured more than awhopping 13,00 feet.
Vesuvius is about 1,000 feet deep and 2,000 feet across.
they are big and in the way
There is no difference. Stratovolcano is just another way of sayingcomposite. Composite volcanoes are very explosive and the mostdangorous (also very big). Example: Mount vesuvius and Mount St.Helens
to get to Pompeii, you have to go to Naples, Italy. You will alsofind mount Vesuvius, which is the volcano the destroyed Pompeii.
yes according to scientific experiences.
The mount toba supervolcano last erupted some 70,000 years ago.However it is still active as indicated by the earthquakes thatoccurred as recently as 1922. The honest answer is we don't know,but its unlikely it will erupt soon.
The highest tidal wave ever recorded was 1,720 feet tall, andoccurred in 1958 in Alaska.
A very Very little amount! I would know. Im doing a report on the Galapagos. 5/11/12 10:51 a.m.
Typically a quiet eruption means that the magma being forced ontothe surface is low in silicates and gases. This typically meansthat it would be basaltic and slow moving like the lava flows thatcan be observed in Hawai'i. A common danger to anybody near avolcano could be poisonous gases.
An isthmus is a strip of land that connects two larger areas ofland. It typically has water on either side. From what I haveheard, there are currently 56 isthmuses on Earth. I wouldn't saythey are common, but they are definitely not rare.
Scientists do not know exactly when Yellowstone will erupt. Mostlikely in a few million years or so (estimate).
Yes, in the Middle East a 'tell' is an artificial hill composed of the remains of earlier settlements.
The correct spelling is Mount Kosciuszko . For many years it was spelt "Kosciusko", the anglicised version, but in 1997, the extra 'z' was added to reflect the proper Polish spelling.
Do you mean the Falkland islands? If so, the longitude is 59degrees west.
mountains, volcanoes. earthquakes also, but earthquakes are not a landform.
Yes. Mt Melbourne Volcano, 2733 m, stands isolated near the coast of Terra Nova Bay.
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Where oceanic lithospheric plates converge or collide, the older, denser, and colder oceanic plate will move underneath the less dense oceanic plate. This is called subduction. The subducting oceanic plate will basically flow slowly downward at an angle as a slab of rock until heating from friction...
Both are volcanoes some 70 Km (43 miles) southeast of Mexico City, close to each other. The Popocatepetl is still active, sending from time to time clouds of ash through the air.
Around 270 people climb Mt. Ararat every year.
At the summit of Mount Everest is 33% that of sea level
The correct answer is Sliding Friction
The physical feature that is located in eastern Africa and is southof the Ethiopian Highlands and northwest of Mt. Kenya is the GreatRift Valley. It consists of low plateaus and plains.
The rift valley was formed when the continents divided it splitopen a large area in Africa and formed The Great Rift Valley.
A colliding plate boundary is the same thing as a convergent boundary. It occurs when two plates collide, forming mountains and volcanoes.
Mt. Si 4,167 feet Named After Josiah "Uncle Si" Merritt, ahomesteader who lived at the base in the nineteenth century, butmost famous for its starring role in the Twin Peaks creditsequence Found Just over a half hour from Seattle, theNorth Bend's massif is a hugely popular destination...
The world's most active volcano is the Kilauea, which is in theisland of Hawaii.
There are four main processes that contribute to erosion - Chemical Weathering, Biological Weathering, Exfoliation, andFreeze-Thaw
the land forms in grenada are clayish and foresty
PUNJAB (ਪੰਜਾਬ)
A series of mountain is known as range; for example, the IndianHimalayan Range
France, Switzerland and Austria don't have a common border, sothere is not one single mountain that runs through the three ofthem.
The Alps run through France, Switzerland and Austria.
There are mountains in the North Pole. At Longyearbyen, the maingateway to the Norwegian Arctic, there are snow covered mountains.
The Alishan Mountain Range in Taiwan lies on the Ring of Firearound the Pacific. The Ring of Fire is a ring of subduction zonessurrounding the Pacific which are commonly associated with volcanicactivity. Subduction zones are usually associated with oceaniccrust (in this case the Pacific) colliding...
Mt. Lassen is a lava dome type of volcano. The domes of lava domevolcanoes grows from within, and commonly occur within the cratersor on the flanks of large composite volcanoes.
it stretches from California to british coumbia
Not at present. There are many rumors and hoaxes going aroundsaying that the supervolcano at Yellowstone is going to erupt soon.One reason is the common misconception that Yellowstone is"overdue" for an eruption. Many will state that the volcano eruptsat regular intervals of 600,000 years and the...
The Sherpas live there and many people go there to hike, some trying to ascend to the summit of Mount Everest.
Yes, it is. Mont Blanc is in the Alps The Alps area complex system of lower fold mountains and highcrystalline massifs.
Compostela Valley is a province of the Philippines usually calledby a shortened name 'Comval'. It was once part of Davao del Norteuntil its independence in 1998
A physical feature formed by volcanic eruption is an island. TheHawaiian Islands consist of a chain of such landforms.
Oceanic crusts; the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and East Pacific Rise at zones of seafloor spreading and crustal extensions.
Dhaulagiri - Located in Nepal, Asia it is the earth's 7th highest mountain at 8,167 meters above sea level.
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You can't make a proper cup of cup of tea on Mount Everest becausethe atmospheric pressure level is low (reducing water'sboiling-point) and it's freezing up on Everest!
smoke started to come out of Mt St Helens jade!!
Cinder cone volcanoes erupt explosively, but not as violently as composite volcanoes.
saint helena in south africa aleutian island mariana island tonga in pacific ocean
Abundant natural resources such as coal and lumber, fresh water, shelter or rather the advantage of being hidden from the sight of others while being able to see them in case of an attack. Also at the top of the mountains there is a great view of miles and miles of the surrounding areas. Good for...
Over 1000 degrees centigrade
No. Not in North America. There are mountain ranges in NorthAmerica with other names - like the Rocky Mountains. The Pyrenees Mountain Range is in Europe.