Herbal Medicine

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The treatment of ills using natural remedies containing herbs, plants, oils, roots, barks, flowers, and fruits. Sometimes known as Herbalism or Botanical Medicine.


It is used in fever, cold, cough & so on.
explain what each of the following symbols (show in [ ] )represents: CH4(g) [+] [2]O2(g) -> CO2(g) +2H[2]O(g)
Try an herb called Vitex instead.
No, tea tree oil should not be used during pregnancy or during breastfeeding either. The effect of tea tree oil on an unborn child or breastfed baby is unknown and accordingly using the oil in any way may present a risk to the infant's welfare.
dont know but,acai berry juice is available in some premium juice center's. A juice shop in express avenue offers a acai shot.
sedative . Valerian root is a sedative herb used for anxiety and certain types of pain, among other things. Do not mix with alcohol. My source for this is 'Prescription for Nutritional Healing' by Phyllis Balch.
Observation augmented by trial and error. Many plants with similar leaves, stems, flowers etc. have similar properties. By watching the local animals it was possible to ascertain which plants were indigestible. Most plants were originally looked at as food, but some of them had other effects. ...
Place your foot in warm water containing salts such as sea salt and epsom salts. And a few drops of any aromatherapy oils. Rub your souls with pumice stone.
Yes Manuka oil from Australia. You can order it online just like Tea Tree oil.
lemon juice, coco butter, limes. Do this Twice a day for a week Do you do all these at the same time? Or can you use each one separately.
I was told that eating dried bay leaves was akin to eating brokenglass in their potential effects on the digestive system.
I have had spots of alopeciafor 2 yearsnowand I havetriedeverythingbut none of them worked until now. I am using ArganRain shampoowith arganoil and I noticedreduce all of the alopecia spots; I wassurprised and will continue to use both products.
Mint leaves are round with little spike-looking-things at the end, which aren't actually spikes. The plant is always a very green color with many leaves.. A picture of a mint plant is at: (copy and paste into address bar).
No type of vinegar has any effect on menstruation. Ibuprofen has noeffect on menstrual bleeding, though it helps some people with theassociated pain. There is no reason to take apple cider vinegar atall, but it wouldn't interact with ibuprofen. However, both havethe capacity to upset your stomach.
Avaram Senna (Senna auriculata) contains a cardiac glucoside (sennapicrin) in the entire plant. The sap, leaves, and bark contain anthraquinone, and the bark has tannins present. All of the above can poison the humnan body, yet the root is used in decoctions to treat fevers, diabetes, constipation...
The herbal products found in most pharmacies are of lower quality. Your best bet is to see a qualified herbalist who, when using herbs, expects results. These are people who want top quality, & therefore effective, herbal products for their clients (even if it's bulk herbs & spices). After all, if...
You can have a lot of different jobs. You can work in businessadministration, customer service, and the communications industry.You can actually apply to anything and everything including'science' jobs.
Ipecacuanha tincture is a common ingrident of cough mixtures which may also contain either sodium or ammonium bicarbonate or both.
The ripe acai berry is pinkish red, with almost no green tinges.Eating involves slightly squeezing the berry until a bit of juicecomes out. The skin may be peeled in order to eat the white insidesprotecting the brown seed. Another easy way to get the nutritionalbenefits is to drink acai juice.
Slice the roots and boil them in water.Answer this question…
A sty occurs when an oil gland on he eyelid gets infected. It willresult in a bump that looks like a pimple. A sty can be treated byapplying a very warm compress to the area for 10 to 15 minutesseveral times a day. This will help to open the sty so it can drainand heal.
When my daughters were in their teens they used ginger tea or capsules for mentrual cramp relief. It was very successful.
That would depend entirely on the herb the tea is made from.
Sisal (Agave sisalana) was traditionally used for rope and twine; sisal has many uses, including paper, cloth, wall coverings and carpets. Medicinal uses were limited histoically: lightly heated pounded roots used for intercostal pain; also used for nephralgia; fibers used as bandage; Used to...
Raw honey syrup and red onion are some of the herbal medicines forcoughs and colds. Garlic tea and Mullein tea are also herbalmedicines for coughs and colds.
The antioxidant properties (AOP) of herbal from warm plants of primarily Lamiaceae have already been well-studied while those of warm herbal are less well-studied. Without any doubt you can use it. You can get full ideas through TeasyTea.
In the ancient times before modern medicine was created, the Filipino ancestors used a lot of herbal plants to cure sickness and diseases. These practices which are really helpful is carried on to today's generation most espicially for the indigent people who cannot aford the high cost of modern...
Use once only, there is no quality in used tea leaves
It is purported to have many health effects. Most stem from an anti0inflammatory action.
I am not any expert in Biological or Botanical discipline. Base on my understanding on the words, mandrake can be broken down to "man" and "drake". When i google for the word "drake", it is explained as "dragon", "demon", "serpent", or kind of "jinnie". Ginseng is an English word originate from on...
I'd sayy toothpaste i know its not a herbal supplement but it works with me! i was a 34b and about a month later i was a 36c!! :) if you want your breasts to grow, then everynight, massage your breasts and then jump up and down 20 times and then push your breasts up until it hurts Hehee sounds crazy...
cinnamon extract and fenugreek both reduce blood sugar levels.
Acai berry has been widely known to be used by the South Americans for over 200 years to solve their digestion issues. From the name itself, acai berry got its name from the joys of the super fruit used to {detoxify our bodies with damaging poisons and viruses}*. During the ancient times, this fruit...
How about a drop of oil of cloves in a spoon of honey mixed into a glas of hot water for the relief of sore throats and laryngitis.
Answer Ronald Lee Garman (1945-2001) a.k.a Gurudas (Baba Muktananda of India gave Gurudas which means "servant of the guru" his name.) Gurudas, was a pioneer of herbs, flower, and gem essences. After working as an alternative health practitioner specializing in homeopathy and radionics for...
Sorry! It does not exist a breast enhancement pills. Where did you hear about it? But i assure you it does not exist.
The most common name 'java tea' has several healing properties. Itis a anti inflammatory known to suppress arthritis, diabetes andgout. The 'orthosiphon stamineus leaf is still under research forother acclaimed ailments such as colon tumor suppression and fatburning.
This cannot be answered unless you know the cause of the tremors. The cause influences the treatment dramatically, as if the cause is known then the answerer would know whether they were treating something like Parkinson's disease or anxiety. If you do not know the cause, then please provide some...
Sounds ridiculous but this is the most effective treatment here in the Phillipines. Take the new sprouted leaf of a Guava (leaf) in a guava tree of course.5-7 pieces may do. wash it with water. And chew it thoroughly inside your mouth until crushed.the taste may be bitter but the purpose of chewing...
It deppends If the product matches your skin type. After using it, it may take you skin a whole month just to adapt to it, therefore, you should start seeing results within the next few weeks, or after a month (assuming the product is made for you...
That would depend on what herbs were used to make the tea. Herbaltea can refer to any beverage made from herbs. The caffeine contentof a given herbal tea is best approached on a case-by-case basis,as it's a function of the particular blend of herbs in that blend,and also depends on how the herbal...
Yes. Milk thistle is a liver support herb.
I believe I would move out of my comfort zone and go to a urologist for this one. This could be dangerous.
Boneset was my grand mother's favourite.
There are 100's of herbs which reduce blood sugar. But when you use the root for example of a herb, then there are variations in the drug contents. It depends on that if you use a new root or old root. If you use the newer root, it will usuallycontents less of the drug and vice verse. If you happen...
Diazepam is highly addictive. Try to get rid of the addiction and avoid this type of drugs through intense exercise with some daily workout/walks in fresh air environment. Otherwise see a physician that can help you fight the addiction.
Answer . One teaspoon of bee pollen is 4 grams in weight.
The easiest way to assess the efficacy of breast enhancement pills is to visit Breast Nexus, a website which has been reviewing natural breast enhancement methods for several years. A similar site is NBE Quest which lists and comments on all available products. These sites are independent of any...
a step-by-step photo shoot of the process of starting an herb-container ganden
Answer . Pharmacology and herbalism.
'The Himalayan yew (Taxus wallachiana)', a chemical compound called 'taxol', is extracted from the bark, needles and twigs. The drug is now the biggest selling anti-cancer drug in the world. It is found on the hills of Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh
Answer . Probably not, but in large amounts it can. Really, it depends on the tea. Some may actually be good for you, while others can lead to athesma and even bronchitis. . Answer . Real tea has a high concentration of tannic acid, a chemical plants produce to deter animals from eating them....
You don't. Ginseng has never been proven to be successful. Many of the studies done on ginseng has been biased, and there is a lot of false information out there. But the fact is that it has never been proven that ginseng has any kind of medical benefit. But trying to increase your testosterone...
Coyote Bush (Baccharis pilularis) was used historically by the Coast Miwok Indians to reduce swelling, they heated the leaves and applied them to the affected area.
In India the traditional method to increase the wbc is the processed consumption of ocimum sanctum. but processed leaves of polygala glabara have most potent stimulant of the production of wbc. polygala glabara is a well known herb of Tamil nadu called as "siriya nangai".
your can buy serpentina at the healing galing office in novaliches.
Whenever a health person gets diseased, the body tries to overpower the disease of its own. It takes the disease head on. In the process it shows certain symptoms. Of many varied symptoms felt by a person, a fever or pain is the easiset on to detect by the person. According to Homoeopathy, fever for...
Answer . 10,000-20,000. source BBC
Flax seed is one of, if not the highest, fiber containing supplement on the market. What a heavy diet of fiber does is send metabolites to your colon instead of your bladder. So consuming flax seed days up to a urinalysis could help lower the THC content in your urine. But will not rid your body of...
Depends on what you want to use them for. I have used lavender and or tea tea to wash my hands after gardening for years. When you work in the dirt and around plants your skin sustains lots of small superficial scratches and gouges, since I started using the lavender wash I have not had a single...
yes it is used in energy because its what produces the energy
Body constitution is divided into four categories in Unani Tibb. Their imbalance results in distress and discomfort. They are corrected what is called herbal treatment which may for all practical purposes be change in diet. No chemicals are to be used. Even when diseases set in the yin yang...
Sassafras tea is tea made from the roots of the Sassafras tree.
Advantages of modern medicine is the scientific approach. We know more about how the human body works & about diseases. Incredible advances have been made including the ability to repair the human body after (for example) car accidents. However, it's disadvantage is sometimes also the science. The...
It could because Milk Thistle helps the liver.
No, echinacea is used as an immune system support. For more information please see the related link below.
making your butt hole smell good has some great oils and they are excellent to work with.
No, there are no cures for the common cold. There are medications and treatments that can help lessen the severity of the symptoms but this is not a "cure".
Answer . not without rightful compensation, as said in the constitution
The leaves and bark of Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) have astringent properties. An extract of the leaves is used to treat bruises, insect bites, and to shrink and contract blood vessels. It has been used to treat hemorroids, and post partum tears.
Common Milkweed ( Asclepias syriaca) has been used by the Mohawk Indians to treat warts. Take the white latex type sap and place on the wart several times a day. The latex will take on a dark appearance, this is normal.
The average price of imported pure frozen Acai pulp at the health food store cost around $8 per 400 gram, with only 14% Acai and 86% water, you are actually paying $64 per pound for actual Acai fruit. If you think this is expensive, let us compare with how much Acai sold through MLM(multi-level...
Snake Root, Serpentine Root, or Indian Snake Root (Rauwolfia Serpentina) is used to reduce high blood pressure, depresses the activity of the central nervous system and acts as a hypnotic.
The kalabo plant is another term for oregano. Oregano is a popularspice to use in Italian cooking, but can also be used as a tea totreat indigestion.
The Herbal Physician's Desk Reference (Herbal PDR) is a tool thatcan be used to help write a research paper on herbal medicine. Itcontains information on hundreds of botanicals.
mix tea and water and lotion and put it on does that work??
Sage tea is supposed to help, however the taste is NOT pleasant.
The holistic approach to arthritis involves a change in diet, including many complex carbohydrates which are those that are found in fruits and vegetables. Lowering the fat in your diet is also helpful for those who do eat lots of fatty foods. This reduces the fat in the small arteries, allowing...
In the old days pioneers learned from Indians, and learned the different herbs and their healing properties.
An ointment or liniment made with oil from Lemon Grass (Andropogon citratus) is used topically in the treatment of lumbago, rheumatism, neuralgia, sprains or other similar pain.
You use saint Johns wort to help balance your mood