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Extinct Animals

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All the information you need to know about animals that have already become extinct.
The author Thomas Harris was born on 11 April 1940 in Jackson,Mississippi.
I believe the Chinese have set aside some preserves for the panda.  Also, zoos around the world are working to keep them from going  extinct with breeding programs.
If the Big Bang didn't hit earth many animals such as dinosaurswould still be living now!
There were five major extinction events in the past. They are  called the Cretaceous-Tertiary (or K-T) extinction event, the late  Devonian mass extinction, the Permian mass extinction, the  Ordovician-Silurian mass extinction and the Triassic-Jurassic mass  extinction event.
  No exact answer to what kind of dino it was but here is a informative link that can help. Click the link below labeld "Wyoming Dino"
Technically all of them. Genes are found in almost every cell'snucleus and are made from strands of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Amosquito drinks your blood which is made of red and white bloodcells.
no animals were extinct in 2009 it was one of the only years no  species became extinct in recent history.
I can't find anything for 2009 but the liverpool pigeon became  extinct in 2008 and the alaotra grebe became extinct in 2010. Hope  this helped.
The Mountain Tapir lives, as the name implies, high in the  mountains. But their numbers have diminished because farmers have  extended the grasslands for domesticated livestock into the  mountains.
Make sure no one cuts there habitat down and put a male and a female together on a zoo and thell havebbys
well bye having sex and reproducing
There were several species of mammoth, and each one was a different size. One of the smallest mammoths, the Pygmy Mammoth, was only about 4.5 to 7 ft tall. The largest mammoth and the second largest known terrestrial mammal was the Songhua River mammoth, which stood 17 ft tall, 30 ft long, and...
The length of their canines varied between species, but the longest  they could get is up to 20 inches.
No, they're still alive. You still see some in the Amazon, right?
No, piranhas still thrive in the Amazon River.
When one predator is removed from a food web, their preyâ??s  population increases. Then, the food source for that prey will  decrease in number from overeating.
If it became extinct, then there would be more of the species of  food it ate, and it won't be balanced.
No, unless they is only one female, they can transfer male DNA into  her womb and hopefully, she'll birth the same species as dad.
An Indian seaweed.
Data deficient (not enough information known about the animal)   Near threatened   Vulnerable   Endangered   Critically endangered   Extinct in the wild (still alive in captivity)   Extinct
 Shorea cuspidata is a species of plant in the  Dipterocarpaceae family. It is  endemic to  Sarawak,  Malaysia. It is incorrectly listed on the  IUCN  Red List as extinct,[1]  however populations are known to occur in the  Bako and  Lambir Hills.[2]
No Globigerina still exist in the earths oceans.
  I'm assuming you mean a person who studies old things from the past, there is such a thing as a marin archaeologist -- also known as an "underwater archaelogist" They usually end up studying shipwrecks, such as the Titanic, or submerged cities. They require a slightly different skill set from...
I believe a combined measure of poaching and habitat loss has  driven the Indian tiger to become endangered.
It's the bone that makes them laugh when you tell them a joke.
In chemistry and physics, cohesion refers to the sticking  together of alike molecules, such as water molecule being attracted  to another water molecule. Cohesion also causes water molecules to  form drops.  Together with adhesion It helps to explain the occurrence of  surface tension and...
1969 in southern america by the scientist Neil Diggins
"A hippo sleeping underwater rises and breathes without waking"  says Wikipedia
Most people think it was because of the world warming up after the ice age, it was too hot for them so they either had to adapt or die. ANSWERSome people believe they were hunted too much, and became extinct.
Mother mammoths fed them with milk,just like elephants.After a few months,the baby mammoth will start eating plant material, but it wasn't until the mammoth is two or three years old.
Since Dutch settlement of South Africa began, the quagga was  heavily hunted as it competed with domesticated animals for forage.  While some individuals were taken to zoos in Europe, breeding  programs were unsuccessful. The last wild population lived in the  Orange Free State, and the quagga...
WHeat takes about 2 months TO GROW
The pterandon was a flying reptile and not a dinosaur as many  people believe. It is believed that they died out and became  extinct due to a direct meteor hit to the Earth.
The Tahiti Monarch and the Madagascar Pochard
Never lilies still exist today.
People were populating the earth really fast, so they needed morefood, clothes, and shelter, such as tee-pees.
the woolly mammoth died because after the ice age it got to hot for  the mammoth to survive. It was used to the cool climate, and when  it got warmer its huge fur coat overheated them and they died
Yes it costs a lot of money
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Perhaps you can't, but carbon dating is not used on mineralized fossils. The igneous rock above and below the fossil strata is radiometricly dated, Carbon dating is only good on material containing carbon; material less than 40,000 years old.
Farmers at the edge of forests expand their land thus cutting down  the forest.   Logging companies cut down millions of trees per year and don't  replace them.
If you dreamed that a jaguar was chasing you it represents speed,  agility, and power. However, if you dreamed that the jaguar was  going to kill you in represents fear and defeat.
Most brachiopods became extinct about 250 million years ago during  the P-T Extinction period. Modern day brachiopods do still exist in  the form of lingula.
No-one knows. We can't see its genetic material because it's too  old.
Since jaguars are endangered from a few things, we must help  protect them. Because they are disappearing, we started to make it  illegal to hunt or kill the jaguars. We have zoos and national  parks. We have breeding programs, programs that breed and set them  into the wild.   We could make...
Saber Tooth Tiger
It became extinct just after the Jurassic Era
 meteors  flooding in lands  they got eating out of extinction  
Here's one animal; The Saber-toothed Tiger   -is not technically a tiger or a cat   -gone extinct the last ice age   -jaws are surprisingly weak
  animel biology,vet,and other animel biologists
There are actually two extinct birds which fit your criteria. One  of those birds is called the Elephant Bird which lived in  Madagascar. Another is the Giant Moa.    The Elephant Bird was heavier but the Giant Moa was taller.
Approximately 250 million years! Amazing!
To protect animals and plant species that are threatened by  extinction, you can:    Let the population (local or national) know the importance of  these species (if you do not know, you can easily find information  about it on websites).  Find out which plant and animal species are...
everywhere that was below freezing, most of the time, i believe
Lystrosaurus were around 3 feet tall. They had horny beaks and a  weak a jaw joint. They had no teeth and short snouts.
We need to con serve animals like deer and moose, and elk. But you can not kill more than you need.Butnot many, but we are taking away there habatats by tearingthem down.   not many, but we are taking away there habatats by tearingthem down.
  Parts of exoskeletons of small marine creatures.
Quaggas were a species of zebra that lived in the plains of Africa.  They became extinct partly because of being over hunted by Dutch  settlers.
he could kill many things with his tusks
Paleontology is the study of fossils, which are the remnants of "hard anatomy" such as bones and teeth. Fossils are analyzed and classified to learn more about morphology (form and structure) of a species and interpretation is done to fill in the gaps that we would have no way of knowing with an...
  No extinction is as well documented as that of the New Zealand Moa (pronounced mo-ah).   It was a large flightless bird of the order Dinornithiformes weighing up to 250Kg and was hunted to extinction by the Maoris by about 400 years ago.   The Moa occupied the ecological niche in New...
Cuban Coney is an extinct rodent. A Rabbit.
They are technically extinct, but they once travelled in packs.
Tasmanian tigers were said to carry their children in pockets like  kangaroos
The Tasmanian Tiger is related to the Tasmanian Devil. It had  Kangaroo like features, too.
Archaeopteryx is often accepted as the earliest bird humans havediscovered, so it marks a landmark in evolution.
Eastern wolverines are not extinct, however, they are endangered.  This is mainly due to hunting and deforestation. Despite hunting  wolverines being made illegal the populations continues to decline.    There is no such animal as the eastern wolverine. There are two  subspecies, the North...
The 'cakatros' fish, and a breed of cat i think is called 'goyroat'
People assumed that they were sadistic and killed them because they  thought that they were attacking the livestock, but they actually  liked to socialize interspecially, but humans misinterpreted their  actions and therefor abused the species into extinction.
The Mongolian horse is located in Mongolia. Mongolians horses are much smaller than other horse species and much more stockier. The breeds remains for the most part untamed.
It's simple, certain animals play certain roles in ecosystemsaround the world. Without those animal species, the ecosystem willcollapse. Although new animals will evolve and will fill in theroles that extinct animals left behind.
The hyenadon became extinct during the start of the Oligocene.  There was a mas extinction event that was called Grande Coupure and  causes temperatures to decline and killed many species of animals.
There are many extinct plant species from India. Examples include:the Nilgiri Holly, Kerala Legume Tree, Courtallum Wendlandia andMeghalaya Sterculia. Plants that may go extinct are endangered.
  their is no particular term for one million years in biology. you may be thinking of epochs which vary in lengh of time
Animal experimentation, while an emotive subject and considered by many to be abhorrent, particularly when conducted unnecessarily, is highly unlikely to lead to the extinction of any species, since laboratory animals usually need to be specially bred for this work and bear little relationship to...
dinosaurs,dodo bird etc
No, Mastodons were alive from the late Miocene/early Pliocene until  around the end of the Pleistocene, 10,500 years ago give or take.  There is nearly 60 million years of time between the extinction of  the dinosaurs and the rise of the Mastodon.
  The largest flightless bird in New Zealand was the Giant Moa (scientific name Dinornis maximus and Dinornis giganteus),