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Excel is a spreadsheet application developed and distributed by Microsoft Corporation for computers using the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It features graphing tools, chart wizards, calculations, formatting options, and pivot tables.
The cell name is determined by combining the column letter and row number. For example, the cell in the top left corner is called A1.
Quickest way is to click the red "X" in the top right corner of window. If the worksheet needs to be saved, you will be prompted to save, if you like. Answer: The actual quickest way is to press alt and f4 at the same time on your keyboard, it will also prompt you to save.
There are two different ways to turn your laptop off. For you, thebest method would probably be to hit the power button on yourlaptop rather than to hit the shut down option in your start menu.Unless there is an update or you need to sync files to a server,there is no real need for the complete...
The data source is located in Excel. The main letter is in Word and the addresses for each custom letter come from Excel.
Double click the y-axis, then from the Scale tab select'Logarithmic scale' To create custom "gridlines" see Flexible Log Scale
hopefully your answer can be found here Excel Tips and Tricks - How to Automatically Download Index Datafrom NSE - Part One
Validation means that the contents of a cell need to be evaluated to see if they meet a pre-determined criteria before being saved in that cell.
Thedefault pointer shape; appears in most Excel workspacecontexts. Movescell pointer or selects a range of cells. Appearswhen the pointer is on the border of a window. Adjustswindow size. Appearswhen the pointer is between a row or column divider. Adjustsheight and width of rows and columns....
In Microsoft Excel , the data stays in the cell where it was entered. If that cell is referenced by an external source, it will also be copied to that external source. The location cannot be determined from Excel, only from the external source.
As many as you select. A range is the term used to identify the cells you select.
Multiplying Two or More Numbers in a Cell =2*12 Multiply Different Cells =A1*A4(after entering data in A1,A2,A3,A4)
SUM adds a range of numbers. EXAMPLE: Find the sum of the contents of cells B1 through B32. =SUM(B1:B21) You also can combine several ranges to get a single sum. =SUM(B1:B12,B34:B42,D13:D43)
There are several ways you can use Excel to determine grades. One method is to find the maximum grade within a list of grades. EXAMPLE: . You have a range of grades in C3 through C125. . You want to find the highest grade in the list. . Use the forumua =MAX(C3:C125) to find the highest grades.
Functions begin with the equal sign ( = ).
LEFT - Align all text even at the left margin, while letting it remain ragged on the right. RIGHT - Align all text even at the right margin, while letting it remain ragged on the left. CENTER - Align all text to center between the left and right margins, while letting it remain ragged on the...
Yes. If you press ESC before entering typed data into a cell (e.g. press ENTER), the cell will return to the same condition as before you started typing.
There are many formulas you can use in a budget. The most useful formula to use in a budget is the SUM function. If you have your expenses listed in column C, rows 5 through 34, you would use the formula =SUM(C5:C34) to find the total of that expense column. An interesting use of a budget is...
Microsoft has some excellent free Excel tutors available. See related links for list of Excel subjects available. Recommend you start with the tutor entitled: " Get to know Excel 2007: Create your first workbook "
When you format a cell in Excel ,you change the appearance of a number without changing the numberitself. You can apply a number format (0.8, $0.80, 80%, etc) orother formatting (alignment, font, border, etc).
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There is no clear answer of your question, but as per my knowledge excel represent calculation thats why this software named MS excel.
They are short for "E x ce l S preadsheet."
To identify a specific cell. For example, if you want to identify the cell at the intersection of column G and row 13, you would use the cell reference G13.
You right click on the icon and click add shortcut........ OR you go to menu and drag a program on to your desktop then do that again and there should be a shortcut On the start, at the bottom left corner of your computer screen their are a list of icons that are listed you can; right click...
An Easter Egg is a term used for a hidden item in a computer programme. Up to version 2000 of Excel, there were hidden games in them. From Excel 2003 onwards they are no longer there. To find them there is usually a long-winded process to be gone through.
You can save Excel in many different formats. To save as HTML you select File|Save As. When the Save As window opens, look toward the bottom of the window for the "Save as type:" drop down. From the drop down selection click on "Web Page (*.htm; *.html). Navigate to the location in the Documents...
There is no simple answer to that, as it depends on what exactly you are trying to do. Through using a spreadsheet and getting training and experience you would learn what facilities are available and how you can use them to do the things you need. Then when you come to create a spreadsheet you will...
The number symbol (#) indicates that the content of the cell is wider than the cell can display. Increase the column width and you will see the cell contents, instead of ##########.
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An I-beam is a cursor on the mouse that makes it look like acapital "I". It happens when the mouse goes over highlightabletext. When you mouseover text, the cursor changes its look, the new'I' look is called an I-beam pointer.
There are many types of people that we would be likely to associate with using Microsoft Excel. Lots of people in the areas of business, that are dealing with numbers every day, would use them a lot. Scientists, mathematicians, students, teachers, accountants, investment managers, shopkeepers, small...
Go to the Format Menu and pick Cells. Then pick Alignment. Then go to the Orientation section. From there you can adjust the orientation of a word to whatever you need.
In Find and Replace, use the Replace All option.
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The name is "merge and center", which combines all highlightedcells. For newer versions of Excel this is on the "Home" tab.
Functions basically establish relationships between expressions.Many common Algebraic functions are expressed as functions of x: f(x) = x2 + 4 Which could also be written as y = x2 + 4 However, this just scratches the tip of the universe. Not only domathematical functions vary in complexity and...
Models are simplified representations of real things and situations. They can help you picture in your mind what the real things look like and how they act. Toy aeroplanes, for example, might be used to show how real planes might fly in formation. A working model of a steam engine might show how...
They can contain anything an ordinary document in Excel can. So cells may be pre-formatted. There may be text or dates or numbers etc. already in some cells. There may be some formulas there. Cells may have borders and shading. Basically the template is done in such a way that the user can open it...
Microsoft word and Microsft PowerPoint and many more
As you type, Excel displays the entry in the FORMULA BAR , and also displays the active cell reference int he Name box on the left.
The most common reason for doing it would be to be able to fit larger text, like a big heading into a cell in the row.
From Microsoft (see related links): Create a custom function. . Option Explicit 'Main Function Function SpellNumber(ByVal MyNumber) Dim Dollars, Cents, Temp Dim DecimalPlace, Count ReDim Place(9) As String Place(2) = " Thousand " Place(3) = " Million " Place(4) = " Billion " ...
You create them. A range is a collection of cells, you choose. EXAMPLE: You want to find the sum of a range of cells from C2 through C23. The range would be C2:C23. The formula to find the sum of this range of numbers is =SUM(C2:C23) .
from the Windows clipboard
No, you can sort multiple columns or rows if you hightlight a range, but all columns or rows will need to be sorted with the same criteria (e.g. lowest to highest). You can sort an entire row by clicking on the row number at the left of the screen, then sort, as desired. You also can do the same...
Excel is a spreadsheet application. It is a widely used application and one of the most useful and powerful applications to know about. So having a good knowledge of Excel is very useful. It is well worth learning.
The simplest way is to press the F1 key. You can also access it through the Help menu. If you have the Office Assistant visible, you can also click on it.
Because your pages will be automatically numbered, no matter how many pages you have in the document and what changes you make. There are also extra facilities available, like giving the total of the pages in the document. Again this can be calculated automatically, so you do not have to worry about...
After you copy the cell with the formatting you want, go to the cell (or cells) where you want to copy the formatting select Paste and choose "Paste Special," then select Formats. Menu Path: Paste | Paste Special | Formats
GOAL SEEKING -- You can use the Goal Seek facility.
Microsoft Word is generally used for professional documents, user manuals, guides, etc. Whereas Microsoft Excel is used to perform mathematical equations, work out bugdets, perform addition\subtraction\division problems.
Some popular spreadsheet programs are Excel (MS Office), Lotus 1-2-3, and Calc (Open Office).
DATEDIF function computes the difference between two dates in a variety of different intervals, such as the number of years, months, or days between the dates. Syntax for DATEDIF: =DATEDIF(Date1, Date2, Interval) Date1 = first date Date2 = second date Interval = interval type ...
While holding down SHIFT, press END (near home, insert, delete, etc.). Then press DELETE or BACKSPACE.
I checked out my Excel 2007 software and it looks like the closest answer would be 'unmerging' the cell. Here is direct text for their help website though: You can't split an individual cell, but you can make it appear as if a cell has been split by merging the cells above it. For example, you...
It could be an equation or an expression or a condition.
The file formats natively used in any spreadsheet program is .xslor .xslx
It will depend on the specific type of file and version of Excel. The standard spreadsheet uses xls for versions up to 2003 and xlsx from version 2007. You can also have other types of files, like Excel template files, which would be xlt, or xlm for Excel macro files. There are several other types...
Press the Tab key. Press the Enter key. Press any of the arrow keys.
Merge brings one to several individual cells from Excel into Word. The formatting in the merged Word document depends on Word, not Excel. If you would like to retain the same formatting as you had in Excel, then format the target location in Word to match the cell from Excel.
One option is to right-click with the mouse.
To act as headings to help a user identify what things on the spreadsheets relate to. You could have a list of numbers and at the top have a heading to say what the are, like sales or income or whatever.
Assuming you are talking about the cell address F5, it means the cell is located at the intersection of column F and row 5.
It depends what you mean by bigger. You could mean by changing the font size, which can be done by formatting or using the icons of the formatting toolbar. If you mean to increase the actual values by a set amount or proportion, there is a clever way of doing it with Paste Special. Suppose you want...
DAT is a generic file extension (usually short for DATA). Its format and content are determined by the application that created the file. Without knowing what file created the DAT file, it would be very difficult to deterime how (or even if it was possible) to convert to XLS format. See related...
Set the column to an exact new width you specify as a number of characters Click the right border of the column heading and drag it to increase the width Use the AutoFit feature to change the column width automatically
MS Excel does not have the ability to selectively print odd or even pages. You need to use the function on your printer for that option. When you print from Excel, instead of just clicking the print button, select print and click on the printer PROPERTIES button. If your printer has the ability to...
Excel 2007 = XFD32 (16,385 total columns) Excel 2003 and earlier = IV32 (256 total columns)
Altough one can use Chart in excel to do this one but the main problem is the scale of the drawing produced. So CAD section drawing is the best. For some sample program for this one see related links.
No. The "format" option of the TEXT function just formats the characters in a specificed way. For example, you can specify that the characters are formatted to look like a date, currency, time, etc.
Electronic spreadsheets are used almost in every office these days.
Use absolute referencing, but following the column letter or row number with the dollar sign. EXAMPLE: The relative cell address D23 can change relative to other cells when you insert or delete rows or columns. The absolue cell address D$23$ always remains the same.
An effective use of conditional formatting is to automatically highlight a cell if the total drops below a specified limit, such as stock price.
Because it makes showing a chart or graph much easier. Also, if you know how to use it correctly, you won't have to do any math on your own.