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Organic Chemistry

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Organic Chemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with carbon, its compounds, and their properties.
methanol, 726, CH3OH(l) + 3/2O2(g) → CO2(g) + 2H2O(l), ΔH = -726  ... Assume all the heat produced from burning ethanol has gone into  heating the water,
Potential space between visceral and parietal pleurae
Because it is its property to release heat when it reacts with water.
This stands for European Union
Formula, not equation. An equation describes a reaction, not a  chemical.    Lecithin is a mixture of a lot of different chemicals, mostly  phospholipids.
When a chemical compound is made its components give it very  different properties. functional groups categorise de differences  in structures to make it easier to predict the physical properties  in a compound.
acid strength is-p-nitrphenol>o-nitrophenol>m-nitrophenolnitro group has both -R effect and -I effect but -M effect prdominates over -I effect ...-No2 group at o and p position withdraws electron of o-h bond towards it by stronger -R effect while the No2 group at m position withdraws electron...
Convert what? IUPAC names into stick models? That is what I getfrom your question. Basically: You name the compound from the longest UNBRANCHED carbon chain orin some cases a special functional group forms the basic of thename (like amines and sometimes ketones, aldehydes and carboxylacids etc), and...
Grumpy Fatty Acid, Happy Fatty Acid, Angsty Fatty Acid etc.
it has Cyclic, regular hexagonal, planar structure. In benzene ,  each C atom is sp2 hybridized, angles are 120 degree .
It is because the sample which is soft drinks and coffee is decaffeinated by extraction with a chlorinated solvent and the polarity of this material looks similar..
enzymatic activity is pH specific. Alteration of pH of media causes  ionization of amino acids. Acidic amino acids have additional   carboxyl functional groups . Basic amino acids have additional   amino functional groups As a result of ionization, 3-D  structure existing on the base of...
Aromaticity increases with the decrease in the electronegativity difference between a heteroatom and its neighbouring atoms.
yes, it is polar. It has poles. Na+ SO4-
it's a diprotic hydroxy acid. occurs naturally in grapes, tomatoes.
salicylic acid react with NaHCO3 and evolvoes CO2 which is an  indication of acid.
It's not that only alum makes big crystals.. There are so many compounds that can make big crystals. Even Sodium Hydroxide makes very good and big crystals. For crystals you need a uniform arrangement of atoms in space. For big crystals all you need is patience. The slower is the crystallization...
-COOH group represents organic compounds of class known as  carboxylic acids while alkanes are saturated hydrocarbon because  each carbon bears the maximum number of hyrogen atoms.
It is not actually a pure compound, but rather a mixture of complex products formed from the oligomerization of hydrogen cyanide in water. Therefore, it does not have an exact chemical formula.
C4H12As2O,cacodyl oxide is an organicArsenic compound.
Tin (Sn) is an element, so it's composition is solely Tin.
aldose: Any of a class of monosaccharide sugars containing an aldehyde group. Look up the molecular structure or galactose and you will see it has an aldehyde group (COH on the end of the molecule) It is an aldose.
It depends which side of the arrow C6H1206 is located on in the equation. If it is located on the left it is a reactant. If it is located on the right is a product.
orientation of incoming Nitro group is destined by already present  group on benzene ring . if already present group is electron  donating group, it will promote electron density at ortho and para  position and , therefore, nitro group is formed on ortho and para  position.
First you need to understand what milk is, other than a just a white liquid you get from mammary glands. Milk is an emulsion of fat, water, lactose (a type of sugar) and a mixture of proteins (loads of other stuff, but these are what we will talk about). The small fat globules are surrounded by a...
because without it you wouldn't have any cells and DNA cannot be  made without a special protein used to copy it
beacause of n to pi antibonding tranition.
hey .. well its difficult to answer this question as we don't know the conformation of the molecule, but i will admit that you ment a linear molecule having a triple bond between the fourth and fifth C-atom.1-trichlor 4,5 hexin (important is the -in ending. it stands for the triple bond between the...
these are, alkane, alkene and alkyne having single , double and  triple C to C bond respectively.
it's exothermic process, in case of complete combution whic occurs  in excess air/O2 , products are CO2, H2O, heat. incomplete  combustion results in production of CO, C_black, H2O, heat.
ionic bondcovalent bondmetallic bondcoordinate bond
  a red precipitate is formed which indicates the presence of aldehyde.
carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.proteins with the amino acid cysteine in them also contain sulphur.DNA proteins also contain phosphorus atoms.
The main functional groups of organic chemistry are1.Alcohols (-oh) h /2. Aldehydes (-c=o) o //3. Ketones (-c-)4. Carboxylic scid (-cooh)
it is called the sodium monooxide but it is unstable as oxygen has  -2 valency and sodium has +1
The difference between silicone oil and mineral oil are its  structure and uses. Silicone oil is an oil made of semi-inorganic  polymers. It is used in things like lubricants, adhesives,  synthetic rubber and electrical insulation. It is also one of main  ingredients in Silly Putty. Mineral oil...
Williamson synthesis reaction.
It is dependent on concentration and operational parameter such as temperature. Generally we can say that it increase with increasing the concentration of acetic acid.
is the sugar formed when two monosacharides (simple sugars) are joinedby g lycosdic linkage. Like monosaccharides, disaccharides areoluble in water. Three common examples are ucrose, l actose, and m altose.
OH O l oxidation ll R-C-R ---------------> R-C-R l H secondary Ketone alcohol
the exposure of water or moisture to the iron nail will convert the  element to fe+3
form chains, rings, catenation, covalent nature, low mp and bp,  exist in all 3 common states of matter,
take 10 gram of sucrose in 100 ml of water
There are millions of compounds that contain carbon. Here is one, ethanol, drinking alcohol.
it is poisonous gas which is the cause of the green house effect  and also contribute to the global warming
Successive amounts of crystals obtained in the second crop are often less pure than the first crop since concentrating the filtrate solution will make some impurities to precipitate with the desired product.
The less the polarity of the compound, the greater its interaction with the mobile solvent so it moves up the TLC plate further.
110.4 is the value of parachor for methanol
Titrate 1 ml of oil mixed with 10 ml of ethanol with 0.01N KOH solution to get the neutralization volume of KOH and stiotiometrically calculate the equivalent acid value. Vivek Kumar,Assistant Professor,Engineering Chemistry,St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering and Technology,Nagpur,...
conversion of amines into halogen groups. this process called sand mayer reaction.mainly preparation of dyes.amines replaces with hydroxylation
Organic organisms affect erosion by influencing soil formationprocesses and soil properties. They assist in the formation ofhumus by decomposing leaves and twigs. The decomposition intoorganic matter influences macro- and micro-nutrient amounts, suchas of calcium, magnesium and potassium, and pH...
instantaneous dipole is created by chance for example  electrons are moving around helium or neon atom in symmetry but by  chance at any instance its electrons are moved at one place  creating aa electropositive charge at one end and electronegative  at another now this is called an...
Both are correctMercury is a metal that is liquid at room temperature
5 drops is 0.25mL or 1/4mL
What is the molecular shape of C7H16OH? This as an alcohol made from an alkane ( all bonds single) …...H...H…H….H….H….H..…H H…C...C….C...C….C....C....C...O…H …...H...H…H.…H….H….H..…H
Off the top of my head Cyclobutene Bicyclobutane 1-methylcyclopropene The rest Butadiene Dimethylacetylene Ethylacetylene Methylenecyclopropane Trimethylenemethane
The first step is a nitration: treat benzene with H2SO4 and HNO3. Then Sn and HCl under heat with a NaOH basic work-up will get you to aniline.
originally called synthetic chemicals...- obtain in man
Alcohols have a slight tendency to lose the proton on the alcohol group, however less so than water, and so they do not significantly change the pH when added to water. They can however be deprotonated by a very strong base. See the Web Links and Related Questions to the left for more information
The 3 types of animal adaptations are. . .    Behavioral= responses made by an organism in any situation.    Physiological= characteristics of a healthy organism, or normal  functioning of the body.    Structural= organic structure.
Weaker hydrogen bonding means less energy needs to be present to liberate it form the solid state. Also, don't ask Ochem questions here, people give you stupid answers.
It's UNUNPENTIUM.The basis is: you want the name for 115 at. no.....so the following letters are used to depict no.'s1----> un5----> pentsuffix----->ium.....as you want it for the element with no's 1..1...and 5..2 times one and 1 time five with the suffix makes it UN+UN+PENT+IUM=UNUNPENTIUM
Acetone has various functions. It can be used as a powerful solvent for cleaning beakers, desks etc. It can have dry ice added to it in order to cool a reaction down to approx -70 degrees centigrade. It can be used as a solvent in some synthesis or as a reagent its self.
repeated extraction in wich solvent is used in small portion are more effective than using a single large volume of solvent
Sodium and chlorine are the components of salt, the kind we use for seasoning, NaCl.
Starch is a carbohydrate consisting of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.  Starch is a large molecule consisting of large quantities of  glucose molecules.   Hope this helps
The products are reddish brown precipitate of Ferric acetate and clear solution of sodium and hydroxide.
Benzoic acid and n-octyl alcohol in presence of sulphuric acid on heating form octyl benzoate and water.
Just add ice cubes.
CH 3 + , NO 2 + , Cl + and other positive species except metallic ions, NH 4 + and H + ions.
Simple phenol (Carbolic acid) is almost colourless in aqueous solution but Naphthols forms pinkish or purple solutions.
Cyanide. StrychnineRicin
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They differ by the type of bonds between them, for example- double bond, triple bond, etc.
243.5 nm in 0.1 N Hydrochloric acid
alcoholism A+   previous answer was incorrect, this one is right
Benzene can cause cancer. People who breathe in high levels of benzene may develop the following signs and symptoms within minutes to several hours: DrowsinessDizzinessRapid or irregular heartbeatHeadachesTremorsConfusionUnconsciousnessDeath (at very high levels)Eating foods or drinking beverages...