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El Salvador

Questions about El Salvador on such topics as its population, demographics and culture
El Salvador has a wide variety of animals. Below is just a few. 420 species of birds Crested eagle Cuckoo - various varieties Hummingbirds - 17 varieties Kingfisher - various varieties Owls - various varieties Parakeet - various varieties Woodpeckers - various varieties 135...
El Salvador is in the southern and eastern hemisphere.
buddisihm buddisihm unedeadknight:ok that's just weird. Any ways another religion is roman catholic heres the other religions i got them from wikipedia: ere is diversity of religious and ethnic groups in El Salvador. The majority of the population are Christians, mostly Roman Catholics (52.5%),...
For direct flights, about 4.25 hours flying time. This is time 'in the air' and excludes ground activities..
known for great surfing areas.
El Salvador is part of Central America, making it part of the continent of North America.
Liliana Maria Reyes Gonzalez Bloch, Director, McKinney Avenue Contemporary . Karlos Carcamo, visual artist . Augusto Crespin, painter . Noe Canjura, painter . Jose Mejia Vides, painter, sculptor . Alejandro Cotto, filmmaker . Edwin Arévalo, filmmaker . Pedro Ipiña, painter . Fernando Llort,...
The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador.
how long is airplane ride to El Salvador from Tulsa okla
ribs, loster, pork and mainly and kind of meat.
Perhaps it would be true. Gandhi was not a successful politician though he sacrificed a lot and was named as Mahatma. He failed as a lawyer, as a father and as a firm preceptor or prosecutor of his ideas. Whatever he declared as his political manifestos like Undivided India, Dissolution of All India...
how many squere miles in el salvador
I think El Salvdor is better but you never know they can both be asome and boring in many ways. But my question is witch is bigger El Salvador or Puerto Rico?
Answer . Igneous, for sure, with the convergence of three tectonic plates.
Any nation that was either friendly or non-friendly were the guidelines. If they swayed towards the communists, they were considered un-friendly; and covert operations would commence. If they were friendly, then they might be monitored (if they were walking in the gray area-capable of swaying back...
It means the peso has lost value against another currency. For example, in 2001 you needed 9.17 pesos to buy a US dollar. Ten years later, you need 12.38 pesos to buy a US dollar. This means the peso has devalued 3.21 pesos or 35% against the US dollar for the last ten years.
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No. 64.1% of its Gross Domestic Product comes from services, 24.7% from industrial manufacturing, and only 11.2% from agriculture.
millatary and colomist also know as righties and lefties were the opposing sides in El Salvador's civil war
No Ronaldo has not played as yet for el Salvador.
yes but it has a lot of poverty
In El Salvador, women pat each otherâ??s arms, instead of shakinghands. It is also customary to not use someoneâ??s first name,unless you are really good friends.
el salvadors special bcause it has so much beauty within the land.
because Mexico and el zalvador are at war between gangs and also because when people see a hispanic guy(s) or people they always call them Mexicans and they hate that
El Salvador's national flower is the Flor de Izote. El Salvador's national trees are the Monkeysoap and the Guanacaste
well their is a gigantic platue. well their is a gigantic platue
there are caymen,leopards,snakes,owls, lizard ,the domesticated animals are cows,donkeys,chickens,pigs,and horses. theres also more animals
There are actually 7 of them. Santa Ana, San Vicente, San Salvador, San Miguel, Izalco, Ilopango, and Coatepeque.
El Salvador means The Savior.
It is cupro-nickel, so not much. I saw on one eBay with a "but it now" price of $1.50 (May 2012). I was curious about this myself because years ago I found one on the street encased on lucite, and figured it might be worth something. Alas, no. I have no idea why they went through the trouble to...
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Mauricio Funes (born 18 October 1959) was the President of El Salvador in 2010. He became president on June 1, 2009, succeeding President Antonio Saca (served 2005-2009).
El Salvador last beat Mexico on April 4, 2007 by a goal difference of 2-1 in El Salvador.
I heard that they were calling for war and prepping to start thewar.
The nickname for El Salvador is Pulgarcito de America:)(:
Proxy wars were a big part of the Cold War. The United States and Soviet Union hosted a number of them throughout the world in order to vie for influence in these regions, and prevent the other side from gaining influence. In the case of El Salvador, Reagan did not support a rebellion but a...
yes as of 2001 it is their national currency
Yes. It may not be the most reliable, but there is a postal system in El Salvador.
The average income of a person, who lives in Bulgaria, is equal toUS$6000. Most jobs will pay only a fraction of what they would payin the United States.
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I live outside the city in what is called a Canton and usually I hear small lizards that sound like birds and are very loud. I also hear coyotes at night and sometimes an occasional owl. I hear dogs bark a lot as well. Many people have cows so you may hear them mooing at night.
the slavidorian government started the war in 1972
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Gomez, Gonzalez, Flores , Garcia
The most famous meal in El Salvador is pupusas. It's a delicious meal with a El Salvadorian hint.
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san salvador, san miguel, and santa ana
Girls . When a Girl. turns 15 she. is called quinc-. -enera and the. party is called. Festa Rosa.
Ahuachapán . Cabañas . Chalatenango . Cuscatlán . La Libertad . La Paz . La Unión . Morazán . San Miguel . San Salvador . San Vicente . Santa Ana . Sonsonate . Usulután
because hondura had stolen many of el Salvadors resources killing many citizens
it's 1,972 miles from Arizona to El Savador but you can't get there by car
A High School diploma from El Salvador is called "Bachillerato" in Spanish and last two years after 9th grade. As in the U.S. a high diploma from El Salvador is the transition between primary eduaction and high education at an university.
Yes there were the , Pipils,Lencas, Pocomames,and parts of El Salvador had Mayans.
Yes they wear hollister Abercrombie Aeropostale
Corn, beans, and rice.
El Salvador's government disregarded human rights.
some of el salvadors lakes and rivers are a supply to their everyday needs.... also the ocean... there are many different things that could be considered a natural resource
Baird's Tapir ( Tapirus bairdii ), Giant Anteater ( Myrmecophaga tridactyla ),Honduran Fruit-eating Bat ( Artibeus inopinatus ),Southern Long-nosed Bat ( Leptonycteris curasoae )..
Mothers day in El Salvador is always on May 10.
Lots of sports. The Salvadorian Sports Federation has:. Tennis, BKB, Baseball, Athletics, Soccer, Chess, Swiming, etc.. But our main sport is Soccer
Typical meals would include fried beans, corn tortillas . Red beans is something people eat there alot whether in a soup or fried like casamiento( beans mixed with rice). A popular dish would be Pupusas ( tortilla stuffed with either pork, cheese , beans or all of them ) drinks over there are like...
Ilopango . Coatepeque . Lake Guija . Embalse Cerron Grande . Ilopango . Coatepeque . Lake Guija . Embalse Cerron Grande
It was once part of Spain.
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El Salvador means the savior. So when the Spanish conquered this area of land they dedicated it to Christ the savior.
People in El Salvador eat pickles, french fries and the most special; Pizza!