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A vehicle’s windows and mirrors provide the driver with a full view of what’s happening outside his vehicle. This category provides answers to the best kinds of mirrors and windows for one’s vehicle and how to care for them.
Facing the same dilemma myself, I can at least answer your question with a more helpful one: How do you remove the interior door panel? This will almost undoubtably be the first step. Once the panel is gone the hardware securing the mirror should be accessible. Good LuckThere should be some screws a…
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Remove the panel on top of the door panel it's a little access panel that clips on. After doing so their are 3 ten milimeter bolts hoding the mirror to the door. If it's a manual mirror on the drivers side then there will be one screw holding the lever in the panel and u have to remove that screw to…
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Go to the local salvage yard and look at the same car and maybe even guess and check how to remove/repair. If you bust it, nobody will know. The glass is glued to a plastic backing assembly, which is attached to the power mirror motors. Very difficult to remove the backing assembly without breaki…
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window regulators are junk in these vehicles - check for bad regulator cables regulators about 250-300 bucks and 1.0 to 1.5 hours of labor
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Take the panel off that's inside the door, not the door panel just the little one right even with the mirror. There are then three 10 mm nuts holding it on. After seeing how the mirror was assembled on the internet, it was obvious that I had to take off the little cover, but I didn't know what w…
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You need to first remove the interior door side panel. To do so:1. Remove the screw located in the outer/lower corvner of the door panel using a Phillips screwdriver.2. Remove the two Phillips screws located in the black armrest section. They are located directly behind the door close handle.3. Remo…
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There should be a little black plastic covering over the mirror inside the car. Take it off. There are 3 nuts that you need to undo, after than its just putting the new one in its place and putting the bolts and plastic covering back.
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u have to remove the drivers window and remove the regulator assy...once its out there ar 4 rivits u have to drill out be very carefull of th spring in the regulator it will come out and injure u if u don't take the proper precautions
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You are going to want two people to do this its easier, but one person can do this. Pull the interior back by the rear window. On the frame you'll see two tabs on both ends at the bottum of the frame bend them straight. pull the bottum of the window out and now it hinges at the to carefuly lift up a…
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Have you check the fuse that is underneath the control panel for the mirrors? I recently had to change the power window motor on my ford and when I pulled up the console for the window/power mirror control there was anothe 10 amp fuse therecould be the switch that controls it too. I had to replace m…
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I just had to replace my glass. I bought the replacement at the dealer for $54.00 and they would not tell me how to do it. Remove any glass remaining. There should be a plastic piece with a circle of holes in it. I used a flathead screw driver and stuck it in each hole to force the plastic retianin…
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It was easy for me, I just found a car that looked like mine and took the mirror from that car. Don't let the cops see you because they might think you are trying to steal it. Just borrow the mirror till you get your replacement. If you go to return the mirror, and the car isn't there, they prob…
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%DETAILS% Answer If it's like my '92 Cheyenne, then yeah. You need to pop off the housing covering the point where the mirror arm attaches to the truck. Look for a bolt; mine required a hex-wrench (allen wrench). Tighten as needed.
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%DETAILS% It really isn't that bad. First remove the door panel. (The connector for the mirror is behind the panel just to the left of the door handle.) The arm rest cover pops off by gently prying upward at the corners near the door panel and along the outer edge of the arm rest. Then remove the…
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CHECK THE TRANSMISSION FILTER FIRST AND THEN CHECK THE MODULATOR Sounds like the transmission needs servicing. Loose bands cause this condition.  Could be a loose or twisted motor mount too. Have you had the water pump serviced lately? Unskilled repair people loosen the mounts and then they t…
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If the car ain't broke don't fix it ------------------------------------------------ The cover on the mirror will pry off. Try a table knife and work it around the edge of the cover. This is hard to get off without maring the plastic edge. Once you get the cover off, complete dis-assembly should b…
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You remove the black cover from the inside of the driver door and unbolt the old mirror then bolt up the new one and replace the cover. There are 3 types of mirrors depending on model and options 1. a manual mirror that you have to reach out the window and move the mirror. 2. a manual mirror wi…
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you take off the door pannle and it will be right behind the mirrior three screws
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I just went through the ordeal of getting the metal tab off of the mirror for my 1994 Chevy S-10, so if yours is anything like mine, here's how to get that sucker off: Insert a small enoughstandard screwdriver into the rectangular slot in the bottom of the mounting bracket. Inserting it straight bac…
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%DETAILS% Answer I have a 95 XLS that had the same problem. Also had problems with intermittent dash lights in the lower AC controls area... The mirror wire had an intermittent connection in the fuse/junction box area on the lower front area by the drivers feet. I pulled on the wires and the…
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I had luck with a product called Liquid Stitch. My 1994 Nissan 240SX convertible plastic window had developed a rip--which I found one day while washing the car. I was spraying the window off when I noticed water running down the window INSIDE of the car:-). I did some general searches on the net fo…
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This is extremely hard for the average person. I would suggest taking it to the nearest trim shop. GoodluckJoe
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Hey Lee==there are screws on the inside of the door.Be careful as there are a lot of sharp edges there. GoodluckJoe
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MirrorIf the '97 is similar to the '96 then this is how you would do it:On the inside of the car where the mirror is attached to the door is a cover plate. Pop this off with a tape covered screwdriver (the tape protects the trim from being scratched).If it is a power mirror, disconnect the wire conn…
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Hey Brian==If it is electric, turn the button that operates the left mirror and it will control the right one. Some have just the right mirror electric. GoodluckJoe
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When I bought my 2000 Grand Am, it had a broken passenger side power mirror. This is what you do: 1) Open your passenger side door and at the location where the mirro is outside but inside is a plastic triangular piece, pop this piece off (you can just pry it with a screwdriver or something and it w…
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Use a heat gun to heat the glass and plastic moulding. When the plastic softens, pry back the short side a bit then slide a piece of fishing line under the mirror and pull it towards the other side, this will cut through the adhesive. Look behind the backing pad to locate the cover screws, drill hol…
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Assuming this is a manual, standard mirror, I have the same problem on the same exact car and I took the mirror apart today to see how.Open the driver's side door and pull the plastic covering away from the mirror adjustment handle. The cover is triangular and covers the whole area in front of the w…
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you will have to remove the inside door trim panel and the plastic film Cover to acessthe mounding bolts of the mirror, depending on option level of car, you will have to remove either the window crank handle or the power window control panel along with door reflectors and pry off the plastic retain…
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You will have to remove the inner door panel, undo the two bolts that hold the mirror on remove the cable hold down. Now put a new mirror back on when the cable is gone on these mirrors it is easier to replace this whole unit than try to mess around with cable replacement. There are enough GA's in t…
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%DETAILS% Answer To work on moonroofs and to keep it from leaking is a job in itself. If it opened, I wouldn't think a fuse would be bad. Take it to the auto trim shop where they are used to working on them.
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I recently replaced a powered right side mirror on a 99 Cirrus. All I did was order a new mirror (through a used parts salvage yard) for fairly cheap. The used ones cost about the same price, so I went with new. It came with directions on how to locate the mounting screws and everything. The repair …
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To install or remove the rear vent window on a 2001 Honda Civic you 1st have to take the rear door panel off. To remove the rear door panel you need to un-screw the screws hidden underneath the plastic door pull. The screws are not in the arm rest. Now you can pry the perimeter door panel fasteners …
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The price varies according to the section of the country you live in. Call a couple of local garages for quotes. GoodluckJoe I just replaced the water pump in my 1985 Grand Marquis for $45 from Federated. Be prepared for a decent amount of work. Good luck. Another I just checked, and a remanufac…
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I am not sure what mirror glass you are referring to but the rear view mirror is held on by a small screw that once loosened allows you to slide the mirror off.If you are refering to the side mirror they are normally changed as a complete unit. these units are spring loaded to allow for slight impac…
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On the inside of the car there is a plastice cover shaped like a triangle, pry that piece off and you will see three screws.
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i did something close to this on my truck i installed power windows that i had bought from a wrecking yard. if this or any other way of getting the parts is the way your going get get all the parts that you need or think you need and install your mirrors most newer cars already have wires run for an…
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Its quite easy actually. There is a cover where you control the angel of the mirror which will pop right off. After this you will see that there are 3 or 4 screws, after which the mirror will be able to come off.
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The previous answer is true as far as it goes. But I'm sure you have a power mirror which means you have to disconnect the electrical connector. To do that, you will have to remove the door trim panel. Start by removing the screws in the armrest. IF you see any circular pieces of plastic that don't …
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You can't really replace it. You may be able to replace a broken lens if you're careful but if your problem is with the driver's side and its a manual mirror you're going to half to buy a whole new unit and get it painted to match your car. I've had to do this twice on my 96 with manual mirrors. The…
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Not sure if it will be the same for the 2000 Windstar. I changed the whole mirror assembly on my 98 passanger side. There are 3 nuts holding the assembly on the door. You must first remove the inside door panel by removing the cover around the door opener handle. There is a screw behind it once tha…
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This is not an easy job. TAke it to an auto trim shop.   Before answering your question i need a little bit of info from you. 1. Is the window power or manual? 2.Has whte window fallen completely out of reach or is part of it still sticking out? 3. By slightly pulling or pushing the window do…
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Everyone thinks this is an easy repair. The roller is broken and needs replaced. Take it to the trim shop.
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If it is broken, remove the trim panel and replace it.-Whoever wrote that answer.....great advice!!!!! I would have never thought of something so simple as that!!!!!! It's just as simple and easy as you say it is!!!!! USA!!!!!
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If it is loose in the head, replace it. If it is loose where it mounts, take the trim panel off and tighten the screws.
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Inside the door are screws holding the mirror on.   Go to this website. It will show how to remove the door panel and the mirror assembly. Procedure A1 & B1 are for your vehicle. Do the reverse when reinstalling.kwmuth.com
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I am working on this problem myself. What I found so far that there should be a glass retainer to hold the window in place. I am thinking that there should be one towards the front and in the back.
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you don't it is sold as a whole assembly there is a screw on the inside of the dorr for it
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It takes a special tool. Not expensive at the parts sttore.edit by jwko - My gosh, it takes no special tools. Roll the window up and remove inside door panel. Be careful if you have any pwr windows/locks/mirror switches. You should be able to pop those out first and remove wiring harness. When you r…
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the window handle is held on with a c shaped ring that is placed on the handle then pushed onto a splined rod with a recess in it to hold it on there is a tool for this but usually it can be pushed off the handle with a screw driver placed between the door panel and the handle the hard part is seein…
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My 94 Accord drivers side window has done pretty much the same the thing - altho' mine completely dropped out of the cradle and I almost lost it inside the door. What has probably happened to your window is the same as mine - over time and use the cradle supporting the glass loses its grip on the gl…
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Here are complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to remove a door panel: http://www.ricksfreeautorepairadvice.com/repair-topics/window-power-repair/remove-a-door-panel-from-any-vehicle-without-a-diagram Here are complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to test a pow…
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TAkeoff the door trim apd and there are screws inside the door.
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You need to remove the door panel. Remove the wires going to the mirror. Remove the nuts holding the side mirror. Reinstall in reverse order.
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Remove the dppr panel and there are screws on the inside.
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if it is just the mirror order a replacement for that model. then break old glass with a small hammer,gently and peel glass parts off mirror back. it is held by double sided tape . push in new one after cleaning. if it is whole assembly remove door inside panel three nuts holding mirror in place and…
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how do you change out the left back door window in a 1989 Toyota corolla?
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You need to remove the door card and then the triangular plastic trim on the inside, then romove three torx screw and the movement mechanism and the mirror will come out.Remove the door handle trim by removing the center screw and pulling out the bezel.Remove the pull handle by inserting a thin flat…
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It is basically all about removing the inside trim and then getting the retainer pins out that hold the window in place. Once you have remove the window, replacement is just the reverse steps. Take Care, Greg
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It is pretty straight forward. The new mirror glass costs about $65. Once you get it you will see that the glass has two electrical connections on it where the wires attach, and plastic tabs that snap onto the mechanical piece inside the housing that moves the mirror up and down. Attach the wires, c…
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There should be 2 screws/bolts around the pull handle. Usually a 7mm. Take those out and then a Phillips screwdriver and remove the screw on the panel around your inside door handle. Remove that small panel.If its a crank window you'll need a special tool or a small screwdriver to remove the C clip.…
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I had the windshield in my '99 GTP replaced with a $100 "normal" windshield and the HUD works just fine. The "special" Winshield was $200.
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Take the door panel off and there are bolts inside.
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I just replaced the drivers side outside mirror (glass only) on a 2001 buick park avenue ultra,I grabbed the glass on both side of the mirror and popped it straight back .there were three wire connectors that I carefully unplugged,I plugged the connectors onto the new glass, and lined up the clips i…
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Replace it with a good old fashioned manual mirror, believe me you will have less headaches and more money!
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On Nissans, the passenger and both rear door window switches get their power through the master (drivers door) switch. First thing to try is playing with the master switch. Move the master switch button that is inop to the position that is not working and move it around with your finger. If this don…
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See the link for instruction and photos. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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lRemove the trim panel by taking the door and window handles off then all of the screws you can find then the retainers on the sides and bottom of the door. Special tools are required for the handles and retainers. available from the parts store, then remove the bolts holding the mirrors on from the…
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Replacement glass is available at some parts stores for appros $15. Carefully remove all broken, old glass from frame. The replacment glass comes with two strips of double sided tape to mount the new glass. I've never trusted the tape and used quick set epoxy tape when i replaced mine.Be aware that …
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Try spraying the run channels with silicone. If that doesn;t do it you have to take off the trim pad and lube the linkage inside the door.
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i had to do this not too long ago. you have to get off the door panel....lots of fun. first you have to pop off the light cover on the door. theres a reallllly long screw behind that. next, take off the panel that was the window control on it. use a screw driver, but be careful to not scratch the pl…
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Go to this website. It will show how to replace the side mirror.
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You will need to remove the interior door panels to do so. The mirror mounting bracket is accessable only from inside the door.You will also need a screwdriver and\or wrench.
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On my 99 you remove the door panel(screws at bottom of panel, one in the armrest cup, and one behind the door handle.) Then remove the black plastic cover on the inside of the door where the mirror is. Three screws there come out and then remove the wiring harness. Reinstall is reverse of removal.
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Remove the trim cover in the shape like a triangle on inside of door. pull foam in the door cavity you will see 3 10mm nuts use off set 10mm wrench remove nuts. if mirrors are electric after you unplug try to tie door side of plug up it will fall in I have big hands had to pull door panel it was a p…
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You will need to remove the inside door panel of your 2002 VW Jetta. Remove the wiring harness from the mirror. Remove the side view mirror retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new side view mirror.
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Go to the following website. It will show how to remove the side mirror. kwmuth.com   The above website has installation instructions for signal mirrors, complete with pictures and step-by-step instructions. Briefly, however, the mirror glass is held to the motor plate by four plastic tabs. T…
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on the inside of the door there is a box thing located at the bottom of the window and the top of the door panel, you want to pop that off, and you will see all the screws that need to be unscrewed, its where the mirror is connected to the inside, you will need to unplug everything but it should com…
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Remove the door panel and the mirror is held on with bolts.
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You have to take the whole door panel off. It can be challenging but as long as you unscrew all visible screws then it shouldn't take you forever. Also be sure to locate/unscrew the plastic screws from the side of the door. Also snap off the triangle plastic covering the side mirror from the inside.…
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If you go to www.automirrorglassonly.com it will tell you how to replace the mirror glass for the outside mirror. You can buy one there too.The outside mirror is just glued on , some parts stores sell replacement glass and you can glue the new one on
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Go to the following website. It will show how to remove the door panel and the side mirror. kwmuth.com
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Mirror install for 2000 FocusDrivers side mirror : First open the door and you will see a torque head screw in the right hand door jam mirror area. this comes out . Next: roll down window : With a screw driver gently pry off front edge of mirror control cover then work off the rest of cover . Once c…
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I am just working on my Civic 1997 and I have found it on the reservoir. On mine the reservoir is on the left side under the fender. You have to remove the fence. Then I saw the reservoir, I pull on the pump which is just fit in a rubber ring. Sorry for my English.
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mirror CavalierI answered this on another post. 'Power mirror on Cavalier'.
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you can buy just the glass mirror part at most auto part stores its held on with silicon
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IF its glued 2 the window u need 2 get a kit that has primer & glue JUST 4 rear veiw mirrows.The metal base needs 2 b cleaned very good & the window.Then apply the glue & hold 4 1 minute-U might want 2 mark where the mirror goes on the outside with a caryon so as where 2 put it.
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THis applies to the manual mirror only. I think the electric mirror may require you to unhook the cable too. Unscrew the cover inside the door by the mirror. Pull out the foam liner and you will see 3 nuts. You might have to pull the inside panel away from the door a bit. Unscrew the 3 nuts and remo…
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under cover!If you are talking about the outside mirrors, there is a plastic/rubber triangle at the front of the window that pops off and then there are several small nuts that come off the release mirror. If it is heated then there will be wiring to unplug. Replacement procedures will be obviuos on…
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If your door is the same as my 1995 Silverado, at the top of the door panel inside, opposite of the mirror assy. is a triangular piece of plastic. push this piece upward, it will come off exposing the mounting screws for the mirror and the wiring harness and the connector. Been there, done that.Ed i…
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if you're having a gap between your door and frame, check your hinges to see if the bushings or pins are wearing out. this is pretty common with Chevy s-10s and blazers. go to your local body shop and it'll cost you approx $25 to fix (you have to replace the pins and bushings and this problem should…
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The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, or book store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library. To get you started, there are screws under the mirror housing that allow you to remove the b…
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The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, or book store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.
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remove trim and unbolt as simpale as that it will be held in place from in side the car....you will need to undo cupple of bolts or nut to remove it...just uses your comensence and as loong as u make sure u keep all the bits u cant really go wrong
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If its an automatic window, then the motors may be about shot. If its a manual window, have the tracking checked, it may be slipping off track.
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