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Relationships include parent/child, sibling/sibling, friendship, dating, marriage, and lots of others. They can be great, but many times they are problematic and can be unhappy or even abusive. This category is for questions about relationships, both good and bad.
because gay peope only likes to sing or paly in instrument
The Hindu religion itself doesn't hold a standpoint on homosexuality, however Hindu Indian culture tends to be against it
Hey, I sort of no how you feel. My sister is 17 and when her freinds come over she is a TOTALY difrent person. But, i dont get mad, because eithor 1) her freinds want to see YOU get upset for entertainment, 2) your sister is starving for attention, or (the most common one of all) 3) she is just...
No not at all but you might get higher on the list if you want to adopt from your own country if you are infertile.Whether you can have children or not even parents with their own children can adopt children and some single people can also adopt children.
If you have previously had bad experiences with the same gender, they might cause you to be bisex.
When someone does not want you but you want them, you must take back your power and not want them any more, I know that's not easy! but if he was meant for you then you would still be together, if not then he's not meant for you! It's nothing about you or what you have or have not done! It's just...
Most people would use the word 'love.'
it means i wanna know more about you in a less direct way.
From original answer: Report it to the service, then ignore it. Cyberbullying is unlike face to face bullying; without a response it withers and dies. It only has an affect if the bullied person buys into it.
if you have a very close bond to him yes but others might find  that a bit weird 
There is only one way, and that is buy being Honest. Tell the person the truth without holding anything back, then let him/her know that you are genuinely sorry. In the future the person may find it difficult to believe you 100% but that is the price you pay.
If you are living legally in the UK, your passport should be sufficient identification.
because he might still have feeling for you or he might have something to say to you.
In the age of 7, children are supposed to learn how to pray.   In the age of 10, children are beaten if they don't pray.   Their routine is simple as any child in this world but the  difference is the time to pray and Obey Allah.   They should know the specific time of praying.
Maybe their heart is so small that they cry before they even say anything. Or there might be another reason like not accepting their mistakes or having a short temper. The biggest problem seems to be that certain people have ego problems, and a large amount of it is cultural. They honestly believe...
No, He created all life.
  == Answer ==   You should just let him go or if your not shy just ask him back out and tell him how you feel.
They were also called Cabier Boys
The first step is for one of you shy people to approach the other and say hello. Once that has happened, tell him something personal, like your favorite music group or such. If he is still not conversing with you, either give up or kiss him on the cheek.
Yes you can, but which means He must have done something wrong.
She would be your Aunt.
It doesn't always mean that he likes you, but it's a way of showing interest. If he always looks at you, he might be interested in you. On the other hand, it can also mean that you look ridiculous.
Depends. The social services go through a vigorous screening  process; good luck!
In marketing baby foods one has to consider safety of such foods.  That means proper test and registration must be made by inspection  authority. This process forms a good basis for marketing such  products.
suspect/respect/perfect/carrots? xD
  Because they feel small! Think how you would feel if you were 1 foot tall and faced with another dog 3 feet taller than you! They put up a fight because they feel intimidated!
  == Answer ==   The true opposite of love is indifference. Trying to get back at him directly or indirectly sends a clear message that he is still a priority in your thoughts.   Game players feed off of both positive and negative attention. Don't contact him, ignore him when he...
lol... ur brother's adopted daughter would b ur niece... this is because no matter what, she is his child and any child that your brother or sister has would be your niece or nephew, the only way she can be a cousin is if it was one of your parents brothers or sisters who adopted her.
ANS>   1. Wal-mart   2. Kroger     ANS>   Well I don't know. But why don't you refer industry magazine/publication or online resources to get the details with facts and figures?
I don't know if you mean "no contact" as in a restraining order, or "no contact" in that he just said to stop calling.But either way, it should not always be interpreted in a way that lets you still feel that there is a connection. There's not. You have heard from him that there never was. He has -...
To gain a sole parental responsibility they need to do the best  they can to do their job as one instead of with someone else to  help you along.
Not without the help of a man at some point. Allowing for normal fertile females, either of them can carry a child, but you still have to have sperm to fertilize the egg.
Ask him if he loves you if he said yes than ask be on a date if he  said no try a another day than ask him I and he said yes on a movie  date with me and my friend who is sometimes she is mean. You should  try it. Do it know.
this happened to meto this boy in our class and he loved me but i thought he didnt but sooner i found out that he never liked me so ...........
True but I seen people that are not Russian have a star on  their knee.
  == Answer ==   Good luck man you're going to need it. a couple of weeks and she still hasn't given you an answer. are you sure you're in love with this one? It seems like she might not be returning the feelings. If she hasn't said yes yet, that means she probably never will. But if you want...
The first step of any relationship is interests find a commoninterest between the two of you. Plan to do something involvingthat interest with current friends and ask him/her if they'd liketo join if they do then great and if not you still get to hang outwith your friends doing something you enjoy!
  == Answer ==   Hes proboblt just lieng to uand whants to get some thing from you .
Yes,she have.But only in Winx Club magazine.And she wont have child she is pretty young(only 15 years old).
Yo have to be gentle and not to pushy or she won't want to do it again. but you have to be soft :) girls love soft just take it from me :) no tounge :p
The Colorado Department of Transportation Frequently Asked Questions web page states that "Colorado law stipulates that children under 1 year & under 20 lbs. must ride in the back seat; however, the safest practice is to keep children in the back seat until they turn 13."Being able to sit in the...
polygamy is rampant in Africa especially in west Africa. So  probably you plan a trip over there. Or since am there, you can  give me the job I do the interview for you and send the results for  you.
Yess!!! I'm a sucker for the accent! And the tanned skin... yummy!Best guys on the planet!
You might try contacting the local Girl Scouts organization in the area where the dance was held to see if they have photo files or know who was taking photos then.
At least around 10 months of age
  If you want your friend to still be your friend, hang out with him. You might find out what he likes in his girlfriend and she could be your friend too. Friends do this for each other.
 While China's 1991 Child Protection Law, 1987 Civil Law and  other relevant bylaws define the deprivation of parental custody,  there are no specific provisions on how to implement these laws. It  is especially unclear about which department is responsible for  caring for children if parental...
its basically like playing thumbwars with your and her/his tongue...DO NOT shove as much of your toung in their mouth as you can..it doesn not feel good and dont just start randomly or he or she will reject you do it when the time is right your both looking at each other, you both start to lean...
her girlfriend is Marvin Aguilar that is in la mesa in 7th grade in Mr ma laves AB periodically Wat that's not the right answers
When this friend needs help playing in front of people you should  find someone that they feel comfortable having by there side when  they are playing
  If you're not in a relationship, say nothing. You can try to date them to see if your feelings have a basis, but don't tell them you love them. If you are in a relationship and you are a guy, then you may tell her you love her if you feel she has affection for you too. If you're a girl, by all...
Well Tbh If Your Ex Truley Loved You And You Truley Loved Him Then Your Always Going To Have Some Sort Of Feelings For Him? May Not Be Love But Still Something , Right?Why Do You Ask Such A Question? - Only You Will Know If You Still Love Eachother? My Ex Hates The F*** Out Of Me, Telling Me To Die...
Just seem very romantic, then she'll no she wants to kiss you.Become stinking rich, if shes a shallow person.If shes a decent girl try talking & getting to know her.Dont rush things unless you can feel the 'sparks' of mutual attraction. The alternative is to hire a prostitute,but this can be...
Girl Siân Sioned Erin Ela Megan Magi Alaw Enfys Llio Catrin Teleri Carys Anwen Bethan Elan Gwen Awel Ffion Boy Siôn Dafydd Dyfed Bryn Ifan Iwan Gethin Huw Ynyr Eilir Rhys Jac Tomos Dewi Osian Aled There are so muh more names these are just a few there are many...
well you just tell him ........look i really like you in all, but right now i wm not ready to be in a relationship..for what ever reason because you know he might say why? and you know that this will mean that he can date other people only if you care
Ask if she likes him! If she does, support her. It's ok to like someone, just make sure she talks to you too.
I think you shouldn't treat her like a best friend (since she doesn't think you are her best friend) and see how she likes it. Obviously, if she really is your best friend she's gonna want to be around you; so, ignore her for a few days just to see how she reacts. If you think this is too bold, then...
Yes of course :) dimples are wonderful and acne is normal !
From original answer: Yes, she is a minor so her parents have the right to allow and not allow her to do certain things.
I think about one every 15 seconds.
It's not the outside that counts. It's the inside (but yes)
Not that I've heard of
Boyfriends, They will come and go, Leave you for someone else. "YOUR GIRLFRIEND" can be there for you forever. You need to decide if this guy is worth losing a friend that you could have for a lifetime.
Take a babysitting and CPR class. Care.com and Nannymag.com have  lots of helpful resources.
No Ville is not gay.
cot mattresses should be around 10 cm thick
you have to show that you are a safe person and that the child  would be safe with you maybe take classes nothing else you can  really do though...
Well sometimes a boy will want to talk to you a lot or even try to aviod talking to you. When you talk to him he might be extra nice or flirty. If you try to talk to him and he looks nervous, that could also mean he likes you. I hope i could help!
  He chased the snakes out of Ireland.
Well, it is pretty serious state of mind but as for all the rest, you should stop analyzing things too much and start enjoying all the good as well as bed things around you!
  == Answer ==   Just be yourself!  People can tell when you are being fake.  Being yourself is much more attractive.
He isn't used to the fact that they broke up yet or he is just embarassed.
If u were married to 3 other people then they found out at the sametime i would consider Yes
You should slowly work your way to hugging. Become his friend first and stick with talking when you've been friends for a while as you leave give him a quick hug then, if he likes you he will hug you too.
Everyone is different like your hair color eyes and personalities
Ok. I obviously don't know but your smart find it out yourself
i dont know but i do do know that commas save lives.Lets eat grandma!Lets eat, grandma!
If you mean from the TV show-Queens, NY