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Pathology is the scientific study of the nature of disease and its causes, processes, development, and consequences. It deals with the study of mechanisms and manifestations of disease, and involves the study of bodily changes that occur as the result of disease. This category is for questions about pathology, the study of disease and its causes, development, and consequences.
You will need to go to medical school so you ought to take the hardest science and math classes you can, anatomy and physiology if they offer it, also excellent communication skills are essential so language arts is important. Basically, excel at everything, be well-rounded by volunteering (even...
Water is the single largest component of blood by volume, followed by red blood cells.
Bodily fluids such as blood saliva, sperm
Forensic pathology is in the Health Science career cluster. It issometimes mistaken for being in the Medical Practice cluster. Ihope this helps!
A bone marrow biopsy is a procedure used to remove bone marrow in  order to test it for cancer cells. Since the biopsy is usually sent  out to a lab, it can take up to two weeks to get the results.
You can be a speech pathology assistant! they make around $15.00 per hour (starting), with benefits. http://faculty.evc.edu/oran.cox/Career_Bridges/speech_path/Speech_Pathology_Assistance.htm I am not sure if audiologists have assistants, but research it! Good Luck! :)
BRACKET FUNGI:- Bracket fungi are commonly found growing on trees or fallen logs in damp woodlands. They can severely damage cut lumber and stands of timber.PENICILLIUM:- Common on foodstuffs, leather, and fabrics, they are economically important in producing antibiotics organic acids, and cheeses...
club fungi,sac fungi and
Fungi produces carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere which enables  the process of photosynthesis and production of food in green  plants.
If you are lucky, you may not notice any bleeding. However, all bleeding should stop within 12 hours of the biopsy.
If prostate enlargement has been ruled out and the urinalysis shows no infection or cancer, the next place I would look is the nervous system that controls the bladder. There are some neurodegenerative diseases that can show signs like difficulty releasing urine.
A hypoechoic nodule is an area of tissue that is less dense than  the surrounding tissue. It is not likely to be cancer if it's  circumscribed. Talk with your health care provider for advice  specific to your situation.
    Yes- in biomedical sciences, at which point you specialize in pathology.
only if u love helping people :)
It belongs to the Subkingdom Protozoa.
fever results in increase in temperature where organisms get killed which connot withstand high temperature
According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, a thyroid nodule is a lump in or on the thyroid gland. Nodules can be caused by a simple overgrowth of normal thyroid tissue, fluid-filled cysts, inflammation, or a tumor.
This will vary depending upon what the lymph node biopsy is for. Sometimes all or part of just one node is collected; other times several nodes may be sampled.
sing. fungusthis is whta i learned abought fungus.Lichens are underground. They reproduce by sporangium. The tree different types are fungi like, animal like, plant like. I think there are 5 different kinds of fungi here they are. One is club that would be mushrooms. Another one is sac fungi an...
mushrooms are a simple everyday form of fungi.
Advantages of Nuclear Energy Produces Large Amount of Energy  Nuclear reactions release a million times more energy, as compared  to hydro or wind energy. Most of the disadvantages with nuclear  energy has to do with the inherent properties of nuclear fission.  The energy and byproducts released...
It means the same thing; they are synonymous.
A master's degree is the required minimum level of education to practice speech-language pathology in Canada and the United States. Licensure or certification requirements also exist, but vary by Province/Territory or State.Education and training. All speech-language pathology jobs in Canada and the...
Pathology, literally translated, is "the study of suffering", and involves the study of the diseases of the human body. It is a field that is pretty much endless - in one's lifetime it will be difficult to actually understand the exact mechanisms that cause every single disease! It is one of the...
Pathology is the study and diagnosis of disease through examination of organs, tissues, cells and body fluids.Study of disease
No. Like all living things, bacteria need nutrients to support their vital functions. Without a source of nutrients the bacteria will die. Distilled water is pure water with no dissolved salts, proteins or carbohydrates.
Uro- is the prefix. -uria is the suffix.urinary
You would salt the meat sufficient to dry it out - in very hot and/or humid climates you would almost have to pack the meat into a case of salt to get the proper dehydration. The salt reduces the water activity (basically the amount of water available to bacteria) in the meat - if the water activity...
The spinous processes of the vertebrae are origins and insertions for various postural muscles. A broken spinous process would likely result in significant pain and muscle aches due to improper alignment of the muscles.
A hyperchromatic nucleus (plural, nuclei) is a nucleus that takes up more stain than expected on a slide. It can be an indication of over-active nuclear function, which may be an early indication of either cancerous changes or of a cell that is responding vigorously to damage or other stimulus.
No, looking for metabiolically active nodes in the mediastinum
 1) Each hour after death, for the first 12 hours, the body  temperature falls 0.78°C per hour. After the first 12 hours, the  body loses about 0.39°C per hour until it reaches ambient  temperature. Assume a body was dumped outdoors, in had a starting  temperature of 20*C, at approximately...
This would be a eukaryote.
Sociology is the scientific study of people,  including but not limited to collective behavior, social  institutions, and social norms, utilizing specified theoretical  approaches. Anthropology is closely related to sociology, and is  dedicated to the study of cultures both past and present. ...
  Okay, so here's all that I've researched as I am 10 days post rhabdo after attempting to run a 13.1. From everything that I've read online, recovery can take anywhere from 1 to 3 (yes, I meant 3) MONTHS. Yikes. I will state that I spent 2 days in the hospital on an IV and then the past week at...
No, fibrosis is the abnormal accumulation of fibrin causing adhesions while granulation tissue consists of active fibroblasts along with inflammatory cells, angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels) and raw/exposed nerves.
Yes, low oncotic blood pressure is a major cause of dependent pitting edema. Proteins in the blood exert an oncotic pull on blood serum which keeps the serum within the blood vessels. A loss of these proteins decreases the ability of the blood to keep serum within the blood vessels and the serum...
Cutaneous pathology is pathology of the skin, also known as dermatopathology.
It is a parasite , it lives in human and mammalian blood .
bile secreation comes to intestine, so the some of intestinal worms ova are stained with bile.
The normal value is zero, although some reference values may allow up to trace amounts in a free catch sample.
Pathology is the study of the process of disease in a living organism.
usually bacterial infections cause an increase in neutrophils the exception is Bordetella pertussis which causes whooping cough results in lymphocytosis
There may be but there should be few.
There are some who believe that disruptions in homeostasis effects and might actually bring on eating disorders, including anorexia. So, it means that homeostasis affects anorexia.
bacteremia=severe genintoutinary infection and sepsis following pneumoniahypersensitivity=penicillin anaphylaxis and reaction to insect bite
The GOOD micro-organism's role is to fight the BAD micro-organism to protect the antibiotic.So you will not get sick if you eat them.
The word osseous refers to bone, and the word pathology refers to  the science of causes and effects of diseases. Osseous pathology is  the study of bone related diseases.
The heel of the foot and the Plantar fascia. The Plantar fascia is a connective tissue on the bottom of the foot that runs from the heel to the toes. The plantar fascia is a relatively inflexible, strong, fibrous band on the bottom of the foot. The plantar fascia helps maintain the complex arch...
This could occur with an unusually large accumulation of gas in the small intestines. The pancreas sits between two loops of the proximal (near the stomach) end of the small intestines, so if they small intestines become filled with gas, you wouldn't be able to see the pancreas.
Some recent papers I've seen include:- Modifications of interstitial fluid flow by medications and influenza infection- Effects of a specific nutritional supplement on bone density- Characteristics and determinants of a new infectious disease
yes, they survive in hosts or live on dead carcasses
Silent receptors are a proportion of total receptors that are to be occupied before there is any response. It is an model and these are not a distinct subgroup of receptors.
Well there are antibacterial agents such as antibacterial soap and antibacterial sanitizer. Though, sanitizer seems to be better at killing bacteria because of the amount of alcohol it contains. So you could say alcohol or alcohol rich ingredients are one of the better bacteria killers.
  Platletes are the fractions of cells that are invilved in blood clotting to stop a heamorage. If a blood vessel is burst a zymogen (a precurser for a protien) called Fibrinogen is cleaves to form Fibrin. These Fibrin molecules are long chains that join together to form a mech over the breach...
This means that no eosinophils were observed in the blood sample taken and observed. This is not necessarily pathologic as eosinophils are the second rarest white blood cell type in the blood stream.
In most cases, particularly in higher-order mammals, nerve cells don't adapt - they degenerate or die. Nerve cells are highly specialized to conduct electrical impulses; because of the high degree of specialization, they don't have secondary processes to adjust during times of low blood sugar or...
Punch biopsy. A small cylindrical punch is screwed into the lesion through the full thickness of the skin and a plug of tissue is removed. A stitch or two may be needed to close the wound.
You can use any isotonic solution like Normal Saline Solution (NSS), Hayem's and Gower's.
Under a microscope's bright light, without stains the various cells and organelles within the cells are a washed-out pale mess. The stains give contrast and definition to the cell wall and some of the organelles within the cell so the pathologist can see what is going on.
Yes, this may be a cause of permanent and severe brain damage. Hypoperfusion means there is an insufficient amount of blood flowing to those parts of the brain. The frontal lobe has neurons that function to regulate emotion and integrate multiple sources of information. The temporal lobes are...
A patient with a bleeding disorder should not have a biopsy unless the bleeding problem can be corrected by a transfusion of the cells that cause blood to clot (platelets).
Skin biopsies also can serve a therapeutic purpose. Many skin abnormalities (lesions) can be removed completely during the biopsy procedure.
A skin biopsy is a procedure in which a small piece of living skin is removed from the body for examination, usually under a microscope, to establish a precise diagnosis.
a procedure in which a sample of thyroid tissue is withdrawn for laboratory examination. The sample can be withdrawn through a needle or a surgical incision may be made to obtain a piece of thyroid tissue.
It means that we need to recycle.
If a needle biopsy is done, no special preparation is needed. If a large needle biopsy is being done, the doctor may order some tests to determine the clotting ability of the blood.
A long, flexible tube, called a catheter, is inserted into a vein and threaded up into the heart. The doctor can guide the catheter by watching its movement on a TV monitor showing an x-ray image of the area. The tip of the catheter is fitted with.
Red muscle fibers are slow twitch muscle fibers because they contain oxygen and produce ATP and are used more for endurance. White muscle fibers are fast twitch IIA and fast twitch IIB
Microscopy of wet film material other than blood. I think this code is used for a Group B Streptococci test swab (vaginal swab usually done late in pregnancy), but it is probably also used for other tests
The brain is housed in the cranium to protect it from damage.
Because kidney stones are caused by (not only) soda. If you continue to drink it you will keep getting them. (Just removing them does not mean they can't come back.)Soda by itself is not the lone cause for Kidney Stones in most people. You should consult your doctor. Kidney Stones can be made of...
Any abnormalities in the size, color, and consistency of the sample will be reported as an abnormal result. In addition, any change in the structure of the renal tubules, the presence of red blood cells, or abnormalities in the cells.
Abnormal lymph nodes are usually enlarged and contain cancerous (malignant) cells and/or show signs of infection.
Water as an energy source has been used for thousands of years. The  primary example is the grinding of corn. It is a potential source  of all our energy needs.   A few of the PROS of water energy    Wave and tidal energy is a source that is constantly  available.  Tidal turbines are...
focal meaning center so there is no specific pathology in the central area of the disease
Many microbes like bacteria,fungus,viral are pathogens and set off pathogenic diseases.
It's because during the day your body is working but on a night your body shuts down so it is easier for the germs to attack you.
This is because the original platelets that attach to a point will attract other platelets. The new platelets are coming from upstream in the blood and will attach to the front of the forming thrombus.
Fear is a basic emotion that causes a person to either run away or become aggressive to defend against an attack. Pathological fear is a fear so severe and debilitating that it significantly interferes normal daily life functions. For instance, some people have a pathological fear of open spaces ...
Yes, it can also be abnormal due to chronic inflammation, infection (lymphadenitis) or just a congenital/developmental abnormality.
  who is the father of pathology??
is a elevated count of 90 high for liver enzymes
fungi can cause diseases like:   Athletes foot    Thrush        There are others but I'm not sure about them sorry x