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Army Rangers

The Army Rangers are highly- trained soldiers that make surprise attacks behind enemy lines. They specialize in airfield seizure, rapid infantry assault, and night fighting. They are always ready to leave at short notice.
Enemies and their equipment.
The 12th Ranger Infantry led by Lieutenant Ralph Puckett
There is no "standard" knife used by any military personnel. There are basic guidelines by which soldiers may chose a knife to carry and use, provided primarily that knife is displayed on their service uniform. But the only knife regularly issued by the US military has been the Marine K-Bar for...
'Internet Ranger' is a term used to describe the posers and wannabes who falsely claim credentials they've never earned on various forums and chat rooms. In some cases, they may have actually been service members who hype themselves up to be more than what they really were, and, in some cases, they...
Ice-T did serve in the Army for four years, after graduating from high school. However, he was never in any unit of the 75th Ranger Regiment, and the line from "Law and Order: SVU" where his character presents himself as a former member of the Rangers who served in Somalia was not intended to be any...
He says on Facebook he waqs in Boot Camp at Ft Dix NJ in 1964! Need  to be verified
To serve in a Ranger Battalion, you must be RA - there are no Ranger units in the Guard or Reserve. As for going to the school and not being in a Ranger Batt., the same holds true - while it may technically be possible to be sent to Ranger School from an NG or AR unit, they don't get assigned the...
I was not an army ranger, i didnt have the balls to attenpt ranger school after airborne school and advanced infantry training, but if u can complete those two classes, serve a tour of duty, you will be ranger "qualified" but u wont be a ranger yet, you have to be selected
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First line is ....Last name, first name and then middle name initial Second line is...the serial number of the person...if it starts with the letters US it means the person was drafted...if it starts with the letters RA it means the person enlisted and is part of the regular army...the first one or...
A high school diploma or equivalent is required to enter the US Army.
The U.S. Army have the U.S. Army Rangers and U.S. Army Special Forces more commonly know as the Green Berets and the U.S. Marine Corps have Recon Marines (split into Divison Recon and Force Recon), who are special forces-capable, and MARSOC, which is their contribution to SOCOM (Special Operations...
The US Army will pay for you End of Term of Service (ETS) move, however they might only pay for you to go back to your Home of Record address and not a random place or the furthest place from your current location.
The Army Rangers are an elite regiment of Infantry, trained in more specialised roles than standard line infantry are.
ADVANTAGES: free food, make friendsDISADVANTAGES: long hours, being bored, feet hurt, epilepsy, etc.
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Advantage:You have less responsibility. Disadvantage: You do not become who you are.You have to follow the leaders' decision rather than yours
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Belford is an accredited high school so the US army should not refuse to accept it. May be you have failed some other criteria to join the forces?
There are hundreds upon hundreds. Read the below and follow through with the link provided. You will be able to research careers from A through Z, with all requirements necessary and particular to each. For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related...
There is a policy that gives Commanders the right to do what is in the best interest of their unit and the mission. Sometimes that involves making difficult choices. I served in the Army for more than twenty five years. I always tried to do the best to support approved leaves (both individual and...
It was a cliff the Americans had to climb during d day.
Sure. Major League baseball, as well as minor league baseball were in full operation during World Way II, although many players were involved in the service during that time.
You either enlist under an RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Programme) contract, or you get your Ranger tab while you're in, and request reassignment to a Ranger battalion.
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First you have to enlist in the army with one of the following mos' (mission occupation specialty) "job" 11 (infantry) 18 (special forces) 17 (cavalry scout). Your unit must be in demand of snipers and willing to send you to the army sniper course (5 weeks in length). Of course you must show your...
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A British citizen can join the US Army, and a British soldier might be attached temporarily to a US unit, or sent to a US training/instructional programme, but they won't be able to be in both services simultaneously.
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The country can defend itself should another country attack it.
In the British army you ask for a course which is 9-8 weeks long depending where you do it. 1 week of lectures ( history ) tailoring your rifle and your Gillie suit fitness, 2nd week short 0-300 to mid 300-600 range shooting and test 3rd week long shoot and test 600-1100 4-8 week is exercises and...
Withou a doubt, the Russian Spetsnaz, US Navy seals, Green Berets, TF-144, Germany, the Polish GROM, British SAS and the Canadian JTF-2 (Joint Task Force 2). The Canadian Special ops have only lost one soldier in the history of the task force.
Yes, sometimes with EXACT REPLICAS of the terrain they are about to attack.
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What are your primary resources ofr unit safety expertise triaining tools or publications Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_your_primary_resources_ofr_unit_safety_expertise_triaining_tools_or_publications#ixzz2S84QAUDD
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Internationally Unites are ranked   on a Special  Operations Forces Tier System:     Tier  One: Team 6, Delta, SAS   Tier Two: Seals, Berets   Tier Three: Army Rangers     Special Operations Tiers are based on budets and Rangers spend more  money than the others because...
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I would say Teamwork. Ill post the Ranger creed and let you decide:Recognizing that I volunteered as a Ranger, fully knowing the hazards of my chosen profession, I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor, and high esprit de corps of my Ranger Regiment.Acknowledging the fact that a Ranger...
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Naw as long y'all are a citizen of Illinois I'm 14 and I got mine Plus you have to be 21 for Handguns 18 for long guns (rifles, shotguns) 18 for hunting pellet guns And 14 for certain pellet guns but you need a foid and a parent,legal guardian or someone of age of 18 or older
There are quite a few names: Ground pounder Grunt GI (only in the US though) soldier
It Depends on the situation, Each group serves a different purpose in the military. The US Army Rangers are a fraction of the military and receive more specialized training such as parachuting or helo fast rope insertions because the purpose they serve typically places them in a role where they...
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The new Army was based off of France, then later became to be based off Germany. Also their Navy was based off England.
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Navy seals all the way dude,
It was in Mogadishu, Somalia. The year was 1993. The Army Rangers and Delta Force went in and we lost a grand total of 19 men. While the enemy lost over 1000. You can read about the culmination of the hottest fire fight in the book Blackhawk Down, by Mark Bowden.
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US Rangers dont have a specific operation they do. But they could do anything from taking a airfield, assaulting a compound, be on stand-by to assist other Special Forces(because they are a larger force then most SF units).
Internationally Unites are rankedon a Special Operations Forces Tier System:Tier One: Team 6, Delta, SASTier Two: Seals, BeretsTier Three: Army Rangers I'd assume the higher the tier the harder to be accepted.
The Territorial Army is a force of citizen-soldiers, operating on a part-time basis. In some cases (such as Bermuda), they may be funded in their entirety by the Governor, and receive no funding from Westminster.
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In which conflict? Most countries have, at some point in their history, been defending countries.
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The eight Ivy League's institutions are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. They place near the top in the U.S. college and university rankings.
Yes, they are very well trained "hunters," they are trained to be able to take out targets at least 1,000 yards away. And pay attention to even the slightest detail about their target. And be able to know where their target will go before their target even knows. They can wait for hours like a...
I have been wearing a RG pc from eagle for a few years. no one has said anything yet.
Army Rangers Airborne Rangers 1st Rangers ( 1st battalion only ) 2nd Rangers ( 2nd battalion only ) 3rd Rangers ( 3rd battalion only ) Special Rangers ( special troops battalion only ) Recon Rangers ( Regimental Reconnaissance Company/ or RRC only ) Long Haired Rangers ( Regimental...
Ranger School has three different sections, or phases. Students are given a clear objective, but have their choice in how to achieve this. The first phase, or Benning Phase, tests a student's mental and physical strength, leadership capabilities, and other skills required for the next phases. First...
As far as I know, only two combat jumps have occurred since the GWOT began in 2001. The first was Operation Bright Star in 2001 in Afghanistan, in which 147 Rangers made a combat jump into Afghanistan. The other was Operation Option North in 2003 in Iraq, which involved 1,000 jumpers drawn from the...
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Disadvantages: produces less electricity compared to other resources, have to wait for it to grow
No. You can attend SFAS and the Q Course without ever having been to Ranger School. You're not even required to have been in a Combat Arms MOS to attend SFAS - I know people who've been in food service, and have attended SFAS.
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There are several different factors to consider based on the gross  salaries given. However, the most general estimate for the pay  scale in an IDA pattern would be 15,845.
Advantages:Help, an extra set of eyes, someone with different skills to help you at something you aren't good at, pick-me-upper.Disadvantages:Arguements, disagreements, etc.
Higher rank? If you are talking about the SOCOM Tier system, Army SF is a Tier-2 asset while 75th Rangers are Tier-3.
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