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The center of our nervous system and daily thoughts, the brain is a complex, magnificent organ. Ask questions about parts of the brain and their functions here.
Vicodin has the potential to alter the brain's neurotransmitters.
well from what I looked up it says ''  Tolerance to oxycodone builds up quickly. This means that users,  whether real patients or drug abusers, soon need more of the drug  to have the outcome they are used to having. For a patient with  real pain, the doctor can increase the prescription as...
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In fact, a girl's brain does not weight more than a boy's brain. The average Male's brain weighs 1360 grams (3 pounds) The average Female's brain weighs 1250 grams (2.8 pounds) Of course, brain weight does not really mean anything, and is certainly not associated with intelligence. To illustrate...
The pituitary gland is often called that as it controls all of the other glands but i have never heard it said of the hypothalamus
The brain without it you wouldn't really have beauty you would be  mentally impared
The dura mater is the outermost membrane of the brain and spinal cord. The dura mater is is responsible for keeping in the cerebrospinal fluid.
It really all depends on what the brain damage was. Someone might  have had a stroke, a traumatic brain injury, a tumor, bleeding in  the brain, or many different things.
Experience creates new networks of neurons in the brain.
Probably but not necessarily. You could survive this trauma with any of a wide spectrum of brain damage, and any of an accompanying range of severe mental and physical impairments.
No. Snot is phlegm.
The pons is a portion of the brain located above the medulla  oblongata and the midbrain. It is a message station between several  areas of the brain.
One is west nile virus, caused by mosquitoes.There are more than a dozen viruses that can cause encephalitis, spread by either human-to human contact or by animal bites. Encephalitis may occur with several common viral infections of childhood. Viruses and viral diseases that may cause encephalitis...
Insufficient levels of dopamine can cause problems with sleep, mood  and movement. For example, lack of dopamine causes the muscular  problems seen in people with Parkinson's disease.
The brain stem is necessary to control all involuntary functions in  the human body. Signals are sent up and down the brain stem that  tell your heart to beat and your lungs to breathe.
The brain works in many ways. One way it works is because we sleep, in which "charges our batteries" and another is learning, watching and seeing things. the brain also works by sending electrical impulses , for example when we see things it is because light hits our retina in the back of the eye...
  == Answer ==   Reflexsive behavior in infants is not too unlike instinct in an animal.  Reflxsive behavior could include grasping, sucking, and leg flailing (walking)  THese are the servival skills every healthy baby is born with.  Grasping, in order keep from falling,...
the medulla oblongata which is situated at the hind part of the brain controlls all the involuntary process such as heart beat,breathing etchence it is also known as the vital knot
To acquire an actual study sample, you would probably have to settle for an animal brain, and even those are restricted due to animal rights considerations. Chickens, frogs, lizards, and other simpler animals present no such restrictions, and the cost is mainly due to the chemical preservatives used...
  The cerebellum is involved in the coordination of voluntary motor movement, balance and equilibrium and muscle tone. It is located just above the brain stem and toward the back of the brain. It is relatively well protected from trauma compared to the frontal and temporal lobes and brain stem.
Brains are accually grey, not pink, despite what most people think
  A stroke or brain aneurysm can  result in sudden blockage of blood flow the brain, which can result  in disability or death. Other conditions, such as central nervous  system vasculitis can also cause similar symptoms.    
yes the vertebrates have a brain because humans are vertebrates and we have brans
Well, your brain is divided into 2 parts. The left side is for language and logic- such as math, reading, history, spanish, you get the point. The Right side is for creativity such as art, and music. Why it's divided into 2 parts, I am not sure. maybe so you can think about more at once because each...
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While the activation aspects of PTSD (rage, anger, irritability,  somatic re-activations) have alot to do with a hyperarousal of the  sympathetic nervous system that runs through the right side of the  brain, PTSD from a brainwave side of things has more to do with  disharmony and imbalance...
There are two main organs of the nervous system. These organs are  the brain and the spinal cord, they are responsible for sending  impulses throughout the body.
The sense of smell is directed through the limbic system without  passing through the thalamus first.
  i want to know about the anaesthesia? for human anaesthesia what type of anaesthetic drug will be given to human tell me? & what is the time of recovery of its original position ?
  == Answer ==   Air Cellular Cushioning material. Bubble Wrap is a Registered Trademark of Sealed Air, so it's another one of those inventions that we use the Trademark name. See Sealed Air.com for details.....!!
the left hand side of your body
Yes, some people are born with not all of their brain, or they have it and not all of it works. People can also be injured or have a medical problem that causes their brain not to all work. But you can still function with half your brain, you may have to learn your whole life over, there are...
At the age of about 20 years, an average human female's brain weight is around 1300 grams, while a male's brain weight is around 1450 grams. This is because the "average male" is physically larger than the "average female." But there's no correlation between brain size and intelligence within...
  BEFORE BIRTH, same as men.
Immediate physical symptoms are tht it may cause some stomach aches and a bit of trouble sleeping if you eat too much at dinner time. It might be hard to walk after you eat; sometimes, drinking a glass of water might help the food go down faster.   Continually overeating can lead to an increased...
No, that liquid which surrounds your brain and circulate in the ventricles and central canals of the CNS is called cerebro-spinal fluid (or better known as CSF).
The cells of the cerebellum function in motor control, cognitive functions, and regulation of emotional responses. Purkinje cells use the transmitter GABA to inhibit their targets.Granule cells exert excitatory effects.
The following may all potentially cause brain damage: Hypoxia (oxygen deficiency)A (physical) head injuryStrokeAneurysmViral or bacterial infectionBrain tumourAlcohol abuseOther drug abuse
I am prytty shure it would happen, but mabey not (be dead for 2000 yrs. to see)
The Brodman areas of the brain are divisions of the brain as published by Korbinian Brodman in 1909. He defined around 50 areas of the human brain. His studies were based on cell structure and assumed function.
Yes. The landmark of the midbrain is the corpora quadrigemina. The corpora quadrigemina are two inferior colliculi and two superior colliculi.
Frontal, Occipital, Parietal, and Temporal
The main function of the dura mater (as with the arachnoid and pia mater) is to protect, surround, and support the spinal cord. It also forms the dural sac which extends from the foramen magnum all the way down to the coccyx. Inside this formed sac is where you'll find the arachnoid mater,...
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Stress Divides the brain When we cross the stress line and enter into the stress zone our brain reacts. The highest control centre in the brain (right frontal pre-cortex) becomes overwhelmed by the level of stress we are encountering and it shuts down. When it shut's down the 2 halves of the brain...
The entire brainstem is required for life.
Smell is one of the most primitive senses, and in a way, even individual cells can smell. The sense of smell is based on chemical recognition. In humans we have an olfactory bulb at the base of our brain that has nerve receptors leading into our nasal cavity. When certain particles come in contact...
In the brain.It is in a part called the diencephalon and is considered to be the master gland of the body because it controls other glands like the pituitary and tells them to produce and secrete, or stop producing and secreting hormones.It also is considered to be the ruler of homeostasis.
Yes, if covered tightly enough (air tight) to keep adequate oxygen from getting into to your lungs. People pass out when enough oxygen can't get to their brains from the blood stream to keep fully functioning. If the oxygen gets used up and isn't replenished through breathing air in and out of the...
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A thought is formed when two or more brain cells (Neurons) connect
Alarming new science shows that thin air can wreck brain cells-at lower altitudes than you'd think.
Academic Language , speech, time sense,rhythm, writing, ordering complex of movements, and writing.Zooms in on the specifics and thinks local where as the right thinks globally
57 Heinz Varieties
the scientific term for hearing loss is presbycusis
The inferomedial temporal lobe is made up of the hippocampus and  the adjacent cortex.
The auditory cortex, which detects sound quality like  loudness and tone, is right above the auditory association  area, which processes complex auditory information.
yes the brain has lots wrinkles in fact the more you have the higher IQ you have.
CEREBRAL CORTEX Frontal Lobe: Most anterior, right under the forehead.Functions:How we know what we are doing within our environment (Consciousness). How we initiate activity in response to our environment. Judgments we make about what occurs in our daily activities. Controls our emotional response....
it is a light of energy
The brain does not think. It is the personality (the self or the soul) who think using the brain as an instrument of thought.
With aging, the brain seems to lose cells in areas that produce important chemicals that carry information. This decrease in cells upsets the delicate balance of the chemical "messengers."So, as we age, it's not that we forget more easily, but rather that we may simply take longer to learn new...
important in motor control (muscle coordination, sense of position and equilibrium)also involved in some cognitive and emotional functions (for examples, attention and regulating your fear responses)
crebellum is a small and rounded structure caudal to the cerebrum dorsal to the brainstream
You can touch your brain, except not by yourself. There are ways.
To use 100% of the brain is to concrete on something and close your eyes and then think about it for at least 4 hours
The functions can be varying depending on the specific region of the temporal lobe. One well known function is language comprehension in Wernicke's area (Brodmann areas 44 and 45). The temporal lobe also houses the primary auditory cortex, is involved in memory, and object recognition among other...
If we didnt have a brain, we would all be bumping into each other all day and we would all be as stupid as you.
No, brain freeze is not dangerous at all.
the one who covers the brain is the skull
on average it weighs 390g (14oz) and the width = 140 mm length = 167 mm height = 93 mm
Not free gases, but there are several that can be dissolved inblood: nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, evensulfur dioxide and gaseous hydrogen compounds.
Your brain will feel a vibration coming from your stubbed toe.
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The fastest response from the nervous system is from the autonomic system which is involuntary. Heartbeat and reflex movement come from this system which is out of your conscious control. It is centered in the cerebellum and spinal cord. Impulses from your sense organs (a bad smell or a knock to the...
It was once thought that the brain could not create new cells and neurons, but newer evidence shows the brain has a capacity to repair itself just like the rest of the body.
in sheep the olfactory bulb and pineal are larger. sheep have a smaller cerebellum.
you smell! wtf type of question is that!?! who ever asked that question g2hell! loll jokes eh? (chill I'm not Canadian!)You don't. You can recognize smells, but you can't tell or explain a smell. You can only describe things as sweet, sharp, soft, floral, good, bad, like crap, like fire, musky,...
no it actually probably had a large brain (which would be normal for its size)
No, they are about the same size. But brain size does not determine smarts.