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Water Pollution

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Water pollution has become one of the largest environmental problems throughout the world. With many countries, both modernized and third world alike, being greatly affected by this problem it is sure to remain a prevalent topic in political and environmental debates for quite some time. Questions about the causes, results, statistics and solutions to water pollution and the problems it causes should be placed here.
It can make you ill. VERY ILL .
Water can enter into a human's body through the nose and mouth, get breathed into the lungs, the result of which is called 'drowning'. The human often dies from drowning.
Answer:... to reduce water pollution . An abyss of answers can arise to this question. There are many ways we can reduce water pollution. Too list a few: educate and inform the population of the world to what pollution is and how to control and contain any and all spills, demand from our...
There are several ways to reduce pollution. Some of these thingsinclude conserving energy at home, drive your vehicle less, and donot use aerosol products.
oil gas gabage bottles and body fluids
it would taste pretty bad because the oxygen levels in the water would decrease making it less sterile to drink
No animal can be found in most polluted water.But rat-tail maggot,sludge worm,blood worm,water louse,caddis fly larva can be found in less polluted water.
There used to be an ad campaign featuring an owl that said, "Give a hoot, don't pollute!"
this is a sign of a major problem you either have a cracked head or block or a blown head gasket.. there is a product called liquid glass you can use to fix this but bear in mind this is a tempoary fix at best. However, check the water pump blades to see if they may have cut a circular hole...
It runs downstream and ends up in our waterways.
A really good start would be the sincere application of the three R's: Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.
slogan in hindi on nadio me badda ta pradusan
Keep the Oceans clean, stop cutting down Trees, take very much more care of Our One And Only Earth, use less toxic Chemicals [easily done], less deadly gases, and maybe [soon] for your car you can use french fry oil.
Reverse osmosis purification can remove vital minerals from water.This has a doubled effect, because this water then leeches mineralsfrom the body.
The three types are touching, smelling and thinking
the measures being taken are the Indian government has banned people who throw garbage or wash clothes or bathe in the rivers
throwing garbage in the river ..
Thermal pollution is generally a water problem. Heat in the air dissipated quickly. Water which is over heated changes the amount of oxygen in the water, changes the types of fish that can live in the area and encourages the growth of bacteria and algae, In addition warm waters encourage ducks and...
if you want to make a working model for water pollution, then you need actual water, some food colouring, some drops of oil, some pieces of papers and dust. take a big container and fill it with water. add some food colouring at the end only when the teachers come to see your model. adding food...
Children: 3-10 yrs old: 6-7 cups 10-18: 7-8 cups Adults: 8-10 cups
save water even if others are not . save water even if others will not . save water even if others will not
Most likely, industrial runoff or other forms of pollution havelead to eutrophic conditions (too much phosphate, nitrate, or otherchemicals in the water), which were a perfect environment forovergrowth of cyanobacteria (algae). Certain species ofcyanobacteria produce toxins that can kill animals ...
addition of foreign substances (pollutans) in the water Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater caused by human activities, which can be harmful to organisms and plants which live in these water bodies
It isn't unless its floods or bad water witch can cause cholera (call-er-a) witch is a very deadly disease try to avoid it.
Since we currently have lots of technology in our modern day, there must be factories. Factories are huge factors in pollution because they are the ones creating most of the pollution. Since there has been more technology, factories have been 'creating' [producing] more pollution.
Some of the most common diseases and ailments contracted fromimpure water sources include Cholera, Diphtheria, diarrhea,Hepatitis, Typhoid fever, Dysentery, Amebic dysentery, Brainerddiarrhea Cholera.
Sewage is often pumped into the rivers all over the country. Fertilisers and dust from fields also create muddy and murky water.
As we know, waste is poured into the sea, and many other rivers, thus polluting it. This water is sometimes used to water plants in very poor countries, regardless of wether it has been made dirty or not. When the food is bought by food companies, the infected water that the plants have taken in,...
maraming tao ang walang palikuran
To tell how acidic it is you can use pH strips. --- Hopefully not. There's so much chlorine in our tap water that when you turn on the cold water it smells like a swimming pool.
They help protect clean water and improve the quality of polluted water.
Answer: the water pollution rate and affect will go up and outr drinking water rate will go down.. Answer: Water is a resource that is required by agriculture, people and industry. The quality of the water for each of these needs is very specific. If there is an increase in water pollution the...
Human beings themselves are the main reason for pollution. Pollution can be caused through electricity, fuels and transportation among many other factors.
This depends on the nature of the pollutant.
Pesticides are used on lawns. When it rains, the pesticides get in the water, which flows of into the nearest body of water or sink the aquifer in the ground.
It is basic and simple! The five (major) sources of water pollution are fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture, livestock farms, industrial waster, oil runoff from roads including septic tanks, and unlined landfills. ;) :*
This depends entirely on why the water is dirty. If the water is contaminated with chemical pollutants or pathogenic organisms it could make you very sick if you drank it. If on the other hand the water is merely contaminated with clay or silt it is unlikely that there would be many negative health...
pH is a measure of the acid/base ratio of a substance. the1-6 being acidic (one being most acidic) 8-14 being Base (14 being highest) 7 is neautrak and is the ideal pH for water.
Yes, it does, reason # 1. animals won't have clean water to drink and either die of thirst or get poisoned from bad water. that's the only reason i have.
There are many different solutions to water pollution. The simplest is strong government regulation on what can be done with, and put into the water ecosystem. Fines can be levied and used to clean up any infractions.
it could cause so many decease as the water is polluted
Spill oil in it! It can be polluted by factory wastes First there are factory wastes which contain harmful or radioactive substances that get mixed up with water and spread diseases to fishes and use up oxygen in water which then suffocates the marine life. If these poisoned fishes get eaten...
Water pollution affects people because when people drink the polluted water they get sick and get different types of diseases and people also use the polluted water to clean their dishes , them self and their clothes and this can also cause diseases.
Resource pollution means contaminating a given resource.Contamination of water can be considered as a good example ofresource pollution.
There is nothing great than god...............
It's what we drink!! Think of it, if you have our water supply in a scale of 8 one- gallon bottles, all we have is the amount in one of the bottle caps. The whole world shares the water. Even If you think it doesn't matter if you waste one drop of water, think again! What if all 600 billion people...
Answer . Its very difficult to answer. But ways are there to control. We have go for vegetable tannins instead of using hexavalent chromium can use tetravalent chromium.. Anykind of industrial pollution should be controlled by its process itself. Go for eco friendly alternative chemicals during...
People litter the environment by dumping harmful wastes into rivers, the ocean, and lakes. These wastes can be regular trash, or nasty toxins which harm animals and nature. Please do not pollute our great planet, and have a wonderful, non-polluted life!
AUTOROTATION is only for Rotary Wing aircraft...not fixed wing
people as a society cannot prevent pollution. we can only reduce it, pollution is being reduced by using public transport i.e busses, trains etc. also other ways of reducing pollution consist of solar panels, wind turbines and other ways of creating energy. reducing pollution can be as simple as not...
There a several different types of pollution in the Waikato river, coming from different sources: Agricultural pollution is leached into the ground water, and contained in the runoff. This includes fertilizers and effluents. The Wairakei Geothermal Power Station is the major cause of greatly...
Answer . The biggest worldwide cause is the STD known as Chlamydia. It is easy to test and treat. It usually involves a urine sample test and antibiotics. The symptoms can be very mild and most people that have it are unaware that they are infected. If you have any concerns, go to your doctor or...
constant use of it
It afffects many km of land per year thus meaning its quite obviously not too good at all.Its slowly yet affectively destroying Earth like a fat man destroys Doritos with a spicy dip.
Frogs can not survive for an extended period of time in polluted water.
it makes the rain dirty and the rain will seep into the ground and the water in the the ground will be polluted.
kidney failures, more endangered animals, and kills the life in water ecosystems.
the ways to prevent pollution are: 1. afforestation 2. reducing the usage of plastic bags and use environment friendly bags. 3.industries should have high chimneys. 4. water pollution should be reduced.
There is no component of scouting. Scouts are about helping others not fame or being the best.
Water pollution is as old as civilization. The first cities sprang up along rivers and the most convenient thing to do with all the sewage produced was to simply channel it out to the river.
A.I.C. equivalent to M.Sc. as per G.O. No. F.18-36/57-T.5 dated 19-08-58
Answerer Suggestions: Have you seen this muck Have you seen this in your cup Just add some chlorine This is a haiku - 5 syllables 7, 5.
Waste water from land, carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from the atmosphere, trash thrown overboard, abandoned fishing nets and equipment, plastic bags.
What is pollution? What is pollution? Pollution is when water, air or land becomes very dirty. Pollution can come in 4 different types effecting different types of areas in the world. Air pollution effects the air, water pollution effects the water and marine life, land pollution effects the...
the government of fl has let home building go out of control, with out building ways of getting water
Rainwater leaches a lot of good and bad stuff out of the land as it moves downstream to our oceans.
No, but it does keep people aware and you can do things that can make people aware.
You give the solution, comes the end of water pollution!!
The pros and cons of an environment would be highly dependent onthe type of environment in which you live. Living in a particularenvironment could also be good for one type of person, while it maybe bad for another.
i think cause it has E-coli
ANSWER: . Frozen glacial water and underground natural springs are considered pure water that are non manmade purified fit for human consumption.
If they drink polluted water, they would get sick.
every plant in the area of the oil spill since the oil is poisonous it will kill the plant
There have been hundreds of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. These are the causes for a few of them: June 3, 1979 : Ixtoc I oil spill. Drilling of an exploratory well. Removal of drill bit after losing mud circulation caused a blowout . Position of the drill bits prevented the blowout...
It may be a problem with your anti-theft device. Look in your owner's manual for the procedure to reset the anti-theft system. It's a simple procedure that involves sitting in the car for ten minutes with the key on and the engine not running (since it won't start). When the anti-theft light blinks...
11 people died in the explosion and resulting fires of the Macondo Blowout on the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico on 2010 April 20. 17 other men were injured in the explosion. Two more men were killed in related incidents, one of them possibly a suicide by a fisherman...
Answer . If coolant and oil are mixing it is because of a failed head gasket. If it is under the car then maybe you have both an oil leak and coolant leak and they just happen to be dripping around the same area. Impossible to say over the computer. You could try to put a piece of cardboard under...
negative effect. negative effect
1-People 2-Trash 3-Chemicals 4-Invasive Species hope this helps!:)
Answer . If you have "city water" it is actually beneficial to your teeth as it has flouride added to it to help prevent decay. Answer . Pure water itself has essentially no effect on teeth, since the solubility of tooth enamel in water is very small.\n. \nHowever, a high amount of fluid/saliva...
There would be more plastic around the state Answer Mainstream Answer: If you don't recycle paper, the trees that make our oxygen won't last so much longer. If you recycle cans, the energy that would have been used to make more cans will be saved. When you recycle, space in landfills are saved....
"Uncontaminated" basically means "not dirty". "not dirty" is pretty much the same as "clean", and clean waterwon't give you any diseases.
This is a tough question, as there are many contributing factors, but the main ones would most likely be Environment, Health, and Resources. -In Resources, an animal's life can be limited by the availability of food, water, and shelter. -In Health, an Animal's life can be limited by plagues,...
Answer . I had a similar experience with my 68 Fleetwood Series 75 Limo. The problem was a plugged radiator. Cadillac uses a 4-row radiator for these heavy duty vehicles just to keep them from overheating. Before I replaced the radiator, I would make sure the lower radiator hose is not weak. ...
Possibley, the Clutch sensor, or the transmission is going.
yes they do. flood waters can take in rubbish into the water
people throwing things in the oceans