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What about electronics?

Shenzhen Kamry Technology Co., Ltd ( was establishedin 2007 in Shenzhen. Kamry has great expertise in the researchingand developing, manufacturing, and marketing (MORE)
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What are electronics?

Anything containing electrical compotents which assists in operation.. Basically is the fact that is a physical study of electron emission

What do electron do?

An electron is a subatomic particle in the atom. Sub (part), Atomic (of the atom). It has a negative charge and has 1800 times less mass than the proton, which has a positiv (MORE)

What is an electronics?

Electronics are anything that runs on electricity or batteries such as tv's, stereos, computers. DVD players, e.t.c.. Electronics is a study of electrons emission. Component (MORE)

Can electrons where out?

I think you mean, "Can they wear out?" And by that, do you mean they just run out of energy like a battery? Remember that energy cannot be made or destroyed. Electrons are con (MORE)

What can an electron be in?

well the nucleous is the center of an atom which is surrounded by electrons and neutrons..kind of like a small orbit around the nucleous how many neutrons and electrons depend (MORE)
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What is electrones?

An electron is a negatively charged subatomic particle. It can beeither free, or bound to the nucleus of an atom. Electrons in atomsexist in spherical shells of various radii, (MORE)