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Do hamsters have fits?

  Yes, they can have fits. If your holding them in an awkward position, they will start to make a vibrating notion and close their eyes. In a couple seconds, they snap out (MORE)

What is physical fitness?

Physical fitness is the ability of your body to deal with day to  day tasks at varying difficulty levels and tempos. It's being able  to do basic physical activities at an e (MORE)

What is contemporary fit?

Cotemporary fit is a fit which lies in between Classic and Slim fit. Its comfortable yet not loose like a classic fit and has ease for body movements unlike a slim fit...
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What is ecological fitness?

It refers to the fact that poorly adapted organisms in a population die in greater numbers than those that are well adapted. When referring to a specific species, a species (MORE)
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What is motor fitness?

  •   Motor Fitness refers to the ability of an athlete to perform successfully at their sport. The components of motor fitness are:   * Agility  * Balance  * Co (MORE)

What to do when a dog has fit?

Keep a note of what happens during the fit and at what time it occured. Time how long the fit lasts. Move objects away from the dog so he is not injured. Keep a cold cloth nea (MORE)
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What is a street fitting?

A street fitting is a fitting that is designed to attach to another fitting, It can also be one that is design to connect two or more fittings together. It can be destinguishe (MORE)
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What is the meant by fitness?

Physical Fitness would most likely be considered a healthy person, which is different for everyone. This is where perception comes into play, but in general, I would consider (MORE)

What is a collett fitting?

A collet fitting is a holding device that forms a collar around  parts on a vehicle to hold them in place. There are both outer and  inner collet fittings.
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How to get fit?

6 High Fiber Foods   An essential component in your daily diet, fiber is important  for digestive health. It makes you feel full and helps with weight  loss. Fiber also (MORE)