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What is marriage?

Marriage is a noun that means: A. A legally binding heterosexual union; a union between opposite sex couples. B. The state of being married; wedlock. C. A common-law marr (MORE)

How can you make your marriage a loving marriage?

It is so Important to realize that marriages go though seasons. there will be ups and downs, and sometimes u may find yourself in a place where you are ready to give up... THI (MORE)

How do you get the marriage lei and a marriage beanie?

i have skill up to 10, and everything else is 10 besides carisma which is 8. i wanted to switch to my husband and ask him to marry me.. so i went to clothing plans to make it. (MORE)

When you can marriage?

In most states you need to be 18 or older, but in some states you can marry anytime you want with written permission from a parent or legal guardian from both sides.

What is the marriage?

Marriage is a process in that one girl and boy give promise to eachother that they will give support to each other in all their goodand bad time.

What is marriage for?

Marriage can be viewed as an arrangement for the ownership andtransfer of property. It can also be seen as a dclaration ofadherence to traditional "loyalty" posiitons.