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Why do marriages fail?

Marriages fail because of misunderstanding of what it really means. First of all the teenagers should understand infatuation and be able to differentiate it when choosing a li (MORE)

What is real marriage?

In the United States a real marriage is one sanctioned by law and for which the parties have obtained a valid civil marriage license.
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Origin of marriage?

Sorry to say, but the origin of marriage predates recorded history. It is highly unlikely that the basic concept of holding a ceremony to commemorate a life partnership began (MORE)

Which marriage is good love marriage or arrange marriage?

Love marriage is very good by comparing arranged marriage when when loving they will understand each other if it is a true love and will share everything and they wont behave (MORE)

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Is a will void after marriage?

Generally, in most common law jurisdictions, a will is void if it was made prior to a marriage, unless it appears from the will that it was made in contemplation of the marri (MORE)

How can you get out of a fraudulent marriage?

  Answer   Get an annulment. If the marraige was based on lies or something was illegal, you don't need a divorce. You annul the marraige by filing at the local cour (MORE)