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Who is the goddess of marriage?

Hera is the Goddess of Marriage and also the Goddess of Childbearing. She was a goddess of Marriage even before she was married to Zeus. She is also the protector of Married w (MORE)

What is faithfulness in marriage?

  Faithfulness in marriage is not commiting lust with another man/woman. but is more then Not doing something, it is doing something, it is continuing to love your spous (MORE)

How can you make your marriage a loving marriage?

It is so Important to realize that marriages go though seasons. there will be ups and downs, and sometimes u may find yourself in a place where you are ready to give up... THI (MORE)

What is marriage premise?

It is based on 2 expectations: 1- expectation of primariness: keeping each other primary/sexual exclusiveness 2- expectations of permanence: work hard to ensure that the r (MORE)

Which marriage is good love marriage or arrange marriage?

Love marriage is very good by comparing arranged marriage when when loving they will understand each other if it is a true love and will share everything and they wont behave (MORE)

What do you save your marriage?

It takes two to make a marriage work and unfortunately in many cases at least one of the spouses is uncooperative. Women are more likely to see a Marriage Counselor than men a (MORE)

Which marriage is better a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

Answer 1   love marriage because if you are not in love how could you even  want to spend your rest of your life with he or she.    Answer 2   It entirely depe (MORE)