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What is poetry?

Here are some definitions of poetry: . Poetry is a form of writing, also an art form. There are manydifferent kinds of poetry. . Poetry is the expression of one's feelings (MORE)
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Where did you get poetry from?

Poetry is you. It's your expeirences, your memories, your thought and emotions. Poetry comes from your heart. Not all of it is rhyming. There's no such thing as a good poet, (MORE)

Is contemporary poetry impersonal poetry?

If anything I would say the opposite is true. Since roughly the 1950's and poets like Robert Lowell, a great deal of modern poetry has been what is called Confessional, meanin (MORE)

What can poetry do?

I am not really sure what you are asking, but I'll try to answer anyway. Poetry can tell a story, express an emotion or many emotions in a way where the wording flows beautifu (MORE)

Is visual poetry shape poetry?

One form of poetry that makes a shape is called 'Concrete' poetry. ----poetry -----------like --------------this ------------can --------make -------a ------s --- (MORE)