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What is poetry?

Poetry has somany definitions. Some are given below . Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmicqualities of a language. . It is an art form in which (MORE)

Samples of poetry that illustrate the poetry?

The type of poetry that illustrate poetry is the kind that is  detailed enough to give an illustration in your mind. This type is  called Maceration Poetry. It is so beautif (MORE)
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Where did you get poetry from?

Poetry is you. It's your expeirences, your memories, your thought and emotions. Poetry comes from your heart. Not all of it is rhyming. There's no such thing as a good poet, (MORE)

Why is a poetry humorous why is a poetry humorous?

Because sometimes the poet feels like expressing his humor. Sometimes the poet does not have humor, so he/she does not express it. I as a poet has humor, so I express my humor (MORE)

What can poetry do?

I am not really sure what you are asking, but I'll try to answer anyway. Poetry can tell a story, express an emotion or many emotions in a way where the wording flows beautifu (MORE)

What type of poetry is list poetry?

Quite simply, list poetry is poetry that is written in the form of a list. For example, a list poem could be something like: Every piece of her is inherent beauty, her eyes, h (MORE)