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Can dogs have Vicodin?

Yes for LARGE enogh dogs that need it, but don't expect to get a prescription for it from your vet. I informed my vet that I had a some Vicodin and wanted to know if I could g (MORE)
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What is Vicodin?

POWERFUL pain killer that is abused by teens. It is subscribed by an M.D. Reduced pain response in the CNS (Central Nervous System)
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How do you get vicodin?

The most common way people get vicodin is with a prescription from their doctor. If you have a regular doctor and have intense pain, your doctor will likely prescribe it for y (MORE)

How can you get vicodin?

I assume you mean legally get it. Have an injury or surgery that a doctor prescribes it least in the US. I'm not conversant with how every country works, and I know t (MORE)

Is Darvocet Vicodin?

No - Darvocet is (propoxyphene napsylate), and Vicodin is (hydrochloride bitartrate). They are narcotic pain medications. Both medications include acetaminophen and come in (MORE)

Is Vicodin Ibuprofen?

No, Vicodin contains an opioid analgesic Hydrocodone and a non opioid acetaminophen, whereas Ibuprofen is an OTC NSAID.

What of the vicodin have in it?

Vicodin is made up of hydrocodone and acetaminophen (same as Tylenol), usually at a ratio of 1:100 hydrocodone to acetaminophen. So if you had 7.5 mg of hydrocodone, you would (MORE)