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A glazed, ring-shaped roll with a tough, chewy texture, made from plain yeast dough that is dropped briefly into nearly boiling water and then baked.
A bagel shop in Spain
410 calories are present in cinnamon bagel with cream cheese.
Bagels comes from the country of Poland.
The bagels were invented in 1683 by a viennese baker.
It is better to store bagels in a sealed plastic bag at roomtemperature. Storing them in a refrigerator is not recommended, asbagels will quickly dry out and become stale - for longer-termstorage, freeze instead. To freeze, wrap tightly with aluminiumfoil or plastic freezer bag.
it depends on the bagel it can be 2 table spoons or 3teaspoons. just a plain bagle can be 2 teaspoons a garlic on theother hand is about a tablespoon!
Bagels are not the best idea when you are on a diet. Because of all of the carbohidrates they have htey can add on pounds really easily! Hope this helps! . Alexa:)
Mostly and probably in Italy but maybe the sesame could be a trademark form another country.
probably buy a new DVD player, or a toaster...i don't know which!
A lot less fun for kids who like to stick their fingers in things.
Vitamins found in bagels are: Vitamin A Vitamin C Minerals found in bagels are: Iron Sodium Potassium Phosphorus
Yes, an egg has protein and a bagel has carbohydrates.
theres about 250. since they're very filling, you may want to try half a bagel with butter, which would be about 150 calories depending on the use of butter and what kind.
300 but there low in fat
Who said i did. Teehee. I really do but dont go assuming things.
To keep people coming for more bagels
The ratio of Jews who like bagels is similar to the ratio in the general population.. Some - as yet undefined - percentage can't live without them.. Others really enjoy them, or simply eat them if they are served.. Some get sick simply at the mention of bagels.. However, Jews will never eat meat on...
no they didn't have bagels in the Elizabethan era. What kind of question is that?
H&H Bagels are the best. They are sold at many, many different cafes and restaurants around the city, but the best place to get them is at the H&H stores. When you get them at the H&H stores, they are fresh and warm and straight from the oven. When you buy them at cafes and restaurants, they are...
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It says bagel 343 times just slow it down and see
moisture makes the bagels mold the fastest so is better if is kept in the freezer.
According to the Merriam-Webster's dictionary, 'bagel' derives from the transliteration of the Yiddish 'beygl', which came from the Middle High German 'böugel' or ring , which itself came from 'bouc' (ring) in Old High German, similar to the Old English 'bēag' ' (ring), and 'būgan'...
they are a guy who thinks hes Mexican but he likes bagels weird i know but true
well...all u have to do is take out a bagel, cut it in half, spread some pizza sauce on it, sprinkle some cheese and toppings, and put in the microwave for 30 sec., so it should probably take at least 5 min.....hope i helped!!
$1.25 plus tax. If you want cream cheese, it is $0.50 more!
One bagel has about 45g of carbs.
No, not at all, actually. First of all, an anorexic probably wouldn't eat a whole bagel at once. Even if you want to, if you're truly anorexic, you can't, trust me. Second of all, if it's just one day, then you're not considered anorexic, you just didn't eat much that day. It has to be something...