Civil Lawsuits

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Civil lawsuits stem from actions that violate the personal and constitutional rights of a person and may include issues involving personal injury, family disputes, and negligence resulting to loss or damage to property.
if you are asking about the limit a creditor can put on agarnishment, it is a percentage, depending on the state you livein, not the state the creditor is in po FU CKKK YAA
Trespass to land is a common law tort that is committed when anindividual, or the object of an individual, intentionally entersthe land of another without a lawful excuse. For such a tort to hold up in court, generally the plaintiff mustprove that the said trespasser damaged property of some kind.
An action to quiet title is a lawsuit filed to establish ownershipof real property (land and buildings affixed to land). Theplaintiff in a quiet title action seeks a court order that preventsthe respondent from making any subsequent claim to the property.Quiet title actions are necessary because...
It would be issued & served on the known birth name of theperson. However - it would also have the alias(es) listed on thedocument - so that the person tho whom it relates cannot say theyweren't the person concerned.
Att Cori Stewart at BMO Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Canada thuglifenvictoria | February 1, 2010 at 10:21 am | Tags: ThugLife_n_Victoria...Gnome Sayin! | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: Subject: Pension Refund upon Termination RE: Discrepancy over amount deposited to...
The Plaintiff may withdraw the lawsuit, however, since thedefendants have filed their counter claim, the suit will continue(now) against the plaintiff.
There's no school near where they live, they might be barred from attending school, because they are women, or belong to a minority religion, or skin color. They are forced to work to support the family. They have abusive parents. They ran away from home, and can not go to school, because they have...
Donoghue v Stevenson was the case where tort law is based on from a precedence that was made as there was no current law that protected people because she did not buy the product herself the company did not have a duty of care with her only the person that bought the item its self
A judgment NOV is normally awarded after trial if the judge deems that the jury's decision was incorrect as a matter of law. A judge's job is to be sure that the decision is legally correct. A motion for a judgment notwithstanding the verdict is rarely granted, but is normally made as a matter of...
Also what are the charges of being an accessory of stealing a car in Florida???
If you can prove the statements are intentionally false and notopinions you may have a slander complaint. there's three otherthings you can do 1 ignore them 2 get revenge, break into theirhouse, damage their car, steal money from them or 3 make falsestatements about them that will make people hate...
Contact your local police and tell them you want to prosecute theperson for blackmailing you
Yes you can, but which means He must have done something wrong.
After counsel objects to an evidence code violation, counsel may ask the court to strike the answer given from the trial transcript.
The Executive and Legislative and Judicial Branches are corrupt to the core!. Right to a trial by jury of one's peers is the Seventh Amendment.. The highest court in the land is the Common Law Grand Jury - not the Supreme Court, who are some criminals! We need the Seventh Amendment!. Answer ....
You don't get sued through the mail. You get served through themail. That is, the service is a notification that you are beingsued and will give you a date to appear in court. You get sued incourt.
It means that the claim was dismissed because the person who filedthe claim did not pursue it.
The term "tort reform" is a term coined by insurance companies andbig business. While there are some exceptions to the rule,generally, tort "reform" is only beneficial to the insurancecompanies and big corporations. It's usually HORRIBLE for theconsumer/average person.
call or go to the clerk s office, at the court house
Yes, you can file a civil lawsuit for Alienation of Affection ifyou are still married to your spouse.
True. Summary judgment will be granted only if there are no genuine question of fact and the sole question is a question of Law.
Depending on exactly what you looking for, if you are in the medical profession and provided medical care for someone: Title 17 Professions, Occupations, and Businesses Subtitle 3. Medical Professions Chapter 95 Physicians and Surgeons Subchapter 1 -- General Provisions 17-95-101. "Good...
Probably. It's up to the judge and many circumstances can be involved. but, probably.
Lawyers don't autorized for does claims in this court.
If the other driver suffered property damage or was injured, he can sue the driver who caused the accident, regardless of the speed of collision.
If you have appeared in that lawsuit by an attorney then you must appear for a deposition. As an example if you live in New Jersey and you had an accident in New York and a lawsuit was filed in New York and your lawyer has appeared for you in New York then you must appear for a deposition. If you...
It depends on what the payments are really for.Damages received for personal physical injury or physical sickness are generally NOT taxable. If it is to replace something you actually lost, like an arm, or eyesight, etc...then it isn't taxable.If it is to replace income that you would have made,...
I think you mean by omission. Medical malpractice is defined as professional negligence by act or omission by a medical professional. This would include a doctor who fails to catch signs of cancer; a nurse practitioner who misdiagnoses an ailment or a nurse who does not respond to troublesome vital...
Intentional Torts- assault, battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress Unintentional Torts-Negligence, malpractice, recklessness State of Mind is controlling...for more information contact us at
It was your job to get a legal representative not the workplace's. If you did not take your medication and there for did not function so you could do your job they had every right to fire you. Your race is irrelevant.
Get a good lawyer. About the only thing this company does well is manage their legal exposure. When you operate the way they do you learn how to use the legal process.
No. Voting rights are one of the things that people should not take for granted. Yes. Politicians have sued voters for attempting to impose term limits.
It is a Latin term which means "Let the master speak." In legal proceedings it is the idea that employees are simply agents of the employer, and the employer is accountable for the acts of his employees. Therefore, he must explain, justify, or defend the acts, rather than the employee. Unless it is...
A gift check is a check that is written expressly as a gift. Giftchecks can be personal, or can be issued by businesses.
It is less costly to settle a case before it goes to trial. Also, trials are mostly unpredictable so a settlement may be in the best interest of the parties. On the other hand there are cases where the outcome is so predictable that the parties settle.
Your attorney would be best to answer that questions. Since we donot have the full facts of the case and this place does not providelegal advice since not everyone here is an attorney. Call your lawyer or Google one for a free consultation.
Most people interested in hula know that missionaries in the islands in the 1800s considered hula an "abomination" and preached vehemently against it. But few people know that their influence in government actually resulted in the enactment of laws that restricted the practice of hula for nearly a...
Retain an attorney to work things out, do not try to go this alone.
someone that did go suicide probably had that on there list of why their life sucked but for that reason alone no.
All three branches of the federal government can recommend bills.However, both the Senate and the House of Representatives have topass the bill and the President has to sign it before it can becomelaw.
After reading your comments on the discussion page, you need to see a personal injury attorney (preferably one who regularly handles in school-related issues) immediately. It is truly an outrage that the school has stood idle while your son has had to endure daily bullying. Any good personal injury...
The answer depends upon what you are seeking. The term "relief"could refer to alimony, child support the payment of bills by yourspouse--just about anything. A motion is a request to the court totake some type of action.
Criminal trial is a court trial for criminal procedures like murder etc. but civil trial includes the trials and courth questioning of disputes like that of a property
Answer . has entered with permission or without permission ?
Not sure about the second largest, but the largest class action suit so far was in Canada in 2005. It involved 79,000 people suing the Canadian government over issues surrounding the residential school system. the payout was upwards of $5 billion dollars.
Damages, primarily. At equity, mandatory injunctions, negative injunctions, equitable accounting, equitable tracing, the list goes on and on.
What kind of theft? Since you are accusing of such a serious crimewhich can be hard to prove. As long as you have substantialevidence you can file a lawsuit
True or false Tort law deals with disputes and pover
It is called either a "complaint" or a "petition". The nomenclature depends upon the jurisdiction and/or the underlying cause of action.
Yes, essentially. A voluntary dismissal with prejudice indicates that the plaintiff has voluntarily dropped the case and cannot file suit again. A voluntary dismissal without prejudice gives the plaintiff one more chance in court.
A stigma against lawyers! Aka prosecutors.
Yes, it is legally possible to file a lawsuit against any federal agency.
If the LLc is basically your interest in a professional partnership type arrangment...say a consulting firm....try to show that their is no market for your interest..the value is really only comes from the involvement of those working in the business....hope none of your partners offers to buy out...
If a policeman tells you to stop and you do not, yes. If the police forgets to say stop, then yes, for it's not actually a requirement for him to tell you to stop breaking the law, before tasering. As to school officials - probably not. It would seem a lawsuit would be likely if it did happen.
Yes, he can. Usually they dont. They wait till the end of the state statute of limitation. They sue you usually few months before that time. They will try all tactics to get the money from you, when they see they have no hopes, they take aggressive actions. You should also check if your pay...
The United States of America has 50 states, so if you are refering to them, yes.
You need to review the situation with an attorney. Since there is an appeal pending regarding the land, there should have been a notice recorded in the land records that would have alerted any third-party purchaser. Depending on the decision of the High court, you may have to sue someone for damages...
In my experience this is one of the most difficult things to do. You must show Fraud or a failure to separate financial transactions between the individual owner and the corporation.
Civil negligence can actually amount to criminal negligence, butthis question would be better answered by an attorney.
You may be able to file a lawsuit for defamation of character (e.g. slander) if you can prove tangible damages caused by an individual making false statements about you. This is a huge stretch, however, for the situation you are describing. Please understand that the civil court system does not...
You theoretically can but you probably won't. Punitive damages are rare and require an extreme situation.
A "summons to appear" is a letter to inform you are being sued, and to appear in court. It is commonly filed with the complaint letting you know what you are being sued for. Whoever receives the summons needs to file their answers with the court stating if they agree to, or deny, the allegations, as...
A lawyer is a person that practices various laws in the court in order to save their clients from the prison time and other illegal issues.
Some college courses required for becoming a lawyer includegovernment, criminal justice and basic courses. Some law schoolsalso require psychology courses.
is small claim court in texas for contracts
A single creditor can only execute a judgment in one manner, that being the case a judgment creditor cannot concurrently garnish income and levy the bank account of a judgment debtor.
Newspapers can have a big impact on the public's opinion on socialand economic views, The more people hear about causes and problemsfrom the media, the more it leads them to form opinions on it.
A Bench trail is conducted by the court with no jury
There are specific rules when you discovering an accident (Good Samaritan Statute - Minnesota Statute 171.50, Driver License Compact). A driver can have his or her license suspended for "failure to stop and render aid in the event of a motor vehicle accident resulting in the death or personal...
If you are already involved in a personal injury civil case and want to subpoena records or witnesses, you-or your attorney-will need to file a request for the subpoena with the court, if the request is granted, then a process server will deliver the documents-they must be signed in order to ensure...
To keep said assets from being transferred and/or liquidated and/or "hidden".
This is a very open question with many variables. First, you have to have a viable cause of action. Second you have to draft a claim. Your claim is very important. Use simple sentences 8 words or fewer. Only allege what you need to allege and nothing more. You will have time for a story later. There...
Not sure what you mean by a sworn answer. But a sworn statementmeans that in legal terms you have signed an affidavit verifyingyour statement and sticking to what you say.
In most cases, no. Normally your insurance company handles the case on your behalf.