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This is about the history of the nation of Scotland. Formerly a Kingdom, Scotland is now part of the United Kingdom. Ask about William Wallace, Robert Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots, John Logie Baird, Adam Smith, David Hume, John Knox, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns and other important figures in Scottish history here.
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Mary Queen of Scots was Henry VII of England's great-granddaughter. Elizabeth I was the second legitimate child of Henry VIII of England (the son of Henry VII) to survive infancy. Elizabeth was therefore the granddaughter of Henry VII. In other words Mary was the daughter of Elizabeth's cousin.
The Angles came to Scotland about 1200 years ago
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English King Edward I won the Battle of Falkirk.
John Logie Baird was indeed given his name at birth and did not change it in his lifetime.
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Northumbrian English (later known as Scots)
Robert de Bruce was born in 1274 and died in 1329.
Mary Queen of Scots was not held in the tower of London. For 19 years, Mary was kept in safe custody in various castles (e.g. Bolton Castle) and manor houses but not near London. Mary was executed at Fortheringhay Castle, 70 miles north of London
Historical information on many of the queens is slim. Unless they were very powerful like Eleanor of Aquitaine ( she was the wife of two kings, the mother of 2 kings, the grandmother of a queen) little is known. The queens we know most about seem to come after the middle ages. One reason for this is...
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A kilt may be worn in any country. However, I believe that it is still illegal to wear a kilt in Scotland because the law that banned the wearing of kilts has never been repealed although it is never enforced.
Malcolm and Donalbain thought that since their father was murdered,they may be next on the list of someone who wants to take thethrone. Also, they didn't really seemed shocked at their father'sdeath and could have been mistaken as their father's murderers.
John Logie Baird was born on August 13, 1888 and died on June 14, 1946. John Logie Baird would have been 57 years old at the time of death or 126 years old today.
Yes. Her name was Margaret Albu.
He was the person whom the Jacobites supported. "James" = "Jacob"
In October of 1586, Mary was put on trial at Fotheringhay for plotting to kill Elizabeth and claim the English throne. Mary defended herself admirably though she had no friends or supporters at the trial and, essentially, the verdict had been decided before the proceedings had begun. Mary admitted...
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It actually caused big problems for Elizabeth.
A shroud or at least what remains of it.
Two war-like people who lived in northern Britian.
yes. Prince Eward II is William Wallace's child because he had an affair with Princess Isabella the french princess who was married to King Eward I. She had the child a few months after William Wallace's death. The above statement is FALSE. Isabelle of France didn't give birth to Edward II,...
Very lively and active loved horsemanship she said to be ruled by her heart opposite of Queen Elizabeth1 although she was said to through violent depression fits, she was a very generous and forgiving person.
Two groups of Celts - the Gaels and Brythons - also invaded the British Isles.
She shows that people even monarchs have flaws.
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Highlanders (not lowlanders) wore the kilt in battle up to the 18th century. The last battle on British soil was in 1746, the Battle of Culloden where the kilt was worn on both sides by the Highland units of the Jacobite forces and the Highland units of the Government Hanoverian forces.. After the...
Scottish Nationalist, Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and the odd Green or Independant.
Scottish Highlands and Islands, particularly West Highlands
because she was ill and let elizibeth take the throne
There isn"t any- Spanish Armada battle occured in l558 shortly after the accession of Elizabeth Tudor ( Elizabeth I). Mary I ( Bloody Mary) died in l558 of natural causes. Mary, Queen of Scots was executed by axe in l587 which is almost two decades later. Both Maries were devout Roman Catholics,...
They united in 1707 when Queen Elizabeth was succeeded By James VI of Scotland, becoming James I of England, too. The Acts of Parliament were just to legalise the position.
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That depends on which side of the story you think is correct. One side says yes she did because she tried to kill Elizabeth. The other says that no she did not because all she was doing was trying to get out of the bad conditions she was in even though she knew the price.
Mary Scots was a bad queen because she wanted to kill queen Elizabeth ,so her head got chop off.
Mary Queen Of Scots was executed by her second cousin Elizabeth. At first Elizabeth didn't want to sign the death warrant, then finally when the warrant was showed to her for the third she signed it. She kept Mary in prison for 19 years until she executed her. The reasons for killing her were ...
Scottish people sometimes wear the kilt at weddings and other special occassions.
~Mary Elizabeth Mahoney was the first black woman to complete nurse's training in 1926. ~She was basically a nurse/doctor
Mary I, being the only living legitimate heir of Henry VIII, returned England to Catholicism when she took the throne but it was only briefly. Upon her death, Elizabeth I returned the country to an Anglican state.
The bridge was called: Cadgers Bridge. I myself have been to Biggar.
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A Laird is a hereditary title for the owner of a landed estate in Scotland. It's also the middle name of a beautiful, talented girl, Hannah Laird Mills.
William Wallace was born in 1272 and was murdered (executed) in 1305.
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Yes, hundreds of years ago.
Answer . Theres pics of John Logie Bairds Television At the Museum of Television at. http://www.mztv.com/newframe.asp?content=http://www.mztv.com/baird.html along with lots of background information on the subject.
I have a portrait of Euphemia Baird dating from the right dates - but never identified the artist. Certainly in a style matching that of Watson Gordon.
There was no King of England in 1620 but there was a King of Great Britain. Namely James VI and I (same person).
She had a son called James
I believe you are referring to the so-called Casket Letters- there were two- the name does not refer to a burial vessel- but something akin to a letter box- but of a boxy, coffin-like shape. There were two letters- and they were written, it is believed in French- they may still exist, were not...
The Act of Union passed in July 1840 and proclaimed February 10, 1841, abolished the legislatures of Lower Canada andUpper Canada and established a new political entity, the Province of Canada to replace them. This act effecting the political union of The Canadas was similar in nature and in goals...
Imagine what it would be like if there were thousands of Loch Ness Monsters rampaging through the Scottish Highlands!
Well in my class i learned bonnie prince charlie fought for the Jacobites and their enemys were the hanovarians people call them the red coats.The jacobites and the red coats had a war and they fought a culloden battlefield. (the leader of the red coats was William of orange.)