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Starting from the bottom of the stomach to the anus, the intestines do the work of absorbing what we eat and putting it to good use. When they are working well, we hardly think about them. When they don't, we have questions. Ask them here.
 Magnesium citrate (1:1) (1 magnesium atom per  citrate molecule), called below  by the common but ambiguous name magnesium  citrate (which can also mean magnesium citrate  (3:2)), is a magnesium  preparation in salt form with citric  acid. It is a chemical agent used medicinally as a saline...
  Hemoglobin can be decreased in cases of: 1- Anemea (hypochromic) 2- Hemorrhage and trauma 3- Bone marrow depression
If there is a condition called "tummys", I am not aware of it. Some clarification would certainly help. However, if you are concerned about a particular condition, such as abdominal pain, the safest and most effective course of action is to consult a health care provider.
Donkeys only have one stomach.
After food is chewed into a bolus, it is swallowed to move it into the esophagus. Smooth muscles will contract behind the bolus to prevent it from being squeezed back onto the mouth, then rhythmic, unidirectional waves of contractions will work to rapidly force the food into the stomach. This...
I prefered Loperamide because this drug is better known as its  over-the-counter name: Imodium, which is probably the best-known  anti-diarrheal medicine among the general population.
See a doctor.What kind of doctor? Gastrologist, Cardiologist...?
Endocrine glands, which are a cluster of cells that produce and  secrete hormones, that are located in various organs of the body,  such as in the pancreas, ovaries, testes, and thymus, controls the  production and secretion of certain hormones. The hypothalamus,  pineal gland, and parathyroid...
  255 grams is just about 9 ounces (8.9948603 ounces)
peritoneum an intestine layer it has ability to permeability
Because they are provided with other forms of nutrition, such as TPN (total parenteral nutrition) which is a sterile solution of all essential nutrients administered through the blood vessels. But people require many supplements of various nutrients, vitamins and minerals if they have a...
Faeces (British term) or Feces (English term) is bowel movements or  stool. It is the solid or semi solid wastes (or diarrehea) that  collect in the intestines and pass out through the rectum. Stool  has a bacteria in it called E Coli, which helps to break down  components of food after the body...
its fluid with have blood cells for transport
its in machine for anti acid in digestive system
Yes it is natural and isn't unhealthy in any way. Its actually a very good sign of focus and control it means you can focus on pushing both out at the same time.
to move out the unvanted material
The kidneys filter about 150 to 180 liters per day, so that would be about 6 to 7.5 liters an hour.   6 liters = 1.6 US (1.3 UK) gallons   7.5 liters = 2 US (1.6 UK) gallons See Related Link below ads
Yes. Carnivores are just like us in that respect. The evidence is  that they are living beings, and every living being has to excrete  somehow.
side effects of over dosage of magnesium so short or not repoted
diverticulitis inflammation of Gugenum and tropical sprue isintestinal injery
Read the back of the packet/bottle. If it's harmful yes, if you don't think you have changed/been harmed no. However I would see your doctor just incase.
The adjective enterococcal applies to enterococci -- normal bacteria in the intestines.
there in your eye The retina contains two types of photoreceptors, rods and cones. The rods are more numerous, some 120 million, and are more sensitive than the cones. However, they are not sensitive to color. The 6 to 7 million cones provide the eye's color sensitivity and they are much more...
faculty welfare in Hospital administration ,arrange workshops,internships,and fild work for the welfare of medical careProwiders
Nicotine level increase and it block the CNS synopsis and decriersthe dopamine,
The nutrient that contains nitrogen are plant nutrients. Nitrogen is one common element in all plants.
types of pain
Because manure is made out of animal feces
Testosterone produces a deep voice and facial hair in males.
a sedentary lifestyle is comprised of limited or no activity coupled with poor diet.
it cover the ulcer so for protect form acid
  yah, I'd say so. It's happened to me before. It just means you have thrown up everything that was in your stomach, and all that is left is the bile. It's kinda gross, but i think its pretty normal, as long as you're not vomiting every hour for a whole day or something. In my case, it was 3 or...
the build up of endometrium
Yes if there is blood in it or you may have eaten a food with a  strong colour agent like beets
You say it like this "Eres un mojón".
Brain, Kidneys, Liver, and Lungs.
Both smoking and drinking can have very adverse effects on your  health. Doing both increases the chance of certain types of cancer  such as mouth or throat.
If your doctor told you to avoid it, then you should ask him what it is. "Swede" could have a couple meanings . . . A Swede is someone from Sweden. But it could also be a term used for rutabagas.
Bile is an emulsifier. Bile is a chemical which breaks large globs of oil or fat (lipids) into tiny globules.
cell membrane is the part of cell that interact with chemical andphysical factors,and working of cell is like a computer
They can begin as soon as four hours after the last cigarette use. It can normally take 8-12 weeks before the person may start to feel comfortable with their new lifestyle change, but results may vary for each and every individual.
Conservative management (Antibiotics, Analgesics, IV fluids, Bowel rest and NO per oral.)
Testicular pain can be a result of injury or illness. See a doctor  for evaluation and treatment. This may resolve itself in a few days  but if it does not it should be checked.
in the to test the feces made its diluton
The 5 year survival rate varies between 10% and 40% depending on how spread the cancer is to other parts of the body such as the pancreas, liver and surrounding lymph nodes. If the cancer is localized and surgery can be performed to remove the duodenal tumor the survival rate is higher but still no...
No. The vagus nerve is in the parasympathetic system
Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins; hence the intake of amino acids will act nutritionally as protein.
About 3 months after conception
Erythrocytes are Red Blood Cells. They carry oxygen around the body to organs around the body. •Erythrocytes : --Develop from stem cells in the bone marrow--Lose their nucleus just prior to entering circulation--Transport oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the tissues
You should eat more foods with fiber and take a fiber supplement. If that does not help go to a doctor.
Boiling milk is completely safe. When you boil milk, it will actually reduce the congesting quality that milk has when cold (although it's still probably best not to drink milk at all when you have a cold or are heavily congested). It is true that if you add lemon (or lime) juice to milk when it...
Shows there is irritation of the stomach lining. May be due to drugs (NSAIDs), Helicobacter pylori bacterial infection, smoking, alcohol, spicy foods, stress or a number of other medical causes.Depending on the cause, your doctor might treat you with acid suppressing medications including omeprazole...
  It means burned completely. Nothing left but ash.   Means to be burnt at a high heat
HCV is an infection of liver. Transmitted by needles and numerous of other things.Answered By: TianaDate: 3/25/10Shoutouts: My granny ,mama, daddy, aunts, uncle , brother , and cousins
According to the Bristol Stool Scale, a 3 or 4 is considered healthy. In other words, the stool should be sausage shaped and smooth or with small cracks in the surface. Refer to the Related Links for a picture of the Bristol Stool Scale.
Some people enjoy bright colors, others don't. Also, in  contemporary American culture, it is common for pink to be  associated with girls from an early age, causing them to still like  it later on in life.
Serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase
  The visible symptoms of shingles usually lasts about 2 weeks. The full period including when general illness or skin soreness are the only symptoms usually lasts about a month. However, some patients may develop Post-Herpetic Neuralgia which is the most serious complication of shingles....
1}take high -fibric diet and take more fluids  2}sitz bath-take a luke warm water in a bath tube or plate and add some betadine which is normal skin disinfectent and sit for 15 minutes  3}sclerotheraphy and finally  4}surgery
This is one of many adaptations the alveoli have to make gas exchanges happen easily. The blood network in the alveoli is there so it's easy for gases to pass capillaries through.
It is my understanding that when I have a "rotten egg belch", it is due to bleeding ulcers. It could be due to stress and or diet.
Normally there is a health issue which causes the bowel problems
Yes, fecal matter can come out in multiple colors during the same trip to the toilet. Lets supposed you ate a lot of fatty and light colored things like cheese and then a half hour later consumed some blue or purple drink, and then a half hour later, you take iron supplements. When you go to the...
Because WW2 was on at the time children were sent to the country to escape the London bombings and some times 20 children would live in the same room so the answere to your question is yes it was common for people to share rooms in the 1940s
  catheterization is an insertion of temporal or permanente steril catheter via   transurethral or sovrapubic for diagnostic, therapeutic or evacuative purpose.   Catheters are made up of different materials that makes them rigid, semi rigid or   flexible with different dimensions.
intrusion of solid materials in the appendix is the main cause
intestine drapes over by visceral peritoneum
  they are called caultonary muscles. YOU want to use them
It will be excreted if you're lucky. If not it can become impacted and create a blockage causing issues described in the attached link.
A hard, possibly painful lump may be felt around the anus. It maycontain coagulated blood. Piles that contain blood are calledthrombosed external hemorrhoids. After passing a stool, a person with piles may experience thefeeling that the bowels are still full. Bright red blood is visible after a...
Pink is pink......like cheeks or a pink poodle. It is a confusing process.I think pink is a nice colour for shopping.
Nevada diagnostic center in nevada
I think its either proteins or enzymes
Assuming the question is referring to canine poop, not dod poop, it  is a fom of fungus called mould in the UK and  Canada, or mold in the US.
Well basically everyone eventually dies. Its the cycle of the humanbody.