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The laws and regulations that have been put in place for the individual states by their governing bodies.


Then the best thing for him to do is to turn himself into thepolice station where the warrant for his arrest was issued. Ifthere is an arrest order for failure to attend classes that meansthat he if he is over 18 or he and one of his parents went to courton the issue. A truant office had to be...
its Called - Limited Devorice
Yes. According to an internet search, it is illegal to warm up yourcar if it is unattended while idling and the keys are still in it.It could cost you a fine. Supposedly, the state law does not applyif the car is on personal property. Nashville passed an ordinance that includes private property,...
Yes you have to take the licence of each state where you are doingconstruction.
Normally as long as the person has no felony record, they can own afirearm. A case sealed or expunged has the same effects as nothaving occurred in the first place. So, in short, the answer isyes.
With a warrant or if he witnesses crime.
That would vary depending upon the particular state, as well, the crime that was committed. Easiest way would be to do a search by state and crime for which one was convicted, however, keep in mind that convicted felons are limited in employment regardless of the crime because the majority will not...
If he has served the full term of his sentence and is not on parole or probation, yes. HOWEVER - if they are on parole or probation it would not be unusual for one of the conditions of their release to be that they not associate with known felons. THAT might prevent them from holding employment at a...
I doubt it since you need to be bonded and will have to go through a DOJ fingerprinting background check.
You're not eligible for a real estate license if your a convictedfelon ... Some agencies might waive that requirement if you providean explanation as to the nature of the crime.
You can be married as many as you want. Just make sure you obtain alegal divorce in-between each marriage. You can only be legallymarried to one person at a time in the United States. If you marrysomeone else while you are still married then you commit bigamy andthe second marriage isn't valid.
This can be pretty complicated, but in general, there are two situations when a civil case can be filed in federal court. First, if the parties to the suit are from different states and the "amount in controversy" exceeds 75,000, normally the case can be heard in federal court. Second, if the...
Kind of a vague question but you sound like you're referring to a"statute".
Up to three years in prison and whatever fines are decided to belevied.
In Arkansas, benefits can only be paid to you if you meet all statelegal requirements, and you are not under a disqualification. Themost common circumstances that can lead to a disqualification are: . Quitting your job without good cause in connection with thework. . Being fired or discharged for...
Sales tax in CA is currently 8%, so just multiply the price of theitem being sold by 1.08 for the tax-inclusive cost.
if your 18 your an adult they can not strip your rights away its illegal for them to do so. so do what ever you want
You would have to check the terms of your probation, as it can bedifferent from person to person. However, outside of maybe acostume, there are very few reasons for an adult to carry a fakegun, and most have negative connotations. If it is going to be usedto imply you have a real one in any way,...
First, you don't get a ticket for that. You get charged. However,it depends on the age; if by you meant someone under legal drinkingage, that's a misdemeanor and carries a $250 fine and/or between24-32 hours of community service. There's also a separate charge ifthat underage person causes injury or...
Any stretch of 7 consecutive days worked where the hours are morethan 40 is considered overtime. Florida overtime pay is 1.5 timesthe amount of normal pay.
No, it is not illegal to sit at a bar even if under drinking age,because you are not buying nor are you consuming any alcohol. Youare only not aloud to sit at the bar if it is a club that requiresyou to be a certain age to enter or if the bar tender asks you toleave and you don't go then you will be...
Missouri gun laws say it is illegal to deface a weapon. I am nottoo sure, but that could mean sawing off half the shotgun. I wouldcall Chris Koster, State Attorney of Missouri, and ask him aboutyour question. You could also send him a letter.
Depends on the state. In Washington State: Q. Can I collect unemployment benefits if I work part-time? A. If you work part-time, we reduce your benefits using the earnings deduction chart (gross earnings minus $5 times 75 percent). You must still meet the job-search requirements while...
Contact your local police and ask them. They will be glad to answer you. Police do like it when people ask. It makes their job easier by limiting the dumb things people do.
As long as at least one of the parties to the conversation knows itis being taped then it is legal to tape the conversation. If athird person is taping the conversation but not involved in it anddoes not tell those involved in it that they are taping it that isillegal.
That depends on what exactly. The maximum knife length allowed in a commercial kitchen? Themaximum length you're allowed to own in a certain state or country?The maximum length they are available in some crafts? Re-ask the question please, it does not have enough information foran answer.
"Robbery is a crime of the second degree, except that it is a crime of the first degree if in the course of committing the theft the actor attempts to kill anyone, or purposely inflicts or attempts to inflict serious bodily injury, or is armed with , or uses or threatens the immediate use of a...
If you voluntarily quit your job even though you are capable ofperforming work, you do not qualify for unemployment.
They may ask you, and they may ask your previous employers.However, in certain states, if your previous employer is asked whyyou left they can only say that you quit or you were fired, theycannot discuss the reasons why. Unless, of course, you violate yournon-disparagement agreement you may have...
The curfew for minors is 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Monday throughFriday. On Saturday and Sunday, the curfew is 1:00 a.m. and 5:00a.m.
The primary reason the state must promulgate marriage laws is in order to protect property rights. Marriage is a civil legal status. People who marry have certain legal obligations toward one another. Generally, individuals who decide to end their marriage are at odds with each other and often...
In the state of Michigan, the sexual legal age of consent is 16.This means that anyone under age 16 who engages in sexualintercourse can be charged with statutory rape.
No. Notaries are commissioned by a state power and may only act within their state.
Amendment six deals with your rights in court.
No, school records cannot serve as primary identification. Birthcertificates and Social Security Numbers are must for applying forTexas id. If you have current passport or any other identificationcard, that could be used as primary proof of identity. Schoolrecords would just act as supporting...
You have to be at least 10 years old to take the Babysitting Course. In the class they learn CPR for child and infant among many other valuable lessons. As far as legally, I have heard 10 for siblings and 11 for others but I have tried to research the legal age and have not been able to find any for...
Babysitting should be done by someone with authority, training, andcpr training.
NO, sorry! You can get one when you are thirteen though! :)
In most, if not all, states you would not qualify because you are in total control of your work environment (as opposed to a worker under control of his job). The company not making any money does not meet the criteria of unemployment.
It seems to me that it would depend on where the car is parked--private or public property and whether you have permission to have it there.
In Florida you may possess a firearm if you have not been convictedof a felony. Koberlein Law Offices, PLLC - Columbia County, Florida &Suwannee County, Florida
Using "et al" on a deed would be poor draftsmanship indeed! Thebest way to remedy is through a Correction Deed or, secondarily,through a Correction Instrument.
Child support can be expunged if the one receiving it makes moremoney than the one paying it. It can also be expunged by filing anappeal.
go to the dmv WITH PROOF of the states error and they should reinstate it.
I think it's the parents desicion how old hey hould be :>
The repossession company is not responsible for returningbelongings. The repossession company is responsible for notifyingyou where you can pick up your belongings and at what times. Somecompanies charge you a storage fee or only give you a few weeks topick up your belongings before they become...
I would think you could purchase the car without it, but without a license its going to be very difficult to get plates and tags for the vehicle.
The population of Asia is approximately 3.5 Billion
No, since a warrant wouldn't be the appropriate document to compel a state official to do something. Perhaps you might be able to do it with a Writ of Mandamus. Added: If you are asking about the PRACTICAL problem of getting a state ID as opposed to the THEORETICAL problem, the answer is: In...
A ticket remains on your driving record for 3 years after the final disposition of guilty.
Yes you can sell a used mattress is Washington State as long as the owner knows that it was used. No Retailer's can sell a used mattress. Outlet stores can not sell a used mattress unless the buyer is told by the seller that it was used.
Yes, if the law contradicts a federal law or is unconstitutional .
Evidence that you did not work the day you claim to have been injured, or that you were not injured while at work.
id say a little experience and trust from the parents
You can get a "junior permit" as young as 14 if you can show that you do not have adequate transportation to school, work, and/or other important functions. Restrictions are to be placed on the permit by the Department of Motor Vehicles based on the intended use of the permit. If you only get the...
They're easy to carry, and can be holstered so they don't interfere if you have to do other things with your hands. They're short, and can go around corners easily without protrusion, which makes them ideal for a typical self defence situation one would encounter.
Steel batons are not illegal to carry in Alabama. However, they areillegal in California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts,Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada, New York State,Tennessee, Texas, Washington DC, Washington, and Wisconsin.
yes, Yeast infections do occur in the mouth and many times it is a direct result from the antibiotics the dentist prescribed the patient. However, dentist's she be aware that a patient with an oral yeast infection without having any prior use of antibiotics could have autoimmune diseases and should...
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Assuming you mean income tax, there are seven states that have no income tax at all:. Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.. New Hampshire and Tennessee, tax only dividend and interest income.
If it involves a case you will be sent to jail for abstruction.
outside lane is the lane nearest edge of road inside line is laneclosest to the middle of the road
I live in Nevada, and I believe you must be around 12 through 13 years old to babysit. I took a babysitting class at age 12
There are no age requirements for babysitters. It is the responsibility of the parents to choose the most trustworthy, and responsible individual.
There are probably no departments anywhere that permit their officers to swear at individuals in the course of the officer's work. It is almost universally considered unprofessional conduct. What happens when an officer swears at a subject is another matter. For anything to happen, a complaint...
No. Felons cannot own any firearms.
Getting a conviction expunged does not restore your firearms rights. All it does is keep your conviction out of sight to the general public - you still remain a convicted felon, and thus may not own, possess, nor have access to firearms. This is federal law, and does not vary between states.
Depending on the severity of the vandalism, the penalty could bequite severe. The range could be a large fine to several years injail.
No, you do not need a license to apply eyelash extensions in the state of California. Similarly, you can be a makeup artist without a cosmetology license. You would only need a business license. Freelance makeup artists and freelance lash stylists do not need a cosmetology license.
check with a gun shop.
The legal age is 18. but you have to be 21 to go to a casino
The statute of limitations for domestic violence in Florida can runout based on the timelines provided. The statute of limitations fordomestic violence in Florida include neglect and assault.
His first offense with Marijuana 1 dime bag. and put on probation1yr Second offense Now was charged with 6 dime bags and position alongwith intent to sell.
Outside of times of severe crisis or emergency, breaking a curfewis usually a misdemeanor. However, laws depend on location.
I think that's allowed as long as you "did it" before you turned 18. Just, no sex after you turn 18
You don't. A felony stays on a criminal record forever.
First you must be at least 18 years of age or older. You must be a citizen of the USA and have no felonies. The process varies in every city as you must also comply with state, federal, and city law. Most cities have you apply for the permit at your local police station. The process consist of a...
In New Jersey, you would not need a licence to care for 4 children.Child care centers provide care for six or more children below 13years of age who attend less than 24 hours a day. Child carecenters are required by state law to be licensed.
I have only passed the written test but not the driving test. What are the consequences if i Drive right now?
People have been convicted without proper evidence. The accusation should be investigated; perhaps you did have a gun and fear a conviction based solely on her testimony. I don't know how to prove a negative (that you did not have a gun), but if you did there are other ways to show it besides her...
no, that 8 year old is basically a baby itself