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In the U.S. the law varies from state to state, in Oregon you must park no further than 12 inches from the curb. Some states allow as much as 18 inches. Ideally for safety, I tell drive students to be about 6 inches from the curb, there is less chance a passing vehicle will hit your car.
turn on front lights and f ocus on road!
ALWAYS wear a seat belt. ALWAYS drive defensively. NEVER drive under the influence of anything.
Sure you can! Before and during, but during your driving test it should be 'in your heart' (silent); but do concentrate on what you are doing!
In the U.S. a destination sign is a "guide sign" they are green and usually rectangle, sometimes square.
You should first quickly check your rear view mirror if you are about to hit any animal. If another vehicle is so close to you that they would rear end you if your slammed on the brakes, don't brake, rather do a "blind spot move", that is, check over your shoulder and in front, especially if the...
There was a bike lane installed in Charleston, SC in August 1896. Don't know if it was the first though.
The are not many states that have highways with speed limits of 80miles per hour or more. Among them are Texas, Montana, and Nevada.
Tennessee law mandates that the youngest age for a child to sit inthe front seat is 9 years, but it is recommended that they ride inthe back seat if it is available until they are 12 years old.
At night a driver should dim his headlights when an oncoming motor vehicle comes within 1,000 feet. You should switch your headlights from full beam to dipped beam when a oncoming car passes. It is unsafe to leave your headlights on full beam as it blinds the driver of the oncoming car.
This turns off the traction control feature. Most people should not press this button. There are, however, certain situations in which it can be useful: 1) Useful during diagnosis of a mechanical problem. 2) As a workaround if a dangerous system problem with the traction control is known but...
towards the edge of road, for if it started rolling backwards itwould go off of the road, not into traffic
No regulation on that. But you find a new one as soon as you can,and before police will stop you with the written off one for thesafety reason. In this case cops will give you a timeframe in formof a ticket to replace the car.
It will have to be texting, since you have to bring away your attention from the road; to the phone to text message. Still, talking and texting on your phone is dangerous and could result in fatal damage towards your life and your car.
An airbag is deployed to help protect you from serious injury. Therate at which an airbag deploys will depend on where the vehicle ishit. Often, an airbag deploys when the vehicle is going 15 mph.
Not exactly - a 30 mph crash alone cannot determine the severity of the crash - the damage to a human body in a crash is largely the factor of time it takes from the 30 mph velocity to zero - I figured this out a long time ago for a physics exercise and don't remember exactly the numbers but a rough...
It is your following distance. You should be able to stop within the distance of you and the car in front of you. However if you should have a vehicle that is following you real close, you should give yourself a larger area of cushion.
No, you don't have to. Air is air, no such thing as summer orwinter air just check and maintain the proper air pressure requiredfor your vehicle.
I think that would depend on the county and country in question. In the UK, "next to is next to" and you get a ticket.
Is listed in the owners manual and printed on the sticker either on the door or the door jam of the drivers door.
if you parking uphill you turn your wheel towards the curb and if you parking down hill you turn it away
You can go to Indiana's mopeds regulations online and grab the infofrom the Governments website.
Concave mirrors project a beam of light outward, which is what you want in a reflector or projector. This is also why they are used in vehicle headlight casing. It projects the beam of light further down the road so you can see better.
Most likely you are, but it also depends on what the person you hit was doing. In most circumstances, yes ... it's called "failure to control vehicle" and is usually caused by tailgaiting the car ahead or not paying attention to what is happening. Too many people only see one car ahead when they are...
The license violation is $211, the speeding violation is $211. Thetotal cost of the provisional license ticket is $422.
It really depends on how your recovery is progressing, usually it ranges between 2-6wks. You should always consult your doctor.
The only time I know of is when the car is out in a large open field surrounded by trees and grass and the battery is disconnected ensuring that the Airbag will NOT go off. That airbag can go off at anytime. That would be the equivalent of lifting your child up 15 feet into the air and dropping...
You will Have the same chance as everyone else, but you may be more aware of the likelihood of the event and you'll be prepared better.
It perfectly depends on where you live or drive. You should dim your headlights right when you see another vehicle in front of you or right when you see the lights of another vehicle. It doesn't matter if you are seeing the tail lamp (both of you are traveling in the same direction), you should dim...
Parking lot safety rules include being aware of your surroundingsat all times. You also donâ??t want to leave any valuablepossessions in your car.
A speeding ticket in New York for going 84 mph in a 65 mph area cancost anywhere from $90 to $300. The amount depends upon how manyoffenses you have previously had.
That depends on the local laws that govern your state or country. In Germany the vehicle must be parked "with the flow of traffic". To answer this question directly use you local Department of Driver Services, or Department of Motor Vehicles.
depending on which city you live in chilliwack it is 7-30 to 5 in surrey 8am to 5 pm on school days only so does not include holidays or weekends , or when school is not in seassion such as spring break or summer time. Also remember school zone is only 30km if it is posted under the school sign...
It is neither legal nor safe. All 50 states have child restraint laws. The reason for these laws is concern for and an effort to keep children safe in a motor vehicle.
generally 18, unless you are the son or daughter of the business owner...and in some cases it is 21 and i have seen a minimum age of 25 before as well.
1908 - 1929 - The first fatal crash, the first driving regulations and the first driver licences.. Year Road deaths . 1908-20 300 1921 69 1922 61 1923 59 1924 94 1925 108 1926 149 1927 138 1928 176 1929 178.
If under 18 you need a new 3001 form from your driving instructor
No. Just call 911 - it works everywhere.
To prevent the fatigue you have to reduce the amount of drivingtime. On a long distance the best way to avoid the fatigue isdriving no more then eight hours in the row.
A speeding ticket for doing 83 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hourzone is between $180 - $210. By attending drivers training the finewill be reduced $30.
You cannot have 18 points no matter within any time. You canhowever accumulate only 11 points at any given time, after whichthe Ministry of Transportation will ask you to submit written testand road test, whatever the Ministry will find fits your situation.
As far as natural causes...I'm thinking "Black Ice". When it has rained for a short time all the water forms on top of dirt and oil, then mixes in. to be exact... when covered by a film of liquid sufficient enough to reduce the coefficient ecstatic friction between the tyre and the road to...
patience of a saint, but skills of a good driver. Able to get on with all types of people. Also like your own company.
Five Car lengths, but only if you are on your toes. It depends on how alert you are at the time and if you can see and monitor the tail lights of the chain gang a lot further ahead than the car in front of you. If you are behind a car and it hits a stopped dump truck - can you stop? If you are tired...
Check the cable that extends to the transmission for tightness, if not that then broken cable.
In a city. If you keep up with the traffic flow on a highway, thenyou are pretty safe. Whereas in a city you face all kind ofhazardous driving, and this is reducing the safety on city streets.
No this is a myth and what dumb question
The clutch will normally be pushed out and/or the transmission will disengage on its own. Many vehicles also have electronic systems which shut off the engine and allow the vehicle to freewheel.
I believe the road is the most slippery when it first starts to rain after a dry spell. The road has all the oils and greases that have dripped off of other vehicles. The road is most slippery at freezing temperatures. Below 20 degrees Fahrenheit it actually is less slippery than at 28-32 degrees....
you are looking about 2000 to 5000 to the ticket
Driving the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, He had a mechanicalfailure, hit a wall head on at high speed, and he suffered numeroushead injuries from a wheel impact. Part of the car's suspensionalso penetrated his helmet visor. On lap 7 at San Marino Grand Prix in Imola, Senna was beingfollowed by...
The tire, the vehicle. anticipated speed, temperatures, cornering requirements and the roadway are all factors that determine the optimum inflation. Most don't need to be considered by street cars, but must be factored in for racing at high speeds.
using the formula, speed squared divided by 20 plus speed gives 40 feet approximate stopping distance at 20mph.
Fuses blow when there is a short circuit or an over currentcondition.
\nThe driving testor's instructions. You will be nervous as hell but must still follow instructions. Make a full and complete stop at any stop sign and look three ways before moving again.\n. \nI learned the test route from previous applicants before my test but on the driving test the instructor...
Depends on what car - please specify what car you are asking about.
Most, if not all states have a Commercial Driver's manual much like the one you might use for your car license, but much thicker. That manual, and your regular car drivers manual, should have all the information needed to pass your written test. Go to your driver's license exam station and ask for...
Slow down and avoid driving into deep water covering the road.Replace worn tires that have less than 4/32" of tread wear left.
My guess is yes. I tried taking mine off by holding the retainer nut and turning the 18mm hose nut with an 18mm flare nut wrench to the left and the craftsman wrench broke. So I'm assuming it must be a left handed thread. Perhaps someone with more experience will know for sure.
Railroad tracks, tunnels, or intersections.
is most slippery in the winter because of black ice and in the morning when the temperature is actually bit close to freezing because black ice forms along with slush in the morning so yes in the morniing slow down and watch out for snow, rain, anything weather wise that can affect your tires...
hmm as you ask what happened to high beams, i am going to assume that low beam works. id this is correct i would say that your low/high beam switch needs replacing
It's a matter of height rather than age. Typically, people fivefeet and over can sit in the front seat of a vehicle, while carseats are made to accommodate children under four feet.
False Moving a vehicle quick even on dry pavement gives you less control and more chance of a crash. Much more so on wet pavement. If you come in too close in front of a vehicle behind they may not have enough distance to brake safely to avoid hitting you.
Got your mobile ? Call a friend and ask them to bring some petrol, No mobile, flag some one down and get ride to the nearest gas station. If you have run out of gas in a dark area you need to ensure that other motorists can see your car.
Just like it says - it's nothing or in between something. In the old straight shift transmissions vehicle you put it in neutral to crank it or tow it or roll down a hill then put it in low gear to crank it. Some auto transmission cars can still be started that way.
As soon as you see that there is oncoming traffic. Turn the situation around. When would you want oncoming traffic to dim their lights ?
Yes, but they still have speed limits. Its law, the default for highways is 70 "unless otherwiese posted" 55 rural, 25 residential....
\nDid you locate the culprit? How much uninsured motorist insurance did you have? You have to find someone to sue.
1. Close to 25% of fatalities on the road are related to alcohol. Correct Answer: B. FalseCorrect!Explanation: Almost 41% of all fatalities are caused by drinking and driving or doing other drugs and driving. 2. Youth who drink before the age of 15 are _________ more likely to develop alcohol...
Texas Government's website will give you information about child'shardship licence.
Either call the last company in which you attended traffic school or call the court.
You should not drive too fast for the turn. Once you are in your turn, your foot should not be on the gas pedal. On your average 90 degree left turn that would be near 15mph. On your average right turn that will be near 10mph. this can vary depending on the width of the turn. brake...
VERY bad idea to do this. no it guves you less control and if you beging to skidd your cruise control will tell your car to accelerate and you will take off like a plane
The owners manual is the only accurate source of towing info. GAWR is only a rating for the vertical load on each axle. Which is not a consideration, unless your heavily loading the vehicle.. GCWR is the total max combined of truck and trailer. With proper equipment, you can tow the GCWR - GVWR. ...
When equipped properly 2000lbs towing with a 200lb. tongue weight.
1. by use of public transport. 2. by use of walking or cycle for the short distance travelling. 3. by strictly prohibiting use of outdated vehicles.