The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is a country in North Africa. With an area of 679,359 sq mi, Libya is the fourth biggest African country by area and the 17th biggest in the world.


In September 1969, a small group of junior military officers led byGaddafi staged a bloodless coup against King Idris while hewas in Turkey for medical treatment. His nephew, the Crown PrinceSayyid Hasan ar-Rida al-Mahdi as-Sanussi, had been formally deposedby the revolutionary army officers and...
No, but that is the predominant weather pattern.
Yes the un has intervened in a con flict involving libya
Yes, a section of the Sahara called the Libyan Desert covers muchof Libya.
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Right, as Libya is in Africa, they will not be European countries that border it, they will be African. They are Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria and Tunisia.
the Sahara is the biggest because it covers 3 and a half million square and the Gobi only covers 400000
They use the Libyan Dinar, known as LYD.
hi. i figured out libya mainly imports oil, and exports fish.
they have a dictator named Muammar Gaddafi
That Country is Chad, it Borders Niger, Sudan and Libya. it'sPopulation, as of 10,329,208. its capital is N'Djamenea. And ofCourse, it's languages are French and Arabic. It's Demonym,"Chadian".
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Oil is Libya's main export.
Some Libyan traditions is that they don't let women have full freedom. The men are aloud to wear shorts, but women have to always cover all parts of their body.
socialistThe Libyan economy is controlled by the government.
Yes it does. The north of Libya has a coast on the MediterraneanSea, on what is known as the Gulf of Sidra and also known as theGulf of Sitre.
Football is the national sport of Libya
They are working on that at the moment. Not known yet.
The first national flag of Libya, when it gained independence fromItaly in the year of 1951, had three stripes, red on the top, blackin the middle and green on the bottom. In the center of the flag,against the black stripe, there was a white crescent moon and star. When Gaddafi was in power, from...
Since Libya is a country in Africa, the answer should be Venezuela is to South America
In 1979, the United State established a list of countries providing either direct or indirect support to terrorist groups. This list was legislated in the Export Administration Act under the Secretary of State's authority. The annual list is published in the Code of Federal Regula tions and in...
The area of Libya is 679,359 sq mi.
No it has a Provisional government.
No, it does not. After independence King Idris took over, then 18 years later, power was seized by a faction of the army led by Moamar Gadaffi.
Libya is a bit out the realm of major world events. Nations that are closer to the Suez Canal (read Southwest Asia aka Middle East) see most of the conflicts (read Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, etc.). Libya borders the Mediterranean Sea, and there may have been some "kidnappings, robberies, etc." ...
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Lybia was a colony of Italy from 1912 until 1942, when Allied forces captured the territory from the Italians. Before that, it was part of the Ottoman Empire.
Here are some holidays or national holidays of Libya 1. National Day (September 1) 2. Independence Day (December 24) 3. Declaration of People's Authority (March 2) 4. Evacuation Day (June 11)
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because it was in the middle of africa so whoever colonized it could get around more easily and try 2 ccolonize the other countries around it
Muammar Kadaffi seceded in over throwing KingIdris in 1962. So as to present himself in a better light tothe rest of the world he declared himself to be "president" ofLibya. The facts show quite clearly he was NOT, by definition a"president" but a dictator who despised everything relating tomodern...
136 F in El Azizya in 1922, also the highest official temperature in the world.
Independence: Libya declared independence on December 24, 1951.
Inventions from Libya, The world renouned third world theory, invented by the Libyan Leader Moamer Alqadafi, crystalized in three issues of what so called the Green Book...
Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was 69 years old when he was killedon October 20, 2011. (birthdate June 7, 1942)
Some other spellings for Tripoli, Libya are: . Tarabulus (Arabic) . Tripolis (ancient name) . Oea (ancient name)
Based on being located between the Arabian and Libyan deserts,Egypt became dependent upon the Nile River which flows north intothe Mediterranean from Lake Victoria. Due to low rainfall in theregion, the Nile was important to its development. It provided afertile region in the middle of the two...
The Imazighen (Berbers) were the first to live in that area. LaterPhoenicians came and then the Romans.
The nation of Libya is located in northern Africa, just west of Egypt.
Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Egypt.
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Assuming you mean Libya in northern Africa, the capital is Tripoli.
In North Africa. Libya is bordered by Algeria and Tunisia to the west, Niger and Chad to the south, Sudan on the south-west and Egypt to the east. The north of Libya is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea.
it has to depend on aquifers because they have no permanet rivers
Depends on where you go. Very mountainous though, at points I think it looks like the Mountains of California (remember the background of the old MASH series?). The mountains have dense vegetation and seem to shoot straight up--not the gradual incline.. All cities seem to look the same, though. No...
The UN threatened Libya with sanctions in order to compel the surrender of intelligence agents associated with the Lockerbie and French airliner bombings. Shortly after, Libya agreed to hand over the suspects if they were tried in a neutral country. The UK rejected these terms, and the UN...
The European country that colonized Libya was Italy and in 1947 Italy lost Libya as a result of WWII.
El Azizia is in Libya in Northern Africa.
Libya used to be a one-man dictatorship under Col. Gaddafi. But now, Libya is moving towards a constitutional multi-party Islamist democratic state.
The country of Chad is south of Libya.
Most people live in Tripoli, the capital of Libya.
Libya is its own country in the Middle East. It is located in North Africa and borders the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Chad and Niger. In 2011 Libya broke out in civil war, following protests in Egypt that sparked an Arab Spring or uprising in a lot of the Middle East.
Egypt, Tunisia , Algeria,Syria, Turkey, Kosovo, ...
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The Libyan Desert passes through eastern Libya, southwestern Egypt,and northwestern Sudan. The Libyan Desert is the northeasternportion of the Sahara. In Egypt it is called the Western Desert.
Islam is Libyas official religion, and the Sunni Muslims make up more than 95% of the population.
Erwin Rommel, a German General during World War 2, was nicknamedthe "Desert Fox" because of his leadership during the North Africacampaign. It was his skill in desert warfare that led to his name.He contributed greatly to his country with his leadership duringWorld War 2 and was not accused of any...
In the dessert: Camels, fox, snakes. etc . In the cities street,cats,birds . In suburban: horses, dear, rabbits, eagles, halks . In farms: sheep, goats, chicken, cows . In homes: cats, dogs, birds, fish!
Seeing as Arabs are the most populous ethnic group in Libya, various kinds of Arab music are popular such as Andalusi music, locally known as Ma'luf, Chabi and Arab classical music in Libya. However, The Tuareg in the south, Saharan part of the country have their own distinctive folk music. Hope...
Jamahiriya, governed by the people through local councils; in fact, is a military dictatorship.
How far is libya from italy in miles?
The Libyan Desert covers most of Libya. (As does despair, but I assume you're talking about the desert.)