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Hey Tony==The crank sensor is on the rear of some jeeps attached to the bell housing. It in itself won't cause overheating. If you have electric fans, make sure they are operating properly. Make sure the radiator is flowing coolant and not have a bunch of build up. Good luck Joe
Rear shocks: You will need 15 and 18 mm sockets or wrenches, but combinationwrenches will work as well. First, place your vehicle on jackstands and also support the side you are doing with a jack. (If youremove the spare tire it will give you a lot more room to work.)Second, coat the bull pens ...
I believe that the 1.2 Corsa engine swapped to a chain driven camwith the move to the 'latest shape' cars - usually Y registrationand onwards. A 2000 Corsa is the previous model and will, I reckon,have the belt driven cam. So, it's 4year/40,000 mile belt changesunder vauxhall's latest...
Remove the engine covers and carefully remove the ignition wires from the spark plugs, there are 12 of them, then remove the spark plugs with a 5/8 plug socket. Make sure the gap is correct on new plugs put a bit of anti seize on the threads then install the new plugs...
it uses a special type with hoat in it ,if you use anything else init ,it may cause problems ,go to any auto zone and they got thisstuff setting on the shelf's,its best to use what they call for inthem,good luck.
Relays are located in the engine compartment fuse panel
an electric motor drives the cart, similar to an electric car or agocart.
To replace the kickstart shaft on a CT90 the entire engine must be disassembled and crankcase split in order to gain access to it, it can be a difficult job and will require some mechanical knowledge and a manual. it is quite expensive as all gaskets have to be replaced and the whole engine has to...
Cut the tube with a tubing cutter- remove dipstick and use rubbertubing and hose clamps to reassemble dipstick tube what up.
Should you need any help or advice in locating the Vauxhall Vectrafuel injection pumps you require then you can contact one of ourStaff on 0905 235 6000 (8am to 9pm Mon-Fri, 9am to 7pm Sat-SunCalls cost £1 per min. Network extras apply)
1/ remove the headlight switch knob by pulling out the knob rotateuntil you find a slot , use a small blade screwdriver pry the knoboff .2 remove the trim on either side of the steering colum ( on mytruck this is kind off a chrome colour ) under this trim insertthere is one screw per side 3 using a...
i use 5 quarts but buy 6 for just in case. its the same price to do it yourself, or a little cheaper to have sears automotive do it for you. like $28.00 for them to do it.
Connecting rod big end side clearance Std .0039-.0256″ (.1-.65 mm)Limit .0315″ (.80 mm) Connecting rod big end radial clearance Std.0004-.0015″ (.011-.038 mm) Limit .0020″ (.05 mm)
Bad bulbs ?- they are double filamented with the larger being for the tailights. Bad switch?
Because if it is front she'll drive the gravity pull brings the car backwards also if the car doesn't have a lot of horse power the wheels will tend to roll back but in most all wheel drive cars that doesn't happen
A Porsche Cayenne starts at about $53,000. The diesel versionstarts at about $57,000.
because dex-cool has different heat dissipation property's thengreen ethylglycol coolant.. use of green prestone in a dex coolsystem can cause head gasket and overheat issues not to mentionpremature internal wear.
The capacity of the pickup models of the 90s is 9.1 liters of refrigerators, other models of the same era arrived 10 liters even the modern models reach up to 10 liters, but does not exceed 10 liters
should just pry right off
Neither, it should stay the way that it is!! Final!!
Manual says align with the first T
what is the answer to -2-6x=19
where do most federal government dollars come from
i will answer it as best as I can. With all computer systems incars their are always differences in the features and what yourcomputer will tell you with lights. If you car did come equippedwith a sensor to check for low oil it may be damaged in some way oryou do not have one at all and seeing as it...
Can you clarify what a 206 is? A 206 can be a lot of things. Itmight be very specific to you, but to those of us who are trying tohelp you, more specific information would be helpful. Thanks,Shawna
Depending on what year the model is, the installation can be hardor easy. if its an older car, installation will be easier, becauseyou wouldn't have to deal with too many wires, and electricalthings. if its a newer model, however, it will be harder becausethere would be more wires to deal with.
Never done it before but I found this info in a Honda Accord usersforum. "After much research, and little info on "how-to", Ireplaced both stock 9006 low-beam bulbs on my 2004 Accord. Despitemuch info on removing fenderwell splash shields, I was able to openthe hood, and reach the passenger side...
Where is the cable broken? They usually break at the handle so justuse pliers to pull the cable end sticking out. May help to havesomeone push down a little on the hood if the latch is dry andsticking. That's usually why they break.
Change a clutch on a cinquecento sporting 1.1 OHC engine Before you start make no mistake, for someone with little or no experience like myself, this is no walk in the park. Although others on here may think different First things first you'll need to jack your car up at the front end. Be sure...
you will have to pay the sales tax on the vehicle . if the gift giver doen't right the sale price dmv will charge for what the car books out for. so wht you want to due is have the bill of sale with a price on it for say 1000 so you only pay tax on the selling price. Yes You use form DTF 802 and...
a cayenne turbo is 450 standard but can be modified to 600+ ACTUALLY, you can find used Porsche cayennes for as low as 17,000!
Any vehicle. Start it cold. Feel the upper and lower hoses as the engine warms up. If the hoses warm up the same time it's stuck open. One should get hot and the other stay colder until the engine reaches normal temp. Around 195f. Then the thermostat opens and the other will get hot. If the engine...
Open the drain cock at the bottom of the rad.. catch all insuitable container.. refill and bleed off air buy running theengine in place with the heater on for 10-15 min filling asnecessary..
Im no expert but I've worked on some Cavaliers and i have to say no
You have to remove the starter and run a new wire
At The Battery Junction Block And At The Starter Solenoid
such type of answer you will get from research gate(dot) com
checking the transmission fluid involves lifting the vehicle andremoving a plug on the transmission, it is quite difficult andmessy if you don't have access to a lift, the vehicle has to belevel and at operating temperature in park, there is a small plugon the side of the transmission near the...
All you need to do is open up your hood. Then on the left sideshould be your air intake. Take off the cover and there should besome clips around the outside of the box that you unclip. Alsoloosen and detach the big tube in the front. When that is off andthe clips are off just lift up the top part of...
It depends if you have ecoboost on because ecoboost sometimes slipsyour gears.
On my 03 all I had to do was turn the key on and press the gas pedal all the way down 3 times for 5 seconds.
It is either on the back left in the engine department. Or you have a full plug on the transmission and its full when it spills overs.
You would have to directly hook up the generator to your batteryterminals.
Just follow the big hose coming out of your radiator and it is right there
Honestly though alot of research online and personal experience it seems that on this particular vehicle theres a turn signal switch malfunction that conflicts with the ignition switch on the steering column whenever you hit your left turn, you need to replace your ignition switch. there...
Automatic Transmission 5.0 quarts (4.7 liters)
Take door panel off then it's as easy as 1-2-3
From what I can tell, that code refers to a fault in one of thecrash sensors at the front of the vehicle. You may want to consultthe pro's on this one. .
First you would have to remove the heater core and here are thesteps. I removed the heater core in a 4runner without removing the AC.Some claim it is easy to remove the heater core unit withoutremoving the dash by removing the AC evaporator and the blowermotor. Well.. my experience is, it is...
I am not sure what you are asking about, but I am pretty sure allheaters work from the heat of the engine. The water flows throughand cools the engine off, then is cooled off with the fans in thefront (by the grill). The air then flows through this water (thefan doesn't cool it off completely, just...
by what i understand its located between the crank pully and block.
Disconnect the negative battery cable. . Remove the steering wheel. . Remove the instrument cluster. . Remove the lower dash trim. . Remove the driver's side sound deadening panel. . Remove the instrument panel shake brace. . Remove the lower dash ducts. . Remove the instrument cluster carrier. ....
the 2.0 had 118hp stock the 2.5L had 164 hp. Ypur question is hard to answer because it depends heavily on who's equipment you're using. (bosai versus borla) I have 94 2.5 which should have 164 hp, but I installed twin turbo w/2.5 intercooler, four inch cat backs, cold air intake, ecm power chip,...
This is for fuel injected: Removal & Installation Disconnect the negativebattery cable. Relieve fuel systempressure. Disconnect the ignitioncoil. Remove the upper intakemanifold. Disconnect the vacuumline to the regulator. Remove the snap ringfrom the regulator housing. Place a towel...
This is usually reserved for professionals with a/c refrigerationrecovery systems as it is a EPA fine to discharge freon into theatmosphere, but you will need to remove drive belt assembly fromvehicle and them locate hardware holding a/c pump in place, you mayalso need to remove a/c clutch assembly.
It'll vary according to state law, amount of damage/value of itemsstolen, value of vehicle and items inside of it, etc.
You will need to remove the dash and it should be somewhere under
It should be in the front under the hood near the intake
The fuel is going to be connected to the fuel line, first find the fuel line and follow it, and you should find be able to find the fuel filter.
The force required to open air bags is dangerous for children,infants, and small adults.
It's an Optigan loop, not an excerpt or sample from a complete record.
Not without changing an unreasonable amount of other parts.
you can replace the speedometer by taking it to your nearest cardealers shop/ sale or you can just take it and post it online bytaking a picture and people can tell you and give you a bit moreinformation about this ;)
You will need to remove cowling grill assembly from vehicle usuallya series of screws and clips which will then expose wiper linkagesystem, look for bolts holding in wiper motor, and remove assemblyensure you put a mark on windshield where wipers are to easy whenyou attempt to put them back on...
Check distributor Check timing and timing chain Check wires and all electrical parts pertaining ignition system
Probably between 600 to 1000 RPM. RPM is revolutions per minute.Hovering right below 1k is the average for just about all cars.
Generally replace every 40,000 miles