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Not much really. There are other animals that eat pretty much the same stuff. Ifthey're still around, nature will look pretty much the same with orwithout rhinos.
One of the best qualifications for buying a company like Blackberry is that you have a lot of money or able to get a loan approved for the purchase of it.
Communication is a very important method for expressing feelings.It is one way by which you can express your deep thoughts.
Drivers are a kind of software that control devices. Operatingsystem needs drivers to understand how to handle devices.
Pornography is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal.
The human body can withstand a large amount of pain. The body partwill withstand it, but your reflexes will have other ideas.
If you assume each floor is 3m high, and the stairs are on a 1:1 incline, this is equivalent to running sixth of a mile (886') with 60 pounds plus the work of 54000 ft-lbs.
There are many Department of Education or Deped orders and memos that state the roles and responsibilities of a Master Teacher. They are available from each state\'s Department of Education office or website.
People have always noticed how large Lisa's head is in relation toher body. It's twice the size of everybody who stands next to her.Some people just have a disproportionate head-body ratio.
There's no password for Plants vs Zombies 2 by default. But if your gadgets provide safety playing, this may require a "user-suggested" passwords.
one hour Think about what mph means!
It depends on your insurer, but as a whole, US health insurance only covers medical care within the USA. Some may have limited coverage in specific other countries, but it's usually best to take out travel insurance with a company like WorldNomads and be guaranteed a certain level of coverage while...
The two fingered salute
Given any number you want for the nth term (n>4), it is possible to find a polynomial of order 4 that will fit these points and the additional one. Consequently, any number can be the nth number - the rule for that is easy to find. Still, the simplest solution here is a polynomial of degree 1: U n ...
whatever a spiderman can
No, but New Jersey has a West New York, and Minnesota has a NewYork Mills.
The potentional energy is larger at the equator thanks to themoon:s gravity.
negative and positive analysis of agrarian reform of thePhilippines from marcos to noynoy aquino time
Steve Jobs is the founder of apple.
organize from start to end one step at a time clearly defined steps no repeating allowed - use ref to source as in iterating technical specifications
The highest point in Scotland (also the highest in Britain) is Ben Nevis, standing at 1344 metres (4409 ft.). The highest points in England and Wales are, respectively, Scafell Pike (978 metres : 3208 ft.) and Snowdon (1085 metres : 3560 ft.)..
depending on if you have ever public speaked.
Harley has had two major problems. The first problem came before AMF bought them, and is the reason AMF bought them: they were running out of money. After AMF bought them, the problem was they made terrible motorcycles.
An empty set is a set that has no elements. A null set has 0 elements. This may sound the same but just think of it as this: 0 is anumber, as in null, and empty set no elements
fifa and Cricket...!! only two games...!
Unferrtilized eggs are nonliving, but have the potential of becoming living organisms as soon as they are fertilized.
the water molecules will go into the cell since it will move from a concentration of higher to a concentration of lesser. If the cell had more water inside than the surrounding area then the water would leave the cell until an equilibrium is reached between the inside of the cell and the outside of...
A constitution is not a Who, it is a What.
Hieroglyphs were used as words in the time of the Egyptian Pyramids
A dependent variable depends on the independent variable. If you are doing an experiment about how temperature affects the heat of water then the independent variable would be the temperature, as that is what you are going to change, and the dependent variable the water as the temperature of the...
To many people the grass is always greener 'over the next hill'
Pin Oak leaves are simple and alternate .
A person has to register and follow the steps at the NCDV to be a McKenzie Friend in England.
Finding an apartment or a house would be difficult or expensive asthere'll be a lot of people competing for the living space. Findingwork would be difficult as there'll be a lot of people competingfor jobs. Getting to and from work will be difficult as the roadsand public transportation will be...
Assuming you mean who first called us 'mankind,' then it was ourCreator God: Genesis 1:26-27 New International Version (NIV) . 26 ThenGod said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, sothat they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in thesky, over the livestock and all...
Kmm139 is a girl who plays a game called "Animal Jam" who is wellknown for her rare items and YouTube channel known as DarleneAinsco or WolfoftheWillow. She is a furry artist and actress/voiceactor as well. She only does these things on her channel. Exceptfor the art which is on Deviantart and...
If you mean "multiples", just calculate 13 x 0, 13 x 1, 13 x 2,etc.
Density = Mass/Volume = 10 g/100 mL = 0.1 grams per millilitre.
No. Both places are within the UK. However, if you intend to travel by air, airlines require photo ID and a passport is the most acceptable form of ID.
It means that the object has a continuous coating of strong rubber.
You can use google for this. Did you know? 500/5 = 100 325/5 = 65
There are few other.Matrix,enzymes,DNA,ribosomes are some.
In UK in 1977 the Queen celebrated Silver Jubilee (1952 + 25)
Like most states, Virginia has no requirement nor a provision for the registration of ordinary firearms. Machineguns must be registered with the Virginia State Police.
One million, seven thousand, one hundred and eleven.
poo is made by G-1 chemicals which are formed by saturated shalerocks consisting of candied apples
A long year is 366 days, a long month is 31 days.
it does not earn a definate number of money a day so it can beanswered.
No, the divorce alone is not a reason for deportation.
When you save a file, it goes to the last place something was saved or where ever your computer was set up to save files. If you use the "save as" command, then you can control where the file is saved. Usually it goes to a document folder.
an expeditition is a journey made for a special reason so i guess along journey
Common problems to what exactly? Explain
Well, it has been. The apparitions have been staged in a number of ways on stage as well--as projections on a screen, as a loud voiceover with the witches handing Macbeth dolls, as puppets, as voices pronounced by a medium etc. On screen, there are plenty of cinematic special effects that can be...
The answer to how you edit your business after having claimed itreally depends on what you are doing. For example, is it for thephone book, a website, a search engine? It's for This website.
He invented the octant which was a precursor to sextant.
Anglo-American may refer to: English American , a person from the United States whose ancestry originates wholly or partly in England A person from the Americas whose ancestry originates wholly or partly in England (see British diaspora ) A person from the United States who speaks English as...
I don't think so. I've been told she's dating Billy Unger
The fire fighters are usually allowed to go home after they have been able to contain fire in a given premise.
Any land formation or object which makes it easy to gain your directional bearings can be considered a landmark.
Mileage is a non-SI unit, therefore there are numerous types of miles as well as odd conversion factors to other non-SI measurements. For example, a US mile is 3.247mm longer than an international mile, and a nautical mile is 242.656m longer. There are 63360 inches, 8000 links, 5280 feet, 1760...
It is an explanation for something in medical terms. Ex:explanation for a rash could possibly be exema
Under Privilaged means: . underprivileged. ʌndəˈprɪvɪlɪdʒd/. adjective adjective: under-privileged . 1 .. (of a person) not enjoying the same standard of living or rights asthe majority of people in a society. . "needy andunderprivileged members of the community". synonyms:....
Of course. The more you read, the more literate you will become.
Well, It depends on if you want to bring any people into theisland. If you want it to be private, I suggest Death Island, orwhat common people are afraid of. Or maybe just your favoritething.
block live stock development office is gazetted because G.p is 5400and above
Anywhere from $700 to $1200, or even more, depending on its condition.
A person who is interested in finding out why things are or why they aren't. Someone who is interested in learning for a long time and in researching extensively on a topic.
If you mean the UNSC, then: Technological . They (especially Dr Halsey) developed the SPARTAN program . They developed the largest human-created space vessel in existence, the UNSC Infinity . Adapted many technologies from the Covenant to human us e Military . They disorganized the...
It is: 2*1760*3 = 10,560 feet
Amongst other things, BTA stands for British Tourist Authority.
"A dark place to find hairy elephants" is a phrase used in themovie, "A Night at the Museum". A dark place to find hairyelephants is probably the room where the mastodon skeleton isfound.
Heterotrophs rely on other organisms for energy.
The choice between UX or UI depends on which aspect of a program the designer finds most important. User experience or UX is what the user feels and does whereas user interface is how a person interacts with the program.
Unicorns are a myth (not real) and can make any sound the storyteller or author decide they want them to sound like.
Because at the time, oxen were the most efficient animal to carry their luggage with. Horses were used mostly for the carying of individuals, and oxen provided the strength and endurance needed for a long journey.
Shekels are no longer used as currency, but ancient coins havesurvived so we know that a shekel weighed about 15 grams. The price of silver fluctuates, but as of today (November 10) it isabout $21.34 USD per ounce. 15 grams of silver (1 shekel) at $21.34 per ounce equals $10.29USD. Therefore 10...
He is pictured as a coward, who is afraid to go in a club when hesees two tough guys coming out and afraid to call Jane Gallagherbecause her parents might answer the phone.
Well, Skyscrapers are now being put in more time to do construct it and the empire state was not that tall compared to today's buildings like the world largest building The burjaman Khalifa
8/11 is as simplified as it can get.
A drop is defined as 1/60th of a teaspoon. So it would work out to82.1486932 microliters.
Most reports are on paper. However it is possible to file a report with video. And reports can be filed digitally in text or video.
During World War II, the British Expeditionary Forces were fairly dependent on its commonwealth forces. They used the Royal Air Force, with also the help of France.
you need some quiet time, and think what kind of ideas you are looking for. for example, story ideas, or any ideas. then be imagine and be creative. if it's a school project, think of the topic it's on. think of the possiblitys and answers. choose one that you think is the best. did this help at all...