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Medical Supplies

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Medical supplies are materials related to patient care, operating room products, and basic medical care items. Some of the more common items are dressings, syringes, gowns, masks, and cleaning solutions.
A gurney or a stretcher, also called a cot by some departments.It's used to lift and carry patients and also to keep them stableduring transportation. It secures into the floor of the ambulance.If there is any suspected neck or back injury the patient is firststabilized on a back board with a neck...
The first walking stick was invented In 1917 by Emile Schlick   
To hear the proper apical heartbeat you have to put the stethoscope  fifth intercostal space for adults & old and for young and  infants put the stethoscope fourth intercostal space.
It is pretty easy for many parents to prepare and buy healthy foods  for kids. Nutritious foods is such a part of life that makes a kid  healthy and wise. Healthy eating can sharpen children's minds,  stabilize their energy and finally make them healthy kids .
no, but it can be turned off.
He necessarily wasn't on crutches, he has metal leg braces, because hes not able to move that much, that's why his mother (Gwen [aka Fair Gwen]) pulls him in a wagon, The one that says 'American Flier' also 'cause he has a disease which is why hes so small, such as a dwarf, even though hes 13. The...
sydelle pulaski throw her crutches into the air becouse she washappy
Answer . Fibrillation is the medical term for what your heart does when it is not beating correctly. Defibrillator is the devise used to send a electric shock to your heart to stimultate it back into its regular beating mode,. -----------------------------------------------------------------------...
moorea insertion forceps use in delivery procedure
Horrible. People would dump off family members in asylums/hospitals  to avoid having to take care of them themselves, even though in  most hospitals they had no more real insight than anyone else.
Heart sounds can be heard at different places, including below and to the left of the nipple of the left breast, in the dip just below each shoulder (where doctors can also listen to breath sounds in the upper lobes of the lungs), and on other sites across both sides of the chest.
  the stethoscope today is used to help the doctors keep the patients healthy.
    They look like thread which is connected to to a curved needle (usually 3/8 circle) the thread can be tightly braided or a mono.
Yes. A damaged valve - the worst case scenario - is preferable to death by ventricular fibrillation.
No he was not, the President who was in a wheelchair was F.D. Roosevelt, he has polio.
You might be referring to Stephen Hawking.
McMahon isn't in a wheelchair. He made a parody of the Superbowl Shuffle and he was standing up. On the news hes able to stand.
While on a mission, Corporal Jake Sully suffered a spinal injury which paralyzed him from the waist down. Although the injury was operable and correctable, he lacked the funds for the procedure and was confined to a wheelchair.
They are linking verbs such as: am, is, are, was, and were.
In case of any head injury, at whatever part of head may it be, thedoctor must be consulted for sure. Now home remedies or simplemanagement is indicated. The first step is to visit a clinic, oreven a hospital if needed.
they look like a stick with cutions on the top so it wont hurt your arm pits and helps you walk
if you are aware of some one acting unsafe or putting others at risk you have the authority to correct them and/or stop them from carrying on what they are doing. other problems you cannot resolve, see your team leader and/or health and safety representative.
You are probably thinking of penicillin, which was accidentally discovered by Alexander Fleming, a Scottish scientist. Soldiers also used sulfa-type drugs to disinfect new wounds. Though, not the same sulfa- antibiotics we have today, but a related sulfa-drug.
If there was no medicine in the world, probably 40% more people would die of cancer, the flu, the common cold, etc.
Companies that supply Oxygen cylinders generally label the cylinder with their logo and phone number, you should be able to contact the equipment supplier to find out about returning it.
Fewer ends, reduced playing time or two major differences. See the attached link for curling basics. Wheelchair rules are included. (Choose your language, then WCF, then rules on the bottom of the page. Wheelchair rules is section 13.)
  It may not be effective in every case, but try this hint sometime: Never discharge your ground transport until you are accomodated by the Sky Cap. A back-up at the check in area backs up the complete terminal. A single vehicle parked for an extended period costs the skycap, the airline and...
There is no antonym for a stethoscope.
Yes, he broke his leg this year or last year and had to wear crutches.
Go to iv-therapy.net and search - lots of good info there.
I suggest you read the manual. If it is severely damaged because your toddler tried to flush it down the toilet, your Great Dane peed on it, or someone who was over the weight limit of it stepped on it and broke it, I suggest you take it back to the store. Or you could just call the company.
Because the muscle begins to atrophy due to lack of use.
Most stethoscopes have a chestpiece with a bell and a diaphragm. The bell, having a smaller diameter, is used for lower pitched sounds while the diaphragm, having a larger diameter, is best for mid-range and higher pitches. Electronic stethoscopes will have a way to electronically switch between...
All of it. Remove any part and the function of what's left will be  severely reduced.
They both have 2 wheels and both are vehicles. Also both have a seat/cushion and both help to take you places.
my mom is 88 years old and her body is constantly racked with pain,  if it's not the chronic bone pain, then it's her entire body, at  first I thought it was just attributed to old age, then I joined  this new program through renua medical, and paid, and received my  certificate to use this...
Franklin Roosevelt was stricken by polio when was a young man and needed braces to walk . He tried to keep this fact hidden.
It was known as wheel chair netball when it first came out in 1944.
Rubber-tipped forceps can be used in many different ways. It can be useful for peircings. An example is holding the tongue will pericing and it can be used in other places. The rubber-tips help to make it more comfortable.
There are about 20 things in a first aid kit. The standard first aid kit includes: -emergency phone numbers -small and large sterile gauze pads -adhesive tape -bandages to make a sling -adhesive bandages in assorted sizes -scissors -tweezers -safety pins -ice bag or chemical ice pack -disposable...
you opperate it by the controller on the electric battery. you opperate it by the controller on the electric battery
No, i think you should not. As each drug has some adverse effectsand drug interactions, due to which it is contraindicated incertain cases. Your doctor must have identified a similar relevantcontraindication, hence taking it over the counter is not at alladvisable, and may result in toxic effects...
you should use crutches because it takes the pressure of your heel also if you keep putting pressure it will eventually break.
As few as 22 can prove fatal. Death is slow, drawn out and painful  often taking some weeks, due to irreversible liver damage. Get help  NOW.
The stethoscope was invented in 1816 and although quite different from the instrument in use today it quickly found favor in the medical community as a diagnostic tool. The binaural instrument was created in 1851 which was an improvement over the modified ear trumpet of 1816. Was such an instrument...
Can be, to listen to stomach sounds.
The stethoscope was invented in France in 1816 by René Theophile-Hyacinthe Laennec at the Neckar-Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris. It consisted of a wooden tube and was monaural. His device was similar to the common ear trumpet, a historical form of hearing aid.In 1851, Dr Arthur Leared (Irish...
I think it is Joseph Skoda a Czech physician who died in Vienna. He worked with patients suffering from tubercolosis. Search for list of Austrian physicians and he is mentioned.
I don"t know about this its a delightful , humanized idea even if physically impossible.It sounds like maybe a hallmark production. There was a cartoon film-actually using 3-d animation if one recalls correctly, The Night The Animals Talked, this was written by GianCarlo Menotti (who also composed...
Class 3 Lever! You Don't even know that!
  This is a good problem. First avoiding stairs would be the best way to go but if you have to go up and down stairs and he is light enough to carry, carry him. You can use a wheelchair. These are your only options without installing an elevator.
The electronic stethoscope can be used in any application that a non electronic model can be used but it performs much better in that it can amplify body sounds for those who may be hard of hearing. Also if sounds are faint they can be better heard with an electronic stethoscope. One of the best...
Wal Mart, but I don't think they will be sterile. So... you know... don't try to perform surgery with it.
The Golden Stethoscope Award is a career development award available to medical staff and students that recognize commitment to research and contributions to academic medicine. It is given out at many hospitals and institutions.
Severe cardiac arrhythmia's including but not limited to fibrillation (A-fib or V-fib) and asystole.
SOB stands for shortness of breath
Yes, you can run them consecutively. The purpose of the double lumen or triple lumen PICC is so you can give multiple IV solutions at one time. Units routinely have patients on Total Parenteral Nutrition diets, and are also receiving numerous solutions such as antibiotics, blood products and...
A wheelchair is basically a chair specially designed for a disabled  person or a physically challenged person who have been paralyzed or  a handicapped. It contains wheels that can be controlled by hand in  case of manual wheelchair.It has two small-diameter wheels attached  to the front axle,...
  A wheelchair makes it possible for people with limited mobility to carry on an active life in and outside the home. The wheelchair can either be manual (the person pushes the wheels and steers) or electric, of which there are many possible maneuvering techniques ranging from finger power...
Initially, Lionel had broken his hip in an accident, which caused him to be filmed in a wheelchair, but he also had arthritis, which progressed rapidly and severely. The wheelchair was necessary for the remainder of his life.
Wheelchair curlers use the same rocks and play on the same ice as regular curlers, but they deliver the rocks, often by pushing them with a delivery stick, from a stationary position. The other major difference is that there is no sweeping, so once the stone has been thrown, there is no way to...
wheelchair= la silla de ruedas
Go see a doctor and they will tell you what is wrong with it and if there is enough damage to need crutches
Do a websearch for "Bona" they make the best hardwood floor cleaners going
No! Umbrella's for wheelchairs have never been invented by any one people in wheelchairs use regular umbrella's.
Yess. If they have very strong arms they can wheel on the track fast and past everyone.
A catheter is a term used for any thin tube inserted into the body- not just a urinary catheter. So, you would use a catheter asintended. . You would insert a urinary catheter and secure it by inflatingthe balloon. . You would insert a central line catheter and x-ray it beforeuse, then use it to...
No, the sound is bouncing not following a straight line.
By breaking your leg :)
Bacteria that exists on your hands could contaminate whatever is on the slide, as well as preventing the oils on your hands from doing the same. Sterile forceps are therefore ideal to these ends. In addition, it allows you to lower the cover slip down with minimal disturbance to whatever is on the...
yes some people make hood's for wheelchair's. but there not literally connected to the chair. some use things like ponchos for wheelchairs,it also though doesn't cover there legs or hands. if you want to dicuss more about this to any one please post answers.
To get the heart of someone to start beating again. They are normally shown being used when somehas had a heart attack.
According to ADA Standards, 34" top of vanity and 27" to bottom of sink
wheel chairs rock :) they are fun and that's why i love them