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Technical Schools

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Technical schools are two-year colleges that provide courses and training for the future employment of their students. Most technical schools offer courses in culinary arts, welding, office management and other labor related fields. Questions about technical schools can be directed here.
Michigan dignostic Center
2 years you get your (AS degree). 4 years you get (BS degree)
The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for pharmacy technicians. There is no national training standard for pharmacy technicians, but employers favor applicants who have formal training, certification, or...
Yes surgical tech is hard if you dont study. You will need to make this class first in your life for the year it takes to complete the program. Good luck!
Search by using NCR's 1st college search engine http://www.search4campus.com/ itm school of pharmacy(lko) .
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Some things to consider as you choose a vocational school are the following: . cost . accreditation . licensing, if needed for your career . distance . online class offerings if needed . length of schooling . whether you can work out conflicts between classes, work, and family
Veterinary technicians have to complete continuing education every year to maintain their license and keep their knowledge up to date.
ITT Technical Institute is Nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.
Sometimes it is just too technical for many people.
No, it is a university.
Well, first of all...making a blanket statement that credits will transfer to other regionally accredited school is incorrect and uneducated! Just because a school holds regional accreditation does not mean that credit will transfer! The rule is "its always up to the receiving school to decide on...
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LSU is an Agricultural and Mechanical College
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Technical subjects in school might be computer programming,keyboarding, welding, mechanics, and construction. These subjectsteach a marketable skill in each course.
It depends where you live but it can from 200-400 dollars
The Mascot for Lane tech is the Indian.
I would highly doubt it is any good? How can you learn about cars without one in front of you? These schools are all for profit. You should never got to a for profit school unless it is a trade school recommended to you by an impartial counselor of some kind. Check the community colleges in your...
Yes, you do need a high school diploma to get into a technical college.
People say it is but I am not sure my sister does to that school and she says it good and stuff
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Michigan Tech is a rural school setting.
You will be unable to inventory your supplies or patients without some sort of schooling.
No, vet school is strictly for veterinarians. In order to become a veterinary technician, most states require you to have a 2-3 year degree in veterinary technology from an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited program. The AVMA keeps a list of all accredited veterinary technology...
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
ITT Tech is nationally accredited, not regionally accredited, which means that it is not on a par with most colleges and universities, which will not accept ITT Tech's credits for the purpose of transfer. ITT Tech is outrageously expensive and not worth the money. Employers will hire people from...
do ccbc in baltimore offer the sterile processor course
It is up to the technical college if they accept the diploma from cornerstone. Contact the college you wish to attend.
In terms of academic excellence, I personally have not heard anything about this school whether it be positive or negative. However, there are a number of issues that concern me, and should concern you. First, it is a "for-profit" institution (meaning it is a business mentality). This in itself does...
Most job openings projected for 2008-2018 are obtainable with technical college education (according to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development). See more at the link below.
Yes, Georgia Tech plays in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), a Division I conference in all sports.
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Accra Technical Training Center, Ghana
Depends on the school tuition price
You must register for admission, and get high enough test scores tobe admitted to the institution.yes yes
Depends on what state you live in. For instance, most states require prior experience along with a certification.
Yes, you can apply to any college or university. Of course theydon't have to accept you. Once accepted though it will be necessary to take all of thecourses that the technical school did not require (e.g. languages,electives, humanities) to meet the requirements of the degree youare now pursuing.
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Go to college major in biology and go to nursing school
Lincoln Technical Institute has no GPA requirements. They are a for-profit technical school, and accept all applicants who can pay tuition and fees. The only requirement is a high school diploma or GED.
Technical schools are not mainly for technology. Technical schools teach mostly hands on things. For example, they teach welding, automobile repair, and things of that nature.
There are several degrees that you can get at a technical school. The first one is a Marketing degree. Second a Computer degree in programming or Business information Systems.
It depends upon what technical specialty you are interested. Most states have some good technical schools, but while one state may have great nursing schools, its agriculture schools may not be sufficient.
For many jobs with higher salaries, a certification or degree is required. This holds true for being an ultrasound technician. In this school you will get the training that will prepare you for a job in this field. Many jobs do require an ultrasound tech degree for employment.
To apply for ultrasound tech school, locate a school in your area. Visit the admissions office of the school and fill out an application. Order your transcripts for prior educational instituions as required.
Yes. There are many specially designated school that offer an ultrasound tech degree. Also, many junior and community colleges offer programs, that are local and less expensive than specialized schools.
There are two good schools that offer medical technician training in Chicago, which include ultrasound training. They are P. C. Center Training at 216 W Jackson Blvd # 900, (312) 920-8822 and the Aquarius Institute at 911 E. Touhy Ave., (847) 296-8870.
If you mean Texas Tech, you need to contact them and ask which, if any, online high school diplomas are acceptable. There are many of them that are not generally accepted by any school or employer.
Yes, Colorado Technical University is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools The Higher Learning Commission, which in turn is a recognized accreditation agency according to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education (USDE)....
Absolutely, Do a search for "Taxidermy training" to find one in your area. Some taxidermists run causes, have a look at there work and check feed back.. Taxidermy.net is also a good provider of info.. One word of caution it is a complex area and there are many poor CDs and books.
It depends on where you live. Check around the various local universities, or talk to a careers advisor.
A toll-free telephone number for DeVry University is 888-653-5661.For admissions or general questions, press #1. For existingstudents seeking financial aid, press #2. For existing studentsneeding general assistance, press #3. For DeVry employees seekingthe IT help desk press #4.
Place tasks in logical sequence, set clear priorities, determinerealistic time line. Rank your goals by importance, determine the importance of eachgoal, decide the rank of goals that have equal priority, identifyyour job requirements for a certain period of time (day, week, ormonth).
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I don't think this is formally taught in any school, but CSM (Colorado School of Mines) and MST (Missouri University of Science and Technology, formerly University of Missouri - Rolla, formerly Missouri School of Mines) would probably have classes that would be relevant.
Without endorsement, you can review the list, below from the Independent Magazine.
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You will earn a technical degree.
We can any field except engineering....all d best
The question asks for opinions, and so I will weigh in. If you can manage an associate's degree but not a bachelor's degree at this time, I would urge you to study an area that can be more quickly converted into employment. Do a little research into what degrees are helping people find employment in...
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All schools charge students different prices, based on their personal circumstances. To find out your projected cost of attendance at an expensive Christian school, or how much technical school will cost, check out the site CollegeAbacus.com. College Abacus provides financial aid estimates,...
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Check for the following factors before taking admission: 1 compare there national and international rankings, 2 compare there placements, 3 check for there campus and visit them, 4 check for there hostel facilities, 5 check for there scholarship schemes 6 also you can check for the...
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