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Purchasing a personal computer is a major decision and requires a lot of research. Arm yourself with information about PCs, Macs and software by asking questions here.
Dealers may try to sell you a extended warranty (also known as an auto service contract) when you buy a new or used car. A warranty comes with a new car and is included in the original price of the vehicle. A service contract or extended warranty is sold separately and is a promise to pay for certai…
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Not if the manufacturer is still in business.
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First i will know the processor,RAM,hard drives,ac os,windows ans linux
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How big is your ISP? How many clients you have? Do you have a mail server? Are you supporting newsgroups? Need to know more of what you want to use this for. "Server" Can mean so many things. Is this a Quake server for your customers, a mail server, a firewall, web server, FTP. . . What services d…
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Gaming computers should have a high-end graphics cards, processors and lots of RAM which are required to enhance the gaming experience. When considering a gaming computer you should carefully evaluate the following: * Processor - A fast CPU, or processor, will prevent lags in large or complex ga…
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Real simple. Buy a USB head set. this will allow you to have a digital vs. analog audio which is much more desirable. If you by a headset with a mic it will also allow you to record audio with the ability to edit more quickly and easily with less static or the chance of the analog connector being da…
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It depends what you want to do. Some things that may help are the following: 1.) How much are you ABLE to spend? Stay in your price range. 2.) Windows, Apple or Linux? If you're new to computers you may want to go for Windows or Mac, Advanced users normally go Linux. (for you so called advanced user…
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HINT: If you're not too confident about buying it yourself, post a question about what computer you should buy for what purpose (basic email, lots of pictures, gaming, etc) and we can answer it. Otherwise, read on.First thing you should ask yourself is what am I going to be using this computer for. …
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The "Internet" is a large network of numerous different computers and servers that all work together to form a large network that is accessible to all. The only requirement to access a computer is hardware that enables wireless functionality (nearly always built into any laptop - wired capabilit…
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Not at all. It seems to have P4 processor, together with the awfully outdated GeForce FX go5700 and with only 512mb ram. Perhaps fine for very old games and it might even run Half-life 2 if you're lucky, but don't expect much more than that.
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There are so many variables to consider in a laptop, speed, price, screen, weight, battery life, etc. I'll only consider the two you have presented here: web design (I presume both code and media) and database maintenance. I suggest a higher end machine purely due to the database maintenance portion…
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Any of the major manufacturers; AMD processors such as a Sempron of the Athlon. Intel Pentium 4 etc.. The performance of any computer and hence it's software, benefit from having adequate memory installed. This is almost as important as the processor that's used. Go for at least 512MB of memory. M…
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The best computer for basic everyday use (internet surfing, Social Networking, Homework/Work Work) i would have to say for a laptop an ASUS 15.6" Laptop (AMD E-450 / 500GB HDD / 4GB RAM / Windows 7) and for a desktop an Acer Aspire Windows 7 AMD A6-3620 6GB RAM 1TB HDD Desktop Computer Both of them …
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Bill gates once said, "...256 KB...", but that was years ago! If you are using XP for best performance no less than 1 GB (2 if possible) of RAM (the more the merrier) and vista 2-3 GB. Also, take your OS into consideration. If you use a 32-bit, then the maximum is 3 - 3.5GB but I wouldn't recommen…
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The laptop was designed to make a personal computer easily portable. The first portable computer was the GriD Compass (weighing about 5 kilograms). It was invented by Bill Moggridge in 1979 and cost several thousand dollars when it was first sold in 1982. It was widely used by the military and aboa…
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Alienware makes many different computer combinations.it cost so mutch it will make you crap yourself to death
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You need to determine what you want to do with your computer. This will tell you what you should buy. Also, ask your dealer if they offer support. No PC deal is a good deal if they don't offer support and back their product line. If you find an honest dealer, he or she will sit down with you and hel…
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This argument has changed thru time as tax and accounting law has evolved. In the past, if you purchased an expensive piece of equipment like a computer (which used to cost about $10k in 1982) and paid for it outright, you had to use standard depreciation tables and could only take a portion of the …
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That's not easily answered, and is more of an accounting question. We need to know: How long you intend to keep the computer What is the "usefull lifetime" of the computer The initial cost The matinence cost The selling price or disposal costUsually buying is preferable because upgrads can be done c…
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that system is quite able to proform the basic functions you discribed and could be considered a over kill if that is all you intend to do with it. you can do all them things with a cheaper budget PC and save about 500$
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There is no one right answer to this question. Basically, it depends on the Operating System (OS) that is running on the computer. Every OS has minimum system hardware requirements, which include memory, processor, disk space, etc. If those minimum system hardware requirements are met, and the OS su…
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Saying you need to run "high level programes such as VHDL" is sort of misleading. VHDL is simply a programming language for designing logic. You need to run the programs that simulate and/or compile the code that you've written.To compose the code, any text editor will do. In that sense, the slowest…
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Answer I have experienced this very recently. The doctors did not know what I had, they were thinking the mumps, then some other disease very similar to the mumps, and all the antibiotics that they were giving me was not working. We soon found out that I had cat scratch fever. If you have cats or…
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There are a lot of varied answers below from a variety of contributors but the best laptop for you may be very different. Personally we think that the best laptop type machine you can buy for under $600 (or will be able to very soon) is the Apple iPad. A very good laptop for under $600 is a Toshiba…
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It depends on what you want to do. For the most part Intel is overall a better processor. Currently Intel Core i7-5960X is a best and fastest processor out there for the money.
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CAM programs require a lot of memory on the graphics end, as well as a overall powerful system. Currently (Q3 2009), you're limited to Quadro, FireGL and FirePro graphics cards for dependable performance. -Siress If your assemblies are large 250+(prts) then don't use laptop for SW.... Currently I…
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The more features you have the heavier the laptop. However, you want to have certain features that are important, such an internal bay for the optical drive, cd-ROM and a regular size keyboard. Also, the larger the screen the easier on the eyes. Unless you are constantly holding and carrying the lap…
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There is no meaning in best. While purchasing a computer, one has to look on to his/her uses with the computer and the budget in hand. If you mean the latest and fastest by using the word best, they cost double than the PC whose speed is one or two rugs down than the fastest. Buy a computer which s…
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It depends on who you buy from and what your buying habits are. Never buy from any of the spam e-mail solicitations since that seems to be a primary source of internet fraud. E-Bay and Paypal are excellent options to help you keep from being ripped off by internet fraud.   Buying on-line can b…
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They can range from anywhere between about $800.00 badly equipped to up to about $2000.00 maybe even more, nicely equipped, my advice, if you're getting a desktop, is buy a cheaper brand first, then go to college and learn to build your own. Alienware is nice, but its also very expensive. You can co…
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It is very difficult to compare the brands for laptops. Toshiba is a good brand but one of the general problem observed with Toshiba is it gets heated soon. Also Toshiba's fan start giving problem after one to two years of use.
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That really all depends on what you want in the computer and if you want one new or used. Also important is what you mean by cheap. Dell typically has very low cost computers but at a cost. Celeron versus Pentium, less memory, less HD space, etc. It is all a tradeoff, but if by cheap you really mean…
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There's no problem in using off-brand ink cartridges for photo printing.. There are re-manufactured cartridges & refill kits available online . They offer good quality ink without any harm to the Printer.. The set I installed I had trouble getting the Epson printer to recognize. It then gave goo…
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Answer Very much so?YES There is something to be aware of: We had a 2003 Bonneville that was totalled in an accident. It was still under the factory warranty. Thankfully someone mentioned that we could get the money back for the extended warranty. It turned out to be somewhat true - I don't reme…
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I believe you're referring to the "Clamshell" iBook G3's. There should be a number of them available on eBay.
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The question here is very vague. An outdated computer could be a computer that you could buy today... However I assume this question is targeted towards a computer that is a few years old in which case the value of the computer is based off of the hardware. Generally if you paid a few thousand doll…
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Answer : At least few.3.11, XP, ME, 200, and Vista. If that's not all, someone can continue this list. Also the newest Window 7
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I am a major Athlon fan, every computer I've every purchased on my own has ran athlon, or duron, thunderbird, or anything but Intel. That is my personal opinion, i have used Intel in the past, and i am very unsatisfied, especially with Dell. Like right now i have a AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+, 2.0…
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Shovelware You mean you don't like all the shovelware on your 'puter? I used to uninstall all that crap, but now I just keep it. Many of the programs come with their own uninstall utilities. If they don't, use add/remove. Go to the start menu, then control panel, then add/remove programs. Select the…
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Answer The best way to protect yourself is to read what others have to say about the computer you are looking at. It is also a good idea to buy from a reputable company. Dell comes to mind, also Tiger Direct is a great place to but on line. I used a consulting company called Computer Buying Cons…
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This is a subjective question and really depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for something for gaming? Will the laptop be used primarily for business? The best place to get a general idea of what others are buying is Amazon's Best Sellers list for laptops. The link has been provided…
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Computers are universal tools; we can use these tools to improve our lives in a variety of fashions. Humanity has already implemented computers in daily use items from calculators for assistance mathematics to automobiles for transport.
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It depends on your skill level. If you are sufficiently skilled with the hardware, and understand that setting up drivers can often get frustrating... building your own gives you flexibility that you'll never find from a computer that uses "proprietary" hardware. When you build your own, you get fle…
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As of mid 2016, you are probably looking for an Intel i7 series. Some sites say that the i7 6700k is the very best for gaming. It has four cores and eight threads. It has an 8MB cache and supports DDR4 and DDR3L. Other sites say that the i7 5960X is the best. It is definitely more expensive, but …
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Gaming: Look for a "Rock" Laptop Work: Sony Vaio laptops Internet/Social/Email: Id still go for a Vaio, or perhaps an "Acer"
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If you are looking to buy a quality laptops at cheap prices you can look online or at any good store offline. Some offer discounts on various products. Make sure they offer a guarantee and also a variety of big brand names. You can find good laptops under your budget as your need and you can upgrad…
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For the most part no just about every single laptop on the market has an integrated CPU so switching it for a faster one is not happening. When you need a more powerful laptop you should just a newer one. newer laptops are just as fast as some desktops and the entire system costs about $1000 for a n…
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If those are the only choices, I'd pick HP, but realistically, you'd be better off building a computer from non-proprietary parts. Often times packaged hardware, such as Dell and HP, will not work with generic hardware, so if you want to upgrade or if you have a component failure you MUST use their …
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Answer Yes There is Still so Far that EMULATES which makes most games playable without graphic card __3D-Analyze__ TnL Shaders 2.0 http://digitalmixdown.blogspot.com/2008/12/virtual-graphic-cards.html
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well computers are good for alot of things for many reasons for example there good for communicating with friends etc. and there great for research but if your doing research i recommend a good book. because books are a little bit more accurate then computers
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Which device is considered the first computer is somewhat debatable. Some consider the abacus to be the first computer. The first programmable machine was invented by Al-Jazari, but it didn't perform calculations. (It was a humanoid robot that played music.) The first general use computer was desig…
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This depends on what you intend to use it for. If you play games, a high performance machine would be good. Pentium 4 3.0 GHz and 1-2 GB of RAM plus a video card with 256 MB of VRAM. For regular computing, Celeron 2.6 GHz and 512MB-1GB will do. If you love playing computer games get a Windows Vista …
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It depends on what you want to do with it. Most graphics professionals prefer Mac-based computers since they seem to be better at displaying graphics. The big downside to Apple computers is that they are much more expensive than PCs in most cases and the software selection available for them is muc…
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the best computer is apple macbook pro, apple iMac, and apple mac pro i have it myselfe
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This depends on what you plan to do with the computer. If you plan to only surf the Internet then almost any model will work. However if you plan to edit photos or videos you may want a computer with a better processor and more GB of RAM. I am also a big fan of All In One computers they are a great …
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In my experience, the majority of people who buy laptop computers end up with the computer sitting on a desk, plugged into a full size monitor, which is where it stays most of the time. The only people who really use laptop computers as mobile, portable computers seem to be business people who trav…
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About 2,000,000,000 computers worldwide
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ibuypower.com is pretty good newegg.com is a very good website where you can also buy accessories and anything else you need.
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Apple is the best brand of laptop. These are the top laptop brands: #1 - Sony #2 - Dell #3 - Apple #4 - Toshiba #5 - Asus #6 - Lenovo #7 - Acer #8 - Gateway #9 - Hp Check www.notebooklaptops.biz or http://www.bestbrandoflaptop.com for more details.
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BangkokBangkok as its cheaper
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Computers were first made with the view for providing facility in calculations and computations but no one at that time knew that computers will transform this present shape in today's era in which none of the activities would be possible without computers.
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Answer its usually when a new technology is told to release.. for example my laptop was 800$ before the core duo came out.. however after core duo came out it was down to 600$... so right now there is nothing like that.. but on thanksgiving they have HUGE savings so wait till that
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HP brand is good price for its value. if you are considering playing games, you need a computer with higher graphics card and processor chip. this depends on what kind of game you want to play. lot of online games, such as battle field 4, counter strikes, and so on, demands higer memory, graphics…
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Most f1 cars have about 8-9 hundred horsepower but horsepower is limited and all the cars in one race have the same horsepower so one car doesn't go faster than another and it is a fair race.
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Define "computer". I'm not trying to be snarky, it's just that the answer depends very much on what you consider to be a computer. Stonehenge (possibly as early as 3000 BC) was a sort of astronomical computer, for instance; the Antikythera mechanism from approximately 150 BC was a clockwork mechani…
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There are over 100 manufactures. Click the link for the list.
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2 + 2 x 5 x 6 x 8 x 7 is the algorithm for that
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Answer Computers were made to do the very tedious computations of everyday life and business. The first calculators performed computations in seconds that would take someone using a slide rule minutes if not hours to do. Calculations for NASA entry and exit trajectories would take days or even we…
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Download spell magic for free by clicking on the related link below. Alternatively download the spell check developed by the University of the North West. The link is also provided below.
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CaseHard driveMotherboardCPURAM
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Pixel shader is a standardized set of programming codes used to render more lifelike lighting in 3d applications and games. It is hard-coded into your computers video card and its drivers. Therefore it is actually both. There are programs out there which can emulate pixel shader purely through soft…
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yes there is. they are called macs. i don't see much of a difference other then they run different operating systems. but I've been told that all of there programs are made by apple and they last longer. the pcs under 2000 work great. they can work even better if you can work them right. i have a PC…
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CORRECT ANSWER: .25-mm. The smaller the pitch is, the sharper the image
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thea re mad by wind water and ice or the shiffting of plates cant beleive you dont kow thata ha ha ha ha
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I would recommend a Penium 3.
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To make it short, a computer is just a machine. It needs programs to come alive, starting with an opearating system. A computer will be as good as people have programmed it to be.The human mind is something very complex, with reason, feelings, conscience and subconscience.My point is that before a c…
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Not for a very long time because everyone is different and we lack the technology to make an AI powerful enough to teach.
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In a computer, the SMPS is the switched mode power supply. It uses a switching regulator to efficiently convert power as it transfers electric power to the load from a source.
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it has 7 layers!!
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The most famous brands are HP, TOSHIBA, LENOVO (IBM), DELL. These brands have high-quality products and services.
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How do computers work? There are many components in a computer. In order to understand how a computer works, one must know the basic components. Open the case and look at all the gizmos. There are 4 basic parts to a computer (PC): CPU- Central Processing Unit GPU- Graphics Processing Unit PSU- Power…
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The smaller the pitch is, the sharper the image. Dot pitches of .28-mm or .25-mm give the best results and cost more.
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No, I bought a compaq laptop that was only advertised on the web, could only be bought in the store . They have to move slow moving inventory but the store manager does not have control of all sales in a nat'l chain ie. stores like sam's especially rebate forms from circuit city, best buy etcdo you …
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SMPS stands for switch mode power supply it gives power supply to our computer so that our computer runs.
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There are step-wise development of computer..People gain knowledge from different machine and developed the concept of computer...People were trying to made PC from 1975 and it was finally made on 1990..
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First Laptop The first laptop to be commercially available was the Osborne 1, released in 1981 by the Osborne Computer Corporation. However, this laptop could only run off of a direct power supply, it didn't have a battery. Later, in 1987, the air force requested a large amount of laptops, resulti…
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I recently bought an HP pavillion dv6000 and I think its really nice. I bought it for £599 from Staples but now its available a hundred pounds cheaper.The good features in this laptop are:+ Integrated webcam and microphone so you do not have to get a new one.+ Windows Vista Home Premium with Micros…
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there is no correct answer for this, although there are general ones. depending on what you need the computer for different brands stand out. for example apple computers are recommended if you are in an artistic business such as video editing but are poor for other more memory intensive tasks and f…
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When buying a computer, you should expect and demand, a sturdy high quality product and good customer service. Big computer companies have trouble with both, but smaller ones (some at least) excel in both of those aspects.
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No more PS3 consoles! Probably when not many people buy PS3s anymore. Or when they realize the grim adventures of billy and Mandy isn't worth $50.00 Seiously, the PS3 is a rip. Repetitive games+ really expensive. They will sell the older games for less and the new games are made by other than So…
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Answer A game like Crysis is extremely demanding on any computer, even high end desktop computers. The biggest issue with a laptop with the processing power and graphical power of running Crysis is it's size. A gaming laptop usually comes with a 17' screen and weights anywhere from 10 to 20 pound…
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The answer is right there in your question. "Light year" is the distance that light travels through space in one year. In one year of time, light travels one light-year of distance through space. In 46 years of time, light travels 46 light-years of distance through space. It takes 364 years of t…
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Laptops are very handy especially if you are on the move. Some places that you may go to might have free wi fi which means that you can use the internet free of charge in particular places depending where you are that offers this service. Also if you are on a train going to say a day out or a busin…
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I have a Toshiba Satellite M65-S9092, and I really like it. It has 1 Firewire port, and I have no problems with my computer. Answer You can add a firewire port to your computer if it has a PCMCIA card slot. Just search for 'PCMCIA firewire card' and you will find a bunch of them online or you ca…
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Computers are very complex, but deep down, they are just a bunch of on and off switches. Each of these switches stores one bit of data. I could go into more detail, but then this would be a very long answer. The necessary parts for a computer are the mother board (which includes the processor), RAM,…
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