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The first, and often only, chance to make a great face-to-face impression and put yourself ahead of other candidates is the job interview. Ask questions for help with dealing with tough questions and for suggestions on how to make a good first impression.
You should answer this question by stating very clearly the reasons you think you would be an advantage to the efforts in question. Keep in mind, you will be persuading the listener to believe you are the best candidate for the position.
Position  • Overall responsibility for the operations of the Hotel  • Analyze company operations to pinpoint opportunities and areas that need to be reorganized, downsized, or eliminated  • Allocate funds to departments and approve expenditures based on budgetary guidelines  • Establish...
You may think you are qualified for the job for a number of  reasons. Be upfront and tell the interviewer without being boastful  or arrogant.
  Get out of debt and get married to my fiance. After that move abroad to Manhattan, New York or Anywhere in Canada and live a long happy life.   What would you like to do?
This is actually a trick question. I would turn it into a positive, like "My worst quality is I don't like to do bad at my job", you could rephrase it into sounding more professional.
because ineed to improve me self
  استراتيجيات تَوجِيْهِ الرَّأْيِ العَام     يختلف الكثير في وجهات النظر تجاه  الواقع والحياة وما يستجدُ فيها من معضلاتٍ أو مُتَوَقَّع ظهورها،  وتتشعب هذه الا...
I used to be manager and was responsible for hiring my own staff. I  found that the accomplishment that makes the right person for the  job is the above average accomplishments. I used to look for awards  granted such as employee of the month, graduated top of her class,  received scholarships,...
Because besides that fact, that you are highly qualified  specialist, you have the other way of thinking, which is caused by  you mentality. That means, that you can produce some absolutely new  ideas and ways of solution the problems, they would never think  about. But at the same time you are...
Managing director, General Manger, Chief executive officer.
Here are three strategies to ensure that  talking about your weakness won't be the weak spot in your next  interview.  Ø  Show How You've Overcome Something  Ø  Address Uncertainties in Your Background  Ø  Paint a Weakness as a Strength  
Writer a letter of intent that you will be applying for a job.  State your qualifications and experience or education.
The appropriate time to present a resume and cover letter is at the  time of application. You should also take a copy of each with you  to the interview just in case.
yes, i m looking for the questions, which are to be asked related to sdh & transmission.
Working for a company is the fair and the correct answer for this question.
This is a question that is often used in an interview, but it is  relatively outdated. The question is meant to reveal if you have no  insight in the company's plans, or how much ambition you have. In  reality, most businesses operate on a 2-3 year plan - even they do  not really know what they...
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Your definition of a sales person should match the company's goal  for the sales person. Always state that you consider yourself a  good one. If you aren't consider applying for other types of jobs.
This is a type of question that you may be presented with at a job interview. It is intended to get you to talk about yourself in an informal way and to help the interviewer to make an evaluation. As you are the only one that can answer such questions you should think carefully about them...
The rating scale for Performance Planning and Review is made up of  five factors: Poor, Needs Improvement, Meets Requirements, Exceeds  Requirements, and Outstanding.
He is working hard to achieve his goal so that he could get an award
If HR asks where you want your job location, be sure to state a  location in which they have an opening. Otherwise you may go on a  waiting list for employment.
Well First You would have to goto school for game design, game development, and game art. Then you'll have to advertise yourself.
Job interviewers tend to task the same questions. They ask  questions like, 'Tell me about yourself.' They ask for your  strengths and your weaknesses. They ask why you should be chosen to  work for their company.
  == Answer supervisor question ==   I am a supervisor, and everybody makes mistakes. I have no problem if employees question my judjements, and most of the time they are correct in doing so, every problem is different, and a good supervisor realizes that and is willing to make compromises,...
There should be an interactions of male and female
Companies ask a series of questions at a job interview. Most center  around trying to determine the applicants work ethics and values.
The recruitment of an office clerk is similar for other types of  jobs. If someone in the company wants the job, they should have an  opportunity before posting to the outside.
To become known to as many employer networks as possible
Have a good animation portfolio. Not only include animated scenes, but drawings of characters, scenes, concept art, still life, gesture drawings, figure drawings. Also doing pictures in different mediums are also good, like digital, traditional, paintings, sketches. And you might want to present...
Marriage, home, job, kids, etc.
The job seeker has to sell personal traits and skills to  the employer in order to be chosen for the job from among many  other qualified job applicants. 
  There was a difference between Northern Vietnamese and Southern Vietnamese military men during the Vietnam War. The Northerners had been toughened by over 20 years of constant fighting; first with the French, then with the US. The Northerners had fought WITHOUT the use of helicopters, proper...
  How do you identify your customer needs?   How do you gain trust from your customer?
It would be awesome to fly on a plane just for an interview so yes it would - they wouldn't fly you in for an interview if they weren't very interested in you. But keep in mind - they may be flying in other candidates for interviews, too. "It ain't over till it's over" - Yogi Berra.
If you have a position other than F/T you need to list it for the interviewer whether its P/T, or contract position. example: COMPANY NAME 2005-2010 Title (Part-time) this quickly shows the reader which positions you held F/T, P/T etc.
You could say: I wish to join Qatar Airways because I am a hardworking person that believes in quality service and attention todetails. I would do my best to make the customers feel welcome.
A positive attitude is displayed when a person makes a mistake and  sees it an a learning experience. A negative attitude is when a  person gets down on themselves for a mistake.
The easiest response would be that the company went out of business. You could add that it had financial troubles, but giving details of why, may be too much while applying for a new job, unless you are or were the company accountant. Then adding such information would show you know your duties.
1) They can't find a job   2) They refuse to take any job that is not their title. For example  one was a manager at a store. His store closes and he refuse to  take a cashier job   3)They are too lazy to find a job   4) It is easier to collect then going on interviews   5)They just...
In life, whenever someone gives you a gift, or does something for you, write a thank-you note. This is especially true for a job interview, and it makes you look professional.
  being a team means you help each other and respect each other. You work together to accomplish goals. You are their for each other when help or support is needed.
To have more informations you need about candidats.
to work hard ,under pressure and ask questions to reach your goals.
Employers like to hire people for the long term. If they ask to  describe the type of career opportunity you are seeking, be sure to  include their company in that goal.
  == Answer ==   Well it really depends on what position you are applying for! If you are applying for a managerial or sales position you shold wear business attire. However, if you are applying for a job as a personal trainer you should wear your nice workout clothes. Something that...
Edifecs strives to provide superior customer service. Edifecs provides enterprise-class production technical support to the Edifecs customer and partner base. Technical support engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week worldwide to provide expertise across the entire Edifecs product line...
It would depend on whether you were fired for a serious reason. If you had been made redundant then the truth would be the right answer. If you had committed a sackable offence, then you have a dilemma. Your new employer may seek references and the offence would come to light. If the offence was not...
A good, strong, courageous, mature leader.
If asked for some of your values, state job related values.  Honesty, work ethic, integrity, and being completion oriented are  all valuable to an employer.
This is a time to honestly share what you have done well and what  you need to improve in. You could say things like you have bitten  off more than you can handle and you need to work at taking smaller  tasks.
I do not believe in being followed and told what to do. I would rather do what i see needs to be done at that particular time
Each individuals strengths are different. Some Strengths include:Pshcyical FitnessPerserveranceMental ToughnessHandling Stress WellBeing easy-goingBeing a quick learnerAdapting Well to ChangesGood Psychical Response TimeBeing a Quick ThinkerBeing Psychically Fast/QuickBeing Psychically AgileBeing...
A reference lists contains a list of people that will give you a  good reference. Below their name, you should list a good way to  contact them.
Understanding,collaboration,cooperation ,skill and team playing.Team work is important because of it's contributory addition of efforts
A mechanical engineer has many of the same skills that an IT  professional needs. They are analytical and detailed oriented and  often have overlapping jobs or classes in school.
When the application requests the applicant to tell about yourself,  do not tell about your family background. Stick to your education,  experience, and personal interests that help with the job. Only put  family background if there is something that will help you get the  job.
There is not one person who would want a friend that is not honest with them. In order to make up a good friendship or any relationship honesty; loyalty and good communication skills (able to discuss problems in their friendship or talk about almost anything with ease) is a must. Without these three...
Because I am qualified for the job I am applying for.
as a team, because you can do brain storming, we can easily decide by questioning the other people in team to have a good result. two is better than one.
I am interested in a job with more more responsibilities and i am ready for a new challenge. And i expect a challenging task. I like challenges, it keeps me going.
sometimes, callers are not really honest with their intentions, either it is for the business or for his own happiness, maybe my conclusion is to listen him and don't say anything
A common interview question may be would you rather work with  information or with people. Know the job you are applying for and  state the one that correlates with that job.
You must be careful with this question. It can be a double-edged sword, especially if the organization does not want risk takers! Analyze the situation and assess whether risk taking is likely to be viewed as a positive in this organization. If you believe it is a plus, try to cite specific examples...
The official phrase is "period of notice". It signifies how far beforehand you have to notify the partner in a contract of your intent to break that contract. E.g. a period of notice of one month on a lease requires you to announce before end of May if you want to break the lease by end of June of...
changeI would argue that 'change' is not an event, it is a condition.The greatest stress-producing life event is death of a spouse (for adults) and death of a parent (for non-adults).While it is true that change is at the root of all events and all stress, change itself is not an event.
The noun support (backing) has the adjective form  supportive.   The verb to support can use its present and past participles as  adjectives: supporting, supported.
In 2013, there were 254.4 million registered cars in the United  States. That does not take into account all the cars that are  unregistered or wrecked.
not unless you want new employer to have knowledge of it,you can put just the jobs you know you were a good employee,thats what i do..
1. Set up the situation.   2. Tell about what action you took to accomplish this goal.   3. Results. What impact did you have beyond what another person might have done? Why did the situation turn out better because you handled it?
Im a valuable person to your company
  life`s good
My husband is a Army Veteran and I am not eligible for any benefits because I am not a Veteran. We live in Texas. If you are married to the veteran when he passes, you can collect spousal pay. It comes out of the Veterans check each month. But if you can prove that his death was war related, you can...
Perform calculations in a spreadsheet.
In an interview answer the question 'what motivates you' from a  professional standpoint. For example, performing top quality work  may be a motivator for you.
Whenever in a stressful or difficult situations, always keep your focus. Never let pressures overtake your rational thinking. You have to bear in mind that you have goals to accomplish and situations like these should not affect your output.
A difficult question for most applicants to answer is why you  choose the company. Try to find commonalities in your values and  those displayed by the work of the company.
People will need to describe the problem they have faced and be  sure to include how they have overcome it. They need to show the  employer that they can overcome difficult situations.
Some of the things that you have done well in the present or  previous job can help you land a new job. Be prepared to tell how  your achievements helped the company produce better service or  goods.
You can go by your previous salary if it was in the same kind of  job, or go on line and look up the average salary for that job.  Always ask for somewhat more than you want so you can negotiate.  Experience helps increase your worth.
Ideal employer (boss) concept . Thesis # 1: "Ideal employer (boss) doesn't exist" Thesis # 2: “If some employer (boss) has characteristics from list below, he (she) comes nearer to concept ideal employer (boss.)”: 1. Professionalism; 2. Open for discussion; 3....
Strengths as a person often include being caring, dedicated, and  motivated. Some people may even consider being successful being a  strength.
For me, ideal company is the company that may improve improve everything that myself have.
Eye contact with interviewer. Sincere. They will win over the interviewer who will be rooting for them to get the job.
  not necessarily, there are plenty of men and women out there that make lots of money but don't really look all that attractive(ex: bill gates, warren buffet, sheldon adelson, judge judy)
This will depend on your degree and the job you're applying for, of  course. Most colleges don't directly train you for a job. Technical  schools are the big exception. Colleges and universities generally  put a large emphasis on liberal education. You will have taken  classes in lots of...
You do not want to answer this by saying yes. You need to talk  about teamwork and how you help support others career goals and not  just your own. This question is testing the idea of teamwork.
because i am eligible for this job fully and i can satisfy my superior through my work for why they hire me
because of my qualification am a honesty, hardworking, good communication skill, come on time, fast face enviroment, teamwork and motivation and initiative.
You should keep applying at other places, keep going to other interviews, keep looking for other opportunities. You do all that while waiting (hoping) to hear back from the first company. Calling again will only annoy them. They've got your application, they've done the interview, and they are...
Answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses by focusing on  your strengths as they relate to the job. Minimize weaknesses by  briefly telling a non-job related weakness.
This depends on the type of job you are interviewing for. It is  common to wear business casual to an interview unless you are going  for a sales job or a management position, then you would need to  wear a suit.