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Questions pertaining to all camera types, equipment, supplies, techniques, processes, technologies and the history of photography. As well as questions about famous photographers, their work, career opportunities or training. Please note images of specific photographs and critiques of the various works are not part of this category.
The use of a lens in the opening of a wall or closed window shutterof a darkened room to project images used as a drawing aid has beentraced back to circa 1550. Since the late 17th century portablecamera obscura devices in tents and boxes were used as a drawingaid.
Man is Notoriously & incurably Religious. Discuss the cause of  this Notoriety & show how it can be addressed from the  Christian point of view.
because you can take it any where and it takes loads of infomaition
Yes, There is one known photograph taken of Lincoln after the assassination, it was taken ten days after the assassination while Lincoln's body was lying in state in New York City Hall, during his funeral train procession.
 The beginning of modern photojournalism took place in 1925, in  Germany. The event was the invention of the first 35 mm camera, the  Leica. It was designed as a way to use surplus movie film, then  shot in the 35 mm format. Before this, a photo of professional  quality required bulky...
They used cameras as well to capture scenes and then paint up afterplus many used the cameras as a portrait capture as well. Paintinghas not gone away
Most digital cameras use .MOV format which is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker. You will need to download and install a video converter (available free online... just Google it). Once you have a video converter installed, locate the camera media you wish to convert and add it to the...
Some online stores still sell polaroid film. I recommend B&H.  Go to bhphotovideo.com and I'm sure you'll find some there.
it totally depends on the size of image you set your camera on.  Largest of image size a 7.1 mp camera will be aprox 2-3mb.  3x(4x1024)= your answer.
A 10 mp camera will take jpg files that are around 4 to 5  megabytes. Figuring on 4 megabytes per file, that's 2000/4 or  around 500 photos on the outside range.
They see whats on a photo and they give the name to the photo like: if there's forest on the photo they probably won't name it "the beautiful sea"
The main mode selection dial of the camera has a number of options  to choose from. It's best to think of the green rectangle as the  middle option; everything below the green rectangle is an form of  automatic called  basic zone, and everything above the green rectangle are  more advanced...
Is it possible to change the camera views of you character?      If so how would i change them?      At the moment you can only make the camera view your character at a  max hieght of 50 degrees, And a minimum hieght of 20 degrees (this  is shown by the red lines on the picture...
In the most general terms, there are normal lenses, short lenses and long (telephoto) lenses. For most film-loaded SLR cameras the normal lens is 50mm. What is normal for one camera is not necessarily normal for others. Normal lenses minimize certain distortions that are inherent in longer or...
With a tack on a bulletin board, or get a custom made frame.
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No Sony Ericsson w700i is only for Sony phone, cameras , etc..
Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham), a great authority on optics in the Middle  Ages who lived around 1000AD, invented the first pinhole camera,  (also called the  Camera Obscura } and was able to explain why the images were  upside down. The first casual reference to the optic laws that made  pinhole...
You can find CCTV cameras at   2050 Springdale Rd Suite 600  Cherry Hill, NJ 08003  
Sténopé is French for pinhole.
It might be broken or you need to get the lense checked for damage
Photo Scraps, Photo 1 - Talk to Inspector Chelmey Photo 2 - On the steps near to Gertie - The pancake lady Photo 3 - On the ground just beyond Gertie Photo 4 - On the rubbish tip in Litter filled Alley Photo 5 - Further up the Alley a couple of moves up beyond Gertie. Photo 6 - Talk to Dylan...
This is actually a topic for a book rather than a question.  However, I'll give you a summary.    1) Photos enabled middle-class people (people who might not be able  to afford a painted portrait) to have a realistic image of a loved  one. People routinely took photos of relatives in their...
Not yet, but it's highly suspected the next generation will have one, which should be announced very soon.
  (to be used in stereography, that is)
Terrific question! The real question isn't so much the cameras though -- which are probably legal -- but the steps taken to (a) secure the footage so the patients privacy rights aren't violated, (b) and the patients access to the recordings, which should be accorded under the law.Bear in mind that...
Rub it off Radioactive polonium brushes available in any photoshop will do this. The alpha particles emitted by the polonium ionize air and the ionized air carries off the static charge. These brushes should be bought new at least every year from a fresh batch at the photoshop due to the short...
The face of somebody. In the first , Micah's girlfriend. The  second, the baby's mother. The third, the husband. The fouth,  hunter's mom. And the fifth, the main character.
Yes, there most certainly is. Surveillance camera footage is used quite extensively in prosecuting offenses.
Yes I just used it
A camera obscura is a Latin word that means 'darkened room'. It was  actually the first kind of picture projector that was able to  display a photograph.
  As I remember, you don't. The batteries are built into the film pack. Try going to the Polaroid website for more instructions.
Reflects the image the lens sees to the viewfinder.
Made cheap dramatic entertainment possible.When sound film was new, Hitler and Musso used it for propaganda, as it carried so much authority, like early Radio - voice of God.
  == Answer ==   The dirt or smudge can affect the quality/uniformity of light reaching the photo media.
Just before Christmas in 1948, Edwin Land sent fifty seven polaroid (instant) cameras to a shop for sale. All of the cameras were sold on the first day. His company's name was Polaroid, because he invented the polaroid camera.
his name is wigger
Photographers who are paid for their work, or compose or record images for future profit have their work protected by copyright law. If you hire one to photo or video an event, the professional is the owner of the images. Depending on the deal you have, you will get a certain amount of proofs or...
sometimes!! it depends on the quality of the dummy camera and what it looks like as some can be easily recognised as a fake and some are such good realistic fakes it it impossible to know between if its real or a fake also if u think about it real cameras don't have flashing red lights so if u get...
  In no real specific order, off the top of my head: Daguerre Fox Talbet Atget Sander Stieglitz O'Sullivan Szarkowski Arbus Wall
No it does not. Only the iphone has a camera.
First you have to go to options when playing a game. Then you will see a section to the left that says camera and shows a picture of a camera. Finally, you have to click it and change the angle by pressing left or right on your game controller.
Joseph Nicephore Niepce created the first photographic image in 1826 with the pinhole camera. George Eastman invented a simple camera in 1888.
Only in the iPod Touch 4th generation.
ANSEL ADAMS - RAILS & JET TRAILS Date: 1953, printed in 1974 Medium: Gelatin silver print Size: 34.3 x 26 cm. (13.5 x 10.2 in.)
Digital cameras are very limited in what they can use. They cant use: a car, a telephone, a computer, eat a banana, run a marathon, teach a math class, apply for a job, tell you how great you are. However digital camera's do use batteries, light, electrical wire, glass, memory cards, buttons, and a...
Sensor quality, Megapixels and Zoom.
Curiousity, experiment, art, and science.Joseph Nicéphore Niépce's interest was started by the lithography process that was popular in that time.http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/exhibitions/permanent/wfp/IMG:http://listverse.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/800px-view-from-the-window-at-le-gras-joseph...
Yes, if you believe the picture is worth buying.
...like a brush is to a painter ...like a pen to a writer ...like a knife to a butcher ...like a hammer to a carpenter ...like a pocket to a politician
If the camera has the capabity to connect, usually it is the "video out" cable that has a very small firewire connector or plug at one end and a USB plug at theother, but check your owner's manual.
Aperture, focal length and distance to the subject.
There are no real concerns in the use of cameras in a business. The only area this could apply to is in the disposal of used and old batteries, unless you are engaged in the chemical type of photography and development.Another remote possibility is in the use of flash photography. I was in the...
Someone can take the pictures, and then they can put attachments on the email, and then they can send it to you, and then they forward it to a bunch of people.
unknown you shoudln't be doing it any way
Type your answer here...vertical photographs are those taken with camera axis directed as vertical as possiblewhereas oblique photographs are those taken with an intentional inclination of camera axis angle should be greater than 3degree
If by deep your referring to an adjective, then photography that impacts the viewer on a deep and personal level. Something that is hard-hitting and makes the viewer think, gasp, maybe even cry. A photo that can make someone want to do something, like donate to a charity, help someone less fortunate...
The word for black-and-white photography is "monochromatic" although some is technically not composed of black and white (or halftone dots) but rather shades of gray, known as "grayscale." Black-and-white photography also extended to the use of a single warmer tone called "sepia" (a reddish-brown...
To put the pictures from your digital camera to a flash drive when your camera does not have a wire, you take your camera to a computer store. You show the clerk the camera. He shows you the wire you need. You buy it, take it home, and hook it up. You might need to download a driver off the internet...
Im not sure when he took his first picture, because that could be at any time during his life. His first photographs were published in 1921 though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ansel_Adams
Well the journey photography means taking those photos that create  sense of journey in viewers mind. But if you want to being a good  photographer then you will need to be trained and gain confidence.
depends if you happen to take a good picture, and sell it you can  get more than $50, and usually we go i groups to take pictures of  many things. Ex: models, cars, celebs, etc.
They capture the moment, of happy and sad!I can capture photos of places that I travel to.
An advantage of speed detecting cameras is that is helps the  minimize accidents in high traffic areas. This is because people do  not want to pay fines for being caught so they start obeying  traffic laws.
Selective focus can be used to achieve a depth-of-field shot that puts more emphasis on certain parts of the image. It can also be used to help achieve different compositions.
This is a weird action. Normally you transfer from the digital camera into a computer. If you want to move your pictures that you have in your computer, I advise you to move them to a pendriver, and not to the camera. The camera is not a storage device, this is a function for a CD, a diskette, a MP4...
Do you mean to transfer pictures from a digital camera to a computer ? Just connect the camera through an USB connector. If you haven't the digital camera program already installed, just connect the camera through the USB plug to your computer, and wait for the operating system to detect the new...
The first video camera was made in England
Yes people still use film cameras. For the money you get much finer resolution from film -- for the average person who just takes snapshots and usually only has 4x6 prints made, it's a lot easier to have digital. But if you want to do a huge enlargement, then dollar for dollar a film camera will be...