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Bro, DOOR-HINGE. Door-hinge rhymes with Orange.
... well that's stupid whos chiken would lay half an egg! i think the answer is 15One and a half farmers owning one and a half chickens - is the same as one farmer to one chicken. We can forget about farmers and just focus on chickens.One and a half eggs in one and a half days is the same as two...
Chemicals in certain objects can reflect certain values of visible light.
  Just one. The numbers are obtained from the names by adding up the values of letters that are used in Roman numerals. For example, London has D and L, which are 500 and 50, respectively.
  If one jumps in, two are left sitting by the pool. If one jumps in, there are still three frogs in the pool area.
Waiting at a stop light.I heard it on 101.9 for Uncle Kracker Tickets:)
When the year number (1961, and 6009) are flipped upside-down, it reads the same.
You could have 16 rows of 1 table each; or from another direction that would be 1 row of 16 tables.Or 2 rows of 8 tables each; or from another direction that would be 8 rows of two tables each.Or 4 rows of 4 tables each; which would be the same from each direction.
terrorism, tourism, train spotting
The year 1961 inverted and read backwards is 1961.   This will happen again in the year 6009.
18Add to previous number by 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 and 53+1=44+2=66+3=99+4=13so then 13+5=18
He wanted to see them rise.
It's really simple, just type In "horse"
You play suduko... as easy as look at a square and add a 1 in randomly . then you have to add all 1s continue from there            
The only difference between here and there is about locality. Here  is close to you. There is farther away from you. Or the "T" "t"here  here.
An almond does not have a lot of fat inside of it. I like to research almonds. It is not very boring. Almonds do not have a lot of fat. I'd say like 1 gram. Maybe even a little less then that.
UNESCO was founded in 1945 and became an agency of the United Nations in 1946. It has 193 members and six associate members
Truthful, tidy, thoughtful, tender, tireless, tried and true.
27, 26, 37 You alternate between adding and subtractingwhen adding start by adding 7 and increase by 1 each stepwhen subtracting start with 4 and decrease by one each step
Why are you asking questions like this? Try to find out the answer  by using your brain. Or do you have dung in your brain that you  can't answer it?
It's the end of the power level scale.
Sarah's age is 30 years right now. Her youngest brother's age is 15 years.   ---   Algebraically, this results from the equations where S is Sarah's age, x her brother's age :   S=2x and S-x=15, where substitution provides 2x-x = 15 and x = 15.
  You'll never get to be that tall, no matter how much soda you drink.
The riddle was originally in Arabic and was then translated into English. Due to the many Arabic variations of it as well as differences that have come about due to translation, it is meaningless in English. When translated properly, it goes something like this: A 5 letter word, mentioned once in...
town - torn - tore - tome - tame - name
The meaning of the name Nirmal is pure.
Polynesian people who became known as the Maori.
I'm going to guess M and T, "empty", but I'm not sure if its the  same riddle I've heard before.
It's "Saterday". You just answered it yourself.
  since he is a male , he cant be called she girl,, so he man ;)
The Jolly Green Giant, yo hoho!
The difference between 2 and 9 is 7. The difference between 9 and 5 is 4. So 2+7=9. 9-4=5. 5+8=13. 13-3=10. 10+9=19. 19-2=17. This means that the next number would be 27, as 17+10=27. Notice the pattern?
These sun-dried bricks were called adobe bricks.
It is used to avoid common problems that occur in the absence of using the scientific method.
It depends how many sons and daughters the man has. If it is 4 daughters and 4 sons, then that's 2 daughters for every 4 sons. The answer is 16 sons and daughters in the family [other possibilities] ! By the way I'm pretty smart for an 11 year old! lol OKAY YOU HAVE SOME OF THIS WRONG GIRL/BOY IT...
  age is not a factor...but "normal" is considered right around 100
em emir empire ere I imp ire me mere mi mire moire mop mope moper mopier more mr om op ope or ore pee peer per perm pi pie pier poem poi pore prim prime pro prom re rem rep rim rime rip ripe roe romp rope
That is somehow possible i.e Scandinavians have traditionally  cooked bark bread" with a flour made out of the softer layers of  pine bark
Fruit, Seeds, Leaves, Bark, Bugs, Vegetation, Bananas
  You have the name of the country China.
Finding Ways That wont work?
If the numbers are written with commas to separate them we have:   10.8, 5, 8, 9.33, 8, 5.67   The most rudimentary pattern seems to be the repetition of the number 8, which occurs every second number, save after the first. By placing 8 after the first number we have established a simple...
Opening Bids starting with a T is known as a Tender
Tazmanian DevilTweety birdTiger of (Winnie the Pooh)(that's all I can think as of now)
Nothing ,if it is made of mirrors there would be no light to reflect !
Step 1. Take the goat, leaving the wolf with the unappetising cabbage. Step 2. Row back. Step 3. Take the wolf. Step 4. Row back with the goat. Leaving the wolf alone. Step 5. Leave the goat and pick up the cabbage. Step 6. Leave the cabbage with the wolf and row back. Step 7. Pick up the goat...
  A name is used for identification purposes - otherwise we would all be known as it or who.
the tiles are RECTANGLES and the sign says dont step on any SQUARES!!!so u can just walk across the room without stopping!!!!!!!!
150 workers-- n days-- 'x' amount of work is done by 150 workers in 'n' days 1 worker-- 1 day-- 'x/(150n)' amount of work done by 1 worker in 1 day Let's calculate the amount of work done by the reducing number of workers in n+8 days: Work on first day= Number of workers on first day * amount of...
The 2 coins are a nickel and a quarter with the quarter being the coin that IS NOT a nickel.
It is technically possible, but hard to do. It also depends on the difficulty - e.g, if it is an easy Sudoku, many of the boxes may already be filled, making it very unlikely, or often impossible.
The son is the doctor's son, the doctor is the mother. OR The doctor is the mother or father of the man in the crash. The son in the crash is the doctor's grandson.
  == Answer ==   They most certainly can. Narcissism is a personality disorder and we all have different personalities. It doesn't matter if you are narcisstic or not, you still can have sexual acts towards a son and daughter and that's sexual abuse!     I am sorry to hear of your...
acquiescently administrated administrates administrator allochromatic anachronistic anticlimactic antilogarithm authenticated authenticates baggagemaster belligerently bitterhearted brokenhearted cannibalistic carbohydrates concertmaster conglomerated conglomerates congratulated congratulates...
There's a missing number in this sequence, but we're not saying where the missing number goes.10.8589.3385.67 Neither am I.
  Hi, the password for this level is the name of the autor in capitals !!! =)     ("CLARENCE")   `ShNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.  
If you have to be opposite on opposite day, that makes it a day, and then there was no opposite day. But that can't be true since you HAVE to be opposite, which means that you have to be normal even though there is an opposite day because you are supposed to be opposite on opposite day, which means...
  Adding 4 odd numbers together will always equal an even number - got ya!
Aphrodite! the goddess of beauty who arised from the sea foam
  Move the cursor to the corner(s) the arrow(s) is(are) pointing to. As you do so, this will drag the entire arrow into view and display a 2 digit number at the end of the arrow. Enter the numbers according to the color scheme.
If you are looking for a laugh and a good mystery you should read the Sisters Grimm books by Micheal Buckly. To elaborate on this answer, you are asking a pretty broad question and if you want good mystery books, The Diary of Anne Frank is a pretty good one. Nobody knows where she is hiding..thus...
Paul Revere took his famous ride in 1775. The number of original  colonies is 13. 1775 plus 13 equals 1788.
People with MS usually only live about 5-10 years less than the average person. More specifically, the average onset of the disease occurs at about 30 years of age, and on average people live about 30 years with the disease. Resources: http://www.themcfox.com/multiple-sclerosis/ms-facts/multiple...
We are considered the dominant species because we can supposedly think more rationally than animals, however we're often more brutal than the animals are
see your doctor, this could be a sign of diabetes ---------Hey, I've been having the same problem and found this:the human eye can see creatures of the supernatural through it eye corner,,,, what you are seeing is spirits of the supernatural world if you are seeing black shadowy figures whizzing...
Who is the most stupid person in the world.
There would be 1 left alive and 9 in the bowl until they were  removed.   Technically, the fish could not drown but if the oxygen  level got low enough they could die.
  The number four is the only English language number that has the same amount of letters in its name as its meaning.
A spider that flys in the air and then an aeroplane cuts off 5 of its legs and then the spider falls on a gluey feather in the sky which gives him another leg and then he lands with 4 legs....there is a simpler answer which i don't know...ENJOY MY VERSION:)