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Officially the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, this South Asian country is the eight most populous nation and one of the most densely populated nations in the world. It is listed among the “Next Eleven” economies. Its capital is Dhaka and its official language is Bangla.
They ride Royal Elephants.
It has a federal government and the president now in 2011 is dilma rousseff.
please ,can you tale me .what is word ranking of Dhaka international university
The Himalaya Mountains are located in China. This mountain range is  located north of India and Bangladesh in the south west of China.
It is located between southeastern India and Myanmar. Most of the country is in a pocket surrounded by India. It was formerly known as East Pakistan, part of historic Bengal that was established as an area of Islamic majority by the 1947 partition of India. It achieved its independence from...
it might be the amount of people.people have had exsaution of food and money, this is an eyesore incident.
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dhaka is the capital of bangladesh
Whether you know or not because you are you
Actually there are no rankings of private universities in Bangladesh by any proper authorities or Government. Therefore, there can be no useful and accurate answer on this site.
yes, according to law, you have to come to bangladesh to file for divorce , unless you live in florida, & living there for over 6months.
they are Ganges lake and Brahmaputra lake
Bangladesh, formerly known as East Pakistan, has a capital city called Dhaka.
It is located in the southern Asia.
In 1996 average family size 5.8
I think most of the trees are cut down and some are damaged by cyclones,floods............................
To fax to Italy from the US you would need to dial: 011-39-fax number 011 is to dial internationally 39 is the international country code for Italy Drop any + or 0 from the start of the fax number when dialing.
Increased birth rateIncreased longevityReduced infant mortalityDecreased death rateLack of educationCultural influencesImmigration/Emigration
Its true that public university is more powerful and popular than private university just because of their previous performance... But the quality of education in the private universities in Bangladesh is much greater than the public universities. With the better quality and effective education the...
it is in the region of "south asia"
      most people are farmers in bangladesh.
32,000 taka/month based on National Pay Scale 2009.   
Jute and Rice i think
  they export machinary things, foods, electronic goods etc.   they imports Jute (this is a kind of plant from which rope and other things are made), cloths, shrimp etc.
The ambassador of Bangladesh is Mr.Moriety in USA
Mother in banladesh is ma in bengali
Dhaka, believe it or not, is actually an Upper-Middle Class City.  It is a global city and a large economic hub of Asia. Bangladesh is  the most advance LDC. It's current GDP is 85$ billion and is  expected to reach 126$ billion in 2020. 85% of the people in Dhaka  live in apartments while 15%...
Legally and Constitutionally on 26 March, 1971; but actually on 16 December, 1971.
It was necessary to divide British India into two separate  countries, India and Pakistan, because of the religious differences  and disputes in the British colony. Hindus were concentrated in the  middle while Muslims formed the majority in both the west and the  east. To avoid conflict, two...
They cannot grow enough food for its people.
Islamic University of Technology (IUT) is recognized as One of the prestigious technical universities that you can attend in Bangladesh. Along with Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), IUT is regarded as one of the top technical universities in Bangladesh.
They are mangoes, bananas, oranges, watermelon, jackfruit, custard apple, pineapple, guava and many more.
No, but it would be nice to see them have nuclear weapons, considering that Pakistan and India are nuclear nations.
A serious famine caused the deaths of up to two million residents of Bangladesh (Bengal) in 1943. A drop in production of rice was exacerbated by the transportation problems of World War II, and by the Japanese occupation of Burma, a neighboring country which might have otherwise provided food...
prawn is the white gold of banglasdesh.
In 1947 British India was partitioned along religious lines, any areas where the Hindus were in majority became India. Pakistan was created as a homeland for the Muslims. What became East and West Pakistan were the areas of British India that had a majority Muslim population. East and West Pakistan...
Bangladesh is located in South Asia, right of India.
Total bangladesh union parishad list
The main problem in Bangladesh is corruption.
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  9-10 hours wihtout connecting, with connecting 14-16 hours
  There's a 1998 article from China's Xinhua English Newswire that's titled "Bangladesh's Population Reaches 127 Million," and cites the figure announced by the State Minister for Planning at the country's parliament. According to CIA factbook, the country's area is 144,000 square kilometers (or...
Yes, Bangladesh is a Muslim country but it is not part of India and it wasn't created by Britain either. Britain ruled over Bangladesh for 200 years.
Based on the Population and man power available for army, it should be in Top Ten. Some said its no. 7, some said its not in top ten. By military expenditures, Bangladesh is on 61 world ranking with 300,000 active troops and fit for military service 39,520,491, age 19-49 (2010 est.)   Source(s)...
Vivo en Dhaka, Bangladesh. (BEEbaw ain Dhaka, Bangladesh)
thousands of people were killed in the flood because of drowning ect
Bangladesh is Densely populated because of the good growing  soil. 
the main occupation of bangladesh is farming
well this is because most people don't have the money to move because all their belongings get lost and it is a very poor countrie
  Distance is 12,912 Kilometers or 8023 Miles.   The distance is the theoretical air distance (great circle distance). Flying between the two locations's airports can be longer or shorter, depending on airport location and actual route chosen.
163 and growing. See Bangladesh Tea Board for a list of tea gardens. World's largest tea garden is in Bangladesh.
about 30,000 of the 80,000 villages in Bangladesh have no electricity
The donkey is not found in most areas of Bangladesh for a few  reasons. This environment does not support donkey life.
Every culture has its own norms. What is normal in Bangladesh is abnormal in Pittsburgh, and what is normal in Pittsburgh is abnormal in Bangladesh.
The ideology of being a single Muslim nation brought the two regions together as both were the Muslim majority regions.
yes, if they can afford it.
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According to private university,I think it's rank is 5th .
low pay, accidents during work, discrimination
1.IBA 2.AIUB 3.BRAC 4.North South 5.East West 5.DU Evening Best ranking for MBA, IBA is prominant but AIUB is improving queekly, AIUB has some agreedation like PASSCU international. BRAC is also improving very well, NSU is losing there value in ranking for inter personal conflict....
Tajuddin Ahmad  Tajuddin Ahmad (July 23, 1925 - November 3, 1975) was a Bangladeshi politician and the 1st Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is almost all around bordered by India, but mynamar (burma) also borders is.