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China and Chinese Territories

This category covers questions about the People's Republic of China (not to be confused with the Republic of China, commonly known as Taiwan), though it is usually simplified as China. An ancient civilization, Chinese history extends hundreds of thousands of years. The most spoken language in China is Mandarin, followed by Cantonese and English. The capital of China is Beijing.
It has many natural resources.
Panda's only live in remote mountains inside of China. After deforestation and hunting periods that have greatly diminished panda populations, China is the only country they now survive in. Because of this limited territory, China has great control over panda movement. And because panda's have not...
Well, firstly they are educated at home by everyone possible:  parents and grandparents. Then at age 3 to five, they go to  preschool. At 6 or 7 they go to primery school for a 6-year-long  education, then they enter the middle school and high school which  take 6 years totally. Then comes an...
I am a Chinese college student.
Asia  near japan  your moms house  half of the world or under russia  how much wood could a wood chuck chuck?
Many problems accompany the project from the proposal to the  finish. The early disputes stressed on the economic and technical  factors. It was generally accepted that these two factors could not  support the construction of the project and the problem of  migration was hard to be settled....
During this time, much of Asia was under Mongol control. The Silk  Road was a major trade rote connecting Asia and East Europe.
Earthquakes...     (There are more fyi)
Hong Kong minted two types of coins in 1950: the 5 and 10 cent  pieces.   5 cent coins vary in value from 55 cents to $9.   10 cent coins vary in value from 55 cents to $30.   For a more accurate value, please add a description and condition  of the coin.   *all values in USD.
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The distance between Phoenix, Arizona, and Beijing, China, is 6,502 miles or 10,463 kilometers "as the crow flies."
The Dalai Lama's goal is to bring peace, gratitude and compassion to the world.
Around 3 hours and 20 minutes.
Cathay pacific. Thai international Qatar airways. Ethihad
Every year China has millions of visitors. In 2013, China had an  outstanding 129 million tourists to visit the country.
The minimum wage in Hong Kong is now HK$30 yet HK has the widest  poverty gap in the developed world, according to last October's UN  Human Development report.
thae answer is mongolia, india, and north korea
China is actually bordered by 14 other countries: India, Pakistan,  Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia,  North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal.
Professor Nanshan Zhong is the director of the Guangzhou Institute  of Respiratory Diseases.
Estimated between hundreds to the thousands
Most furniture today are made in China. The Chinese have come along way in quality and many factories produce high qualityproducts
 While China's 1991 Child Protection Law, 1987 Civil Law and  other relevant bylaws define the deprivation of parental custody,  there are no specific provisions on how to implement these laws. It  is especially unclear about which department is responsible for  caring for children if parental...
Because there are some Chinese factories can produce machines which are demanded by other countries.
It doesn't snow in hong kong... The lowest temperature ever recorded is 0 degree celsius...
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because the factories are trowing all the left overs to the rivers and the rivers get toxic
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The flight should take you 8 hours.
because china is boring and they need music to enjoy themselves
The Dalai Lama is the leader of one branch of Buddhism.
Because people value men more to do hard work and to continue the family name. ~Sting Ray~ Romans 8:28
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May through October.
== Who ended the Ming Dynasty? ==   From the middle of the 15th century, the Ming's power started to decline. The quality of the imperial leadership deteriorated and eunuchs started to exercise control over the emperors, causing great discontent among the bureaucrats and factionalism in the...
Because it has high elevation
  True. The Open Door Policy was founded in the 1900's when US was trying to have good trading with China. The Open Door Policy said that it wanted to perserve the integrity of China, and "asked" many other countries to trade equally with one another. The truth is: it's not 100% true. Even the...
The Dragon boat festival is celebrated in honour of Wu Zixu, an advisor in ancient China. He was forced to commit suicide by the king, so he tied a rock to his feet and jumped into the river. The people revered Wu Zixu as a river god after his death.
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Shanghai started out as a humble fishing village and has grown into a metropolis and major financial centre of China. Yep it has changed a lot.
Chairman Mao Zedong, the first leader of PRC since it began in1949.
Both China and Japan make a great vacation destination, dependingon what an individual plans to do or see during there visit. Chinais very affordable in price, while Japan is expensive. China doeshave more to offer when visiting parks, experiencing food, and thenative culture than Japan.
Hangzhou is a city in China
The mongols had a rampage and Kublai khan said off with their heads!
China's most important animal is the dragon because it is very sacred to them.
Planes cars, trucks, trains, bikes, push, bikes, horses, donkeys, Legs, rickshaw, ships, boats,etc
No, China is 4th, Canada is 2nd.
It takes around 5 hours from Mumbai to HongKong. There are morethan 2 flights per day.
The great wall is an amazing feat and there truly is a great deep history it is if not the then one of the oldest existing civilizations
China has one capital city - Beijing which is also known as Peking
喂,嗨 (hey hey) this is Chinese for hi
There were both of Pagan religions. They both had a head god; for Egypt (Ra) for Rome (Jupiter). Most of them were quite similar in control of similar aspects of life: harvesting, knowledge, sun, household.
Krai or alai himilayasGOBITai San
The people suffer greatly. Many are terrified of opening a  business in fear that the government will take away their license.  They also get poor. and the need to do daily  squats to keep up their strength.  Communism 
Jackie Chan is originally from Hong Kong.
== Answer ==   I don't know about ancient, but in the early 1400s the admiral Cheng Ho, in a series of seven voyages, explored and made diplomatic contact with south east asia, India, the Persian Gulf, Africa and the islands of the Pacific. Michael Montagne   There was a diplomatic mission...
That is one of the most RACIST questions that I have ever heard! ALL humans have the same brain capacity, it is just that some people use more of their brain than others. People also use different parts of their brains. Not everyone uses the same parts of their brains. It is NOT a race thing but...
In China national conditions, fastener association is powerful andhelpful for foreign fastener companies. Taking part inInternational Fastener Show is a quick way to look for fastenercompanies and build up business relationship. It is held by ChinaFastener Industry Association. There are more than...
Taipei is in Taiwan... and Taiwan is a country...More officially, Taipei is the largest city and the administrative center of Republic of China.
It was part of the United Kingdom (but not "England") when Chinaloaned it to England in 1887. But then it was returned in 1997. Sonow, it is not a part of England. It is a part of China. No, Hong Kong is situated on China's south coast.
  It is 120 km (75 mi) from the city center of Suzhou to the Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). It takes about 2 1/2 hours by car with average traffic.
Well, the military will benefit as they will hold more power in the Chinese government. The CPC can also use expansion as a diversion from their country's problems and avoid social unrest. Benefits of Expansion would be that China gains more resources that will fuel its growth further.
Confucius died of old age
the great walll of china .the teroite soilders
 Geography provided China with rice, ample rainfall, and fertile  soil all of which were necessary for a farming civilization and the  resulting buildup of a diversified labor force. -  
Don't know about that sorrytry, and look about the government
The Chinese and Japanese are two different races from the Asian  continent. Chinese people are from China, while Japanese people  come from Japan.
China grows a wide variety of crops. The chief crops grown there  are rice, corn, soybeans, wheat, and root vegetables.
The Amur River flows mostly through China, but a portion flows through Russia and along the border of China and eastern Russia.
As real as any written language known to mankind.
HeightAntenna or spire509.2 m (1,670.6 ft)Roof449.2 m (1,473.8 ft)Top floor439.2 m (1,440.9ft) Floor count 101
i am a native Chinese living in the city of ningbo(eastern china). "poor" isn't that easy to define. In terms of GDP ,definetely china is superpoweful,but according to the current society of china , it lost the balance of wealth(east is far more developed comparing with the west in china).That's...
There are over 1.351 billion people living in China. Out of that  1.3 billion, 200 million are considered to be homeless.
8,058 kilometers, depending on where in Switzerland you start from.
Asia; the forbidden city is the Imperial Palace in China.
The fine windblown silt from northern China is called: loess