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Pakistan is an Islamic country in South Asia consisting of four federal territories and four provinces. With an estimated population of 170.6 million as of 2011, Pakistan is the second biggest Islamic population in the world.
 Karachi  Lahore  Faisalabad  Hyderabad  Peshawar  Rawalpindi  Gujranwala  Islamabad  Sialkot  Multan  Bahawalpur  Larkana  Quetta  Sukkur  Gujarat  Sargodha  Jhang  Shekhupura  Mardan  Kasur  Rahim yar Khan  Sahiwal  Okara  Wah Camtonent  Dera Ghazi Khan  Mingora  Mirpur...
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In 2017, a solar eclipse will occur in USA not Pakistan.
No the Indian Government is not scared of the pakistan government.Reasons are simple. 1] The pakistan government is unlike the Indian Government is always under the threat of a military takeover by the pakistani army. 2] The Indian government gesture of friendship even when terrorist from...
Major Pakistani ethno-racial groups are:   Baloch, sindhis, pashtuns(30%),kashmiris(mostly from azad kashmir),  punjabis (biggest). They all have different origins & migration  histories.
It depends on which areas you live in. Provinces like Sindh & Balochistan are pretty hot while Khyber,Punjab,& Kashmir are pretty. But yes Pakistsn is mostly a cold country.
Islamabad is located at 33.43°N 73.04°E at the northern edge of thePothohar Plateau and at the foot of the Margalla Hills in IslamabadCapital Territory. Its elevation is 540 metres (1,770 ft).Themodern capital and the ancient Gakhar city of Rawalpindi stand sideby side and are commonly...
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Asif Ali Zardari
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the first capital of Pakistan is Karachi but now its Islamabad Welli know this answer because i love to study about cultures,religion and about asia.i love to know that and i will visit soon in Pakistan
Hatia is a small town and railway station in Ranchi district, Jharkhand, India. It is adjacent to Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. One of the premier technical institutions in the field of Metallurgical engineering, the National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology, is situated here. Hatia...
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NONE OF THE AREA OF ACTUAL GLACIER IN UNDER PAKISTANI CONTROL. Thewhole 70 Km long glacier is captured by India with Indian Troopspresent all over it including the top heights. Pakistan just hascontrol on the valley.
Bence Baladri,Jhat,Darzi,liyr,
Field Marshal is the highest military rank in Pakistan Army.
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Pakistan is situated in South Asia. It is bordered by Afghanistan and Iran in the west, India in the east and China in the northeast.
Quied-e-azam Muhhmad Ali Jinnah
At the moment in 2010, the Prime minister of Pakistan is Yousuf Raza Gilani and the president of Pakistan is Asif Ali Zardari.
most people live in cities but some live where there are no schools, hospitals, or electricity.
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You're probably referring to the Khyber Pass. The pass connects Afghanistan with Pakistan, cuttin through the Safed Koh mountains which themselves are part of the Hindu Kush. The summit of the pass (which actually sits inside Pakistan) is over 3500 feet high.
Pakistan is a developing country will get better in the future yes it is worth living if you want a life not like uk 90% work no life
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national reconceliation ordinence
The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad.
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Tum Abhi Kya Kar Rahay Ho (For Man) Tum Abhi Kya Kar Rahi Ho (For Girls)
Literacy rate of Pakistan is very low. Government of Pakistan is responsible for this as it allocates only 3% of budget for education. The role of private sector for the promotion of education for people of Pakistan is praiseworthy.
Ouaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Consulates and embassies of all countries are present in Pakistan. You can file visa application for any country from Pakistan.
CONSULATE OF GUYANA - PAKISTAN Mr Abdul Kader Ahmed, Honorary Consul Ebrahim Buildings West Wharf Buildings West Wharf Road P.O Box 6062 Pakistan E-mail guyanaconsul@hotmail.com Tel: 92-231-2255; 92-53-3265 Fax: 92-231-0205; 92-231-0406
Pakistan football team ranks 200 in 2017. But had a better rankingin 1993 at 143. Since 1993 postion of Pakistan team graduallygowing downwards.
You can get it anywhere in Pakistan go to local stores in Pakistan.
Punjab assembly total seats 371
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According to the CIA World Factbook Pakistans 2008 estimated unemployment rate is 7.4% plus substantial underemployment.
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china Afghanistan Iran and India
14th August 1947
urdu and farse is used in the national anthem of pakistan
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Salwar-Kurta (kamiz)And additional Du-patta (shawl) for females
There currently is prohibition in Pakistan but still around 15 to 20 million people drink alcohol in Pakistan
Pakistan's first atomic nuclear explosion took place at "ChaghaiHills" (Balochistan) on May 11 and 13, 1998.
Due to the high altitude of clouds and low climatic temperatures.
I suggest "Eik Zardari Sub Pey Wari(loving to all)" instead of "Eik Zardari Sub Pey Bahari" Rana Aman Ullah Khan 03007680604
Dang tapao policy
textile industry is the backbone of Pakistan economy
nobody actually divided india. Today's Pakistan had predominantly  indo-aryan population who were Muslim by faith. so they were a few  separate regional ethnic groups from very long ago.It just happened  during British era as religious clashes became all time high at  that time.
There are many differences and similarities. Pakistan is much smaller than India in terms of population and area. Most Indians and Pakistanis dress differently from each other. They each eat different foods and follow different cultures. But there still are similarities, for example, the majority of...
He was a "Muslim" and a Pakistani ! He was not Shia, not sunni, not khoja, not Qadiani! He was not a wahabi, not Deobandi not brailvi! He was a simple normal God fearing "Muslim" Leader... Any one who says other wise is misleading!
There is one breed of cat that is native to Pakistan. The snowleopard is found in the hills of Pakistan.
So far there are only 3 engineering universities in Pakistan so I guess all 3 of them are in the top 10
Classified information. Zardari is a VVPI. He was President ofPakitan
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I've known some Pakistani people and my impression is that some of them are striving to improve their life conditions, since there are not many chances of education, work and a decent life there or even basic human rights, there is a lot of child exploitation, I know is easier for people who has...
yes they are so scared you can check the indian media
1.2 million Pakistani as well as Indians.
A well known investing company of Pakistan hired a number of new employees. For the sake of their training they selected two methods. One method was to introduce them with the practical work and show them the real picture of the stock exchange, how it worked. The second method was to train them...
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