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Image and Graphic Editing

Image and graphic editing software is any software which is used to manipulate image files. Questions about editing techniques and applications belong here.
pixlr.com, befunky.com, fotor.com
PageMaker allowed placement of native Photoshop files.
  You probably have a problem on the graphics board or motherboard, unless there is a graphics driver issue. The machine will need to be diagnosed and repaired by a specialist.
You can't. It's impossible. :/
The Marquee tool is just a way of creating a selection in a certain  shape. The rectangular marquee tool creates a selection in the  shape of a rectangle (as you might imagine), whereas the elliptical  marquee tool creates a selection in the shape of an ellipsis (oval)  or circle.
Raster is a type of image containing pixels. the quality of any  raster image(jpg,png etc) is calculated on number of pixels or  DPI(dots per inch) it has. its quality will downfall as you zoom.  Mostly we see this type of images all over the web. e.g softwares:  photoshop. The other type is...
there are two options for you. 1st is google and another one in  emergency is uninstall and install the product.
I used Free Video Converter Factory. You can use "Clip" button to  cut the video parts you want.
On the top menu, go to Image>Mode>Select "RGB Color" or "CMYK" and then go lower down the menu and make sure you have 8-bit selected. That should do it. Hope this helps.
when we're talking about DVD movies thinking in terms of how many bytes is pretty rediculous. a very short DVD quality movie will be measured at least in tens of mega-bytes (Mb). one megabyte is equal to 1,048,576 bytes. so, if you were, for instance, thinking in terms of how many bytes there were...
Joint Photographic Expert Group
That's simple. You can use 'transparency' input in layer panel,also you could add a mask (third tiny icon at the bottom of layers)and paint with black and white brush when the mask is selected.After the magic happens you just need to save image as PNG. SelectFile - Save for web and devices, select...
Command I Or, Image>Adjustments>Invert
Cookie Cutter- Can cut out a part of the pic with any shape and size you choose. Magic Brush- Allows you to add special color effects to certain parts of a picture like a paint brush, ex. you could make lipstick come out more in a picture.
Trials are limited to 'per installation'. You can uninstall and  install again in emergency. As it is always better to use licensed  products.
You need mask for complicated selections. If you have a bunch of  objects in composition, you could use mask for faster and more  productive work.
Non parlo italiano così io sto usando un traduttore. Ho trovatoquesto. Forse aiuterà. WikiAnswers non permette collegamenti inmodo dovrete cambiare la parola (punto) per un periodo. adobe (punto)com/support/documentation/archived_content/it/photoshop/cs3/photoshop_cs3_help(punto) pdf
First mount the image which you want 2 split den go 2 Alcohol 120% den go to Image making wizard in dat select d mounted drive name (e.g F drive).After selecting below der is a option never seperate click on dat n select d size you want to split d image file and save ur file.Dats it ur image file...
Most people who work with 3d animation software will either become freelance and do commercials or short films however some often make their way to pixar or dreamworks. A successful story of an individual is the founder of blur studio who started out as a single person and now works with hundreds to...
Adobe.In 1987, Thomas Knoll, a PhD student at the University of Michigan, began writing a program on his Macintosh Plus to display grayscale images on a monochrome display. This program, called Display, caught the attention of his brother John Knoll, an Industrial Light & Magic employee, who...
If your image already has transparency, you can create anotherlayer in the Layers palette, drag that layer below the originalimage, then you can drag and drop images to that layer, draw in it,and make any changes. Anything you place in that layer will appearbehind your image. If your image does not...
-refreshing the graphics or web page can sometimes take a long time -not compatible with a lot of different software
Hi, gif and jpg are both image file types .Gif are commonly used for web graphics, mainly small images and images that contains text eg navigation buttons. .Jpg are commonly used for displaying photos as they are not limited by the number of colors they can display.
The Hand tool helps you to quickly move around in an image document  and works similarly to a scroll bar. The Hand tool is more of a  function than an actual tool because you rarely need to click the  Hand tool to use it. Simply press the spacebar while using any  other tool (except the Type...
Photoshop is a computer program that you can put in a photo and edit it to make pretty cool things.
Photo manipulation.   In a broader sense, not a definition, it is manipulating an image  to enhance it or remove unwanted parts. 
The image type.GIF is widely used by some websites as the only image file that can be used as there avatar. They can also be animated, the character can be made to move around.
Go to File > Open then check in Open dialog if Files of types drop down list is set to All Formats.
Google: online image format converter
'Photoshop' is a well-known brand of imaging software.
Photoshop is a very versatile piece of software. It very much depends on what you want to achieve. Try googling 'Photoshop Tutorials'. Alternatively, you could do an evening course at your local college, or an intensive day course.
Compositing in Photoshop is when an image is comprised by combining  two or more other images together.
it depends what it is, but most likely no.
click on picture to activate it, you will see bounding box arround, then click on picture and holding mouse button down move it, also you can reposition picture from Format menu: Position and Alignment options.
There is a free add-in which you can use to add a youtube video to powerpoint. This was developed by a valuable profession of Microsoft. I have provided a link in the resources section, which explains clearly how to use this add-in.
You can use paint to retouch, resize, convert images. Most basic operations are supported. See the Help delivered with Paint for more details.
by practicing on video tutorial..
as far as i know, the only solution is to delete the file and start from scratch.
One user said:Open the image in Adobe Photoshop Save as the JPG image Type the path where you want to save Change the format to Photoshop PDF Click Save button Another user said: You need to convert JPG to PDF format. You can use some free online converter like zamzar or desktop software like...
corel draw is grphic use and desinig use,
JUST AN OVERVIEW CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 was introduced in January 2004. New features included enhanced text alignment (align text objects to other objects using the first text baseline, last text baseline, or the bounding box), and dynamic guides to help you precisely position, align, and draw...
Photoshop files use the extension .psd in Mac OS X.
Free Open Source Graphics Program for editing pixel images.   http://gimp.org/
Best solution is to use an image converter - an example is linked. For more details see also the related question.
There is an application on Facebook.
There are main two classes of graphics software. These graphic  software classes include raster graphics, as well as vector  graphics.
Download it from vivitar. Be warned though, it is very sneeky software.
I now use this rule for any kind of photos: use either Windows Photo Gallery to correct red-eyes or Gimp and when saving on Gimp, I save the picture with optimization and with a level of quality in the quality bar such as the size of the new file is lower than the size of the original file but, with...
Yes. You can use them as 2 images in an animated gif. To do it you need an image editor that supports animated gifs.
There are about 30+ formats, but lets focus on jpeg, bmp, &  png. I'll go from worst to best.  jpeg is not good for graphics at all. Ever the highest quality  jpeg brings noise and sometimes blur to your graphic. (highly not  recommended for graphics.)  bmp or bitmap is good for graphics,...
ensure that you use the cmyk option from the start of your design, and that illustrator does not default to rgb. Try printing in rgb if the colors brighten up there is a good possibility you created the large format design in rgb. rgb for webstuff and cmky for printstuff from the very beginning!
go to view and click tool box or do control T and it`ll come out
There is no specific definition for a shape with a billion sides. NOTE: While this question appears frivolous, it could have relevance in the computer generated imagery (CGI) world. Some CGI programs do not actually draw circles, represent circles and other arcs as a series of small lines...
Oh, you are so wrong. If you select New from the file menu, there  are sizing options you can adjust right before creating it, OR, if  you already created it, you can select "canvas size" from the  "Image" menu to adjust the overall size of your canvas.
An image that shows no pixles when zoomed in upon.
There are many ways to do this, but the easiest way to do this is  with Inkscape. There are many tools that will allow you to  manipulate the image and effects to make it look good.
    You select something, then run the feathering on the selection.     Little more detail: You want to frame a picture of an attractive female (mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, cat...) in a soft-edged heart surrounded by a red background.     1. Open picture of female....
Wegif.com Up to 90 frames, interactive gif maker, free online creator, storage.<a href="http://www.wegif.com">http://www.wegif.com</a>
Answer . Tonal range is the various shades of grey between absolute black and absolute white
Hi, I am not a professional graphic designer but I used both from my interest. In InDesign, you will find somewhat familiarity like others Adobe software (Photoshop or Illustrator). But in Quark you will face a different work environment from Adobe. Overall, both are rich in feature. And...
Photoshop CS4 here you can choose to download: Adobe.com/downloads
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Step 1Download Winrar from the included link and install the program. Make sure you have installed Photoshop CS3 onto your computer. Go to your program files and copy the Adobe Photoshop folder onto your desktop by right-clicking and selecting ''Copy,'' followed by right-clicking your desktop and...
their is 3 ways i know of, you can use the one on the website (www.AVATARMOVIE.com), you can use one of the cheep ones that make you look like one of the NAVI's, or you can use photo shop wich i prefer. (any questions E-MAIL me at:Coopwollam@aol.com)
Paint. Seriously. Open it in paint and save as png.
I'm thinking about writing my paper on education and high school drop-our rates and also the low test scores among high school graduates. -earnest, but not a professional way to begin. I want to know why are there are so many kids with low test scores, and especially why there are so many African...
Well, if your footage originally did not have sound in it, you can import an audio file. If after effects doesn't play the sound when you preview the video, it's simple. The play button (>) doesn't play the sound. The RAM Preview (>>>) Does. It's the button off to the far right.
You can add a watermark in your video using video watermark subtitle creator 3.02.
  types of algorithem
== Answer ==   your best chance would be ebay.
The Average (mean) filter smooths image data, thus eliminating noise. This filter performs spatial filtering on each individual pixel in an image using the grey level values in a square or rectangular window surrounding each pixel.For example:a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 a6 3x3 filter window a7 a8 a9 The...
In computing, an image scanner-often abbreviated to just  scanner- is a device that optically scans images, printed  text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital  image. Common examples found in offices are variations of the  desktop (or flatbed) scanner where the document is...
http://www.google.com.ph/search?hl=tl&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&hs=uuh&ei=FMh7S4u2JoqOkQXNsZDaBA&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&ved=0CAYQBSgA&q=Where+can+you+download+free+cursors+for+mac+os+x+10.6.0%3F&spell=1 Try the...
You need two pictures open in GIMP at once. Select the head. Copy it (under 'edit'). Paste it on the second picture. Do whatever you need to do to match colors and size.
Yes. It'll run great whether you're using the 32 bit or 64 bit version of the Win 7 OS. You may want to set up for virtual memory option ( check PS preferences/performance/scratch disks) for better processing. Photoshop can be a hog on system resources if working with large images. Make sure to...
It is standard Pro/Engineer drawing format.
new Talking Moose. Nothing else comes close.
You have to buy Photoshop so there is no link unless you already bought it. Which I didn't buy it but that is what I have been told.
You can download the latest version of that like the cs6 version which have many feautures.
    3 ways     1. Make a duo/tri/quad tone under image>mode>duotone     2. Make you color scale RGB. (image>mode>RGB) then go to image>adjustments>hue/saturation, check colorize in the pop up window (bottom right) adjust sliders to desired color.     3. If you wan to get...
what is the ral equivalent of pantone 299c
The last answer wrote: No you can not The GIMP is under the GNU License so you can not This is actually a wrong answer... The right answer is: Is it legal to sell copies of GIMP?Yes. The terms and conditions for copying, distribution and modification of GIMP are clearly listed in the GNU General...
Scan it in using a scanner at 300 to 600 pixels per inch
Simply save the picture in My Pictures as a PNG or JPG when you save your finished image. You can do this by typing in your image title when the save screen comes up and adding '.png' or '.jpg' to the end. Then go to facebook.com and upload the picture as you would normally. You can do that by...
The act of one object striking another
  dell inspireon 15R        
As for me I like loonapix.com. There are many interesting effects  and cool frames. You needn't skills for editing photos. Also you  may joke your friends adding funny effects. I would also advise  macphun.com - easy to use software with many great features
The custom shapes tool can be found in the Photoshop toolbox. You will find it on the same tool icon as the rectangle tool along with ellipse, polygon, line. The 'custom' shapes tool is at the bottom of the list and you then need to select a shape from the shapes palette. Once selected, the shape...
Always make sure the starting point of your marquee is touching the tail of your marquee; then it will show the completed selection so you can transform or move it around.
You can download the newest version of Photoshop at Adobe.com. Keep in mind that there are different types of Photoshop available. CS5 is the fancy, professional version. CS5 extended is the same, but with some 3D and motion capabilities. Lightroom seems to be for photo retouching and organization...
Type "Find a serial number - Adobe" into your search engine hit  enter on your keyboard. Click on the "Find a serial number - Adobe"  link in the search results, it will take you to an Adobe website  that will help you get your serial number.