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Image and Graphic Editing

Image and graphic editing software is any software which is used to manipulate image files. Questions about editing techniques and applications belong here.
You must have the password, there's no legal way around it.
Apprentices start at $26,000 +/- in USA; veterans earn up to$75,000 + annualy.
pixlr.com, befunky.com, fotor.com
PageMaker allowed placement of native Photoshop files.
You probably have a problem on the graphics board or motherboard, unless there is a graphics driver issue. The machine will need to be diagnosed and repaired by a specialist.
5 advantages of using a DTP package would be: 1. It's very easy to save your work at anytime you want and come back to it when it needs to be changed. 2. It offers a wide range of borders and templates that would make it very easy for people even new to the package to work with. 3. Unlike pen and...
You can't. It's impossible. :/
The Marquee tool is just a way of creating a selection in a certainshape. The rectangular marquee tool creates a selection in theshape of a rectangle (as you might imagine), whereas the ellipticalmarquee tool creates a selection in the shape of an ellipsis (oval)or circle.
Raster is a type of image containing pixels. the quality of anyraster image(jpg,png etc) is calculated on number of pixels orDPI(dots per inch) it has. its quality will downfall as you zoom.Mostly we see this type of images all over the web. e.g softwares:photoshop. The other type is vector which is...
there are two options for you. 1st is google and another one inemergency is uninstall and install the product.
I used Free Video Converter Factory. You can use "Clip" button tocut the video parts you want.
On the top menu, go to Image>Mode>Select "RGB Color" or "CMYK" and then go lower down the menu and make sure you have 8-bit selected. That should do it. Hope this helps.
when we're talking about DVD movies thinking in terms of how many bytes is pretty rediculous. a very short DVD quality movie will be measured at least in tens of mega-bytes (Mb). one megabyte is equal to 1,048,576 bytes. so, if you were, for instance, thinking in terms of how many bytes there...
Joint Photographic Expert Group
That's simple. You can use 'transparency' input in layer panel,also you could add a mask (third tiny icon at the bottom of layers)and paint with black and white brush when the mask is selected.After the magic happens you just need to save image as PNG. SelectFile - Save for web and devices, select...
Command I Or, Image>Adjustments>Invert
The Shockwave player allows users to use content created with Adobe's Director software embedded in a web page. If you are visiting websites that require the Shockwave player then it will be necessary to install the player to use the content on the site. If you do not encounter such websites there...
Cookie Cutter- Can cut out a part of the pic with any shape and size you choose. Magic Brush- Allows you to add special color effects to certain parts of a picture like a paint brush, ex. you could make lipstick come out more in a picture.
Trials are limited to 'per installation'. You can uninstall andinstall again in emergency. As it is always better to use licensedproducts.
You need mask for complicated selections. If you have a bunch ofobjects in composition, you could use mask for faster and moreproductive work.
Non parlo italiano così io sto usando un traduttore. Ho trovatoquesto. Forse aiuterà. WikiAnswers non permette collegamenti inmodo dovrete cambiare la parola (punto) per un periodo. adobe (punto)com/support/documentation/archived_content/it/photoshop/cs3/photoshop_cs3_help(punto) pdf
the advantages are you could get great images but the disadvantages are the scan could go wrong
First mount the image which you want 2 split den go 2 Alcohol 120% den go to Image making wizard in dat select d mounted drive name (e.g F drive).After selecting below der is a option never seperate click on dat n select d size you want to split d image file and save ur file.Dats it ur image file...
CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks (the K stands for black so as not to confuse it with the word "blue"). Those 4 colors are used on printing presses to print in combination to make up full-color photos and images. On printing presses, there is a printing plate and corresponding...
Yes, they are, as cross platform means that it (the TIFF file) can be used by both Macintosh and PC platforms.
The .tiff image format is a standard file type that has been used since 1992 and is widely used across all computer platforms. It can be moved between systems by email, or on a disc or memory stick. If both computers are on the same network it can be dragged and dropped from one to the other. Double...
Most people who work with 3d animation software will either become freelance and do commercials or short films however some often make their way to pixar or dreamworks. A successful story of an individual is the founder of blur studio who started out as a single person and now works with hundreds to...
Adobe. In 1987, Thomas Knoll, a PhD student at the University of Michigan, began writing a program on his Macintosh Plus to display grayscale images on a monochrome display. This program, called Display, caught the attention of his brother John Knoll, an Industrial Light & Magic employee, who...
If your image already has transparency, you can create anotherlayer in the Layers palette, drag that layer below the originalimage, then you can drag and drop images to that layer, draw in it,and make any changes. Anything you place in that layer will appearbehind your image. If your image does not...
-refreshing the graphics or web page can sometimes take a long time -not compatible with a lot of different software.
Refresh rate sometimes a bit slow. Just scroll in and out to correct.
Hi, gif and jpg are both image file types .Gif are commonly used for web graphics, mainly small images and images that contains text eg navigation buttons. .Jpg are commonly used for displaying photos as they are not limited by the number of colors they can display.
The Hand tool helps you to quickly move around in an image documentand works similarly to a scroll bar. The Hand tool is more of afunction than an actual tool because you rarely need to click theHand tool to use it. Simply press the spacebar while using anyother tool (except the Type tool), and the...
Photoshop is a computer program that you can put in a photo and edit it to make pretty cool things.
you simply go to files then click open. there you can then find your pictures
Altering the image to make it more suitable to needs.
Photo manipulation. . In a broader sense, not a definition, it is manipulating an imageto enhance it or remove unwanted parts.
This is pulled from one of my stylesheets. body { background-image: url(brnbak02.gif); background-repeat: repeat; background-color: #cfe3ff; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman", serif; margin: 0; padding: 0; }
The image type.GIF is widely used by some websites as the only image file that can be used as there avatar. They can also be animated, the character can be made to move around.
I'm not sure what you exactly mean, but if you mean how to merge layers, select all layers (Using CTRL and left click), then right click on them and select merge layers.
Go to File > Open then check in Open dialog if Files of types drop down list is set to All Formats.
Google: online image format converter
Photoshop is a very versatile piece of software. It very much depends on what you want to achieve. Try googling 'Photoshop Tutorials'. Alternatively, you could do an evening course at your local college, or an intensive day course.
It's a tool in editing programs that lets you select all of which is the same color. Kind of like a lasso tool, only easier.
Compositing in Photoshop is when an image is comprised by combiningtwo or more other images together.
it depends what it is, but most likely no.
click on picture to activate it, you will see bounding box arround, then click on picture and holding mouse button down move it, also you can reposition picture from Format menu: Position and Alignment options.
There is a free add-in which you can use to add a youtube video to powerpoint. This was developed by a valuable profession of Microsoft. I have provided a link in the resources section, which explains clearly how to use this add-in.
You can use paint to retouch, resize, convert images. Most basic operations are supported. See the Help delivered with Paint for more details.
This depends on what you want to upload your works for. If you only want to show your friends a picture you made, the related links contain image hosters that allow you to upload images for free. After uploading, you receive a link to your image online that you can give to your friends. Other...
by practicing on video tutorial..
1. go to your profile 2. go to the photos tab 3. click create photo album in the left hand corner 4. fill out the info 5. then below the button cancel click try the simple uploader 6. then click browse and choose your pics 7. then check the box that says i certify that i have the right to distribute...
To crop image you need to start crop tool,to type text you need to start type tool
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as far as i know, the only solution is to delete the file and start from scratch.
Windows: Without minimizing what you want to capture, press the key "PrintScreen" on your keyboard (typically it's near the Pause and ScrollLock keys). Then go to any graphic editor - such as MS Paint - andpaste the image (Ctrl + V) into the editor. You have now the imageof the whole screen. Use...
One user said: Open the image in Adobe Photoshop Save as the JPG image Type the path where you want to save Change the format to Photoshop PDF Click Save button Another user said: You need to convert JPG to PDF format. You can use some free online converter like zamzar or desktop...
Convert it to a format that does not support transparency (for example jpeg) or use a tool to edit the transparent pixel value.
corel draw is grphic use and desinig use,
JUST AN OVERVIEW CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 was introduced in January 2004. New features included enhanced text alignment (align text objects to other objects using the first text baseline, last text baseline, or the bounding box), and dynamic guides to help you precisely position, align, and...
Photoshop files use the extension .psd in Mac OS X.
Free Open Source Graphics Program for editing pixel images.. http://gimp.org/
Best solution is to use an image converter - an example is linked. For more details see also the related question.
Yes, by scanning them. You need a scanner (most Multi-Purpose-Devices have a scanner, printer and sometimes a fax). If this is a one time action and you do not have a scanner, you can do it at a copy shop or photo labor/shop.
There is an application on Facebook.
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You can draw a star, choose Custom Shape Tool from Tools pallete then find star shape by pressing little triangle next to Shape: which is below in Options bar below menus. When you press triangle next to Shape: new fly-out window will appear with custom shapes, double click any shape to select it...
There are main two classes of graphics software. These graphicsoftware classes include raster graphics, as well as vectorgraphics.
Download it from vivitar. Be warned though, it is very sneeky software.
I now use this rule for any kind of photos: use either Windows Photo Gallery to correct red-eyes or Gimp and when saving on Gimp, I save the picture with optimization and with a level of quality in the quality bar such as the size of the new file is lower than the size of the original file but, with...
Yes. You can use them as 2 images in an animated gif. To do it you need an image editor that supports animated gifs.
It is often said that in the arts, you are either born with it or you're not. Simply put, graphic designers must possess some artistic skill. A painter can paint with nothing but some motivation and a paintbrush, but to be a truly skilled painter, one needs years of experience, preferably under a...
There are about 30+ formats, but lets focus on jpeg, bmp, &png. I'll go from worst to best. . jpeg is not good for graphics at all. Ever the highest qualityjpeg brings noise and sometimes blur to your graphic. (highly notrecommended for graphics.) . bmp or bitmap is good for graphics, no blur or...
they are of excellent quality ... depends on the initial format
ensure that you use the cmyk option from the start of your design, and that illustrator does not default to rgb. Try printing in rgb if the colors brighten up there is a good possibility you created the large format design in rgb. rgb for webstuff and cmky for printstuff from the very beginning!
In 1987, a PhD student (Thomas Knoll), began writing a program on his Macintosh Plus to display greyscale i mages on a monochrome display. He called the program Display and later caught his brothers attention. John Knoll an recommended Thomas turn it into a fully-fledged image editing program....
go to view and click tool box or do control T and it`ll come out
There is no specific definition for a shape with a billion sides. NOTE: While this question appears frivolous, it could have relevance in the computer generated imagery (CGI) world. Some CGI programs do not actually draw circles, represent circles and other arcs as a series of small lines...
Oh, you are so wrong. If you select New from the file menu, thereare sizing options you can adjust right before creating it, OR, ifyou already created it, you can select "canvas size" from the"Image" menu to adjust the overall size of your canvas.
The exact best method depends on a lot of unstated factors, such as the length and strength of the string, and whether there are any tools to hand. Also, do the children want to break the string roughly in the middle, so as to have two roughly equal pieces, or does it not matter where the string...
An image that shows no pixles when zoomed in upon.
On the tool bar that loads and contains such items as the lasso, the T for test and the dropper which captures a colour you will see a pen nip next to the right of that you will see another icon which is beneath a "T" for text - this is the shape select icon. Here you'll find the ELLIPSE tool - that...
There are many ways to do this, but the easiest way to do this iswith Inkscape. There are many tools that will allow you tomanipulate the image and effects to make it look good.
\nYou select something, then run the feathering on the selection. \n. \nLittle more detail: You want to frame a picture of an attractive female (mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, cat...) in a soft-edged heart surrounded by a red background. \n. \n1. Open picture of female. Set the background color...
To make a C program an executable program, you run it through a compiler.
It tells the computer about the file type and help computer to choose execute source... for example if file is JPEG then computer select Windows Picture and Fax Previewer... if the file type is .MP3 then it will select Media Player.. :)
Save it as a .Jpeg and go to that file, right click, Set as desktop background.
Wegif.com Up to 90 frames, interactive gif maker, free online creator, storage. http://www.wegif.com