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Governing bodies of the United States including the Senate, House of Representatives and the President
The Infantry Division did not exist in 1812. Instead there was a45th regiment, mainly from Massachusetts and what would becomeMaine.
It's getting down to this deadline. Personally I would not expect Iran to keep to the agreements as arranged. We can sign all the treaties we want they will not keep to it. Now we have Iran and Russia working together. We see these alliances. One day they will try to take over the USA. They may...
It depends based on what you like more if you prefer College go to  it. But if you like ROTC, or the military go to either one you  like.[I would prefer college because you can make money and have  wealthy life.
  == Answer ==   It established the US Government.
The USS Clytie (AS-26) was an Aegir-class submarine tender that entered the Pacific Theatre late in the war. Stationed in Australia, she tended submarines of the 7th Fleet from April - September 1945, then was ordered home after the war ended.
what have you done to the answers.com site? You have totally  destroyed and made useless a site that at one time was better than  wikipedia.
William Windom (May 10, 1827 - January 29, 1891) was an  American politician from Minnesota. He served as US Representative  from 1859 to 1869, and as U.S Senator from 1870 to January 1871,  from March 1871 to March 1881, and from November 1881 to 1883. He  also served as Secretary of the...
  == Answer ==   depends on ur state domicile and rank   all the best.still 19 is a good rank. u should be able to get a good branch in agood nit.
Sergeant of arms keeps the peace in a meeting. A mace is used to hit people so if needed he would hit people. A mace was mainly used in war and not to keep the peace.
There were many bases where the WWII US Army trained. With the beginning of the draft in 1940 the Army cranked up its division creating process. Initially the army reckoned it would take 200 divisions to fight the war, but in the end wound up creating about 90. Some of these were National Guard...
Enemies and their equipment.
One is always left out in case an incident happens. It rotates each time.
  Liberals are all for individual rights. The Patriot Act involves phone tapping, invasion into personal emails and records. Thus, Liberals are very anti-Patriot Act.
The closest Air Force base would be the Niagara Falls base. It is a  primarily-reserve base meaning most of the personnel are  reservists, rather than active duty.
No can only answer this question with an oppinion nobody really knows but he did give us the white house starting with just a stone cornor peice so if you think of all the great things he did for our country it makes you wonder he must have liked being president somewhat to do all the great things...
Immediately after abolition the former slaves joined the union  army, fleeing form the south. So 1863? I am not an american so I am  fuzzy on your history, the very short US history :)
Federal emergency marinatenance agency
Following are the various three strategic objectives of department  of homeland security such as: security, resilience and customs and  exchange.
The department of commerce was created to create jobs, promote  economic growth, encourage sustainable development and improve  standards of living for all Americans.
To continue training Iraqi forces to combat Isis
A court of appeals is a court of appellate jurisdiction. This is in contrast to a court of original jurisdiction. If I get in a car wreck and want to sue, I would file my lawsuit in the trial court (whether state or federal), a court of original jurisdiction. Say I lose. I get one appeal as of right...
The Continuity Irish Republican Army is an  Irish republican paramilitary group that aims to bring about a   united Ireland. It is an illegal organisation in the Republic  of Ireland and is designated a terrorist organization in the United  States.
It can heat the contents and expand until it burst.
0 three to amend the part of the Judges Act such as 2007, "social worker in (2007) in December and care worker method from large long-term care to nursing care in accordance with the mental and physical condition, but are promulgated, social workers and provision of care worker method has been...
You get amazing benefits. And it makes you feel good about yourself
Nope, he was either in college or working on a television show throughout the vietnam and korean war. His supposed 150 confirmed kill count is higher than the actual highest confirmed sniper kill count in U.S. history. Also, there are videos of him swimming that do not show any tattoos.
the essential requirements for the automatic marine machinery
The 12th Ranger Infantry led by Lieutenant Ralph Puckett
  You're probably thinking of PATRIOT or TIA (Total Information Act).
Depends how many you would like to kill...
 Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a  Congressionally chartered, federally  supported non-profit corporation that serves as the official  civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force  (USAF).[5]  CAP is a volunteer organization with an aviation-minded  membership that includes people from all...
Yes, you have to be an American citizen.
You need to be 25 and Above!
Get the Bends They get the bends; Nitrogen Narcosis. Nitrogen  bubbles form in the blood, which is a least painful and at worst,  fatal    INCORRECT - Nitrogen Narcosis is brought about by breathing  Nitrogen at depth and is resolved by coming up to a shallower  depth. The rest of the...
I personally couldn't give you a straight answer. But is seems as  if this approach in structure proves to more efficient. If you look  at a private security operation, you can see that a lot more  responsibility would be given to each Security Officer, as most of  it's business is at individual...
Afi 36-2903 you can lightly iron your uniform to crease your  chevrons.
The State of the Union Address is given by the President of the United States, in the chamber of the United States House of Representatives.
Hopefully someone who will vote for subject-verb agreement.
The World Factbook is a reference resource produced by the Central  Intelligence Agency of the United States with almanac-style  information about the countries of the world.
He lives at 46 Corey Lane, Mendham, NJ 07945. Don't write to him at  that address; it's a rural road with no mailbox for his house.
The department of Homeland Security, as such, did not exist until after the 9.ll attacks in 200l, so you are putting the cart before the horse. True there have always been such things as Civil Defense ( Bomb squads, air-raid wardens and related), Police anti-terrorist units- again Bomb squads, and...
Not much is known about his specific assignment or job, but Edward G. Robinson did in fact serve in the U.S. Navy at the outbreak of WWI when he was in his mid-20's. Since there's not much information, it's likely he was just in the Navy for a brief period during the war. Though he wanted to serve...
To be honest, it will vary from Airman to Airman on which base is  the best because it really comes down to what your job (AFSC) is  and what you like to do (hobbies, weather preferences, location  preferences, etc.). You can join the Airforce DEP group on Facebook  or go to the AEF Forums and...
The Importance of the study of Solid Mensuration to  a Marine Engineer Student    What is Solid Mensuration?:   Solid Mensuration (also known as Solid Geometry)  is the study of various solids. It is the study of the measure of  volume, area, height, length, and many more. This subject is...
The official name for the Army &  Army National Guard song is "the Army Goes Rolling Along". Please  note that all regulations in the  Army National Guard are the same as those in the regular Army,  since the National Guard is a component of the Army. 
The Founding Fathers disliked political parties, which at the time were called Factions. Members of factions were considered to be motivated by ambition and self interest, not the interest of the nation. The arguments between Jefferson and Hamilton so upset George Washington, that he devoted a lot...
Terrific question! The real question isn't so much the cameras though -- which are probably legal -- but the steps taken to (a) secure the footage so the patients privacy rights aren't violated, (b) and the patients access to the recordings, which should be accorded under the law.Bear in mind that...
    it al depends on if whether or not your parents are divorced if they are then the one with the primary custody has to be the one that gives permission if they are still together then permission has to be given be both parents unless there is a special case like abuse, neglect, ect..
Major Duties: Conducting the nation's monetary policy by influencing monetary and credit conditions in the economy in pursuit of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates.Supervising and regulating banking institutions to ensure the safety and soundness of the nation's...
  == Answer ==   About 250,000.
The U. S. Constitution (established in 1789) expressly states that the President is anually required to deliver to Congress news "...of the State of the Union..."
The USS Arleigh Burke was built in Bath, Maine. Construction began  on December 6, 1988, and she was launched on September 16th, 1989.
All Military units have a band. It is a long standing tradition, using a theme song or a rallying song for war and for pride in the unit.The military bands are called upon to play for dignitaries or many other events, where music is needed and appropriate.Ceremonies would not be the same without the...
For short No. You would require a  waiver. Once the felony is more than a certain amount of time old,  and you are once again allowed to have a firearm, then a Waiver  maybe possible when we are not downsizing. If you just want to b in  the military, look into Alternative Options such as the...
The six principles of government are:    Limited government  Checks and Balances  Federalism  Judicial review  Popular Sovereignty  Separation of powers  
The FBI Police have 15 working dogs. Five work out of Washington, DC. The dogs are trained as explosives detecting canines. The FBI canine program uses only Labs.
The United States didn't join the League of Nations because someAmericans, including senators and other government officials,disliked the idea of the League of Nations, because it went againstU.S. policies of isolationism.
The Secret Service was established by President Lincoln in order tocombat counterfeit (fake) money.
The only President that I know of that was a Commander of anartillery unit in the National Guard was Harry S. Truman, who wasthe Commander of 129th Field Artillery, Missouri Army NationalGuard, in 1918, During World War 1.
Media is not as ethical as it was decades ago, ask Roger Ailes and  Rupert Murdoch. The FCC has lost its regulatory ways of the past.
women that go in the army have to cut hair because of lice and hair can caught in places easily making them easier to kill
  what are the work hours of a zoologist?
If the certification is obtained through an accredited education  institution, then yes.
It is the president's objective to deliver affordable healthcare to  every citizen in this country. To that end his focus is to ensure  affordable coverage to every American by knocking down those  barriers to needed care currently found in many states.
Voted in by the constituents.   Some Examples of variances of this are the British and American  systems of elections.
Refers to the supremacy of elected civilian public officials over  the military. The elected President is the Commander in  Chief and ONLY THE CONGRESS CAN DECLARE WAR.
The description of the political corruption of the Grant  administration and the mostly unsuccessful efforts to reform  politics is patronage and stalwart. Credit mobilizer scandal and  half breeds are also unsuccessful reform politics.
JROTC is a good way to learn discipline in high school and it helps you to know what you want to do. Its brings you many opportunities to such as a college of your choose.
American seniors shouldn't have to be sitting on piles of gold to  enjoy their "golden years," and thanks to Medicare - signed into  law 49 years ago last month - they don't have to. Medicare makes it  possible for 49 million American seniors to see their doctors and  access life-saving...
You earn whatever the basic pay for your pay grade is. If you've enlisted as an E-1, then you get paid the same as any other E-1. In some cases, you might be able to enlist as an E-2, E-3, or E-4, due to prior service, other previous qualifications, university credit, etc.
If you feel the Army caused you pain and suffering beyond what a normal military dependant should endure, recommend you contact an attorney to discuss your situation.
My advice to you is to contact a civil attorney who specialises in military law, get their take on it, and proceed from there. Do not try dealing with the VA on your own with this matter.
Because adding water to it activates it. It would be pointless topack a previously activated ration heater in MREs. That, and the one thing service members can pretty well count on,even in combat situations is water for their canteen or Camel Backhydration system. Additionally, the MRE pouch is a...