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Wedding Planning

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This topic is for questions about planning an upcoming wedding or questions about ideas for weddings or wedding related issues. It could include questions about styles of weddings, budget weddings, planning weddings, and themed weddings, along with questions concerning more specific issues, i.e. dresses or flowers.


It can be any cost depending on the shop, material etc..
Yes, it looks much nicer when you open it because there aren't a bunch of loose papers. :)
Somewhere out of this world that is hot like Figi.
anywhere you two agrees on
The dress (designed by Maggie Sottero) is Briony, a silk organza  strapless dress with a satin ribbon and floral detail at the waist.
No, "She's A Lot Like You" is sung by AudioAlysis and "She's Just A Whole Lot Like You" is sung by Hank Thompson
Yes. You should send invitations to all members of your wedding party!
It is said to bring you good luck on your big day.
No, in order to be a Past Worthy Matron you must first have served as Worthy Matron.
A junior bridesmaid can be put in charge of serving punch or making sure guests sign the guestbook.
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This is your wedding and where ever you want her to be is where she should go.and if they say yes then its up to them to treat you with respect and also treat you like a queen, and make sure that everything for your wedding falls into place the way it should beIts an honor to be in ones wedding,...
they stand on the side of their family and where the guests are  seated
They usually either let the husband take the whole lead or they try  and learn together. Either way it is usually a bit embarrassing for  both.
I Think You Should Wear White Shoes .... And Some White Accesories You Will Look Stunning Trust Me !
A matron is a mature woman, wife or widow, or a woman of motherlymanners. The word can also be used to referr to a head nurse in ahospital. noun 1. a married woman, especially one who ismature and staid or dignified and has an established socialposition.. 2. a woman who has charge of the...
== ==   == Under-the-Sea Wedding Decorations ==   You can use bubble bowls and live fish. I would use Bettas because they are colorful
It will cost you  $25+ for a marriage license application in Louisiana  state. Some Louisiana parishes charge $32+. The cost of  receiving a marriage license varies from parish to parish and some  Louisiana parishes will only accept cash. Please call ahead to  verify whether or not you need...
There is no standard size, or certain size you should have for a wedding invitation. My fiance and I are sending out lollipops with a printed on wrapper for our wedding invitation, because we are having a 50's style wedding.
Many brides maids feel this way and may go to three or more weddings and wonder if they will ever get married. Most brides maids do get married. In these modern times more couples are getting married in their late 20's to early 30's when the male is more established financially.
It is not very tough to cook this types of cake. To process this  recipe you need some ingredients, like,white regular size bath  towels,   white hand towels,   white wash cloths,   Long straight pins;   white wash cloths &   Ribbon.   So, if you find best preparation, please...
It is not the style of the top of the wedding dress re the veil, but the length of the skirt of the wedding dress. Short skirted wedding dress; short veil; long skirted wedding dress a long veil. Veils do not need to be worn if the bride chooses not too and if it suits the wedding dress she can wear...
You can, but it is usual for a friend of the Mother-to be to act as Hostess .
Since you have chosen a 1920's theme for a wedding shower then you should have the guests come dressed in 1920's costumes. There were 'flappers' (the wild girls of the 20's); to the more demure 1920's girl next door who wore high laced necklines and long skirted dresses (that hung from the hip) with...
You do not have to get married to someone if you don't want to.  However, many people get married because they are in love and wish  to bring up a family together.
In most mainstream religions, bigamy is a no-no. Unless both parties are unmarried, the preacher is creating a bigamist situation.
In some cases no, if the preacher has a marriage certificate though he may ask to see one.
Not necessarily. My husband and I opened things received at the wedding later, after the wedding. We definitely didn't want company!
Religiously it has been known to show honor of the bride. It has  also been known to symbolize virginity and modestly. I think the  more modern interpretation is just the act of revealing the bride  as a form of presentation.
You can define your partner by his or her characters. You can also  define your partner by how they make you feel.
Wedding planning can be a business expense - it is the same as business or management consultation or production services.
Bride used to wear a veil because of to follow traditional protocols.
be a good wing woman and be there for anything the bride needs youto do
I can tell you that it is quite stressful but there are people who  live for this excitement and are perfect for the job. You must be  good at planning from the start and at the same time be a good  improviser. Sometimes there are certain wedding service companies  that can even help you like...
There are different types of reception halls and each may cost a  different amount of money. It is a good idea to select a few  reception halls and compare their rates against the facilities  offered, then settle on the most appropriate for your event.
It depends where you are. If you're at a place full of nature with a beautiful sunset, a long dress with any color but white or black. If you're in a city, a long, black dress will be perfect.
Something from the wedding gift list/registryDepends on the budget, but household appliances are acceptableProbably chocolate. Since Switzerland produces a lot of chocolatae, and because chocolate is what everyone loves. Especially women.
  Your questions is important to us; please re-phrase it so that it may be answered correctly.
You are "married" after the ceremony - once it is done. You are "getting married" beforehand. This is the same as "engaged".
Gifts to individuals should be made privately, unless they are ceremonial in some way
When the bride wants it that way. It's her wedding and she can do as she pleases.
They don't have to have any relationship. It would be healthy for them to get along seeing their children are getting married and they will most likely be sharing grandchildren.
They are married in churches because God is present in their midst with the priest who blesses them.In front of God, they will swear their commitment.  
All months in the summer are busy ones for weddings. However, more and more people are going away to places such as Hawaii, etc., to have beach weddings and then they can also make it into a honeymoon all at the same time. The problem with this is the bride and groom won't be able to have all family...
The duty of the father of the Bride is to take her down the aisle of the church and agree with the minister or priest that he agrees to give his daughter's hand in marriage to the groom.Poor old dad also gets stuck with the expenses of the wedding and sometimes the bar tab.
i have worked in bridalwear since i was 13,i have heard so many horror stories about wedding dress dying !!please dont ruin your beautiful gown !!
If your parent is widowed or divorced and remarries, a gift is certainly in order. It needn't be expensive . Perhaps something with personal meaning , but not a picture that includes the absent parent.
price of occasion dress -jewellery on straps
Many Hotels, holiday resorts and entertainment businesses have people who make the arrangements for a range of events like weddings, parties, business conventionsLook in to the hospitality trade to get you started - there you will build skills and develop a range of network options
No, you do not need a maid for anything.
Military Weddings In the US, officers and NCO's can request an arch of sabers. If the groom is a member of the military, traditionally the woman will be swatted on her behind after passing under the arch of swords, and told "welcome to the [insert whatever branch here], ma'am". If the bride is the...
Nothing at all. If you can't talk about it beforehand, there's going to be a problem with the marriage. We're as sick as our secrets.
Yes, if he is a duly-recognized and documented minister.
Someone could drop a tong and put it back where they found it. You're waiting in line for a while.
Gerard way is married to Lyn-z from Mindless self indulgence.
It represent purity of the bride.
The amount of bridal consultant makes per hour will vary depending  on the city and state they live in. On average, they make an  estimated 14 dollars per hour.
There are many different type of catering establishments. They  usually cater to one specific type of client. Transport catering  companies cater to airlines, railroads, and other long-distance  travel companies. Hotel and private catering companies cater to  weddings, anniversary parties,...
Classical during the 1400s
Scott and Andrea Swift
A good Planner is the one who organize the different events............................♥♥♥♥
It depends on the country she is from you should contact the  immigration services or check it out online. You can ask questions  anoumsly
Mother of the Bride can wear anything from knee length to Tea [Midi] length unless she is the Matron of Honor as well.And only the Bride wears white if this is a White wedding [ or under 10 yrs old ].
It should be anything you want it to be but they should be red ripped Lily's ------------------- My turn: -Anemone: Great for January to May or August to December weddings, this flower comes in blue, red, pink and white. -Boronia: Beautiful pink flowers that bloom between April and May. ...
some of Indian wedding ceremonies are, Mehendi Phera's Sangeet Sandhya Sagai Now a day's Bachelor Party's Grand receptions. To know more about Indian wedding and plan your wedding you can use website Shaadi Invite.
You don't . This is a completely unacceptable idea. If you can't afford a proper reception, just take your Wedding party to a small dinner, or have a small at home reception , cake and champagne only. In this case, you may invite people for cake and a toast to the happy couple. Better yet, stick to...
Only a handful of states still require a blood test for couples  planning on marrying. Premarital blood tests check both partners  for venereal disease or rubella. The tests may also disclose the  presence of genetic disorders such as sickle-cell anemia or  Tay-Sachs disease
The best man does not have to kiss the bride, but can ask her for a dance at the reception. However, if he so chooses to kiss the bride it should not be on the lips, but on her cheek. It is a form of congratulating the newly married bride and expressing his happiness for the couple (the best man...
Wedding always happened in the church because the couple must experience the sacrament of Matrimony.It is important because God himself is the witness in front of the sanctuary.This rite is sacred and you can be accused of sacrilege if you would not respect it.  
The bride throws the bouquet because whichever one of the women catches it...that woman is going to be the next to get married.
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Yes, you can! it doesn't hurt if you feel comfortable with it.
Personal preference - for the sake of in-laws - I'd go with an off white, and perhaps think about a lifestyle choice....four weddings?
If you are a computer programmer, you should probably wear a short black dress. The black proves that you are serious, but the length shows that you aren't afraid to take a risk. And it shows off your legs.
yes guys are supposed to where the dress
Neither. You're a guy. You should never try on a dress. Much less need one.
The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $26,000.00 as of 2007. In the UK the average money spent on a wedding is £11,000.
  If you keep in touch, hug A LOT, and go on frequent dates. If not, you better start NOW, or you about to lose your man(or woman).
The future bride and groom should have to make arrangements for the both of them to get together, like dinner or something like that.
Proper etiquette doesn't require that you bring a gift for an engagement party. It should never be expected that guests who are invited to an engagement party bring a gift since they will be invited to the wedding as well and gifts are a requirement there. However, some people choose to bring an...
It isn't required but being knowledgeable about your field of work  never hurts. If your considering college courses to deal with event  planning you can go with HRT. For most Universities this stands for  Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management - OR - Hospitality,  Resort, and Tourism...
Because in China if you were white that means your happy but in France it means your miserable Answer 2: White is traditionally the color of purity and chastity.
The Protestant Reformation was a 16th century European movement  aimed at reforming the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church. Its  main proponents were Martin Luther and John Calvin.
no, its is just a kind jesture
For a normal wedding where there is is the bride; groom; maid of honor; bridesmaids; best man and ushers and a reception afterward it can cost $15,000 to $20,000 and with inflation going up at the present time you can add on another 10 - 20 percent. A couple can still have a lovely wedding and do...