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Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the act of using computers to design an object. CAD techniques follow standard engineering design and drafting procedures, but use a computer to help speed up the process.
These techniques apply to basic CAD programs such as AutoCAD,  IntelliCAD, etc. If you have a civil/survey program or add-on, such  as Land Desktop, SurvCADD, Eagle Point, etc., then there are  built-in tools for entering lines and curves.
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  Lab Safety - Dos and Don'tsLAB DOS AND DON'TSLAB DOSLAB DON'TS1. Know the location of all safety and emergency equipment used in the lab. 2. Know fire drill procedures and lcoations of all exits. 3. Know the location of the closest telephone. 4. Familiarize yourself with all lab procedures...
In softimage 2012 there is none. use unfold and add all edges as cut lines. the outcome is not as good as a real automatic mapper.
If you have a really fast computer, Hypercam is a great, free program. But word of warning, if your computer isn't fast enough it can really lag your drawing, tablet, and even freeze your computer. Most other programs cost a lot of money. So unless you want to fork out about a hundred bucks, your...
Do your homework. Don't rely on the internet for everything. If you are having trouble, I suggest you talk to your teacher, a classmate, or if possible your parent (s).
Ivan Sutherland at MIT in 1960
Pure round robin scheduling processes A, then B, then C, then starts at A again.. (A, B, C might be tasks in an operating system context, or devices in a master/slave control network, or whatever.). That is, pure round robin scheduling doesn't acknowledge priorities, and does not allow out-of-order...
Word will only allow you to insert pictures. There are a variety of picture file types but the most popular are JPG or JPEG. AutoCAD is not a picture file so you cannot insert it directly. But you can convert it into a picture file format using a screen capture software package such as Snagit....
For 3d generation, I reccommend Revit or ArchiCadd. Its the easier to use than Autocadd for 3d generation. In revit or Archicadd, 3d generation is automatic as you make your plans.
1. Designs can be easily be modified on screen without the need for re-drawing. 2. Designs can be stored electronically and easily retrieved.3. Design data can be directly outputted to printers or CAM equipment.
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Advantages of CAD/CAM are . Higher Productivity . Reduced Design Time . Less Time Required for Modifications . More Accurate Designs . Repeatability
CAD payment term
Opinions vary. Every new technology creates both new opportunities and new dangers. The consequences of genetic engineering are still unfolding, and the science of genetic engineering is quite young. Ask me again in another 50 years.
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String Oriented Symbolic Language
3.4.1 Structure of an NC Part ProgramCommands are input into the controller in units called blocks or statements.Block Format:1. Fixed sequential format2. Tab sequential format3. Word address formatEXAMPLE:Assume that a drilling operation is to be programmed as:1. The tool is positioned at (25.4,12...
Advantages: Can be easily erased and changed Can be zoomed in for more detailed sections Can be copied and pasted many times Depending on skill, can be neater Can be quicker Can be sent to elsewhere quickly Can be stored in a safe place Can be checked for measurements by the computer Can easily...
Computing device made up of one or more  microprocessors, stored program memory ROM, RAM, I/O logic, and it  can be reprogrammed through special SW   
small drawings that you need to use a computer like butterflies
To change the font settings:Select Tools>Options>Display TabIn the Language drop down menu select the locale to change e.g. English (United States) or German - see screen belowSet Window type to primary/secondary - primary is the main window for translationSelect ChangeSet the font type and...
Laser gun anything that has to do with a laser.
The program code should be as short as possible for the execution time to be less.
Yes but you have to install pro software which is £5 pounds ( $7) but this prevents viruses and installs the software quicker and works better. Once Pro Software has been installed you then nedd to sync the conjestion key to ProTic file navigated in the usb tree. Righ click open the file and then...
CAD is operated through several commands that are learn through courses. And depending on which you desire to build different commands will be used such as pressing the tan tan radius lines creates a line tangent to a line with a specifict radius.
where is computer aided manufacturing used and what is it
Of course, that depends on what is meant by "user friendly". SOLR provides an HTTP interface. This means that if you are comfortable with working with URLs and manipulating the URL parameters it is friendly. SOLR can return results in a number of standard formats (e.g., XML, JSON) so if you are...
Computer aided design is not necessarily an appropriate tool for film making, unless there are structures required for the set that can be designed most economically using this tool.
Good luck ! -- Those frequencies are being auctioned now, raking in $erious buck$ for the govt. Like in the billion$ ! -- Once a license is granted, there is a time limit within which you must use it, i.e. put something up on the air on the assigned frequency, otherwise the license lapses...
Computer Aided Design
a computer aided design (CAD) system is used to design and model components/objects. Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software is used to talk to the special machines which physically build things like computer numeric controlled (CNC) lathes, milling machines, 3d printers, etc
Ivan Sutherland at MIT in 1960
autocad uses for the engineers(civil,mechanical,electrical)
No. Milkshape 3D is Shareware. That means you can download, install and Use it, But with some limitations. The limitation of Milkshape 3D: You can only use it for 30 days. (after the 30 days are used, you can't save your projects)
As part of the Support offered to Registered Users, particularly in the CAD field, is access to a forum run by and for Users. Membership of the Forum is usuall free for the life of the Registration. Requests for building models beyond the currently ability of the User can be logged on the Forum. The...
•Non-periodic signal•pattern not repeated over time• Both analog and digital signals can be periodic or non-periodic--(a) shows periodic continuous signal (sine wave)--(b) shows periodic discrete signal (square wave)•In data comm., we commonly use periodic analog signals and non-periodic...
Mass, in architecture, refers to how much weight an object can  hold, such as a ceiling beam or a floorboard.
in pcm system if the quantization levels are increased from 2 to 8, the relative bandwidth requirement will ?
The problem of finding out pixels that lie within the solid area and find out those that lie outside the solid area that form a part of the object from those that do not is called scan conversion.
in massatutes
Quality of design is the quality which the producer or supplier is intending to offer to the customer. When the producer is making the quality of design of the product, he should take into consideration the customer's requirements in order to satisfy them with fitness for use of the product. If the...
1 Cost 2 Quality 3 Time-to-marking 4Customer satisfaction 5Competitve advantage
It's not that one is better than the other; it's just that they are different. The question should be, "which one is best for me?" In order to determine that, you must first acquire a vision; a specific and clearly articulated picture of the future you intend to create for yourself. This vision...
The CAD in emergency response dispatching stands for Computer Aided Dispatch.
· Designs can be altered without erasing and redrawing· CAD systems also offer "zoom" features analogous to a camera lens, whereby a designer can magnify certain elements of a model to facilitate inspection.· Computer models are typically three dimensional and can be rotated on any axis, much...
It produces a high SWR (standing wave ratio) that limits the maximum RF (radio frequency) output.
According to more than 15 people I asked, Adobe in design is the best.
Yes. Using software like Skype, you can make a voice call to other Skype users. best of all, it's for free! whether national or international calls.
I downloaded Daemon Tools pro ver. 4.10 and tried to mount .mds file and an error occurs. It shows "Unable to mount image, file not accessible". Is that because .mdf doesn't exict, I only have .mds file.
This is a list of companies who manufactured processors sometime or another. Some of these companies aren't manufacturing processors currently. Though Intel, and AMD has a huge market share of microprocessors required for home/personal computers, Zilog stays in the background. Zilog manufactures...
Models of software engineering   1.Waterfall model   2. Spiral model   3. photo type model.
At this time, I believe Autodesk will provide students with a limited free version of Autocad. Check with your local college or university. Some have downloaded illegitimate copies of Autodesk on mIrc and Torrents.If you attend a university that has a engineering program you can get a 3 year free...
NC programming typically requires that the geometry received from a CAD system, whether in wireframe, surface, solid or combined formats, be free from any irregularities and inconsistencies that may have occurred in the CAD phase of geometry creation. Data exchange from CAD to CAM must therefore...
First off you should rarely use the light entity. Instead use the light_spot. This will make your levels look much more interesting. Email me at Strikerklm96@yahoo.com if you want to know more.
I asumme you wanted to ask about Computer Aided Design (CAD). In it basic form is about design in which one uses a computer instead of a drawing board. As the name says, using a computer is more convenient, faster and more accurate than using the drawing board and a hand-calculator, but at the end...
The conversion efficiency n of a rectifier ckt is generally defined asNa= dc power delivered to the load/ ac power input to the rectifier ckt. Or n = Pdc/Pac
it is not possible unless the author of the file indicated so  through a set of text layers etc.    With a software tool, it is quite easy.    DwgTextTranslator is a software tool intended for the task of  translating AutoCAD drawings from one language to another. With  this application...
it allows you to create parallel copies of your lines. It allows you to find your points with more ease.
the relationship between cad and cam is that one is called cad and the other is called cam ...... can't u see they both end differently
The method is relatively simple, but can be confusing, I recommend this tutorial to help you. http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/3D_Skybox
The F1 function opens the AutoCAD Help window. The F12 key Toggles  Dynamic Input on and off when needing it.
Okay, so I am going to build a mech in my spare time. I know that this sounds foolish, so don't bother telling me again. I am modeling it after the AMP suits in Avatar. I know that there are better ones, but this model puts the focus on what I want to have. I need the CAD program to support...
I'm not aware of splimes. Splines are curved lines that can be created easily. They can be closed when ending where you started the spline. In new releases you can also convert splines into plines (poly-lines). As plines, you have more control to offset, trim, etc.
Pin used to stop the user from moving the element , because if you work at larg project by mistake you will move element
To use AutoCAD you need to learn the basic of commands used. To further facilitate the study it, you can learn with a friend or someone close to you who understands how to use the AutoCAD program.
yes, there is a good one for kids and young people called Domo Animate. Simply make an account, and get started with cartoon characters, sound and more cool stuff. There is NO download, NO cost!
what are the objectives of autocad? i need it for my feasibility study. thank you
Transmission media with a physical boundary..
only monochromatic light can be used in half shade polarimeter
Open/read/scan/recover autocad file due to tool below
I would expect to find drawing tool
A database system is basically a computer based recordkeeping system. Advantages provided by a database system are : 1) Redundancy of data is reduced. 2) Controlled data inconsistency. 3) Integrated data.
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  the TAMIYA 1:24 Supra comes with orthographic drawings of the Supra-- (left, top, front, back views)... that's the most accurate drawing out there that I've seen, but can't help you with the CAD drawings.
3d modeling will soon take over and replace regular models with the use of 3d printing.
  In the architectural profession, MEP usually stands for Mechnical, Electrical and Plumbing drawings. MEP drawings consists of detailed layouts of services like power,lighting,drainage,watersupply,firefighting,fire alarm,airconditioning etc.These drawing must be designed in such a way that it...