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Marine Biology

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Marine biology is the study of organisms that live in the ocean or any body of water. It deals with the relationship between ocean phenomena, and the adaptation and distribution of organisms.
Violet Sea Snails   velvet belly lantern shark   viper dogfish   velvet dogfish   Vermiculate Rabbitfish  variegated catshark   vampire squid   viperfish   Voigtmann's Reef Lobster    Vagabond Butterflyfish  Vagabond Sponge  Volcano Sponge   Vanikoro Sweeper ...
They tag and track marine mammals to study their routes and behaviors over a certain time period.Studying how acidification is affecting marine mammals.Studying the environment to see where specific marine mammals may live or migrate to.The communication between the marine mammals using echolocation...
Which organism is not a consumer?
Amphibians - e.g. frogs and salamanders
It is pretty much anywhere in the world. All you have to be is by a body of water.
according to my views it is very difficult to finding the sexof jellyfish but if we will try to ought with the help of net so wecan find the sex
There are basically Three ways used: . hold your breath while submerged. mammals, birds and reptilesdo this . develop gills and associated body chemistsry to be able toextract oxygen from the water. Fish and the occasional amphibian,crustaceans take this approach . Some insects bring an air bubble...
Well, it depends on your choice. Certain places around the world have different climates and it depends on who you work for, what YOU want to do, etc. If your looking into a job for that, you'd have to ask them what there hours are and where you work,Hope this helps!:)
One area of specialization, the emerging field of marine biotechnology, offers great opportunity for marine biologists. In addition, research in the new field presents a wide range of possible applications. For example, in the biomedical focus area, scientists develop and test drugs, many of which...
Generally, no.
Herbivores are animals that only eat plants, not meat. One of the major herbivores in a marine biome is a manatee, which eats sea grasses and other aquatic plants. Also, many fish are herbivores too. Fish can eat a wide variety of foods ranging from plankton to seaweed, to other fish. Overall, there...
The meaning of bony thorax intact is that all bones in the chest  area have no fractures. This term is used by radiologist.
A cuttlefish is not a fish at all but a marine invertebrate.  Cuttlefish are molluscs in the class cephalopoda along with octopi  and squid. Molluscs also include bivalves (clams, oysters and  mussels) and gastropods (snails and slugs).
actually if you get in yale super but it is just like any other college youchoose how many years and what classes hope this helps
The coral eats 31, or 24/7.
No. Octopi and cuttlefish are related, but they are not the same.  Both belong to a class of marine invertebrates cephalopods, which  also includes squid. One key difference is that squid and  cuttlefish each have eight arms plus two tentacles while an octopus  simply has eight arms.
You must have a strong love for marine environments and be ready to work very hard. The field is very competitive and you must know that marine sciences is what you want to do. Taking marine based classes, swimming, and scuba are a few steps towards becoming a marine biology.
Clams and mussels thrive in the marine environment.
You can obtain this information by going to www.collegeboard.com/splash/ and using the sites College MatchMaker search engine, or you can also click on the related links below which will take you directly to the site. You can research colleges and universities by name, or by programs of study, or...
They are polyps or medusas and have radial symmetry. They have a mouth/anus, tentacle, gastrovascular cavity, gastodermis, mesoglea, epidermis, and in polyps, a body/stalk.
Some animals in the marine west coast include the new Zealand seals and birds that are 5mm wide. The fish there is called flounder and the flounder is very pink.
That depends entirely on the person. If you are good at biology and chemistry, it should not be too difficult. Like anything, it can be quite challenging at times and requires a certain degree of hard work and persistence after adjusting to college.
The university of san Diego was the best choice of majoring in marine biology.
every plant in the area of the oil spill since the oil is poisonous it will kill the plant
You can study marine biology in Alberta and British Columbia Canada and almost anywhere in the United States.
Yes. Cuttlefish are marine invertebrates related to squid. see the  link below for the Wikipedia article.
No, they are simply just put there by God to digest your food.
Swordfish can swim up to 110 km/h (68 mph). It's difficult to measure but numerous source say it's the sail fish but that was when it was leaping and only for short bursts. The dolphin is the fastest swimmer over longer distances (when alarmed), but perhaps the the killer whale is faster being able...
  You can obtain this information by going to www.collegeboard.com/splash/ and using the sites College MatchMaker search engine, or you can also click on the related links below which will take you directly to the site. You can research colleges and universities by name, or by programs of study...
orca shark - whale seal - krill crab - zooplankton mollusks - phytoplankton zooplankton - / phytoplankton - /this is only a very basic food web
No, octopus don't have any bones in there body.
Harvard, Cornell and Duke all offer Marine Biology tracks or specialization. If you can get into an Ivy League school, go there for biology even if they don't have a degree program. For schools that specialize in marine biology: University of Miami, University of Texas Austin, Boston University,...
Phosphorescence occurs in places all over the world and it happens when small micro organisms " glow" in the water. These plankton like creatures come from the bottom of the ocean where it's dark so they only come out at night. I have seen phosphorescence in the puget sound before and it occurs...
go to a popular beach with a group of friends and pick up garbage, if your out in a boat or swimming deep and find some bring it home to put in your garbage, also pick up litter on land as well we need to keep the land clean too!
i have researched this because i want to go into this field. in South Africa you have to take maths (not maths literacy) biology, and physical science.
Phytoplankton require sun and water to survive. They find these ina marine (ocean) envrironment.
well you start off by pull down your pants down and then u sit down o the oil and wipe your butt on the oil in a ciraler mosin
octopus- they have eight
Mote is not an acronym, it is the name of one of the Lab's most important benefactors, Mr. William R. Mote.
Basically Charles Darwin came up with 4 needed characteristics that allows animals/plants to evolve. While studying in the Galapagos Islands he realized for a specific species to evolve they need: 1) To be isolated (on different continents or by water) 2) Reproduction has to be involved (takes...
YES . You could travel alot around the coasts depnding on which animal you are studying.Practical works needs travelling .
The reason they can provide enough food is because whales eat so many of them (10-15 tons).
Available nutrients are usually limiting factors. This includes the usual elements like Nitrogen and Phosphorous to name a few; there are many others nutrients required as well. There are other abiotic (maybe less obvious) factors that affect primary production in marine environments:-turbulence and...
it is an underwater environment that has a lot of wildlife ranging from kelp to corals and small fish to the large whales.
Yeah. To detect vibrations in the water.
== Answer ==   Gold fish is one aquatic animal with scales.
Buchner founed enzymes in 1897
Marine Resources- anything that is useful in and around the ocean
The Box Jellyfish lives/swims alone. If you get more than one together (unless they are mating) they will not get along.
By camouflaging with its surrondings.
. The breathing rate of aquatic animals is faster than that of terrestrial animals because the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water in much less than the amount outside, so they have to breathe more in order to get more oxygen.
They are about 2 feet I think i am not 100% ok ok
The math needed in college should not be a problem if you have a solid math background from high school. The problem is getting into a Marine Biology program at a good school in the first place. To do that will require an excellent showing on the SAT, because you will be competing with the best and...
One very important consequence of water's high heat of vaporization is weather. When water evaporates from the oceans it carries a huge amount of energy. When this water vapor condenses in the atmosphere it releases that energy into the air. This is the energy that powers storms. Hurricanes form...
Depends on the size and species of sturgeon. And the time of year, they dont feed much in the winter.
one college I know of is INCOCET in California. that is the only  one I know of that only foucuses on that but there are other great  colleges that focus on marine biology in general (Boston University  and the University of Maine)
tropism like geotropism and hydro tropism
Herbivores! I think...
A scientist might ask through what process the whale obtains the  carbon dioxide. Additionally a scientist might ask what effect the  carbon dioxide would have on the surrounding environment.
it insulates the fish from the cold air above.
Using a sunbed kills some of your white blood cells nucleus' so there is less count of them. The job of white blood cells is to fight infections so losing some of these means your immune system wont fight back so well. So you have a weaker immune system.
Organisms interact in many different ways, but all in all the stability of any ecosystem relies on these interactions, the specific effect on other organisms depends on the interaction. Organisms live off of each other... and the depletion or abondance of any one specific organism will always play...
With my studies as a marine bioligist, marine bioligy relates to science by studying the anatomy and form of the marine life... It also has to do with math, but mainly science... Hope this helps someone! :-)
Tiger sharks are all of the above, according to Dr. Erich K. Ritter.      Tiger sharks are noted for having the widest food spectrum of all sharks. They can eat almost anything, from turtles to birds, as well as other sharks and fish. Besides normal prey they even eat garbage like tires,...
I want to know too! Please guve me more anwers. These are the answers i know.Sloth's eat leaves.Katydids eat leaves and flowers.
possibly, but in marine biology you would need a greater understanding of math than fractions.
lots such as faithful like dogs cuute cats calm lizards depends on what you like
A Zebra Mussel is a mollusk that can have a shell with stripes that  resemble a zebra. Zebra Mussel's do mostly eat algae.
the study of life found in saline, aquatic environments.